EYES WIDE SHUT – Stanley Kubrick (1999) Full Movie

Reviewed by Howard Nema

STANLEY KUBRICKEYES WIDE SHUT was Stanley Kubrick’s last film.    It took more than 3 years to make. Kubrick died shortly before its premier. Here is the New World Order lowdown:


Interestingly, Kubrick’s daughter was abducted by the Satanic cult known as The Church of Scientology, founded by Aleister Crowley protege’ L. Ron Hubbard.  

Kubrick made EYES WIDE SHUT help align himself with Cruise, an infamous High Level Satanist in the cult.



EYES WIDE SHUT reveals many of the Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools,  both blatantly and subliminally.    

EYES WIDE SHUT is not only a genius work of art, it is both a warning and a revelation of truth on many levels.   



Kubrick worked with and was funded by members of the Order of the Quest, the most Elite of all secret societies.  

NASA elitists who are members of the secret society known as the JASON Group, allowed Kubrick to borrow special lenses to film Barry Lyndon and the ultimate predictive programming propaganda piece, 2001 A Space Odyssey.

The JASON Group is a sect of the Order of the Quest.  They are of the best and brightest minds and scientists in the world.

2001 had absolutely nothing to do with space, but and everything to do with the New World Order.

Kubrick also produced the first moon landing hoax.  Yes, we got to the moon ladies and gentlemen, just not on July 16, 1969.

Clearly weighing on his conscience Kubrick also revealed clues about the moon landing hoax in 1980’s THE SHINING.

Watch DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and THE SHINING CODE 2.0 for more on this.


You see, now?   Kubrick knew these Illuminati elitists.  He was one of them, recruited for sure, but I truly believe he didn’t like them and did all he could to warn of things to come, and the diabolical people we are dealing with.  

The wealthiest of the wealthy.  Rich beyond comprehension.   They are truly different from us in so many dramatic ways.   Oh yes.  Many are sociopathic, disfunctional. . . and purely evil.

F. Scott Fitzgerald once mentioned to Ernest Hemingway that the rich were different from them.  

“Of course they are different from us.  They have more money than us, ” Hemmingway replied.  Whereas, Fitzgerald coldly noted:

“No, it is deeper than that.”  Indeed.  Much deeper.   In the depths of Hell.

Call Kubrick a Luciferian sellout if you’d like, but I believe he subliminally and subtexturally conveyed truth, understanding and warnings in his own unique auteurish methodology.  He was a brilliant man.   A true genius



For one, Kubrick accurately reveals the true lifestyles of the rich and Satanic, both in behavior and rituals.    


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