By Howard Nema


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

George Santayana  (12/16/1863 – 9/26/ 1952)

It has also been said that past is prologue.


Without a doubt Mae Brussell (May 29, 1922 – October 3, 1988) stands out as one of the premier researchers and finest investigative  journalists in history, although few even knew her name.

She can be accurately described as one of the forerunners of what is now accepted commonly as citizen journalism in the current blogging world.

Mae has directly inspired the works of prominent researchers and broadcasters like myself and many others.    Mae Brussell was a true research virtuoso who exposed many events of suppressed history.

Although, at times it appears Mae wandered off on tangents, (something, I too have a tendency to do) but in the end, the spider web of evil she revealed all met in the middle, and what appeared to be seemingly unrelated stories were in fact all interconnected.

Brussell’s work was ignored by the controlled mainstream media and highly censored, but still Mae became the source of much of the hidden information we now know about the secret goverment and the New World Order.


Mae’s impressive research and analysis skills were impressive, but no one matched her ability to predict world events and more importantly where American society was headed if the nation did not correct its course.

Sadly, her predictions have proven all to accurate and America is indeed on a collision course with totalitarian socialism.

Mae was the Daughter of a Rabbi and granddaughter of I. Magnin of the I. Magnin clothing store empire.   She was a married housewife with five children when JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

The assassination became the catalyst of Mae’s relentless quest of research and exposing suppressed truths.    She began her journey by purchasing the entire 26 volume set of Warren Commission documents which of course was a complete fabrication covering up facts, murder and other criminality.

Mae’s research took her through black ops such as Jonestown and the Symbionese Liberation Army MK-ULTRA psyop to Nazi collaboration in Our government and the technical and social assimilation into the American landscape.

Through government sponsored terrorism, false flag ops, the destruction of the 60’s counter-culture; Charles Manson, the Zebra, Zodiac and the Son of Sam murders as a tool of terror, along with assassinations of prominent leaders, satanic ritual abuse and murder.

Her expertise became so good that she began regular radio broadcasts of a show that featured her research. She became so effective by naming names and putting together the pieces of the horror puzzle, that she received death threats one of which was from Sandra Good from the Manson family.

On December 16, 1970, Mae’s daughter Bonnie Brussell was killed in an automobile accident which Mae believed was a warning to her.

Obstructed by undaunted, Mae continued producing broadcasts from her home and privately mailed them to subscribers.

Her work was featured in the publication The Realist which was secretly financed by John Lennon.

She went back to regular broadcasts in 1983 at KAZU in Pacific Grove California concluding on June 13, 1988.

Other threats were launched towards her in 1988 after Mae exposed U.S. military links to satanic cults and practices during the Presidio child abuse case.     These death threats eventually forced her off the air.

Mae developed a very keen insight and investigative expertise that helped her expose many hidden truths.    She could, and did accurately predict many events before they occurred.   Here is a sampling of Mae’s “predictions”:

• In August 1977 (Broadcast #282) Mae discussed Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple move to Guyana. She speculated it might be a training camp for assassination teams. This was more than a year before 913 members of the church were massacred on November 18, 1978.

• On March 29, 1981, much of Mae’s broadcast was spent discussing the power- struggle within the Reagan Administration and asked who will kill off their team members first. The following morning President Reagan was shot in Washington D.C.

• On May 29, 1968 Mae confronted Rose Kennedy at the Monterey Peninsula Airport and handed her a note telling her Robert Kennedy would soon be assassinated. A week later he was shot to death at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.



In a 1988 interview with Conspiracy Digest, Mae was quoted:

“I am against the planned political assassinations by our intelligence and defense agents. The CIA-FBI-DIA and DISC (Defense Industry Security Command) were set up originally to protect citizens of the USA.

They became their own judges and juries, private servants of corporations with investments at home and abroad.   I am against the constant destruction of evidence in criminal matters and political assassinations.   Prime witnesses are murdered before or after testifying. Diaries are forged and planted in obvious places.

Doubles are created to confuse.  The Police Departments manipulate facts in cooperation with conspirators.    I am outraged that our judicial system since 1947 has been patterned after Nazi Germany.    Patsies are dead or locked away.   The assassins walk the streets or leave the country – “home free”. I am against using the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren, to cover up the assassination of President Kennedy.   When the highest court is corrupt, there is no hope at local levels.

I am against allowing the CIA to spend $25 million since 1947 for the express purpose, as stated before, to alter our behavior.   Is the State supreme over individuals?   Who owns or controls our minds?  Why was CIA Director Allen Dulles allowed to order 100 million LSD tablets?   Were half the U.S. population going to receive their doses?   What gives the CIA and Pentagon the right to define normal, or to determine what is national security? Are we being drugged through food, water and supplied with chemicals so we become slaves and robots?

Where is all the cancer coming from?

Why the preoccupation with death?  

Why is the U.S. Government in the business of creating a “Psycho-civilized” world?  

Who is ordering the ultrasonic waves to lower brain waves of city populations to an alpha state, leaving citizens susceptible to mass propaganda and hypnotic suggestion?

These facts have been confirmed by researcher Walter Bowart in 1977.    I learned about the project years ago.

I am against the mass media – CBS, ABC, NBC, UPI and AP being used by Washington D.C. since WWI, and by the CIA wince WWII, as pure propaganda tools.    My positive philosophy is very simple.    I believe there is in each of us a potential for peace and harmony.

A few power-mad perverts dictate orders that must be challenged.    They are going against the laws of nature.    A family and society that does not care for its infants with love and affection will create and does produce mad bombers.

The source of this peace and harmony is within the family unit, not government agents or law enforcement.    Without love in the home there is never quiet in the community, cities or around the world.   There are ways to counteract the evil being purposely planned.    Study history.

Separate fears and prejudices from facts.  Recognize facts from propaganda.    Invest energy in fighting for what you believe in.   Analyze harder where we are going and what you are doing about it. What do you really believe in? How much do we care?”



While investigating the Presidio Satanic Ritual Abuse and molestation case in 1988, Mae was hit with a fast onset cancer bio-weapon and died on October 3, 1988. She was 66 years old.


As a covert tool of assassination cancer is an exceptional device, easily written off by the medical community. .

If one needs further illustration they only have to examine the AIDS and Ebola bio-weapons. These bio-weapons can be introduced to their targets by covert means through a myriad of applications including food, water and vaccines.

Mae Brussell once stated:

“There is nothing worse than looking back and regretting not having done what was important to you.  Don’t die before you’re dead.”




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