September 20, 2021






By Howard Nema
Today at 10:45 AM student Jaylen Fryberg sauntered into the Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria directly to a table and shot 2 students sitting there dead.  Police report that Fryberg wounded four others before killing himself.



Jaylen Fryberg


Fellow student Jarron Webb, 15, reported that the shooter was angry at a girl who would not date him, and that she was one of the people shot. He believes one of the victims was a friend since kindergarten.     The four other victims, two boys and two girls are in very critical condition with gunshot wounds to the head, as of this posting.
One of the victims, a 14-year-old boy shot in the jaw is in serious condition Friday afternoon.
Jaylen comes from a prominent family in the Tulalip Tribe. His grandfather is director of fish and wildlife of the tribe. He and his family are well liked.
Members of the community are stunned, some noting Jaylen was a “good kid”.   When I first heard of this tragedy, my first thought was, “I wonder if he was taking any psychotropics?
If so, that would not surprise me.    Nationwide Our kids are being doped up on Ritalin, Adderall and a mixed bag of psychotropic drugs.
Jaylen was depressed over the loss of his girlfriend.  It appears he shot his rival and another friend as well as his beloved, killing the one person he professed so much to love and couldn’t live without.   He could not let her live her life without him.  Nor in his mind could he continue to live.
Most of us have experienced rejection from someone you deeply love.  It is an expected part of life.   Of course, we do not commit mass murder as a result.   This exposes deep emotional and psychological issues.
Coincidenally, if you can believe it:  Marysville is among three school districts recently picked to share in a $10 million federal grant for improved student mental health services, due to a high prevalence of student mental health issues.
Of course, the students are whacked out on psychotropics and all the street drugs that still exist.
To admit that there is a cluster of mental health issues in the school, one must understand that “mental health treatment issues” are treated with psychotropic pharmacuetical drugs that coincidentally cause depression, mood swings, homicidal thoughts and suicide.   How nice. So . . . loving.

Please review the link below:

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit that Jaylen was on one of these deadly “treatments” which were presenting such a pressing need in the school.    It appears administrators were doing the paperwork for the funding as today’s attack took place.
A little to late, or a band aid fix for an amputation.  Besides, as mentioned, the money would be utilized ultimate to have psychiatrists prescribe these deadly psychotropic drugs to Our kids and we wonder why some of them go crazy and shoot their girlfriend to death and pump bullets into all of her circle of friends.
Undoubtedly, the programmed point of view will dismiss all of this, but wouldn’t you agree that violence in media, music, TV and videos combined with psychotropic drugs can influence people’s decision making?
Of course. This has been proven in many studies, but dismissed from discussion by the mainstream media for the simple reason that people will start to notice they are being manipulated and impulsed by many visibile and invisible influences.
Study MK-ULTRA mind control, mass media mind control, propagand. Also, take the time to read a short but mezmerizing book entitled, Subliminal Seduction.
These controlling forces wishing to influence and control us will undoubtedbly use this massacre to call for even more gun control, which is of course lunacy.
Before everyone goes wild and talking about blaming and banning guns, why don’t we all take a close look at the ROOTS of the problem which are intentionally being ignored for agenda.
Like his home life.    Clearly, parents have to be more attentive to their kids these days, to their feelings, their friends and behavior. TV has raised a couple of generations now while Mom and Dad slaved to make a living.
Too many parents use the computer, I-Phone and the mind control box (TV) to babysit their kids.   No wonder America is so dumbed down.
Parent’s laziness and inattentiveness in their children’s lives, have much to do with this, wouldn’t you agree?
To stop these violent psychotic incidents We as a society have to stop medicating the symptoms.
This goes 100% for the gun control nuts who wouldn’t know or understand the rising need in this country to defend oneself and the rising tyranny here in government.
If these sheop were renditioned to Guantanamo for some sleep deprivation and water boarding, they would think it is a paid vacation– Wait. Hey, that’s what Obama would call rendition to Guantanamo, a Caribean vacation.   Like Military kinetic actions instead of war and workplace violence instead of Islamic terrorism as Americans are beheaded. But after all, this all makes perfect political sense, since only returning veterans, Constitutionalist Patriots, conservatives, Christians and people who fly the Gadsden flag are potential terrorists. This should all be very disturbing to you, and very illuminating.
What also sheds light on this subject is that when we were kids, 30 years ago this type of school violence was practically non-existent. 30 years ago families were closer. 30 years ago what today passes for family entertainment would be “R” or “X” rated.



The decline of morality, the glorification and desensitization to violence and pushing the envelope of sexual depravity increasingly pervades, not only in the media, but in fashion and all aspects of popular culture, does it not?
Violence, torture and horrifically realistic gore permeates the media, on TV, films, games, videos– every aspect of our society. Pure decline. Just like the Roman Empire, but this time it is by globalist design.


Each generation quietly backslides away from what for thousands of years have been moral and ethical institutions.
Today, anything goes in the New Age.    Even 8 year old girls are screaming “fuck” in a recent feminist child exploitation propaganda video
The lies of the New World Order are indeed very inticing, but remember, they are all designed to deceive and enslave you.    That is what George Orwell hinted at when he wrote WAR IS PEACE, IGNORANCE IS STRENGH, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY.
Today’s do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law humanist mentality is destroying morality and the family unit, by design causing dysfunction and crime.
This has been systematically accomplished since the 1970’s mostly by the education system, or lack of one.  In fact, education is far more about indoctrination than anything else.
Through the dumbing down of the education system and widening the gap between rich and poor more and more tension and social unrest will ensue.  This is why the world is literally becoming a Police State, slowly, incrementally right before Our very eyes.
Indeed, these are challenging times.  Jaylen Fryberg and the many other kids troubled enough to commit murder/suicide have been socially desensitized to the reality of the finality of their actions and therefore, these heinous, unnecessary attrocities will continue to occur until we address the root causes of the problem and dismiss the ridiculous anti-gun rhetoric that has truly nothing to do with the problem.
The amount of gun fights and war movies were are inundated with in the mass media absolutely 100% glorifies violence.
Jaylen-FrybergIt can influence troubled souls like Jalyen Fryberg to act.  The way, I see it, the anti-gun crowd in Hollywood glorifies gun violence and then when something horrible like the Marysville-Pilchuck High School massacre they immediately call for gun control.
Creating the problem — and offering the solution. Gun control is purely a Hegelian ploy to disarm the population for future tyranny.
Can you see now, and understand why these evil forces wishing to “transform” America are trying to do?
obama-burning-constitutionCondemning the Constitution as an outdated document while stripping away the rights of the common man as they rape and pillage humanity, including their own supporters, who are due to their own willful ignorance, embracing their own servitude.
You see, we are at war.   It is a spiritual battle.   A war between good and evil.    Hopefully, all of you will agree that the school shooting today was an act of evil. Ask yourself, what brought on this evil? What contributed to it?
You see, the illness of school shooting does not need to be treated. It needs to be cured. Unfortunately, allopathic medicine (surgery and pharmaceutical) are not big into cures.
In fact, there is not one big pharma product we take regularly that cures anything, yet these poisons are constantly peddled and promoted on TV, asking you to ask your doctor if “cancer as a side effect is right for you”. Big Pharma makes patients steady customers.   Cures kill customers.
We must find the cure to the school shootings disease, not a treatment, not a band-aid for an amputation, but a real cure. And I think it is not as difficult as most think. As far as I see it, the the cure for all ailments is found in Nature and in family and in God.




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