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By Howard Nema

Obama the Great Deceiver is up to his old tricks.  If he is not shredding the Constitution and changing laws to shield his constituents from the socialist take over over Amerika, he is delaying mandates that will ultimately crush small businesses and lead to further unemployment and economic woes for Americans.  

What is good for America has NEVER counted.  All that has ever counted was figuring ways to bamboozle blacks and minorities to get out to the polls and vote for candidates that actually harm their economic situation and prospects for current and future employment.    


Of course, Obama and other demo-com leaders know this.   They play their constituents as fools, throwing them under the bus and into poverty to retain power.

After all, the Democrats and Republicans are locked in an eternal battle of King of the Hill.  The Hill is of course, OWNED by the global elite puppet masters who enjoy watching the ping-pong game like Don King, who won every match he promoted because he OWNED both fighters.

Despite all the “Helping the American People” rhetoric spewed from both sides of the aisle, power is all that matters to these political denizens, not the general welfare of the American people. It never has and never will. 


But the misery of the looming Affordable Care Act cost increases will place upon the American people and using the race card for political purposes to retain power is truly unprecedented, far worse than when Bush stole the 2000 and 2004 elections when brother Jeb was governor of Florida.


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History has proven that Obama has done nothing to help the black population, but constantly talks about helping “black folks” and uses events like the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings as political cannon fodder to foment racial division and to gain voter support.  


Support that has left supporters of Obama in the black community in the lurch.  Simply put, Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.



Under the Obama Administration, the black community has suffered the most here in Amerika, with the highest rates of unemployment and poverty in the country.  

Obama also gives constant praise to Planned Parenthood for giving blacks and minorities access to women’s healthcare “services”, which means abortions.  

Never does Obama mention the fact that 50% of black pregnancies end in abortion at Planned Parenthood clinics, which are conveniently located in black and minority communities nationwide.  


It is clear that Obama is about as black as Jay Rockefeller.



In fact,  Barrack Hussein Obama has not served the black community or the We the People on iota in the last six years.  He has of course, greatly served the global elite.



Many black Americans are waking up to this reality, but sadly most are uninformed, or unwilling to face this crystal clear reality.  

Despite pandering for black votes, Obama’s policies continue to be a severe detriment to the black community.



By using race baiters Eric Holder and Al Sharpton to shill for the black vote with political deceptions and distractions, black Americans continue to suffer as the socialist agenda moves forward.


The keystone to this socialist take-over of course, is Obamacare.   How soon some Americans forget the lies about the Un-Affordable Care Act:



“You can keep your doctor.”

“You can keep your insurance.”

“Your premiums will go down $2500 per year”

All lies.   The only thing that mattered to the Democrats was to get healthcare passed at all costs.  

Remember what Nancy Pelosi said?




After all, transforming America into the folds of the one world totalitarian socialist New World Order agenda requires socialized medicine as a pre-requisite to control populations.  Textbook.


This rule is set in stone in all totalitarian regimes.  It is a necessity in order to control populations.   

As a result physicians are already retiring and leaving the profession in droves.   Most patients will be forces to see APRN’s as primary care physicians.  

Specialists will be in short supply.  Nurses are already at a shortage.  


These changes are a recipe for disaster that will result in long waits and substandard care.

America already ranks #11 in quality of care and #1 in health care costs.

Obamacare will force healthcare costs will rise and the quality of care received by Americans will diminish incredibly, especially after January 1, 2015 when the full force of Obama hits and businesses will be faced with crippling healthcare cost increases that will result in reduced hours and increased unemployment.  


So much for caring about the American people, right? 



To make matters worse, and expose the cold, callous political agenda,  insurance companies who normally announce their pricing  60 days before the first day of the year have been forced by the totalitarian Obama Regime to withhold their price increases until 2015 shielding democrats from the inevitable cost increases and not dissuade democrat voters from the polls, or worse, persuade them to vote republican in today’s mid-term elections. 

You may recall that the Obama regime pulled the same unconstitutional stunt of delaying the full weight of Obamacare to 2014 during the 2012 presidential election.

What a disgraceful mess. 



Showing his true colors and fearing a loss to republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley, Connecticut governor Dan Malloy sought to keep the polls open later, which is a clear violation of State and Federal election laws.

It seems birds of a feather not only flock together, they shred Constitutional provisions together.



As freelance writer Warner Todd Huston noted:

Barack Obama is again playing political games with our health insurance industry and has turned in another underhanded move against it by forcing insurance carriers, brokers and agents to withhold their 2015 prices until after the 2014 midterm elections are over all so that the news of higher prices won’t hurt Democrats on Election Day.

This means that customers looking to get new insurance or those wishing to scout new policies to see if they can get a better deal are not able to shop for insurance.

Before we get into that, though, millions of new cancellations will be hitting on January 1, 2015. Much of this news has gone under the radar as Democrats and their lapdog media are keeping this as quiet as possible.

There is also something different with these cancellations, something that has never happened before in the healthcare insurance industry. Past practice has always been that the next year’s new rates are released 60 days before the first day of the next year. But Obama has mandated that companies hold back on that normal practice so that he can shield Democrats at the polls.

Insurance agent C. Steven Tucker explained it this way:

This year, for the first time in 20 years I can not even quote a replacement product because Barack Obama has issued a GAG ORDER to the health insurance industry instructing them not to disclose their January 2015 health insurance rates until after the mid-term elections.

This is unprecedented.Normally health insurance premiums are released for public viewing 60 days before the January 1st effective date. Where are the reports on these cancellations and the gag order from NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN? The only news organization that I am aware of that has reported on any of this is the Fox News channel. I can guarantee you one thing, not one of my clients who received a cancellation notice is voting Democrat on Tuesday.




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