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  1. How many countries can you travel to and get an apartment and a job and start earning an actual wage for services rendered, and with it comes probable medical care in emergency situations; drivers’ licenses for non-citizens are being issued and discussed in the affected regions. We’ll let you sit in our classrooms and siphon off the knowledge of experts in their fields, whose wisdom costs much to those who pay into the system, whereas you don’t.

    I see it as a kind of melanoma, which will creep in and then cut and burrow within the cellular structure and tissue and musculature, the blood vessels feeding the bone will create weakened skeletal framework. And it all comes crashing down.

    Why are not Americans opposing illegal non-citizens in a manner which would bring them to notice of the law? If you see a human who is in your area and is not from your racial+cultural+linguistic acquaintance, and said human has no identification to prove residency in the USofA, snap a foto and call the police.

    That is the minimum standard to which every American needs be performing on a daily basis while walking and traveling.

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