ISLAM 2070

by Howard Nema

As the population of Islam rises other faiths decline.

This shift is due much in part to an aging Judeo-Christian population coupled with low birth rates in the Western world and the socio-political movement away from God in favor of secular humanism, hedonism and atheism.   Muslims aren’t interested in such things.

God said, “be fruitful and multiply.” 

It seems only Islam is listening.

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.   At least 1% are radicalized.   That’s 16 million Muslims currently in favor of jihad against the Western “infidels”.  How many will there be in 2070?
16 million evil fanatics willing to torture, rape, behead and crucify, as they spread the sadistic barbarism of Sharia Law around the world.   
In the coming decades, Muslim birth rates will out pace Christianity, Judaism and all other religions by more than 3-1.

By 2070 Islam will be the world’s largest religion.     How many more radicals will there be by then?

Should the Western world be concerned?



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One thought on “ISLAM 2070”

  1. A frightening prospect indeed. I recently watched “the Muslim agenda” which basically says the same thing in as much as once a culture’s fertility rate falls below 1.3 children per family then it becomes irreversible. At the moment, across Europe the average Muslim family is having 5.1 children which is in stark contrast to the average Christian family where the birth rate is only 1.1 children per family.
    It doesn’t take a genius to work out we’re a dying breed.
    By 2050 Germany will be the first European Muslim state.
    Islam and democracy are not compatible at any level, moderate or radical. It’s probably already too late to counter these disturbing trends that are sweeping the middle east, who knows what sort of world our children and grandchildren will inhabit…?

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