“The Kinsey Syndrome” is a critically important documentary that exposes the damaging influence of Alfred C. Kinsey, one of the most dangerous, evil and Satanic figures of the 20th century.

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Thanks to funding from the Rockefeller and other Tax Exempt Foundations, Kinsey, a great admirer of Satanist pedophile Aleister Crowley continues to affect the demoralization of America and the world with depravity escalating in our ever increasing “do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” society.

After losing major funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, Kinsey, an S&M freak committed suicide by hanging himself from his testicles.  You read that right (you can’t make this stuff up).

Kinsey’s impact on the sexual revolution, pornography, abortion, and the un-Godly descent into immorality we are seeing in society continues

Here are several important reviews of the 2012 documentary film: “THE KINSEY SYNDROME”

“The Kinsey Syndrome is must-viewing for anyone who cares about our rapidly declining culture. The film is central to the curriculum for “Sexual Behavior and the Law” — a class I teach at Liberty University School of Law. As the documentary so masterfully illustrates, there is a pre-Kinsey and a post-Kinsey America.

Unfortunately, we live in the latter. All our major elitist institutions: the courts; the media; academia; the entertainment industry and others — have relied upon Kinsey’s wholly discredited research to move America away from adherence to the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic, and toward a secular-humanist, morally relative worldview. The Kinsey Syndrome has helped to expose Alfred Kinsey and his life’s work as pure fraud.”

Matt Barber, Associate Dean and Adjunct Law Professor, Liberty University School of Law

“The Bible tells us to expose the fruitless works of darkness. The documentary, The Kinsey Syndrome does just that in painstaking detail. Each chapter of this video documentary addresses a different aspect of the work of the pseudo-scientist Alfred Kinsey whose fraudulent data laid the cancerous foundation for sex education, perversion, pedophilia, pornography, and the corruption of our culture.” Dr. Ted Baehr, MOVIEGUIDE review

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