HN NOTE: This is a documentary series that was never aired due to CIA Project Mockingbird suppressive muscle. The documentary was recorded from a satellite which was feeding a coast to coast “preview programming” to network executives in NYC.

Apparently the decision was made against running this program due to its content and the “heat” that it would generate. In the documentary, an investigative journalist uncovers truth about Iran-Contra during the Reagan years, CIA drug trafficking, CIA drug operations in Mena, Arkansas during the Clinton governorship and his presidency.

It also exposes that former president George H.W. Bush, vice president during the Reagan years, and former head of the CIA was also involved.

Here is another 1998 documentary regarding drugs, CIA and Government Corruption produced by Bob Fletcher.

Read journalist GARY WEBB’s Pulitzer Prize winning articles contained in the book, Dark Alliance. Here is a link to a FREE PDF @

Also, please read the following two articles for more insight:

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