September 25, 2021


MAY DAY! MAY DAY! NWO AHEAD! High Priestess Madonna warns of COVID-19 and things to come in May 2019

Originally titled: MAY DAY, MADONNA, COVID-19 AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER, this video was immediately banned on YouTube and Facebook worldwide.

Was this because of my FAIR USE of Madonna’s copyrighted material?

That is what both YouTube and Facebook claim. However, I didn’t get a copyright strike. (WHEW!)

The fact is, I have several videos with copyright notices. These days, this usually means there is a warning. The video is NOT banned unless there is a copyright strike. YouTube protocols call for the video in question to be monetized. Videos are not taken down or blocked unless there is a COPYRIGHT STRIKE. Fortunately, I have 0 strikes and 0 community standards violations. Anyway, no biggie. and Truth Talk News has never been monetized in any way and never will be.

The truth is FREE. There are are no membership fees, or ads that generate revenue to TRUTH TALK NEWS and Our mission is to awaken the masses, not profit from them. There are no ulterior motives, or profit motives. Just wake up motives and calls to action!

This video exposing the elite’s global depopulation agenda straight out of High Priestess Madonna’s mouth at a May 2019 concert. After all, the Hidden Masters, keepers of the Secrets of the Ages and the flame have guided the course of humanity since the dawn of time to present time.

To avoid any negative karma from their nefarious acts and intentions, they and their adepts worship, Lucifer, or Osiris, who represents knowledge, freedom and light, and many other ancient deities, like Isis, Horus and Set. They practice the ancient rituals of ancient Babylon and Egypt to assure success of their plans. Blood and child sacrifice rituals, like the annual cremation of care ceremonies conducted each July at the Bohemian Grove in the Redwood Forrest of Northern California.

The Grove is an uber-elitist convention where the wealthiest, most powerful global leaders in business, finance and politics hob knob and fraternize in masculine “Brotherhood”.

Meetings discuss the current status of affairs and further make plans to execute the next deceptive phase of The Great Work. The creation of a one world totalitarian socialist state, controlled by forces who operate in the shadows, hidden by front people like George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and many others. Their goal, revealed in plain sight in the text of United Nations Agenda 21, where all aspects of human life are strictly controlled to “save the planet by consumption and population reduction.”

These shadowy elitists and their bureaucratic initiates refer to humanity as plague on the earth. And are diligently working to deceive the masses of the world as humanity is systematically culled to not exceed 500,000,000 people. A new age of reason. . . This will be achieved by benevolent despotism. A great example benevolent despotism is the current $1200 and $600 a week Americans are being paid PLUS unemployment to stay home. Many Americans are being paid more to stay home than they were paid on their jobs. This is a recipe for disaster. But it serves many purposes for those who wish to destroy liberty in favor of totalitarianism. It conditions Americans to:

1. Willingly give up Our God given Constitutional rights to comply with authoritarian socialism.

2. To lose their jobs. 30-40% of U.S. small business, who employs 70% of all American jobs will not survive the COVID-19 psyop lock down. As a result, unemployment levels could exceed 20% for years. And what about all the inflation that will be caused by printing trillions of dollars made out of thin air, plus debt that must be paid to the criminal bankers who hijacked our money supply in 1913?

3. People are now conditioned to being confined, having their movement and freedoms limited, or stripped, controlled under 24/7 face recognition surveillance, drones bellowing authoritarian commands. I can go on and on.

4. Thanks to multi-mass media multi leveled, constant disinformation propaganda, and pop cultural cult of personality influence, millions will willfully flock to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available, essentially sealing their own fate. These are crafty, Malthusian scum we are fighting.

The evil elite adepts of the many secret societies, from Freemasonry to alumni from Yale’s Skull and Bones, The Seven Society, The Billingdon Club, The Thule Society, The Vril Society, the Scroll and Key, the Princeton Ivy Clubs, the Porcellian Club, the Order of Gimghoul, all the Final Clubs at Harvard, and many, many others who attend the Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg Group and other regular insider meetings.

They all belong to collectivist organizations like the United Nations, Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, Chatham House and oversee and control many subsidiary organizations and think tanks.

These uber elite psychopaths who operate in secret believe they must telegraph their future insidious intentions to the masses, usually related to celestial alignments of stars in the heavens, numerology and other important dates of historical significance, sometimes decades before the act, to avoid failure, any negative karma from their negative anti-universal laws of nature to ensure the success of each necessary ongoing phase to complete the unfinished pyramid of the Great Work. A New World Order. Let us never forget two things.

  1. Satan is disguised as an angel of light, who gifted knowledge and intellect to humanity, in trade for our immortality.
  2. Lucifer’s greatest deception was getting people to believe he does not exist, despite all the crystal clear evidence of his evil work surrounding all of us, every day. And quite frankly, the fact is, millions believe, worship and still sacrifice to him.

The information contained on this site is precious and critically important to understanding what is happening in the world today, who is behind it, what the hidden agenda is and how it will affect.

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When truth is called hate, when ideology beliefs breed rage and violence, our society treads on dangerous ground. Ground that has been traveled many times before by fellow travelers and followers of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol-Pot and many other Utopian charlatan totalitarians throughout the centuries.

Censorship should be a warning sign from history. For all of us.

Silencing one silences us all.



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