September 24, 2021




The New World Order has set America on fire from within with chaos and conflict on two fronts.

1. Subversive Marxist mob attacks on Our republic, culture and heritage by violent radicals, agitators and extremists.

2. COVID-19 social control/compliance/deindustrialization psyop.

Tearing down statues is bad, actually | Gript

All of this unfolds as the deep state elites quake in their boots over thousands of sealed indictments that are now being executed.

Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell arrested - CBS News
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

One of those indictments was for Ghislaine Maxwell, billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime. The Woman Who Knew Too Much was arrested today by the FBI at a home in New Hampshire for a litany of child sex trafficking, prostitution and sex abuse charges.

Image result for debra jean palfrey
DC Madam
Debra Jean Palfrey

Maxwell now faces a similar fate Epstein. After all, people like Ghislaine Maxwell have a tendency to conveniently “commit suicide” when information they possess threatens to expose any of the many evil deep state shadow government’s clandestine operations.

I expect Maxwell to meet the same fate as the D.C. Madam, Deborah Jean Palfrey and Pulitzer Prize Winning investigative Journalist Gary Webb, among many others.

Image result for Gary Webb
Investigative Journalist
Gary Webb

In other New World Order news, anti-vaccine protesters took to the streets in Johannesburg on Wednesday to voice their concern over Africa’s first human trials for a potential coronavirus vaccine. To understand what’s going on in Africa and the third world, read Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s 1974 memorandum 200.

Protest versus Africa's 1st COVID-19 vaccine test shows fear - ABC ...
South African protest against eugenicist Bill Gates Coronavirus vaccine trials

Depopulation of the Third World has been the Official US National Security policy ever since. The depopulation of black and brown people. How come so-called activists never focus on the black genocide of abortion and the global depopulation agenda?

The Obama’s and Communist Dictator Raul Castro

Obama did nothing to stop this global genocide for 8 years. Nor did Obama address the shooting gallery that is Chicago. He did, however limit the rights of legal gun owners as much as possible, raided raw milk farms, fined Gibson Guitars $2 million (settled for $650K) for not complying with UN Agenda 21 protocols, shut down the coal industry, raped with treasury with sweetheart crony capitalist deals like Solyndra and other disasters, increased welfare and food stamp rolls, spied on American citizens, targeted political opponents, used the IRS as a weapon, ran illegal guns over the border, lied about Benghazi and stoked the fires of racial division just to name a few— Need I go on?

Yes. Obama built all of that. And more.

All of this should widen eyes and speak volumes, but too many are blinded by the trees to see the forest. Or are unwilling to face the truth and extricate themselves from the fishbowl of denial. Can you?

Read ECOSCIENCE (1977) co-written by former Obama science Czar John P. Holdren, who in his book, proposed putting sterilants in food and water supplies to help reduce population. CLICK here to for full downloadable PDF of ECOSCIENCE.…/books-you-must-read-to-understand-the-new-world-order…

Bill Gates said, “if we do a really great job with new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive healthcare we can reduce population by 10-15%”

Are you aware that 28% of all black pregnancies in the US end in abortion?…/abortion-and-women-color-bigge…

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, abortion kills more black people than HIV, homicide, diabetes, accident, cancer, and heart disease. Do you know that 36% of all abortions in the United States are blacks, yet blacks are only 13% of the US population?

Remember the same politicians current aligned and coddling the social justice warriors are also coddling the big banks, private prison system/drug war and government dependence lobby. This the same group pushing welfare and free health insurance for illegal aliens, who also fund the private prison system. This designed use of the Hegelian Dialectic is called controlled opposition.

Do you know that 70% of black families have no father figure in the household? This factor has led to crime, drug abuse, violence, unwanted pregnancies and more ills. It is why blacks fill the private prison system

Thanks to the “WAR ON POVERTY”, the “WAR ON DRUGS” and corrupt Judges bribed by the private prison system. The results of welfare and the war on drugs has broken and destroyed the black family unit.
Did I mention the CIA are the biggest drug smugglers in the world?

WAKE UP! Read DARK ALLIANCE by Gary Webb, who like Jeffrey Epstein “committed suicide” by shooting himself TWICE in the head. Yes, you read that correctly. WAKE UP! Webb was yet another Deep State hit.

Ask yourselves why, especially if you are black, or a good intention liberal, or social justice warrior. why are these stats never reported? After all, these are the true problems of the black community. Not cops killing blacks, or lack or opportunity, or unfairness.

These are the facts so-called liberals and social justice warriors should be addressing but never do. The fact is, those stirring the pot of division and racism ignore the real problems of social justice, because it is not about social justice at all. It’s all about gaining control and power over the masses to deceive us into embracing The Trojan Horse of “social justice” when in reality, the goal and not-so hidden anymore agenda is totalitarian world socialism and global depopulation.

Read memorandum 200. What happened in 1973 prior to Henry Kissinger’s memorandum 200? Waking up yet? And liberal blacks foolishly support Planned Parenthood?

What about the current ongoing slavery of blacks in Africa. There are currently 30 million slaves in Muslim countries. Most of them are blacks enslaving other blacks ironically, so like black on black murder, these facts don’t fit the antiAmerican divisive communist narrative. so I guess that doesn’t count. Right?

How about instead of people focusing on reparations for slavery from 157 years ago and started focusing on stopping slavery that currently exists today?

Because it’s not about reparations or stopping slavery, it’s about wealth distribution To destroy the middle class. The powers behind the scenes want Neo feudalism. That means Landlord in serf. Tenant and landlord.

The Goal of “The Plan”, is to make the masses dependent on government. They want to destroy the middle class. That is the goal. Destruction of middle-class wealth by the theft of distribution of wealth, causing discord, division and chaos to destroy America.

Mark my words all of this will lead to another Civil War. That is what the elite are trying to do. It is what they have done in every country that has had Civil War in our lifetime and before. Textbook. Stop the insanity now! The elite want us to be at each other‘s throat‘s. They want us divided. They want us to hate each other.

They speak love, but make hate. So wake up and stop playing into their hands. Stop this foolishness and restore our republic. This is how civil wars begin. And those who wish to control us, enslave us, exploit us, profit from us, and kill us are working to achieve the goal under the guise of “social justice”. Don’t doubt me.…/exposing-the-global-population-cont…/…

Greetings. More than ever, the Constitution is the solution. Since the COVID-19 lockdown psyop has “transformed” the world into a socially engineered “new normal”, complete with anti-Police race riots echoing the Bolshevik and Mao’s Cultural Revolutions, Our individual God given inalienable rights have never been in such jeopardy.

Business owners are willfully giving up their rights, liberty and fortunes due to the ultra hyped irrational, fear mongered COVID-19 virus.

Businesses and individuals are being bullied into compliance by Un-Constitutional tyrannical police state tactics employed by totalitarian control freak governors and mayors for “non-compliance” of social distancing, (which is nothing more than social control). . .

To keep us safe.

The contradictory bureaucratic madness and authoritarian overreach is off the charts. People are being issued summonses– even jailed for non-compliance of COVID-19 social control guidelines.

Yet prisoners, many who re-offend are being released for fear of contracting, or spreading the disease.



Take one example. Beaches are open for swimming, but you can’t sunbathe. What sense does that make, considering sunlight kills the COVID-19 virus? Even Jesuit Dr. Deception Anthony Fauci’s New World Order Big Pharma sidekick Dr. Birx has noted on several occasions that sunlight kills the coronavirus.


And the sheeple are too traumatized by the virus and the mass media psyop to wrap their brains around these stark realities.

All of this is because of the COVID-19 virus frenzy.
A virus that 98.6% of people recover from.



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