September 16, 2021



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Louis Freeh

FBI deep state ties are nothing new. In 2014, TRUTH TALK NEWS reported on Amad Salem, a paid FBI informant who recorded a conversation with an FBI agent named “John”, who corroborated that the FBI supervised the construction of the bomb that went off at the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993, The blast killed seven people and wounded scores of others. During the trial of the blind Sheik Mohammad who charged with the bombings, attorney William Kuntzler noted, “gross malfeasance” by the FBI. That would be putting it lightly.

At the time of the bombing, Louis Freeh was head of the FBI. Freeh did an excellent job covering up for the many criminal acts committed by the bureau during his tenure, including over seeing the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

Ironically, interestingly and not surprisingly, on week before 9/11, Robert Mueller was appointed head of the FBI on September 4, 2001 by President GW Bush (Skull and Bones). Mueller immediately engaged in a massive cover-up of the facts of the events of 9/11 including Saudi connections, and controlled the direction and progress of the investigation that led to the disinformation propaganda fabrication known as the 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT.

The bogus disinformation propaganda report doesn’t even mention WTC Building 7. WTC Building 7 housed the offices of the Secret Service, Security and Exchange Commission, the CIA and NYC Emergency Management to name but a few. All of these agencies records were destroyed that day when the building was razed by controlled demolition.

And now, current FBI Chief Christopher Wray is running cover for the agency. Despite publicly revealing an ongoing investigation into money laundering and other RICO allegations against Hunter Biden, FBI Director Christopher Wray covered up evidence of the Biden family’s corrupt deals in Ukraine during the Democrats’ treasonous attempts to impeach the president. The evidence would’ve helped Trump’s defense but it would’ve also exposed Wray’s own complicity the cover-up and his own foreign alliances, so the evidence was suppressed.

Details on the Biden’s Ukraine corruption first emerged in 2015 when Creepy Joe was Vice President. These factual revelations have been largely ignored, or spun as right wing “political bias” by Democrats and their partners in crime, the controlled lamestream media. Documents reveal communications between Hunter Biden and a high level executive of the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma indicating that Hunter Biden arranged a meeting between the Bursima top cat official and his father, Joe Biden who was vice president at the time. The Biden campaign tricksters continue to deny any such meeting ever occurred as more and more damning documents emerge. Documents that reveal widespread political corruption was ignored, if not endorsed by top level officials in the Obama Administration, if not by Obama himself.

One thing is clear, since Christopher Wray took over as FBI Chief in early August of 2017 he has done very little to drain the swamp of corruption that exists in the agency, but he has dragged his feet. Deep state forces within all aspects of our government have aligned against Trump, opposing any agenda to put America back on track toward prosperity. Prosperity is in direct conflict with the Agenda 21 deindustrialization aims of the deep state. It is all about lockdowns and restrictions. Welcome to the New World Order normal.

The controlled mainstream media and their democrat partners have been in damage control mode ever since the DOJ released documents including handwritten notes that illustrate the Obama deep state’s intent to sabotage the Trump administration, proving, beyond any doubt, that the FBI and Obama DOJ plotted to frame General Flynn in January, 2017. Still, FBI Director Wray has refused to act against the corruption at the FBI and in the Obama Administration.

Heaven forbid that the “scandal free” Obama Regime be exposed as corrupt, traitors. The DOJ release documents damning details about how the Obama-Biden FBI set up General Michael Flynn to sow chaos, destroy his life and sabotage the incoming Trump administration. These are some really evil, power hungry , control freak tyrants.

Andrew Weissmann, Christopher Wray and Comey’s relationship go back years. It was Christopher Wray who promoted the Andrew Weissmann during the Bush administration, despite his horribly unethical record . Weissman, of course was appointed t lead prosecutor on the Mueller Special Counsel. This explains Chris Wray’s refusal to clean up the corruption at the agency.

Image result for andrew weissmann
Andrew Weissmann

This isn’t rocket science. It is clear that Chris Wray, Andy Weissman and Jim Comey are thisclose. Friends to the end, sticking together through thick and thin.

The pro-globalist, treasonous Deep State totalitaran socialist element infesting our government isn’t just working against President Trump. It’s working against every single American who voted for him, every citizen who wants to see America be prosperous, healthy, and free from government interference.

Christopher Wray, and deep state operatives in the FBI have covered for parties working to undermine the Trump administration. House Republicans recently confronted Wray about this in a letter:

“If the FBI was, in fact, in possession of this evidence and failed to alert the White House to its existence that would have given even more weight to the president’s legal defense, this was a gross error in judgment and a severe violation of trust.”

In 2016, the FBI conducted a counterintelligence probe into Trump’s presidential campaign, dubbed Crossfire Hurricane based on bogus fabricated intelligence. The probe infamously relied on a fabricated dossier sourced by a suspected Russian spy was produced by former British spy Cristopher Steele and paid for by the Clinton and the DNC. Much to the chagrin of Democrat subversives failed silent coup, a 2019 report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller debunked the Steele dossier and found insufficient proof of Trump’s collusion with Russian personalities. There is of course tons of damning evidence of the FBI, Clintons, Bidens and other democrat elitists of political corruption regarding the sham impeachment farce.

There are mountains of evidence that fired former FBI Director James Comey’s crew purposely tanked two separate investigations into Crooked Hillary and the Clinton Foundation corruption and setting up President Trump’s national security adviser, Gen. Mike Flynn thanks to democrat activist federal judge Emmet Sullivan. James Comey then leaked confidential memos to create a rallying cry for a “special counsel” sham investigation that eventually was led by none other former FBI director Robert Mueller. Of course, Mueller knew that the Steele Dossier was bogus, but that did nothing stop the deep state operative from wasting nearly two years and over $45 million in taxpayer dollars on what amounts to a psyop, only to come to the bizarre conclusion that while President Trump was not guilty of any crime, he could not be exonerated.

Faced with this veritable mountain of FBI deception, corruption, and treason, Christopher Wray had two choices.

1. Release all information related to prior Bureau malfeasance and terminate and charge all the bad actors involved.

And so, the silent coup continued. And continues.

Or . . .

2. Save his own ass and protect his Deep State/Democrat masters in a massive cover-up, as he did.

Then we have Obama’s treasonous deep state shadow government operatives at the FBI spied on candidate Donald Trump and later, his administration based on phony intelligence they knew was disinformation paid for by Hillary Clinton and promoted by Obama’s corrupt communist CIA chief John Brennan. The FBI lied through their teeth to FISA judges, who based on their it seems were OK with the deception and coordinated their slanderous claims with members of the press to deceive the American public to think their president was Vladimir Putin’s pawn. Sadly, many brainwashed “useful idiot” democrats continue to believe the Putin charade. They continue to ignore the facts that the Trump Administration has been harsh to both Russia and China, who in retaliation released a biological weapon in an attempt to weaken America and the west economically. A silent war now exists, fought with quiet biological and economic weapons.

After the conclusion of Mueller’s “investigation”, Attorney General William Barr appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to look into the FBI’s misconduct, which was recently upgraded to a criminal investigation. But after almost a year of investigations and FBI delays, Durham’s investigation has led to only one guilty plea from FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith. FBI Director Wray’s slow walk investigations, when revealed, will no doubt uncover his own skeletons and involvement with foreign entities whenever, or if ever John Durham finally releases his “report.”

We are only days away from the 2020 election. Our freedom, traditions and our very lives depend upon the outcome. Socialism must be defeated or humanity will suffer the consequences of poverty, famine and death.

If we have learned anything, it is not trust in politicians or authorities, but to trust in God. We are being lulled into compliance as society is slow walked into the New World Order. If we allow these subversive, treasonous globalists to deceive us humanity is doomed. For those who believe and for all the open minds and hearts, Our only hope is to resist any and all tyranny to the death and put our faith in Him.

In Jesus name, Amen.




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