September 27, 2021




Connecticut, as usual, is following New York, who fully passed mandatory vaccinations for all children last year. Governor Ned Lamont, always the follower has stated he would sign a mandatory vaccine bill. In the Age of COVID, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. God help us all.

For decades, the medical mafia has worked for remove religious exemptions to get every child vaccinated. The BIG LIE millions believed was that without vaccinations children cannot attend school. This is not true, but the lie was implied for decades. Remember, make the lie big, keep repeating it and eventually people come to believe it.

Like the COVID-19 fake pre-planned pandemic. Clearly the United Nations and their communist partners in China and the communists who call themselves democrats have aligned to make the BIG LIE a BIG TRUTH.

Using the tactic of divide and conquer, the medical mafia has championed those who blindly follow their guidelines and demonize those who discovered the very real dangers of their many toxic, poisonous products. Considering their reputation of believing everyone should conform to their beliefs and drink the Big Pharma cool aid, the democrat party and Big Pharma have a great deal in common. In a pharmaceutical sales convention in Miami in the 1990’s a top Big Pharma kingping said their goal was to get every American on 2 medications.

While republicans generally believe it should be a personal choice, democrats for the most part believe vaccines should be mandatory, “for the greater good”.

So it is not rocket science to understand why the medical mafia has focused its attention on the democrat party, but like Marxism, Big Pharma isn’t working for the benefit of the “greater good”. That is a lie.

However, any skeptism about the safety of the dangers of big pharma drugs, medical errors or vaccines is quickly shot down by the medical mafia “experts” and the media as conspiracy theories. Despite the numbers. Despite massive evidence that vaccines are indeed very dangerous, politicians and law makers who take millions in campaign donations from Big Pharma ignore this ever growing, genocidal problem. Gee, I wonder why?

A few side notes:

Obviously, the communists who call themselves democrats have no regard for individual rights or the US Constitution. Decades ago Big Pharma aligned with the new-Marxist democrats and the media to baffle the public with bullshit. Such ridiculous bullshit it boggles minds. Dangerous and deadly bullshit.

It might be of worthy note to mention that Dr. Deception Anthony Fauci, who is fawned over by the left, as an infallible messiah only because he is one of many dinosaur democrats operating the levers of the democrat machine. This corporatist (fascsist) alliance with Big Pharma is diretly advancing the global depopulation agenda and making politicians rich in the process.

Like the World Health Organization and China’s delay in warning the world of the COVID-19 bioweapon to allow it to spread, in the early 1980’s Dr. Deception Anthony Fauci did the same thing to help spread the AIDS bioweapon.

Of course, the media ignores or positively tries to embellish this fact. Fauci, the so called “expert” believers are putting their trust in is a fraud! History is full of false profits. Fauci is one of then. No doubt, if Hitler had been a democrat, the democrats would’ve fawned over him too, while downplaying his notorious evil deeds as they ignore and continue to make excuses for Stalin and every other genocidal communist who has ever lived.

Fauci is a Jesuit, who is aligned with the global forces working to achieve world government.

Dr. Fauci Is a Jesuit, Nonbeliever Scientists Which Makes Him an Enemy –



Most parents believe vaccines are safe and effective without haveing done any serious, or deep research. They trust the men and women in white coats. So did the Jews in Nazi Germany — at first.

Studies conducted by Big Pharma are obviously biased. Science, like anything else is bought and sold given the proper corrupt people are in the proper posititons of power. And they are. Given the rampant corruption we all know existes in government, one would be foolish to believe that the medical mafia are free from corruption.

Pfizer was fined billions for criminal activity and that is just one Big Pharma company. Lawyers are constantly producing commercials for Big Pharma victims to call them for compensation. Big Pharma pays out $30 billion per year on lawsuits and settlements. But they generate more than 10 times that amount in revenue. Killing and maiming people is simply a cost of doing business.

Patients are paying for their own sicknesses and death. Evidence of this is superfluous, but there is NO NEWS @11:00. Why is this? Well, we can start with our regulatory agencies. FDA and CDC regulators move back and forth in a revolving door system from Big Pharma CEO positions to regulating Big Pharma companies they previously represented. It’s a racket. Like so many in government.

As the correlation between vaccines and autism has been proven, the medical mafia continues to pay “experts” to promote the safety of vaccines. Parents have developed a blind faith approach to the medical mafia, who kill more than 500,000 Americans every year due to medical errors and properly prescribed and ingested pharmaceuticals. There are never and “calls for justice” for the half million people decimated by the Medical Mafia every year. Why is that? Why do these facists force their dangerous drugs on us, with help from the government?

I assure you this, it is not because the medical mafia government are looking out for our health or best interests. To the contrary. The CDC elite have personally profited on vaccines and the same is true for FDA regulators. Face it, it is a protection racket to protect and increase profits. Easily researched, deasily defined, but there is not will, political or otherwise to stop it. Just shut up and take your medicine!

Too many of us dismiss Big Pharma’s greed and profit motive and these horrifying annual statistics of death and debilitating side effects, but cry out for social justice and a myriad of other less important and far less dangerous concerns. When will the media tell the truth, that medical errors and properly taken big pharma drugs kill half a million people every year? How dare anyone force any of these poisons on anyone with such statistics. It’s insane. More accurately, it is evil.

Now, after the Hegelian COVID-19 scam, these mass murderers and their collectivist political puppets want to force the entire world vaccinated with an untested, unproven experiemntal mRNA gene therapy to fight a virus that 99% of the world population would recover from, if sickened. Not only that, if you refuse the virtue signalers declare war on you. If one questions any of this, they are ingnored, ridiculed, lableled “conspiracy theorists” or worse, even as the death count and side effects from the COVID-19 injections continue to rise.

It is not as if the “official” death counts have never been fabricated, or falsely ncreased or decreased as needed by the WHO/CDC and other so called “regulators” to amp up the fear porn. What a scam —

China and the WHO intentionally allowed COVID-19 to spread by publishing disinformation. This is an act of war against all nations on the planet and humanity itself. Gee, where have I heard about waging a war against humanity itself — Oh, I remember: The Club of Rome’s 1992 publication: The First Global Revolution by Alexander King.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is now facing impeachment in New York for suppressing the death count in nursing homes where he send COVID-19 patients to infect the elderly. Both of these acts were purely intentional, which means Cuomo, wisho tried to reduce the death count by fraud, knew COVID-19 patients would kill thousands of elderly citizens.

This happened in 4 other democrat controlled states. Coincidence. No. This was clearly a democrat agenda. Like the masks and the lockdowns and the shutdowns and the deindustrialization of small business and the disenfranchisement of the middle class. Well, after all,one of the dems top contributers Bill Gates wants to kill granny.

Hey, face it. This is what communists who now call themselves democrats do. They commit genocide in the name of peace, love and social justice.

Over the decades, the media has feared the population into believing unvaccinated children can sicken vaccinated people. Explain to me how that works like I am a five year old.

In the elite created “Age of COVID-19/new normal/Great Reset”, the COVID-19 fear porn psyop has created a manic, irrational psycho-social reaction to the trauma inflected by 24/7 propaganda combined with corporate compliance. As a result of the trauma from a full year of 24/7 mass media propaganda some people are afraid to leave their homes, or visit doctors, friends and relatives– even go to the store. Millions have become terrified shut ins for no reason other than believing the Big Lie.

Some are so terrified they scrub down shopping carts with disinfectant and skulk through the aisles avoiding people as if they are infected with the plague. The social distance nonsense is REPROGRAMMING HUMANITY TO SUBMIT TO GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY AND TO SHAME THOSE WHO DO NOT COMPLY.

This is Nazi Germany and Communist China rolled into one unfolding before our eyes! WAKE UP!

With all the Goebbels-esqwue hoopla of 24/7 mass media propaganda, many have been brainwashed to believe that this experimental gene therapy to fight COVID-19 is safe.

NO VACCINES ARE SAFE! That is why a VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION FUND was established in 1986. The medical mafia knew their new “childhood vaccine schedule” would kill and injure millions. Big Pharma informed congress they would be killing and maiming millions of children to keep “children safe” from childhood illnesses.

Obviously MANY congresspeople were paid off, or bamboozled since the alternative is horrific. So is the logic of killing and maiming millions of children to save them from illness makes one consider the intelligence and competence of congress, or worse. I wonder how much money Big Pharma kicked back to politicans to get the VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION FUND established.

The truth is, in 1983, three years before the warnings to congress of the dangers of vaccines and the creation of the VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION FUND, only 1 in 10,000 children developed autism. There were six vaccines for children at that time. Today there are 60 vaccines given to children. Today, 1 in 50 children born will develop austism. Despite a court win in Italy that the MMR vaccine gave a child autism, Big Pharma and government “regulators” and “experts” swear up and down that the rise in autism has nothing to do with the rise in childhood vaccines. After doing the research, only a fool would agree with these medical charlatans.

These genocidal liars have caused the deaths and injury of millions of children to this day. So what is their goal? To maim and kill millions more for profit? Yes. That’s part of it. But the main objective is far more sinister. These vaccines are causing a brain damaged, docile society easy to control and easy to put down like a sick dog. Use your common sense. These statistics prove the government is not interested at all in saving lives, but rather controlling them while increasing Big Pharma profits and graft at the expense of children.

And now, with thanks to the Goebbels’ mass media propaganda model, the COVID-19 scamdemic has convinced millions to throw caution to the wind and take this dangerous, experimental injection, despite obvious, serious concerns about the safety of the shot.

Absolute Madness.

Today, millions of uninformed, dumbed down sheep will flock to get their COVID-19 jab despite more than 20,000 adverse reactions and more than 3,000 deaths as of April 12, 2021. The pressure and virtue signalling has kicked into high gear. Karens cry out that those who are not getting the vaccines are selfish. People will lose their jobs if not vaccinated. That is where this is all headed. Comply or starve. Can you think of anything more evil?

These Karens also cry out that those who do not wear masks are selfish and are a danger to society. (Where have I heard about this type of rhetoric before?)

Who are these people and what is wrong with them? If you want to wear a mask, you should be safe, right? So stop complaining about your safety or the safety of others if masks work to stop the spread. They don’t of course.


Don’t force the jab on everyone just because corrupt politicians, regulators and drug makers say so.the jab, take it if you want, but there will be consequences far worse than if you got COVID-19 and took ill.

Most infected with COVID-19 don’t even know they have it, supposedly. They do not get ill at all. Judging by government logic, If you took the jab you are supposed to worry about those who haven’t been injected because you are not safe from getting the virus. So why get the injection?

Whatever your feelings or thoughts on vaccinating children or the COVID-19 injection, there is no logical reason to get the jab at least until it is proven safe in 2023. The facts being suppressed by the medical mafia and the media should concern everyone. Why the intense rush to vaccinate world> I assure you, the answer is not good. But the really big question to ask is, how many injected with this experimental mRNA injection will live to see 2023? HN

CT House passes bill removing religious exemptions from childhood vaccinations

Angelo Bavaro  

‘The tipping point:’ First T. rex mass death site in southern US, found in…Missouri House member faces expulsion after probe finds he sexually…

The Connecticut State House of Representatives has voted to approve a bill that would remove the religious exemption from mandatory school vaccinations.”CT House passes bill removing religious exemptions from childhood vaccinations”Loaded: 100.00%Unmute0CT House passes bill removing religious exemptions from childhood vaccinations

This measure has been raised over the course of multiple years and was debated for more than 15 hours yesterday. The bill was ultimately passed around 4 a.m. by a vote of 90 to 53. This measure would get rid of the religious exemption starting on September 1st, 2022.

An amendment did pass on Monday on a bipartisan vote to allow students in kindergarten through 12th grade to be “grandfathered” into it. An earlier version of the bill would have only allowed students in 7th grade and up to continue claiming the exemption.

Parents who are against the measure say this is just another way the government is trying to take their rights away as a parent to make decisions for their child.  On the other side, proponents say that this measure will further protect medically compromised children who cannot be vaccinated.

The bill does not force children to be vaccinated but does bar unvaccinated children who don’t qualify for some type of medical exemption from enrolling in school. This vote now advances the bill to the State Senate.

If the bill passes the Senate, it will then go to the governor who said he’d sign it.


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