September 27, 2021




A video by biostatistician Richard Delgado translated into English has emerged from South America revealing evidence that the graphene oxide adjuvant found in the COVID-19 injections are intended to interact with 5G. In the video Delgado explains how this interaction can be used in the near future to control human behavior, read our thoughts and even plant thoughts in our minds. WATCH VIDEO BELOW:

Electronic forms of mind control are nothing new. Until 1973 when the CIA’s MK Ultra program was supposedly halted due to congressional inquiries into the CIA’s activities, mind control was fantasy. A made up thing popular in movies. But in reality, movies like the Manchurian Candidate are more fact than fiction. They are all part of a wider social control operation called, Mockingbird. Supposedly, Mockingbird was also terminated, but considering how the media moves in lockstep with the political agenda of the New World Order, it appears both programs are alive and well.

The drugs and trauma based mind control methods employed by CIA MK Ultra chief Dr. Ewen Cameron have made powerful advances. Todays mind controllers are far more sophisticated.


While the 24/7 mass media psyop has done a great deal to advance the New World Order, advancements in technology have done far more to allow for additional ways to influence or control the thoughts, behavior and reactions of the masses.

The ever increasing divide and conquer Marxist political strategies that have filled our streets, promoted by the controlled mainstream media have caused designed conflict. Since the launch of the Great Scamdemic, the social engineers have used the time to carefully record the behavior of the masses in the streets and in lockdown. Enormous statistical data was collected and is now being used against the people of the world to control the behavior of the masses. They quantified what we ate, purchased, watched and listened to, gathering data for more than a year to learn our behavior, wants and needs. All of this information gathered is being weaponized against us.

In the 1970’s Yale Professor Jose Delgado proved this by creating a device that controlled the behavior of a charging bull. However, todays sophisticated methods of mind control go far beyond wires connected to electrodes in the brain of a bull. Today’s modern and sophisticated means of mind control requires no wires to brainwash, or socially control an individual. The biotechnical advancements achieved in mind control continue. The goal is to control the behavior of the masses. The elite use the euphemism, the Great Reset to describe the world after COVID. It is not The Great Reset. It is the Great Culling.

In 1979, a blueprint for the future was created and handed out to select members of the Bilderberg Group called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. In the 79 page manual, the elite carefully describe the ongoing bio-war against humanity since the groups inception in 1954.

The manual is an admission of guilt to slavery and genocide. Evidence of the implementation of the plans contaioned in the document are unfolding in our world today. The document was discovered by accident after an IBM copier was purchased from a military surplus sale in 1986 and is published in William Coopers 1990 book, Behold A Pale Horse.

Books and documents that followed Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars further proves this very real conspiracy to depopulate the planet and take control over all aspects of humanity via the United Nations Agenda 21 protocols.

We can see the rise of authoritarian government pushing people’s dependence on government, deindustrialization and neo-feudalism disguised as “green energy” across the globe.

The book, The First Global Revolution (1992) written by Alexander King and published by the Club of Rome launched the well known slogan “sustainability.” The First Global Revolution is the blueprint for Agenda 21, or as the phase were are in now is known, Agenda 2030.

Nations of the world are complicit in sponsoring and covering up this genocidal act of bio-terrorism. Graphene oxide also explains the bizarre magnetism effect experienced by many who have taken the COVID-19 injection. The medical mafia and the treasonous, corrupt politicians in their pockets have waged a silent war upon all of humanity, with full support of the global mainstream media, ridiculing and demonizing all who reveal the United Nations evil, clandestine social control/depopulation agenda knowns as AGENDA 2030.

5G installations increased during the COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide as preparations were made to inject the entire planet with a “vaccine”. In typical New World Order fashion, the controlled mainstream media amped up the COVID-19 fear porn in an attempt to terrify and traumatize the world into willful compliance with their own slavery and demise.

Activists, researchers and medical professionals like Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Joseph Mercola and more than 100,000 others have warned about the dangers of the COVID-19 injections, even before the first shot was injected.

We are witnessing a silent biological war fought with quiet weapons, supported by constant lies, and ever changing medical narratives to keep the public confused and off balance, while hammering 24/7 disinformation propaganda.

We are at war with the elite, who planned this assault on humanity for decades and who have bought and paid for politicians and medical “experts” like Dr. Deception Anthony Fauci to fool the world into believing a virus that 99% of people if sickened, recover from is a deadly existential threat to humanity. The truth is, it is the global elite and their political and medical mafia minions who are the greatest threat to both liberty and human life.

source: Graphene Oxide in the Vaccines (


Graphene Oxide: a Vial Concoction for Mass Murder


Further to this morning’s article, Murder by Injection: the Vile Vials, here is some more urgent information that lays out the nature of the concoction, its ingredients and the potential harm it causes when the recipient receives a ‘shot’.

Be under no illusion, a shitstorm is brewing and it points to premeditated and targeted mass murder, or genocide, by another name.

Apparently, the report from Spain is from the University of Almería School of Engineering in Spain and its full title is “Graphene Oxide Detection in Aqueous Suspension: Observational Study in Optical and Electron Microscopy” and  the concoction,”was found to contain 6 ng of RNA and 747 ng of graphene oxide, which is 99.103% of the medication.” Source

This research into Graphene-family nanomaterials (GFNs) states that,

(GFNs) are widely used in many fields, especially in biomedical applications.

And that,

Generally, GFNs may exert different degrees of toxicity in animals or cell models by following with different administration routes and penetrating through physiological barriers, subsequently being distributed in tissues or located in cells, eventually being excreted out of the bodies.

This review collects studies on the toxic effects of GFNs in several organs and cell models. We also point out that various factors determine the toxicity of GFNs including the lateral size, surface structure, functionalization, charge, impurities, aggregations, and corona effect etc.

In addition, several typical mechanisms underlying GFN toxicity have been revealed, for instance, physical destruction, oxidative stress, DNA damage, inflammatory response, apoptosis, autophagy, and necrosis.

In these mechanisms, (toll-like receptors-) TLR-, transforming growth factor β- (TGF-β-) and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) dependent-pathways are involved in the signalling pathway network, and oxidative stress plays a crucial role in these pathways.

The review goes on to state,

Graphene-based materials usually have sizes ranging from several to hundreds of nanometer and are 1-10 nm thick, which is also the definition of ‘nanoparticles’ or ‘nanomaterials’.

Due to their exceptional physical and chemical properties, graphene materials have been widely used in various fields, including energy storage; nanoelectronic devices; batteries; and biomedical applications, such as antibacterials, biosensors, cell imaging, drug delivery, and tissue engineering.  Source

To suggest the poisonous concoction is dangerous would be to understate the case:

GFNs can induce acute and chronic injuries in tissues by penetrating through the blood-air barrier, blood-testis barrier, blood-brain barrier, and blood-placenta barrier etc. and accumulating in the lung, liver, and spleen etc. For example, some graphene nanomaterials aerosols can be inhaled and substantial deposition in the respiratory tract, and they can easily penetrate through the tracheobronchial airways and then transit down to the lower lung airways, resulting in the subsequent formation of granulomas, lung fibrosis and adverse health effects to exposed persons.

When the concoction is injected directly into the recipient’s blood-stream, those dangers are multiplied massively.

This snapshot is from a commercial site that sells the stuff, ‘NanoShel – creating miracles in Black‘.

Readers will note the fallacious appeal to authority and the use of quackery:


Quacks shilling for Graphene Oxide

In the words of Dr Jane Ruby,

These graphene sheets that investigators found in the Pfizer vial, when they get into your system and when they start to penetrate your cells – which they have a lipid nanoparticle that pushes them into your cells – you get oxidative stress…

It destroys literally everything inside the cell. It explodes the mitochondria. It creates a situation where the body is on a 10-Alarm fire truck and inflammation, cytokines, chemokines. This incredibly violent…inflammatory storm comes in and it has particular affinity for creating acute inflammation of the lungs, it creates an inflammatory storm in cardiac tissue and in brain tissue.

[…]  this is going to tie directly to strokes, to the heart attacks – and we’re giving this to pregnant mothers and babies?  Source

And all the while, the enablers of this mass murder, whether they be SAGE advisors, the Prime Minister, the Health Secretary, the Doctors and nurses jabbing the people, the pseudo local Health Authorities, the hospital ‘trustees’ and anyone involved in the administration of the concoction to an uninformed populace are culpable in the genocide. One might also choose to add the name of the  Judge who denied the PCP against those 4 perpetrators of the genocide, Hancock, Whitty, Valance and Ferguson, to that list on the simple basis that by denying its lawful progress, he too is complicit in the mass murder.

The man acting as Deputy Chief Magistrate, Tan Ikram, whose inaction has directly contributed to the continued roll out of the vile vials.

What each and every one of the above has failed to understand is that since the Nuremberg trials, experimental trials of vile concoctions like the one that is being rolled out right now, are wholly criminal. There can be no informed consent when none of the fake authorities listed are emphasing just what is in the vials that are being injected en-masse into the people.

It is mass murder and they are complicit in what is self-evidently the most heinous form of international criminality ever perpetrated against mankind.

“There’s also some information coming in and we’re going to see more and more of it and we’re going to talk about it, of the fact that when you get your body filled with enough graphene oxide, with the warmth of your body and…if it draws the oxygen into it, that [the graphene oxide] can be manipulated and your body can be affected by…the 5G network, which we haven’t seen be completely set up and rolled-out yet and so there’s a lot of concern around that.  source

Not angry yet? Then you are not paying attention.  Please share far and wide with anyone who may be contemplating accepting the offfer of the vile concoction. It may save their lives.

Further viewing and reading:

source: Graphene Oxide: a Vial Concoction for Mass Murder – Rogue Male

Graphene oxide for biosensors

by Susanna Laurén  Apr 16, 2019 

BIOSENSING IS A crucial part of human well-being as early detection of diseases requires highly sensitive and selective methods. Different types of biosensors are thus being developed for more accurate and faster analysis in mind. New materials, such as graphene oxide, are evaluated for improved biosensor performance.

Biomolecules can be immobilized to graphene oxide

Graphene oxide (GO) is the oxidized form of graphene. It is a single-atomic-layered material that is formed by the oxidation of graphite which is cheap and readily available. Graphene oxide is easy to process since it is dispersible in water and other solvents. For biosensing applications, it can be easily complexed with biomolecules as graphene oxide is covered with different functionalities such as epoxy, hydroxyl and carboxylic groups. The functionalization of GO also reduces the agglomeration. At least Avidin-Biotin, nucleic acids, peptides, and proteins have been used to functionalize graphene oxide.

Graphene oxide works as a fluorescence quenching agent

Fluorescence quenching ability of graphene oxide can be utilized in analyte detection both in solution as well as on the sensor surface where graphene oxide has been deposited. In principle, the GO binds to a dye-labeled aptamer (nucleic acids, peptides) either through covalent or non-covalent binding and quenches the fluorescence of the dye. At the presence of the target molecule, the GO – aptamer interaction is disturbed releasing the dye-labeled aptamer and the fluorescence of dye is restored. Most of the GO-based biosensing systems introduced so far are colloidal suspensions. Ability to integrate GO-based biosensor on solid allows their application in new devices. To be able to utilize graphene oxide on a sensor surface, methods to deposit high quality GO mono- and multilayers are needed.

To read how solution-based graphene oxide deposition can be done, please download the overview below.

Solution Based Deposition of Graphene and Graphene Oxide Download

Morales-Narváez and A. Morkoci, “Graphene oxide as an optical biosensing platform: A Progress report”, Advanced materials (2018) 1805043.

Ueno,, “On-chip graphene oxide aptasensor for multiple protein detection”, Analytical Chimica Acta 866 (2012) 1.

Sharma,, “Insight into the biosensing of graphene oxide: Present and future prospects”, Arabian Journal of Chemistry 9 (2016) 238.


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