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This multimedia essay merely scratches the surface of the Illuminati Masonic New World Order but is it a good starting point in understanding the occult Satanic rituals, Secret Government connections to child sex trafficking, human sacrifice and Satanic ritual abuse that continues to this day.

As you peruse this article you will be given all the pieces to construct a clear understanding of the New World Order.

To begin, let’s first take a long careful look at the Wickedest Man in the World, 33rd and 97th degree Freemason and Satanist Aleister Crowley.



aleister-crowley__baphomet mason

By Howard Nema

Aleister Crowley (October 12, 1875 -December 1, 1947) was the Master Satanist of the 20th Century. Promoter of the Magickal World Order of his Astrum Argentum (AA) secret society.

Crowley hated God with a Passion.  Born in 1875, Aleister Crowley rebelled against his strict religious upbringing in Leamington, Warwickshire, England.

From an early age young Aleister identified with the enemies of God in the Bible stories that were read to him. In particular he identified with the antichrist predicted in the book of Revelation.

Aleister’s father Edward was a Brethren preacher who had inherited a fortune from his father.  Edward died when Aleister was eleven and the son inherited the fortune.

From this inheritance, Aleister financed his Satanic career.  He began torturing and killing animals at age twelve.

Crowley was a heroin addict and a sexual pervert. His Christian mother referred to him as “The Great Beast of Revelation whose number is 666,” and he was pleased with the title.  

He was convinced that he was the reincarnation of the magician Eliphas Levi, who died the year Crowley was born.

Crowley claimed that dark powers gave him the words to his “Book of the Law” and the New Order.  

His first wife, Rose, who assisted Crowley in his rituals, died in a mental asylum.   His second wife also went insane. Five mistresses committed suicide, and scores of his concubines ended in the gutter as alcoholics, drug addicts, or in mental institutions.

Most of Crowley’s adult life was dedicated to indulging in everything he believed God would hate: performing sex magic, taking heroin, opium, hashish, peyote and cocaine, invoking spirits, and even once offering himself to the Russian authorities to help destroy Christianity.

He wrote volumes of books that he believed were dictated to him by a spirit from ancient Egypt called Aiwass.

“To worship me take wine and strange drugs,” the spirit conveniently told him. “Lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture.  Fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.” …

In 1898 he joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a magical society. 

The hierarchy of the Secret-Societies have been deeply involved in the Black-Occult since they have existed.  This includes the ritual sacrifice of children and babies.  

You must understand my friends, that Satanism is alive and well.  Many, if not all of the tragic deaths and suicides of celebrities and other ghastly crimes are Satanic in nature involving human sacrifice and retribution for going against the sacred Oaths and allegiances to the Order.  

These sacrifices and retributions are cloaked by the Order, who own the mass media which creates public opinion and also have their minions in the highest positions of power in law enforcement, forensics and the judicial system to keep the truth occulted.

Remember, the word occult does not mean Satanism, it means “hidden”.   Satanists “occult” their evil by deception in every day life.  

As mentioned, high level elite Satanists are untouchable, but common worshipers are not and are often left to fend for themselves when their evil acts are revealed.  


They themselves become “sacrifices” to protect the elites of the Satanic Order, who by outward appearance are God fearing Christians, Jews and of all known faiths. 

Take note of the Beatles 1966 album Yesterday and Today album cover.  It is not “Avant Garde” art, but rather an ode to the Satanic ritual of child sacrifice.



Below is a documentary you must take the time to view.   In similar fashion,  the opening moments of the video depicts one of the Rothschild Family’s Satanic ritual “parties” in much the same fashion as the Beatles infamous, “butcher cover”.  Decapitated baby dolls adorning a dining table in the Rothschild’s mansion among other Satanic icons and symbolism.

Aleister Crowley was Initiated to the highest levels of Freemasonry.   He was a 33rd and 97th Degree Freemason and is recognized as the master Satanist of the 20th century. He was also the  high priest of the Order of the Golden Dawn who said:

“A white male child of perfect innocence and intelligence makes the most suitable victim” (for sacrifice).



Shockingly, Aleister Crowley’s famous saying, DO AS THOU WILT, actually came from Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was an occultist, Satanist and indulged in child sacrifice.   He attended the drunken, ritual orgies of a secret society called, among other things, the Hellfire Club.

They would get drunk, dress prostitutes up like Nuns and have orgies in underground caves, which resembled Black Masses. They “worshipped” the pagan deities Bacchus and Venus and their motto was “Fait ce que vouldras” (Do what thou wilt) a mantra later used by Satanist Aleister Crowley.

According to the documentary film, “IN SEARCH OF THE GREAT BEAST” directed by Robert Garofalo and produced by Lynn Beardsall (2007), Barbara Pierce is the illegitimate daughter of Aleister Crowley.  


Her mother was Pauline Pierce, wife of Marvin Pierce, the owner of the Mc Call corporation (Mc Call’s magazine) Barbara Piece married Freemason , Skull and Bonesman and former U.S. President George H.W. Bush.  


Yes.  Barbara Bush is the daughter of the world’s most infamous Satanist, Aleister Crowley.  Another weapon of mass deception.


Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.  And this is no lie.

Crowley was a terrible degenerate.  A bisexual Satan worshiper, he believed that he was literally the anti-messiah of the apocalypse. He was a happily heroin-addicted, sexual degenerate, mass child-killer, fiend, and enemy of mankind and God.

Crowley was known for openly having sex with his wife in front of guests in their home, committing all despicable manner of homosexual sins, biting his lovers with his incisors filed down into sharpened fangs, eating a woman’s excrement during ritual sex, group orgies and more unspeakable debauchery.

(We can now understand why pornography has grown to be so “mainstream” in recent decades can we not?)

Crowley and George Cecil Jones founded the secret society known as Argentium Astrum, also called the A.A in 1907 claiming that the Satantic society has been  present in all societies and epochs, although not necessarily under that name.

Authority for this Order was claimed from Aiwass, the name given to a voice Crowley heard on April 8, 9, and 10 in 1904.

Crowley claimed that this voice originated from a demon, or inter-dimensional intelligence that dictated Crowley’s tome, The Book of the Law to him.

Crowley noted the the first appearance of Aiwass was during the Three Days of the writing of The Book of the Law (Liber al vel Legis) and is identified in Chapter I:

“Behold! it is revealed by Aiwass the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat” (AL I:7).

Hoor-paar-kraat (Egyptian: Har-par-khered) is more commonly referred to by the Greek transliteration Harpocrates, meaning “Horus the Child”, whom Crowley considered to be the central deity within the Thelemic religion

(See: Aeon of Horus).  Harpocrates also represents the Higher Self, also known as the the Holy Guardian Angel.

Crowley described this in his book, The Equinox of the Gods, writing:  “The Voice of Aiwass came apparently from over my left shoulder, from the furthest corner of the room. It seemed to echo itself in my physical heart in a very strange manner, hard to describe.”

Crowley continued: “I have noticed a similar phenomenon when I have been waiting for a message fraught with great hope or dread. The voice was passionately poured, as if Aiwass were alert about the time- limit.  The voice was of deep timbre, musical and expressive, its tones solemn, voluptuous, tender, fierce or aught else as suited the moods of the message. Not bass – perhaps a rich tenor or baritone.  The English was free of either native or foreign accent, perfectly pure of local or caste mannerisms, thus startling and even uncanny at first hearing. I had a strong impression that the speaker was actually in the corner where he seemed to be, in a body of “fine matter,” transparent as a veil of gauze, or a cloud of incense-smoke.  He seemed to be a tall, dark man in his thirties, well-knit, active and strong, with the face of a savage king, and eyes veiled lest their gaze should destroy what they saw.  The dress was not Arab; it suggested Assyria or Persia, but very vaguely. I took little note of it, for to me at that time Aiwass was an ‘angel’ such as I had often seen in visions, a being purely astral.”

(HN NOTE: the ‘angel’ was a ‘demon’)

In Crowley’s Liber 418, the voice of the 8th Aethyr says “my name is called Aiwass.”

In The Book of the Law  Crowley also stated: “I write the secrets of truth that are like unto a star and a snake and a sword.”

(HN NOTE:  Brotherhood of the Snake, also known as the Brotherhood of the Dragon is the oldest of all secret societies.)

Crowley noted that this later manifestation took the form of a pyramid of light.



The Argentium Astrum, or A.A was founded by Crowley,  George Cecil Jones and the Secret Chiefs of the planetary spiritual order after discord led to the closing of the secret society known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the early 1900’s.



In 1909 the Ordo Templi Orientis, or O.T.O.  aligned with the A.A .  Both secret societies prescribe to the Book of the Law as their bible, but the O.T.O does not hold any authority or takes part in the ritual degrees the A.A’s initiation.  More can be learned about the A.A. by reading Von Eckharthausen’s “The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary“, re-issued by the A.A as “Liber XXXIII”.

Following Crowley’s death in 1947, his student Karl Germer took command of the Order.

 Since Germer’s death it is unclear who the Grand Master is.   Various bloodlines and lineages of the original A.A. adepts continue to thrive to this day.

One of the many lineages descends from Crowley’s student, actress Jane Wolfe (known as Soror Estai). 

Jane Wolfe, Phyllis Seckler, and Karl Germer in 1957

 Soror Estai’s one student, Phyllis Seckler (Soror Meral), founded College of Thelema in 1973 and along with James A. Eshelman and Anna-Kria King founded the Temple of Thelema in 1987.

Wolf appointed Eshelman as chancellor of the College of Thelema and chose him to succeed her in the Jane Wolfe branch of A.A.

Under Wolf’s guidance and tutelage, she gave David Shoemaker the authority to admit, supervise, and train A.A initiates.

Several lineages run through pupils of Marcelo Ramos Motta, such as Ray Eales David Bersson and J. Daniel Gunther.   Motta was a student of Germer.

Another link to Crowley and the A.A. is through Israel Regardie and his pupil Gerald Suster, noting that Regardie joined the A.A when he became Crowley’s secretary in 1928, but Regardie left in 1932.

Other lineages include Charles Stansfeld JonesGrady McMurtry and Frank Bennett and Rosaleen Norton, both operating in Australia.


ARGENTIUM RED-hq_thebridge_desc_50

There are also independent A.A  lodges still in operation worldwide.  It is unknown who is the single leader, or if one currently exists.



The Wickedest Man in the World intentionally allowed an interdimensional portal to remain open after failing to complete the Satanic Abra-Melin ritual.

The Abra-Melin is one of the sternest rituals to prepare for in occultism.   The ritual was first described in The Books of Abramelin and then translated into The Sacred Magic of Abramelin by S. L. Mathers in 1899, and employed by Aleister Crowley, in 1904, as a major part of his Thelema magical system.

The prime goal of the magical operation is to obtain the Knowledge and Conversation of the magician’s Holy Guardian Angel.

The time spent in preparation is grueling. The magician is required to work from sunrise to sunset. He has to lead a complete chase life, drink no alcoholic beverages, and be scrupulously fair in all business dealings.

Once this preparation period has successfully completed, after demons have been released, the magician’s Holy Guardian Angel appears to reveal magical secrets.

Then the magician must evoke the Great Princes of Evil in the World (Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, etc.), their eight sub-princes, and the 316 servitors which will charge previously prepared talismans.

Control over these entities and talismans will enable the magician to satisfy his earthly needs and desires.  

After conjuring demons, Crowley was unable or unwilling to complete the ritual or simply decided to stop mid-stream, intentionally loosing demons upon the Our own dimension via the inter-dimensional portal he opened at Boleskine House, on Loch Ness.

Boleskine House is located on the south-eastern shore of Loch Ness, close to the village of Foyers, Inverness shire, Scotland. The mansion was constructed in the late 18th century by Archibald Fraser. The current house was constructed in the 18th century by Archibald Fraser as a hunting lodge.

The house was situated on a hillside above a graveyard, which had acquired a reputation for unusual activities long before Crowley purchased it dating back to a 10th-century Scottish kirk. Boleskine House was built over the site where a full congregation perished when their Church burned to the ground.

Crowley purchased Boleskine from the Fraser family in 1899 to perform the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.   At that time the house was known as the Manor of Boleskine and Abertarff, named after the name of the local parish.

Crowley’s lodge keeper, Hugh Gillies, suffered a number of personal tragedies, including the loss of two children.  A local butcher who called at the house for the meat order while Crowley was involved in the lengthy difficult ritual of Abramelin.

The butcher’s incessant ringing of the bell broke Crowley’s concentration. Irritated he scrawled his meat order on a piece of paper with a spell written on the back. Shortly afterwards, when the butcher was cutting up the meat for Crowley’s order back at his shop, he apparently lost concentration and sliced all the fingers off his right hand with the cleaver.

Other bizarre stories tell of the unexplained disappearance of Crowley’s housekeeper and a local workman who went out of his mind after being tormented by the dark spirits conjured up by Crowley’s rituals.

Crowley resided at Boleskine until 1913.  In 1960, the then owner, Major Edward Grant, committed suicide in the house.

During the first World War, Crowley transferred his activities to America. The press proclaimed him “the wickedest man in the world.”

In January through March of 1918 Crowley began a series of magickal workings called the Amalantrah Workings in furnished rooms in Central Park West, New York City, possibly the infamous Dakota building on the corner 72 street.


The Dakota, and other buildings of the Upper West Side, are known to be home of New York’s old money aristocracy attracting celebrities such as actors, singers and writers .   Note that Lucifer, serpents and demons adorn the iron railings on the building facing Central Park West.

Lavender roses adorn the railing outside The Dakota, former home of Hollywood film legend Lauren Bacall, on August 13, 2014 in New York

Coincidence?  Decoration?  Artistic expression?  

I think not.

It is the “place to be” for New York’s elite.

It is where John Lennon famously lived and was murdered by CIA MK ULTRA assassin Mark David Chapman.

The Dakota is also where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed in 1968.  

As mentioned, truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


These rituals Crowley performed on Central Park West in 1918 involved the use of Sexual & Ceremonial Magick with the intent to invoke interdemensional “intelligences” to physical manifestation.  Demons.

At least one such demon was brought into physical manifestation via the Magickal Portal who called itself “Lam.


Crowley included the portrait of Lam in his Dead Souls exhibition held in Greenwich Village, New York, in 1919. It looks exactly like the Grey alien from the infamous 1947 Roswell UFO incident.   

In the early 1920’s Crowley journeyed to Italy and resided in the Abbey of Thelema near Cefalu Sicily where he revived ancient Dionysian ceremonies.

During a 1921 ritual, he induced a he-goat to copulate with his mistress, then slit the animal’s throat at the moment of orgasm.   Crowley was deported after Italian authorities accused his disciples of sacrificing human infants in occult rituals. Dictator Benito Mussolini gave Crowley just 24 hours to leave Italy or be arrested.


Crowley was also kicked out of France for his Satanic depravities.


CROWLEY news_franceexpulsionbig

During his lifetime Crowley wrote a number of textbooks on these rituals.  Most are still in print today.  I have posted a link at the end of this article to all of Crowley’s books.


Crowley also founded and was head of a number of occult secret societies and member of the O.T.O, Ordo Templi Orientis.  He exerted a significant influence in occult circles that has continues to this day.

In 1922, Crowley published Diary of a Drug Fiend, which was about the use of cocaine. He described the widespread use of cocaine among Hollywood stars, which he described as “cocaine-crazed sexual lunatics.”


Crowley also has had a great influence on rock & roll. The International Times voted Crowley “the unsung hero of the hippies.”

jimmy page aleister crowley occult interview story

Guitarist Jimmy Page of Zeppelin is a devout follower of Crowley.    


In 1971, Page bought Crowley’s Boleskine House on the shore of Loch Ness where Crowley practiced his hellish, satanic sex-magick rituals, including human sacrifices and the inter-dimensional portal left open by Crowley’s incomplete Abra-Melin Satanic ritual.

Led Zeppelin actually performed Baal worship incantations during Dazed And Confused.    Page used many other Crowley magical rituals during their concerts to mesmerizing effect.

Their song “Stairway to Heaven” carries reference to the “May Queen,” which is the name of a poem written by Crowley.


On Led Zeppelin III, Page inscribed Crowley’s famous “Do what thou wilt.  So mete it Be.’ on the vinyl.  

One man who helped popularized Crowley’s work among rockers is avant-garde film artist Kenneth Anger, who like Crowley was Magus of the Order of the Golden Dawn. 



Anger claimed that his films were inspired by Crowley’s philosophy and called them “visual incantations” and “moving spells.”

Anger considered Crowley a unique genius.

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin both scored soundtracks for Anger’s films.

Page was fired by Anger, who reported to the media that Page reneged on his obligations which dragged on for years and he was hopelessly addicted to heroin and unable to produce any usable music for the film, “Lucifer’s Rising”.


(In the end Manson Family member Bobby Beausolil scored the soundtrack to “Lucifer’s Rising”.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks.)

After Page was fired,  the press noted the many misfortunes Zeppelin suffered through, like in 1973 when  Page broke his left wrist.  

In 1975 a train door mysteriously slammed shut breaking his left ring finger while on tour.   A Zeppelin roadie was electrocuted during a performance.

Robert Plant also suffered a near fatal car crash while on vacation on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Plant also contracted a severe throat infection at the beginning of Zep’s 1977 world tour.  

The musical tabloids noted it was “Anger’s Curse” which infuriated Page.  During the 1977 tour Page was quoted in Cream Magazine:

“This whole thing about ‘Anger’s Curse;’ they were just these silly little letters.   God, it was so pathetic.  I mean I had a lot of respect for him (Anger).   As an occultist he was definitely in the vangard.  It’s truly pathetic.  I mean he is powerless — totally.   The only damage he can do is with his tongue.”

Soon after,  Page collapsed on stage from severe unexplained pain during a Led Zeppelin concert.

Coincidence?  Maybe.  But not long after Page’s unexplained stomach pain Robert Plant’s son died of a sudden illness that no doctor could properly diagnose which abruptly ended the 1977 tour mid-stream.

Perhaps Page thought his magickal spells were strong enough to ward off the Magus of the Order of the Golden Dawn.   Apparently not.


Page and Robert Plant claim some of Zeppelin’s songs came via occult “automatic handwriting,” including their popular “Stairway to Heaven.”


The cover of the Sergeant Pepper’s album by the Beatles showed a background of, according to Ringo Starr, people “we like and admire” (Hit Parade, Oct. 1976, p.14). 

Paul McCartney said of Sgt. Pepper’s cover, “we were going to have photos on the wall of all our HEROES”. (Musician, Special Collectors Edition, – Beatles and Rolling Stones, 1988, p.12).



Another glimpse into the Satanic aspect of the Beatles is  the album cover of The Beatles Yesterday and Today, released in 1966 that literally shouts out that the so-called Fab Four were involved in Satanism.

Known as the “butcher cover”, the Beatles pose in butcher smocks with raw meat, eyeballs and decapitated babies draped over their laps and shoulder.

For those in the know, this horrific picture clearly refers to the kind of infanticide that takes place in Satanic rituals and Devil worship.  It is not “Avant Garde” art.


BEATLES cornuto lennon_satan

Incidentally, 1966 was the same year Anton La Vey founded the Church of Satan.



As a musician heavily influenced by these Satanists and a person who believes in God, this is a terrible and powerful reality.  I still listen to Zep and my favorite bands and still play their music, but I am perplexed by their Satanist origins.   Is this wrong, I am sure it is not right, but not necessarily wrong.  After all, I am a true musician, but I am a believer in God and hate all that works against God in this evil world.  It is truly an enigma.

Am I promulgating evil?  I m not certain.  Do I love God.  YES!  Would I die for God and righteousness? Yes!  I struggle with this to this day.

After all, I am a ROCKER!  And I ROCK for God, not Satan!  Johann Sebastian Bach believed God gave him his abilities and talent and so do I.



Ozzy Osbourne called Crowley “a phenomenon of his time” (Circus, Aug. 26, 1980, p. 26).  Ozzy Osbourne even wrote a song called “Mr. Crowley.” “You fooled all the people with magic.  You waited on Satan’s call … Mr. Crowley, won’t you ride my white horse…”

Behold A Pale Horse, my friends.


On the back cover of the Doors 13 album, Jim Morrison and the other members of the Doors are shown posing with a bust of Aleister Crowley.


David Bowie referred to Crowley in his song “Quicksand” from the album The Man Who Sold the World.


Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson said: “… we’ve referred to things like the tarot and ideas of people like Aleister Crowley” (Circus, Aug. 31, 1984). Their song “The Number of the Beast” said, “666, the number of the beast/ 666, the one for you and me.” Crowley was called the Beast.


Daryl Hall of the rock duo Hall and Oates admits that he follows Crowley.

“I became fascinated with Aleister Crowley, the nineteenth-century British magician who shared those beliefs.  I was fascinated by him because his personality was the late-nineteenth-century equivalent of mine—a person brought up in a conventionally religious family who did everything he could to outrage the people around him as well as himself” (Rock Lives: Profiles and Interviews, p. 584).

Hall owns a signed and numbered copy of Crowley’s The Book of Thoth (about an Egyptian god).


LSD guru Timothy Leary was a Crowley enthusiast. Notice the Illuminati hand gesture Leary is making in the above pic.


In the 1960’s the Secret Government controlled CIA began spreading LSD to college and University campuses nationwide and charged Leary and MK ULTRA volunteer Ken Kesey and his “Band of Merry Pranksters” and some two hundred professors and psychiatrists with spreading the hallucinogenic drug with giving birth to the drug counter culture with help of popular artists, musicians and groups like the Beatles, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and many others.   The Devil is truly in the details.

Leary said: “I’ve been an admirer of Aleister Crowley.  I think that I’m carrying on much of the work that he started over a hundred years ago.  He was in favor of finding yourself, and ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’ under love.  It was a very powerful statement.  I’m sorry he isn’t around now to appreciate the glories he started.”  (Late Night America, Public Broadcasting Network, cited by Hells Bells, Reel to Real Ministries).

Glories, Tim?   Really?


Crowley was also the force behind the birth of the Church of Scientology via his disciple, L. Ron Hubbard.

Crowley died a wasted heroin addict given to rages and doubts about the value of his life’s work on December 1, 1947.

His last words were “I am perplexed…”   He worshipped the demon god Pan, the god of sexuality and lust.

His poem “Hymn to Pan” was read at his funeral: “I rave and I rape and I rip and I rend/Everlasting world without end!”



pope pedophiles-their-enablers-rev-6-7-10

The Vatican has long been infiltrated by Satanists.  


Vatical Pedophilesnyt3 Vatican Pedophiles2003_5_7

A clue to this is the massive revelation of pedophilia in the Catholic Church in recent decades.  




The political elite have many skeletons in their closets.   Washington D.C. has been deeply infiltrated by many Satanic and pedophile 

Satanic Ritual Abuse and the truth about child sex-trafficking has been deeply suppressed after gaining some media attention in the 1980’s and 90’s with the Franklin Scandal, the abduction of Johnny Gosch and call boy visits to the White House during the Reagan and Bush administrations.  

The book “The Franklin Scandal” by Nick Bryant deals with the same pedophile ring. The Franklin Scandal is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful.

The ring’s pimps were a pair of political power brokers who had access to the highest levels of our government.

Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks.

The legislators’ efforts resulted in rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering corruption of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Justice Department, effecting an immaculate cover-up of the child sex trafficking network.

Conspiracy of Silence was a documentary about child trafficking in the U.S. that was to be shown in the United Kingdom, but it was suppressed by the Discovery Channel.

However, a rough-cut of the documentary was leaked.  Below is the leaked version.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  John De Camp is a COINTELPRO operative, who steered attention away from Satanic Ritual abuse, the White House and the Bush Crime Family with the help of CIA Director William Colby.


OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND:  To think these evil activities have ended after being squashed in the press reveals either mass media mind control, utter stupidity or at the very least, deep denial.



Freanklin luridking

By force of the Illuminati Secret Government, the media dropped coverage of Satanic Ritual Abuse like a ten ton brick.


I suppose most sheople think the it just stopped despite the fact that in the US each year 400,000 children are reported missing, many becoming victims of Satanism, ritual abuse and sacrifice.   Understanding this, there should be no wonder why 400,000 children are reported missing in the US each year.



There is an enormous amount of evidence to categorically prove to the genuine seeker of truth and justice, that the Secret Societies-run Intelligence Network are sexually abusing, and murdering children all around the world to this day.

This knowledge has been kept from the minds of society at large until more recently.   It is now only a matter of time when the masses of the people become fully aware of the real agenda behind the secret societies and the true purpose of why they exist.

The CIA is almost exclusively staffed at the highest levels by members of the secret society known as the Order of Skull and Bones, or the Brotherhood of Death.

The Secret Government does its best to conceal the facts and to discredit and silence the truth tellers.   Another great example is the Clinton Crime Family’s political machine when Masonic De Molay Society adept Bill Clinton ran the State of Arkansas from 19791981 and 19831992.  

As a Rhodes Scholar (dropout), Clinton was groomed to be president by the elite life members of the Council On Foreign Relations.  After all, Slick Willie was taken under the wing of the Rockefeller family and was most likely the illegitimate son of Nelson Rockefeller.




In 1992 Bill Clinton was selected to be president after attending the 1991 Bilderberg Meeting in Baden, Germany. 


During the 1992 Presidential Campaign, Bill Clinton was exposed as a puppet under the spell of CIA MK ULTRA mind control.


After reviewing CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE and the CLINTON CONSPIRACY aka THE CLINTON CHRONICLES, CIA SECRET EXPERIMENTS & MK ULTRA, the New World Order connections and evidence to the Illuminati controlled Secret Government, CIA drug and sex trafficking it should be very clear and obvious to even the most mind controlled sheople.

These similarities regarding cover-ups, murder and media blackouts are blatantly obvious.

Connect the dots, folks.  The world is not as it seems.


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By Howard Nema

To understand the power structure of the world, we must understand that the Sun, the Moon and the stars in the heavens have and continue to play a significant role throughout history.

The forces who control world events practice their deceptions by use of the calendar, hiding their evil doings in plain sight from behind the scenes, cloaked from suspicion by minions in law enforcement, government and a compliant media, as these carefully planned events continue to guide humanity into the New World Order .

This is the Great Work as described by Freemasons.

It has occurred for millenia, both before and after Gutenberg created the printing press and Al Gore invented the internet. I am kidding, of course. Yes, Gutenberg did create the printing press. Of course, Al Gore certainly did not invent the internet, but he has been tasked by the elite to promote the global warming fraud, which is yet another another scheme designed to impoverish humanity in a neo-fuedal technocracy.

For the record, the Illuminati scholars of the JASON Group were behind the creation of the internet via the US Department of Defense and developed at UCLA by computer science Professor Leonard Kleinrock and other JASON Group intellectuals at the Stanford Research Institute. But I digress.

I recently re-watched DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE. Having first seen the 1995 Bruce Willis action flick when it was released, I was not aware of the Illuminati and their intentions at that time. Yes. I was a sheep, unknowingly complicit in my own demise and willfully ignorant of the forces intending to enslave humanity.

This current viewing of DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE was quite illuminating. To the awakened, the film reveals many clues to this notion of operating in plain sight with a screen of cover. For those who have seen the film, the antagonist character Simon, played by Jeremy Irons, has the NYPD looking for a non-existent bomb located in a city school as a screen to keep attention away from his real goal, stealing the gold from the Federal Reserve.

How interesting, given the Federal Reserve is a key component in the power structure of the Illuminati’s stranglehold on America and indeed the world. Simon was an elite criminal, a terrorist mercenary who notes he would never harm children, because he was not a “monster” like those who hired him in the past to commit terrorist acts on their behalf. Touche’.

A link to a full free version of DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE can be found at the bottom of this article.

Make no mistake about it, topics in high profile “A” list blockbuster movies are chosen to reveal secrets and clues hidden in plain sight and to plant subliminal messages in the minds of the mass audience.     The box office is truly gravy.    After all, they already have all the money, what they seek is control.

Like Our presidents, hit movies are selected and promoted to succeed, or sometimes to fail. It really has very little to do with quality of the film, or an excellent script, acting or directing. But a film’s success, or an actor or director does have everything to do with promotion and media hype. The same is true with recording artists, hit songs and albums.

The subliminal messages and propaganda contained in films and music are the most important elements to those behind the scenes of these productions.   This is by design.

As are the timing of release dates. Hit movies are generally released at Christmas or in the summer, the same goes for the music industry, does it not?

Let’s talk about dates. The calendar.

The calendar and its relationship to historical events are deliberate, not happenstance.    As FDR noted, there are no coincidences.   World events are planned by these powerful forces behind the scenes.   There are many examples of this throughout history.

FDR also noted that presidents are selected, not elected. Leaders are selected not because of their various positions in society, or notoriety but rather because of their like mindedness and willingness to move world events forward according to the elite’s methods and goals.

To further grasp and understand this relationship we must examine both the known calendars of the Judeo-Christian faiths and the occult (hidden) Luciferian calendar whose traditions are practiced and worshiped in secret by the adepts of the secret societies of the Illuminati, or illumined ones.

The keepers of the Secrets of the Ages.   Their Satanic calendar closely resembles the ancient pagan calendar, involving the Sun, moon and stars, complete with ritual dates of sacrifice both physical and emotional in nature.

For example, the ancient influence of Zarathrushtra who was the founder of Zoroastrianism, also known as Zarathrustra.

Zarathrustra is recorded to have lived as early as 6000 BC, but the traditional Zoroastrian date for Zarathushtra’s birth and ministry is around 600 B.C. derived from a Greek source that places him 300 years before Alexander the Great.

The Greeks made a practice of sheltering philosophic or ‘scientific’ theory under the guise of Zarathushtra’s authority. This practice was continued during the Renaissance with a book on Zarathrushtra written by Jessenius, a physician to Francescus Patricius, editor of the Chaldean Oracles:

“Zoroaster, first of all men, came near to laying the foundations, however rudimentary, of the Catholic faith.”

In one of Faust’s stories Zarathrshtra is depicted as the author of a book which Faust studies so well that he earns the title of a second Zoroasteris. Later the book receives the same attention from his famous student, Christopher Wagner.

In 1887, Nietzsche deliberately depicted Zarathrushtra as exactly the opposite of what he was in “Thus Spake Zarathrushtra”.   His purpose in deliberately distorting the truth was lost on the readers, which frustrated him greatly.

Neitzsche wrote: “I have not been asked. I should have been asked what the name Zarathrushtra means in my mouth, in the mouth of the first immoralist: for what makes this Persian a fantastically unique figure in history, is just the opposite of it. Zarathrushtra was the first to see in the battle of good and evil, the prime mover of all things: the translation of morals into metaphysics, as a power, cause and end in itself, was his work.” [Thus Spake Zarathushtra p. 117]

The Zarathushtra has been forgotten in our time, though many Judeo-Christian traditions and beliefs originate in this religion which dominanated Persia long before the birth of Christ.

Satan, paradise and the word of God’s affirmation, “amen” all originated in the religion of Zarathrushtra. As did the parable of the three magi who predicted the birth of Christ. This truth has virtually been erased from modern religious doctrine.

Indeed, Zarathrushtra actually predicted the birth of Christianity.   Zarathrushtians believed in the coming of a Savior, born of a virgin mother, centuries before the birth of Christ.

Most scholars agree that Christ was not born on December 25th, which coincided with the pagan worship and celebration of the winter solstice in the Julian calendar. The Romans popularly celebrated the winter solstice as the Nativity of Mithra, the Sun-God.

Many relics of Mithra temples have been excavated across Europe. As similar traditions, cultural and architectural accomplishments were adopted by the Romans from the Greeks, the Romans also adopted, modified and corrupted elements of the Zarathrustra religion to claim as their own.

The Romans were societal and religious plaigurists.

But even in its corrupted form, the basis of Zarathrushtra values such as truth, justice, brotherhood, kindness and loyalty, indeed inspired allegiance among millions of Romans and Europeans. These aspects continue to influence society today.

Franz Cumont, an authority on Mithraism, writes in his book, “The Mysteries of Mithra”: “Never perhaps, not even in the epoch of the Mussolman invasion, was Europe in greater danger of being Asianicized than in the third century of our era a sudden inundation of Iranian conceptions swept over the Occident, and when the flood subsided, it left behind in the consciousness of the people a deep sediment of Oriental beliefs, which have never been obliterated.”

Early Christians absorbed many of the Mithraic traditions and festivals, but gave them a Christian significance, such as Christmas being celebrated on December 25th. Other still current common denominators of Christianity, Judiasm and Zarathrustra are the beliefs in an all-wise, all-powerful and eternal God, free will, heaven and hell, individual judgement, resurrection, last judgment, life everlasting for the reunited soul and body, the coming of a savior, and strong ethics based on good thoughts, words and deeds, equal rights and respect for women.

If you drive a Mazda, you are driving a vehicle whose name is an attribute of the ancient religion of Zarathrustra.    Words such as ‘paradise’ also have Zarathrustrian origin. Zarathrushtra professes that the universe is governed by a cosmic Law of Asha, which means righteousness. God’s disciples are ordered to follow this law and make the earth a better place for all mankind.

Ancient Zarathrurian scriptures revere the souls of all good men and women of all times and nations and foster the kingdom of God on earth. Over the millenia these teachings have been embraced by the west. Nevertheless, these ideologies have Zarathrurian religious origins in relevance and purity, emphasizing the goodness of the world and human body, and the impartiality of divine justice.

Individual salvation depends on thoughts, words and deeds, and how well one follows the Law of Asha. There could be no intervention to alter this. No confession to cleanse one of sins.

The Day of Judgment has an overwhelming and pointed significance to the religion of Zarathrushtra. Zarathushtra doctrine shapes the conduct of followers and in so doing, has shaped the course of history.

History records that the Persian kings Cyrus and Darius as the greatest empire-builders of all time. It was King Cyrus who freed the Jews from captivity in Babylon. Cyrus and his successors made no attempt to impose the Zarathushtian religion on their subjects.

In fact, Cyrus allowed the Jews to rebuild their temple in Jerusalem. Archeological inscriptions also bear witness to the fact that Cyrus encouraged each subject to live a good life according to their own tenets.

Here I reference page 51 of Dr. Mary Boyce book, “Zoroastrians: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices,” (1979): “This was only one of many liberal acts recorded of Cyrus, but it was of particular moment for the religious history of mankind; for the Jews entertained warm feelings thereafter for the Persians, and this made them the more receptive to Zoroastrian influence. The Jews regarded Cyrus as a Messiah, and one who acted in God’s name and authority.”

As I have mentioned many times, I am far from a religious zealot, I am not “born again”. In fact, I am not a religious man at all, but I do have a deep personal spiritual belief in God and my saviour Jesus Christ. My research has proven that evil has infiltrated and infested the hierarchy of all religions of the world over the centuries in order to control their congregations beliefs and actions as they slowly move in unison into the Luciferian one world Order.

In my research I have also discovered quotes alluding to this in the Biblical scriptures of the Old Testament Second Chronicles 36:22/23: “In the first year of Cyrus, King of Persia, in order to fulfill the word of the Lord, spoken by Jeremiah, the Lord moved the heart of Cyrus, King of Persia, to make a proclamation throughout his realm and to put it in writing. This is what Cyrus, King of Persia, says: ‘The Lord, the God of Heaven, has appointed me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem.”

There is also Biblical mention that King Cyrus returned to the Jews 5,400 articles of gold and silver which the Babylonians had taken away from their temple in Jerusalem and that Cyrus will establish justice on earth.

Zarathrushtrian doctrine became disseminated throughout the Persian empire from India to the Mediterranean. During the Jews enslavement in Babylon these ethical and spiritual doctrines were first conceived. Common faiths such as the belief in one God, the coming of a Messiah and a strict code of behavior and the postulation of a future life.

On page 99 of Zoroastrians: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices, (1979) by Dr. Boyce, Boyce notes: “So it was out of a Judaism enriched by five centuries of contact with Zoroastrianism that Christianity arose – a new religion with roots thus in two ancient faiths, one Semitic, the other Iranian. Doctrines taught perhaps a millennium and a half earlier by Zoroaster began in this way to reach fresh hearers: but again as in Judaism, they lost some of logic and coherence by their adoption into another creed; for the teachings of the Iranian prophet about creation, heaven and hell and the days of judgment, were less intellectually coherent when part of a religion proclaimed the existence of one omnipotent God, whose unrestricted rule was based not on justice but on love.

They continued nevertheless, even in this new setting, to exert their powerful influence on men’s strivings to be good.”

For millenia, since the dawn of time there has been an eternal battle between good and evil constantly involving dark and sinister forces interloping, infiltrating and exploiting righteousness and truth to stain the world in sin, depravity and wickedness. The Chinese dogma of the ying and the yang and the scientific forces of physics:

For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. The opposite of good is evil.

Albert Pike, 33rd Degree Freemason and founder of the KKK notes in his book, Morals and Dogma that Lucifer is not a God per se, but the absence of God.   Here is a quote:

“Lucifer, the Light-Bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls?    Doubt it not!   The devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry.   For the Initiates, this is not a Person, but a Force, created for good, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of Liberty or Free Will.   They represent this Force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythological and horned form of the God Pan; thence came the he-goat of the Sabbat, brother of the Ancient Serpent, and the Light-bearer or Phosphor, of which the poets have made the false Lucifer of the legend.  The true name of Satan, the Kabalists say, is Yahweh (GOD) reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but a negation of God. The Kabala imagined Him to be a most occult light. That which we must say to a crowd is—We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees—The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine.  If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay whose deeds prove his cruelty, perdify and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and his priests, calumniate him? Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also god. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods: darkness being necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive. Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.”





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SOYLENT GREEN is a Club of Rome depopulation global warming predictive programming propaganda piece influenced by books like LIMITS TO GROWTH (1972) and the POPULATION BOMB (1968).
Based on a 1966 novel by Harry Harrison called  Make Room! Make Room!  set in the year 1999 with the theme of overpopulation and overuse of resources leading to increasing poverty, food shortages, and social disorder.
In real life, the elite have indeed created these social issues via artificial scarcity and the Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars agenda unleashed upon the world and created at the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 to bring about a 2 class deindustrialized neo-feudal society.   The New World Order.
Harrison was contractually forbidden control over the screenplay and kept from knowing during negotiations that it was MGM buying the film rights.    He discussed the adaptation in Omni’s Screen Flights/Screen Fantasies (1984), noting, the “murder and chase sequences and the ‘furniture’ girls are not what the film is about — and are completely irrelevant”, and answered his own question, “Am I pleased with the film? I would say fifty percent”.
While the book refers to “soylent steaks”, it makes no reference to “Soylent Green”, the processed food rations depicted in the film produced by the Soylent Corporation, a thinly veiled disguise of Monsanto.
There is also secret society and Masonic references regarding  William R. Simonson (Joseph Cotten), who is a member of the wealthy elite.   Of course no one could imagine the secret of Soylent Green which mirrors the now not so secret New World Order agenda.
The book’s title was not used for the movie on grounds that it might have confused audiences into thinking it a big-screen version of Make Room for Daddy.
This was the 101st and last movie in which Edward G. Robinson appeared; he died of cancer twelve days after the filming, on January 26, 1973. Robinson had previously worked with Heston in The Ten Commandments (1956) and the make-up tests forPlanet of the Apes (1968).
In his book The Actor’s Life: Journal 1956-1976, Heston wrote “He knew while we were shooting, though we did not, that he was terminally ill.  He never missed an hour of work, nor was late to a call.   He never was less than the consummate professional he had been all his life. I’m still haunted, though, by the knowledge that the very last scene he played in the picture, which he knew was the last day’s acting he would ever do, was his death scene.  I know why I was so overwhelmingly moved playing it with him.”
The film’s opening global warming predictive programming propaganda sequence depicts America becoming more crowded with a series of archive photographs set to music, was created by filmmaker Charles Braverman.
The “going home” score in Roth’s death scene was conducted by Gerald Fried consists of the main themes from Symphony No. 6 (“Pathétique”) by Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6 (“Pastoral”) byBeethoven, and the Peer Gynt Suite (“Morning Mood” and “Åse’s Death”) by Edvard Grieg.



The film was released April 19, 1973.   TIME magazine called it “intermittently interesting” and noted that “Heston forsakes his granite stoicism for once” and assert the film “will be most remembered for the last appearance of Edward G. Robinson.



In a rueful irony, his death scene, in which he is hygienically dispatched with the help of piped-in light classical music and movies of rich fields flashed before him on a towering screen, is the best in the film.” 
New York Times film critic A.H. Weiler wrote “Soylent Green projects essentially simple, muscular melodrama, a good deal more effectively than it does the potential of man’s seemingly witless destruction of the Earth’s resources”
The movie depicts a God-less society where euthanasia, atheism,  New Age occult religion has erased almost all aspects of the modern world we know today.
Sound familiar?   Welcome to the New World Order.
The 20th century’s industrialization has left the world permanently overcrowded, polluted and stagnant by the turn of the 21st century.


In 2022, with 40 million people in New York City alone, housing is dilapidated and overcrowded; homeless people fill the streets; about half are unemployed, the few “lucky” ones with jobs are only barely scraping by themselves, and food and working technology is scarce.



Most of the population survives on rations produced by the Soylent Corporation, (Monsanto) whose newest product is Soylent Green, a green wafer advertised to contain “high-energy plankton from the world’s oceans, more nutritious and palatable than its predecessors “Red” and “Yellow,” but in short supply.



NYPD detective Frank Thorn (Charlton Heston) lives with his aged friend Solomon “Sol” Roth (Edward G. Robinson). Due to Roth’s advanced age he remembers life before its current miserable state and routinely waxes nostalgic for his youth when the air was clean and the weather wasn’t perpetually summer.   He was also well educated and has a small library of reference materials which he uses to help Det. Thorn solve crimes (consequently Roth is referred to as a police “book”).
While investigating the murder of William R. Simonson (Joseph Cotten), obviously a member of the wealthy elite, Thorn questions Shirl (Leigh Taylor-Young), a concubine (referred to as “furniture”), and Tab Fielding (Chuck Connors), Simonson’s bodyguard, who, when the murder took place, was escorting Shirl to a store selling meat “under the counter” for Simonson.
Thorn searches Simonson’s apartment for clues and helps himself to some of Simonson’s luxurious lifestyle like air conditioning, hot running water, real bourbon, fresh vegetables, and a flank steak Shirl had purchased earlier as a special surprise for Simonson.
Thorn later gives Roth the classified Soylent Oceanographic Survey Report, 2015 to 2019 found in Simonson’s apartment. Roth’s research reveals that Simonson and the current state governor of New York, Joseph Santini (Whit Bissell), were partners in a well-known high-powered law firm, and that Simonson was also a member of the Board of Soylent.
At the police station, Thorn tells his lieutenant, Hatcher (Brock Peters), that he suspects an assassination: nothing was stolen from the apartment, its sophisticated alarm was not working for the first time in two years, and Simonson’s bodyguard was conveniently absent.
Continuing his investigation, Thorn visits Fielding’s apartment and questions Fielding’s concubine, Martha (Paula Kelly), helping herself to a teaspoon of strawberry jam, later identified by Roth as too great a luxury for the concubine of a bodyguard to afford.
Under questioning, Shirl reveals that Simonson became troubled in the days before his death. Thorn questions a Catholic priest that Simonson had visited, but the priest at first fails to remember Simonson and is later unable to describe the confession. Fielding later murders the priest to silence him.
Meanwhile, Governor Santini orders the investigation closed, but Thorn disobeys and the Soylent Corporation dispatches Simonson’s murderer to kill Thorn. He tracks Thorn to a ration distribution center where police officers are providing security.


When the Soylent Green there is exhausted, the crowd riots. The assassin tries to kill Thorn in the confusion, but is crushed by a scoop crowd-dispersion vehicle.
Thorn then threatens both Fielding and Martha to scare Fielding out of following him and returns to Shirl, telling her that all cities are like theirs and the more valuable, unharmed countryside is guarded to protect the wealthier classes’ privileges of better food, water and shelter, leaving the majority of people trapped in the cities with no escape.


Soylent Oceanographic Survey Report, 2015 to 2019.

Roth takes Soylent’s oceanographic reports to a like-minded group of researchers known as the Exchange, who agree that the oceans no longer produce the plankton from which Soylent Green is reputedly made, and infer that it must be made from human remains, as this is the only conceivable supply of protein that matches the known production.
Unable to live with this discovery, Roth seeks assisted suicide at a government clinic called “Home.”



Thorn rushes to stop him, but arrives too late, and is mesmerized by the euthanasia process’s visual and musical montage – a display of forests, wild animals, rivers, and ocean life, now extinct. Under the influence of a lethal drug, Roth tells Thorn his discovery and begs him to expose the truth. To this end, Thorn stows himself aboard a garbage truck to the disposal center, where he sees human corpses converted into Soylent Green.  Returning to make his report, he is ambushed by Fielding and others.
He phones his precinct for backup but the precinct is engaged on a priority call. Thorn asks to be connected with Shirl, and to be “cut in” when the precinct is free. Thorn tells Shirl to stay with her apartment’s new owner and Shirl tells Thorn she wants to live with him, but the line is “cut in” and Thorn is connected to Hatcher. Thorn retreats into a cathedral filled with homeless people. In the ensuing fight, he kills Fielding but is seriously injured. When the police arrive, Thorn urges Hatcher to spread the word that “Soylent Green is people!”
Many events in Soylent Green have indeed come to fruition in real life 2014.  The global warming fraud to steal the wealth of the workd, the flatline economy, the growing two class society, the dying oceans due to the Fukushima false flag nuclear disaster which continues to poison Our oceans and is ignored by the lamestream media. So are the many New World Order “secrets”.   AWESOME FILM!  Please watch and share!


Soylent Green
Soylent green.jpg

theatrical release poster by John Solie
Directed by Richard Fleischer
Produced by Walter Seltzer
Russell Thacher
Screenplay by Stanley R. Greenberg
Based on Make Room! Make Room!
(novel) by Harry Harrison
Starring Charlton Heston
Leigh Taylor-Young
Edward G. Robinson
Music by Fred Myrow
Cinematography Richard H. Kline
Edited by Samuel E. Beetley
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dates
  • April 19, 1973 (US)
Running time 97 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $3,600,000




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FAIR USE NOTICE: Some content displayed on this video/site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material has been made available in our efforts to advance understanding political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. constituting a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, all the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.





By Howard Nema
Today at 10:45 AM student Jaylen Fryberg sauntered into the Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria directly to a table and shot 2 students sitting there dead.  Police report that Fryberg wounded four others before killing himself.



Jaylen Fryberg



Fellow student Jarron Webb, 15, reported that the shooter was angry at a girl who would not date him, and that she was one of the people shot. He believes one of the victims was a friend since kindergarten.     The four other victims, two boys and two girls are in very critical condition with gunshot wounds to the head, as of this posting.
One of the victims, a 14-year-old boy shot in the jaw is in serious condition Friday afternoon.
Jaylen comes from a prominent family in the Tulalip Tribe. His grandfather is director of fish and wildlife of the tribe. He and his family are well liked.
Members of the community are stunned, some noting Jaylen was a “good kid”.   When I first heard of this tragedy, my first thought was, “I wonder if he was taking any psychotropics?
If so, that would not surprise me.    Nationwide Our kids are being doped up on Ritalin, Adderall and a mixed bag of psychotropic drugs.
Jaylen was depressed over the loss of his girlfriend.  It appears he shot his rival and another friend as well as his beloved, killing the one person he professed so much to love and couldn’t live without.   He could not let her live her life without him.  Nor in his mind could he continue to live.
Most of us have experienced rejection from someone you deeply love.  It is an expected part of life.   Of course, we do not commit mass murder as a result.   This exposes deep emotional and psychological issues.
Coincidenally, if you can believe it:  Marysville is among three school districts recently picked to share in a $10 million federal grant for improved student mental health services, due to a high prevalence of student mental health issues.
Of course, the students are whacked out on psychotropics and all the street drugs that still exist.
To admit that there is a cluster of mental health issues in the school, one must understand that “mental health treatment issues” are treated with psychotropic pharmacuetical drugs that coincidentally cause depression, mood swings, homicidal thoughts and suicide.   How nice. So . . . loving.

Please review the link below:

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit that Jaylen was on one of these deadly “treatments” which were presenting such a pressing need in the school.    It appears administrators were doing the paperwork for the funding as today’s attack took place.
A little to late, or a band aid fix for an amputation.  Besides, as mentioned, the money would be utilized ultimate to have psychiatrists prescribe these deadly psychotropic drugs to Our kids and we wonder why some of them go crazy and shoot their girlfriend to death and pump bullets into all of her circle of friends.
Undoubtedly, the programmed point of view will dismiss all of this, but wouldn’t you agree that violence in media, music, TV and videos combined with psychotropic drugs can influence people’s decision making?
Of course. This has been proven in many studies, but dismissed from discussion by the mainstream media for the simple reason that people will start to notice they are being manipulated and impulsed by many visibile and invisible influences.
Study MK-ULTRA mind control, mass media mind control, propagand. Also, take the time to read a short but mezmerizing book entitled, Subliminal Seduction.
These controlling forces wishing to influence and control us will undoubtedbly use this massacre to call for even more gun control, which is of course lunacy.
Before everyone goes wild and talking about blaming and banning guns, why don’t we all take a close look at the ROOTS of the problem which are intentionally being ignored for agenda.
Like his home life.    Clearly, parents have to be more attentive to their kids these days, to their feelings, their friends and behavior. TV has raised a couple of generations now while Mom and Dad slaved to make a living.
Too many parents use the computer, I-Phone and the mind control box (TV) to babysit their kids.   No wonder America is so dumbed down.
Parent’s laziness and inattentiveness in their children’s lives, have much to do with this, wouldn’t you agree?
To stop these violent psychotic incidents We as a society have to stop medicating the symptoms.
This goes 100% for the gun control nuts who wouldn’t know or understand the rising need in this country to defend oneself and the rising tyranny here in government.
If these sheop were renditioned to Guantanamo for some sleep deprivation and water boarding, they would think it is a paid vacation– Wait. Hey, that’s what Obama would call rendition to Guantanamo, a Caribean vacation.   Like Military kinetic actions instead of war and workplace violence instead of Islamic terrorism as Americans are beheaded. But after all, this all makes perfect political sense, since only returning veterans, Constitutionalist Patriots, conservatives, Christians and people who fly the Gadsden flag are potential terrorists. This should all be very disturbing to you, and very illuminating.
What also sheds light on this subject is that when we were kids, 30 years ago this type of school violence was practically non-existent. 30 years ago families were closer. 30 years ago what today passes for family entertainment would be “R” or “X” rated.



The decline of morality, the glorification and desensitization to violence and pushing the envelope of sexual depravity increasingly pervades, not only in the media, but in fashion and all aspects of popular culture, does it not?
Violence, torture and horrifically realistic gore permeates the media, on TV, films, games, videos– every aspect of our society. Pure decline. Just like the Roman Empire, but this time it is by globalist design.



Each generation quietly backslides away from what for thousands of years have been moral and ethical institutions.
Today, anything goes in the New Age.    Even 8 year old girls are screaming “fuck” in a recent feminist child exploitation propaganda video
The lies of the New World Order are indeed very inticing, but remember, they are all designed to deceive and enslave you.    That is what George Orwell hinted at when he wrote WAR IS PEACE, IGNORANCE IS STRENGH, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY.
Today’s do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law humanist mentality is destroying morality and the family unit, by design causing dysfunction and crime.
This has been systematically accomplished since the 1970’s mostly by the education system, or lack of one.  In fact, education is far more about indoctrination than anything else.
Through the dumbing down of the education system and widening the gap between rich and poor more and more tension and social unrest will ensue.  This is why the world is literally becoming a Police State, slowly, incrementally right before Our very eyes.
Indeed, these are challenging times.  Jaylen Fryberg and the many other kids troubled enough to commit murder/suicide have been socially desensitized to the reality of the finality of their actions and therefore, these heinous, unnecessary attrocities will continue to occur until we address the root causes of the problem and dismiss the ridiculous anti-gun rhetoric that has truly nothing to do with the problem.
The amount of gun fights and war movies were are inundated with in the mass media absolutely 100% glorifies violence.
Jaylen-FrybergIt can influence troubled souls like Jalyen Fryberg to act.  The way, I see it, the anti-gun crowd in Hollywood glorifies gun violence and then when something horrible like the Marysville-Pilchuck High School massacre they immediately call for gun control.
Creating the problem — and offering the solution. Gun control is purely a Hegelian ploy to disarm the population for future tyranny.
Can you see now, and understand why these evil forces wishing to “transform” America are trying to do?
obama-burning-constitutionCondemning the Constitution as an outdated document while stripping away the rights of the common man as they rape and pillage humanity, including their own supporters, who are due to their own willful ignorance, embracing their own servitude.
You see, we are at war.   It is a spiritual battle.   A war between good and evil.    Hopefully, all of you will agree that the school shooting today was an act of evil. Ask yourself, what brought on this evil? What contributed to it?
You see, the illness of school shooting does not need to be treated. It needs to be cured. Unfortunately, allopathic medicine (surgery and pharmaceutical) are not big into cures.
In fact, there is not one big pharma product we take regularly that cures anything, yet these poisons are constantly peddled and promoted on TV, asking you to ask your doctor if “cancer as a side effect is right for you”. Big Pharma makes patients steady customers.   Cures kill customers.
We must find the cure to the school shootings disease, not a treatment, not a band-aid for an amputation, but a real cure. And I think it is not as difficult as most think. As far as I see it, the the cure for all ailments is found in Nature and in family and in God.




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more text


By Howard Nema

The world is truly going to Hell.   

Aside from the globalist’s New World Order chess game in the middle east and World War III on the horizon, in Florida a grandfather murdered his daughter and his five grandchildren
ages 10 months to 10 years then killed himself after calling police to say he
was going to do a “bad thing”.  

What could possess anyone to does
such an evil thing?    Certainly, we
will all agree that this tragic mass
murder is anything but good, but it
is also far from an anomoly. 

Evil is on the rise, worldwide and it is getting a consistent make-over by Hollywood pop culture and so called “liberals” who oppose God while embracing all things secular with a “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” mentality.   Where one’s own desires are fulfilled at all costs without even a tinge of morality involved.   This is pure Luciferian doctrine.


Another great deception is the eternal battle between political ideologies of the false left/right paradigm.  It amuses me, but it is not funny.   It is cunningly deceptive.   The projected PR image of those on the right end of the political spectrum are depicted as radical right wing, gun loving red neck religious zealots and those on the left are thought mostly as Jews, atheists and communists.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Both ideologies of this false left right, demo-rat republi-scum paradigm contain God fearing, moral souls of all religions who are manipulated to believe that their cause and political point of view is shared with their political party.

In reality this is not true.  There is and has only been, since the murder of JFK, only one course this country is going.  Despite any politician who professes to oppose it, or lead us to prosperity, both sides of the aisle are leading us straight into the death throes of neo-feudal serfdom in the New World Order.

You do not have to be a Christian to see that the end times are near.   Either the Rothschild Luciferian Freemasons at the top of the Illuminati pyramid of evil are following the book of Revelation, or indeed the scriptures are coming true.   The acceptance of anything that could crush morality and conscience is being marketed to the masses by these Luciferian deceivers.

Many forms of evil are enjoyed and becoming acceptable in the politically correct world propagandized by every medium from TV, movies, music to print and even fashion. Skulls are all the rage on kid’s clothing.  The devil’s horns are raised across the world.   Promoting promiscuity in our youth and rationalizing that kids are going to have sex anyway reveals how far as a society we have backslid.

Where discipline by mom’s wooden spoon as I was as a child (when I deserved it) is now labeled child abuse and a danger to society? Really?    What Italian mother hasn’t chased their son with a wooden spoon? 

My father hit me once, when I was 13 after I stole his car for a joyride in heavily trafficked Queens, New York.   My mom chased me with that wooden spoon on several occations because I deserved it.  That is not child abuse.   It is discipline.  And I certainly was not abused, nor was I traumatized like the psycho-babblers contend.

I have only spanked my own son, who is 15 once, when he was about 4 years old.   And it was a firm smack on his butt.  (Call the police!  Child abuse!!!!!)  Patrick disobeyed me and ran out into the street and was almost killed.    I caught up to him just in time as a car whizzed by on busy Utopia Parkway in Fresh Meadows, Queens where we lived.   The side mirror on the car touched the arm of my coat, it was that close. 

Patrick doesn’t remember the incident at all. Why? Because he is a good kid and I have never had the need to discipline him like that.  My son was raised right, with an abundance of love, traditional morals and values.   Most of all, we are a very close family, something sadly missing today in the busy hamster wheel most Americans are forced to be constantly running on to make ends meet.

I also know what my son does and who he does it with and where he is.    This is also missing from today’s latch-key society.   Whether they are working, unemployed or on welfare, too many parents do not know, or do not care to know, for they are too busy being obsessed
with themselves.     And for the most part, they have been programmed that way by the bombardment of mass media messages received on a daily basis that hit all of the selfish hot buttons 24/7.

I will include a link on the blog to an incredible documentary entitled,  The Century of the Self  which delves deeply into this powerful social control mechanism.

As to not offend the minority of atheists and to further the seperation of God and family to a society where the State is the parent, God is not allowed in the classroom.   In many respects God has become a four letter word.   God is simply not politically correct.  Neither is true compassion and care for others, unless you are a transgendered cross dresser or a hermaphrodite.

Children who show compassion of their hungry schoolmates and share their lunch are given detention.   I mean, WTF?    Forget about the fact that separation of Church and State has nothing to do with education, but most Americans believe that it does.   It does not.

Separation of Church and State means for example, that America will not install Sharia Law, or create an Islamic Caliphate, which it appears may indeed be happening right here in the United States.

Let’s discuss the Luciferians planning a black mass today in Oklahoma City by the coven, Dakhma of Angra Mainyu. The group claims that Satanists do not sacrifice animals or people in their rituals. Really?

In my home state of Connecticut in 2012, a sheep was ritualistically sacrificed within a circle created by small rocks near a park behind the East Hartford police station, complete with candles and other Satanic ritual ecoutrements.

Lucifer is gaining momentum and subliminal acceptance. The use of the heavy metal “devil horns” has been adopted by the entire world as a sign of coolness. A hip gesture, not as the Cornuto. While most people equate Satan with fairy tales like Santa Claus (A Satanic Figure) and the Christmas tree, which is a pagan symbol and has nothing to do with Christ, or Christmas, people are for the most part truly unaware of the great deceptions occuring under their very noses.  

All of this serves the New World Order agenda of destroying religion, governments, morality and most of all freedom.  Aldous Huxley stated the following in his 1961 Tavistock Group lecture at the California Medical School:

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing a dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

If debauchery displayed by sex tarts like Miley Cyrus and others exploiting sex to sell albums and movie tickets and flat out Luciferian images and symbology promoted by Hollywood isn’t enough, Satan worshippers are planning to stage a “black mass” in Oklahoma City today,   prompting outrage from many in the community for allowing the event to be held in a public venue.

As Luciferians invert the Christian Mass, so do they invert the U.S. Constitution to achieve their goals. I liken it to the intolerant left, who claim tolerance for alternative lifestyles and all things pleasing to Satan while being absolutely intolerant of any other point of view then their own, especially when it comes to God.   They call on the Constitution only when it suits their agenda.  Otherwise the Constitution is promoted as a flawed, outdated document, irrelevant in today’s world.  Really?

How can such a minority wage so much influence over pop-culture, fashion, TV, movies and all forms of mass media including childrens games?

I’ll tell you: 

Although Luciferians are a small community, their ranks are growing due to the immense wealth of those behind the scene who fund this great controlled reality show we call life: The Satanists in Hollywood, International bankers and the military industrial complex among many others are funding this staged reality show.   To further understand this, one only has to ask:  Qi bono.  Who benefits?  Who benefits from war, poverty, pestilence and disease?  

When you answer those simple, never asked questions regarding these matters, you find the answer is the aforementioned New World Order players I am constantly exposing on this blog.  

We must remember that Satan is the great deceiver.   How else can one as dispicable and as traitorous and deviant to Our Nation, and it’s founding principles and the Constitution as Freemason Barrack Hussein Obama, who was re-elected despite countless and continuous lies and is still accepted and highly praised as a great leader by some 38% of the People?

One could only conclude that these poor souls are under a spell.

What we have here is truly a spiritual battle of good vs. evil.  With all the rhetoric of equality and fairness and transforming America by wealth distribution and assisting in social change through poverty by expanding social programs that will eventually overwhelm Our welfare system via the Cloward-Piven Strategy.   

Obama is achieving what no other Luciferian president has in record speed and with great accuracy.     He is truly serving the secret government and their God, Lucifer.  Like George HW Bush, GW Bush and Bill Clinton, Obama will be greatly rewarded by false history and
a massive fortune, leaving their crimes and treason behind them after they leave office with no consequences and America weaker as a result.

Obama serves his owners, the criminals behind the scenes who run Our foreign policy
via the Council On Foreign Relations.  These elitists are outwardly working for one world government.  

Here is documented and published proof of this very real Luciferian conspiracy:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other
great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises
of discretion for almost 40 years……It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan
for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.

But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.
The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable
to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.” David Rockefeller

“For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” David Rockefeller, Memoirs

The long term goal of the New World Order is to move humanity away from God to embrace the false Gaia New Age religion and destroy all who oppose it including, Jews, Christians and yes, even Muslims.

Sadly, most who support the left are supporting their own loss of freedom and their own demise while trying to create a Utopia that cannot and will not ever exist.

If you are on the right, we only have to look back to republiscum G.W. Bush to see how much liberty and freedom he stole from the American People.   As stated earlier, both parties are working for the same goal. 

We can see it happening. The entire world has changed since the Roshaniyya Illuminati attacked America on 9/11/01.   Since that tragic day, our God given rights have been chipped away, along with American traditions and values.  

This is not up to debate.   History has proven this.    And it was long planned for in advance by the social controllers.   Decades in fact. Today, not only America, but the world is facing the end game scenario of these plans.

Our police have been militarized, our rights stripped.         As globalist Luciferian David Rockefeller himself noted, all that remains is the pivotal event that will spark the Illuminati flame and the world will accept the New World Order.

For 38 years I was under the spell of the social controllers and just another cog in the matrix.
Until then, I would have to be identified as a conservative democrat.    I was, like my father, a party line voter.   When I learned that both the democrats and the republicans are working to bring about the New World Order it was as if I were blind for 38 years and then the Lord
gave me sight and a mission.  A mission that I take very seriously to awaken others to what is really going on in this country.    

For the record, I am a Constitutionalist.  I have allegiance to no party as no one should.  Political parties should be eliminated.  They serve only the elite to keep the power structure in force.   So, unfortunately, until there is true restoration of Our republic, there can be no hope in voting for a democrat, or a republican.  Ultimately, the New World Order agenda moves forward.

The disinformation agents can do all they want to confuse the sheople, mixing truth with
fiction to discrediting the truth, like the many recent Ancient Alien series on the History Channel which mix true reality with fiction, like saying Satan is an alien, for instance.

There are many other bizarre correlations that to discredit any further investigation
into the truth.

The CIA call this COINTELPRO tactic a slide response.   Add some looney tooney touches to the truth so people dismiss it. 

For all of us, our faith is a personal thing.   A subjective view.  However, actual real world events that affect humanity are also subjective.  Many have been planned by the elite.   As FDR stated, “There are no coincidences”.   He also said that Presidents are selected, not elected. These are truths of course are not taught in our Communist Core Indoctrination Centers.

I myself am not a religious man at all. I was adopted at birth. My father was Jewish and my mother was Catholic.   I was raised in a secular household with religion used mostly as window dressing, for appearance at holidays and my family had a leftist political point of view.

I accepted Jesus as my savior as for as long as I can remember, on my own, without influence.  His presence was always known to me.  This is my faith.  But alas, I had no knowledge or understanding of the New World Order and the Brotherhood of Death until I started to put the pieces together in 2007 at the age of 38.

All religions of the world have been corrupted and are controlled on the highest level by
the forces of the Illuminati Order of the Quest.   It has taken centuries to reach where
we are today.   

The Luciferian creed of worshipping knowledge has led to the technological age we all are
all blessed and cursed with.    Transhumanism is the future planned by these elitist social controllers, where Our minds will be hardwired to the internet and Our bodies unnecessary.

We will become virtual gods, which is the exact secret belief of all Freemasons and Luciferians.    This is one of the deepest secrets of the Mysteries:

Man will evolve to become God.   This is what the Freemasons are building. This is what the “G” stands for.  This is what they truly strive for.   This is the New World Order.

If this sounds outrageous, or off the wall, research all of these things, including my fellow Queens College Alumni, Ray Kurzweill, who among others are planning this very thing to occur by 2045.   They call it, Singularity .

By the blessings of God, I was led to a place where I was able to lift the curtain and see the world for what it really is, not what is shown to us and we accept as truth. I took the time to research and found the truth that we are truly facing a moral dilemma that most dismiss as “changing times”.

The farther we move away from God and the golden rule, the more we serve those who wish
to enslave us in this “transformation”.

Thule Society Brotherhood Of Death member Adolf Hitler transformed Germany, did he not? Since the moral family values of the 1950’s have all but faded due to decades of continuous moving away from the family unit, family values and more importantly from God.

Why are acts of Godliness so reviled by the mainstream?  How can people buy into the false belief that the rights of the few outweigh the rights of the many? 

Or more importantly, how can the rights of the many outweigh the rights of the few?   Our Nation is a republic, where Our individual rights have been given to us by God and cannot be taken away by a collective force.  This is what is happening to us.

These are inalienable rights. Only Satanic forces would be trying to change what is, the greatest document of freedom and the greatest principle of government in history. A government designed to protect Our individual rights has been transformed into a government that takes away Our individual rights supposedly for the benefit of the collective.   This is slavery.

History has proven that the exact opposite occurs when rights are dictatated by Government and not given to us by God, or a higher power for the atheists out there.   Certainly, even atheists must believe that if not God, but nature is a higher power. 

In any case, this is why there is such outcry against prayer in schools (except of course, if you are a Muslim, then you can pray all you want).

The reason so many in this small, well funded minority are working to redefine Our Constitution, our moral values and transform America into a Godless, Sodom and Gammorah totalitarian socialist state is obvious.  Without God, who gave us Our rights, government
can take them away.  

In fact, if you have not been paying attention, for decades government has disobeyed and redefined the Constitution, slowly, incrementally taking away Our rights and sovereignty
as a nation as the years move on.

And why Jews aren’t outraged is beyond my comprehension.   They are like sheep unknowingly going to their slaughter by the false Jews, the controllers of Israel, the Rothschilds and their Satanic minions.

Revelation 2:9: I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Use your powers of critical thinking—if that still exists.   Most American’s are brainwashed, socially controlled sheep who concede to lies over logic and truth.

I can list dozens of examples.    To start, it is proven that vaccines cause autism. When I was a child, 1 in 10,000 kids had autism.   Autism rates are now 1 in 68 in the U.S. and narrowing —
This is a 30% increase from 1 in 88 only two years ago, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This PURE EVIL is being swept under the rug and ignored.  Doctors and health officials for the most part are dismissing any correlation of autism to “life saving” vaccines, the life blood of Big Pharma. 

Investigations are squashed or co-opted.   Results fabricated or dismissed, even though courts have proven that indeed, the MMR vaccine for example, causes autism.  But due to public awareness, the truth is getting out.

The most horrible thing is that like the asbestos industry knew they were subjecting their employees to deadly carcinogens, so does the vaccine industry.

We must hold the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA accountable.  If not, we will have about 3 million autistic teenagers in 20 years.

Today, Our children have become Big Pharma pin cushions.  Neurotoxins like thimerisol, formalgehyde and other deadly poisonous drugs like Gardasil are being injected into Our children two and three shots at a time.

Unfortunately, as a result of these deadly Big Pharma poisons, my cousin’s son developed autism at age 5 after getting his second MMR shot, which as previously noted has been proven to cause autism.    And the crooks and liars at the FDA and the drug companies have the audacity to say there is no correlation between autism and vaccines?    

My cousin is suing, but of course, because of the corrupt immense power of the Big Pharma Syndicate, all vaccine injury claims are limited.   This must be changed.  Our children are being murdered and maimed by these genocidal psychopaths and they know it. 

Why else would they have lobbied to limit vaccine injury lawsuits?  

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

– Sir Walter Scott  (Marmion, 1808) 

Even if vaccines were outlawed tomorrow, much damage has already been done.  In the coming years there will be millions of adults with autism.  Who is going to pay for their care?

I’ll tell you: 

The parents, who in many cases will be financially bankrupted, the government, which means you and I pay with higher taxes.  Big Pharma must be held accountable and pay for the misery they created and all of these deadly neurotoxins and poisons must be banned.

(HN NOTE:  My son has received no vaccinations since I woke up in 2007 when he was 8.) 

Big Pharma’s control of the FDA keeps the disinformation about vaccine safety flowing.
The same goes with GMO and food additives that cause diseases requiring pharmacological treatments.

Imagine how much healthier Americans would be today if food additives were banned by the FDA in 1979, which almost happened. The payoffs stopped that movement dead in its tracks.

And why does the FDA attack alternative and holistic cures and naturally made products for health? Because the medical mafia and Monsanto own the FDA.  And as J.D. Rockefeller famously proclaimed, “competition is a sin”. 

But it goes far deeper than that.  It is part of the long term slow kill depopulation agenda. Research the Club of Rome and read books like Limits to Growth and the Population Boom
as well as United Nations Agenda 21 for more information.

New vaccines are always on the horizon. New drugs as well, designed to treat all the various conditions caused by the disease causing Food Trust additives and the Medical Mafia’s pharmaceutical side effects.    What a deadly racket.  Makes the Italian Mafia seem tame, doesn’t it?

So does this all boil down to greed and money?  No.  As horrifying and despicable as the truth is, it is about depopulation and social control.  

People with autism will be easier to control.   They will not revolt against tyranny and when the time comes, they will willingly take the poison to bring about their own demise.  

Remember, Aldous Huxley? “Loving servitude”.  Autism ensures this.

Again, use your critical thinking to rationalize what is going to happen in this country in 25 years when 1 out of 68 kids is autistic and maybe 1 out of 20?  Humanity will resemble the zombie workers in Fritz Lang’s 1927 Luciferian Transhumanist film classic,  “Metropolis”, won’t it?

Today, over 500,000 million children have autism.    In 25 years they will be adults.  Add to that the 4 million children born in the U.S. each year, 45,550 of them having autism.  

How can Our country flourish in 2039 when Our population is expected to be close to 400,000,000 and have some 2 million adults with autism?   In a few decades half the population will be autistic zombies.  How can we afford the added cost for care of these individuals? We can’t.

Evil is pervasive.  Whether you are a Jew or a Christian or even an atheist, you should be very concerned about the Satanic black mass at the Oklahoma City Center Music Hall planned for today, September 21, 2014.  If you have any sense,  this should shake you to the Common Core.

Where do you think many of the children that go missing end up?   I will tell you the truth:  Many end up victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophilia and ritual sacrifice.

The coven, Dakhma of Angra Mainyu is led by High Priest and registered sex offender Adam Daniels, 35, of Oklahoma City whose body is covered in Satanic tattoos.

For the record, pedophilia and homosexuality are key common denominators of Satanism. 

The Wickedest Man In the World who called himself the Beast 666, Aleister Crowley wrote
the following excerpt regarding child sacrifice in his book Magick, published in 1929 by the Lecram Press, Paris, France:

“…it was the theory of the ancient magicians that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal , and in quality according to its mental and moral character.

At the death of the animal this energy is liberated suddenly. The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape.

For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.” – 

A footnote on p. 95 noted that Crowley made this particular sacrifice on an average about 150 times every year between 1912 and 1928.

Satanic High Priest Adam Daniels was convicted of having sex with inmates where he was a correction officer.   He claims the coven do not practice in ritual sacrifice of animals or humans, but sexual assault of prison inmates is “a” O.K.

Lawyers for Oklahoma City say these Luciferians have a right to lease the public space under the First Amendment.  Just another illuminating example of how those who wish to transform America use our tennents of freedom and the Constitution when it serves them but call it a vile, outdated document at all other times.

The Archbishop of Oklahoma City Paul Coakley commented to on Friday:
“I’m disappointed by their response. If someone had come to them to rent the Civic Center to stage a burning of the Koran or to hold an event that was blatantly and clearly anti-Semitic, I think they might find a way to prevent it. Not all speech is protected if there is hate speech and it is intended to ridicule another religion,” he said. “I don’t believe it is a free speech matter.”

And that is true. But this is how those who wish to transform America roll. Avoid bringing black on black violence into the spotlight unless it is an NFL player who beat up his wife, or keep adding useless bankrupting social programs to end poverty while ignoring the root causes. History has proven, social programs have increased poverty and indeed that is the intention.

Archbishop Coakley also stated: “This Satanic ritual is deadly serious. It is a blasphemous and obscene inversion of the Catholic Mass. Using a consecrated Host obtained illicitly from a Catholic church and desecrating it in the vilest ways imaginable, the practitioners offer it in sacrifice to Satan.”

The satanists are also planning an exorcism to rid a person of the Holy Spirit.

“They intend to commit an act of blasphemous sacrilege against the Catholic Eucharistic host,” Archbishop Coakley said. “It is my duty to prevent this blasphemy from taking place in a public venue.”

Dakhma of Angra Mainyu claims the black mass at the Civic Center has been toned down to allow it to be performed in a public government building.   So there won’t be any blood sacrifices, but the High Priest assures:

“The authenticity and purpose of the Black Mass will remain intact while allowing for slight changes so that a public viewing can occur without breaking Oklahoma’s laws based on nudity, public urination and other sex acts,” or so says the coven’s website says.

We all must remember the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995 by micro chipped
MK-ULTRA mind control patsies Timothy Mc Veigh and Michael Brescia .  The false flag attack was blamed on Patriots and to further demonize innocent, red blooded Americans wishing to restore Constitutional government, the secret government targeted a child day
care center at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. 

In addition, the Luciferians behind the scenes and in control of the secret government targeted innocents, mostly children as offerings and ritual sacrifice.

We must awaken to this devious demoralization and deadly deception of the American people and restore Constitutional Republican Government.

America has to wake up.   There isn’t much time.   Critics argue that the end of days has been predicted many times throughout history, that each generation fears it is in their time that the end will come, during the plague for instance.

But at no time in human history has man had both the knowledge, means and capability to cause the total destruction of the earth.  At no time in history have all the end time scenarios depicted in the Book of Revelation come to fruition as they are so quickly unfolding in Our time.

Some things to think on.

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‘One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies, and if we dig down deep enough in the mountain of lies, and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the mountain of lies; the entire mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those people who had no desire to be awakened to the truth.’ – Delamer Duverus

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