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I am re-posting a reply to my recent youtube video exposing child exploitation  in the feminist movement written by my brother and fellow Patriot, Rockguitarnow :

Britain and Sweden tried this crap some years back. It basically resulted in pussifying and scaring the men so much, that the Muslims came in and took over. If these girls want to point out rape, I think they better point at the Muslims;

The videos listed below show a rapidly growing rape epidemic caused by Muslims flooding into Europe, Britain and Sweden. This is why Australia is turning the refugee boats away.   If people live in such a crappy country they want to desperately leave, instead let them stay there and welcome more civilized people to arrive to help govern their nation. Don’t let them come to our civilized nations to ruin what we have.

Muslim Rape Wave in Sweden / Muslimska Våldtäkt Våg i Sverige

1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped – The Political Cesspool

Muslim Rape Epidemic in European Countries

Gang Of Racist Muslims Attack Swedish Citizens In Stockholm 2013

Islam to over take Europe completely by 2050

Preventing White Genocide

Islamic Rape Wave in Norway / Islamsk Voldtekt Epidemien i Norge    
Sweden Begins To Realise What A Serious Muslim Infiltration Mean
What Will Happen When Islam Takes Over Britain WAKE UP!

Australia may be turning their boats away for now, but the big Muslim oil barons will soon donate billions from their vast oil profits right to Australia’s political parties.

This is how they forced Britain and Denmark to allow Muslim hordes into their countries. The big Muslim oil money flooded into all of Britain’s political parties as donations. In exchange, British politicians were to allow massive Muslim immigration and make sure the police don’t arrest them or break up any Muslim demonstrations.

It’s amazing what a few billion dollars can do when donated to a country’s political parties. Australia may prevent losing their nation to Muslim hordes by passing sweeping new laws forbidding donations to any of its political parties. All elections in Australia would instead be funded through taxation.

If someone wants to get elected as a member of Parliament, his political party and himself will be absolutely forbidden from accepting any money, donations, gifts, vacations or anything. Instead, he simply gathers 10,000 hand signed signatures from people in his district, then the Australian govt will give the candidate $500,000 to spend helping him get elected. 

The only way a nation can now protect itself from massive Muslim over population is to forbid all donations to its politicians and its political parties.  

A new political party emerges in Britain to counter Islam’s anti-woman agenda



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