May 21, 2022



By Howard Nema

The collectivists at the criminal International Monetary Fund are proposing a new energy tax scheme to reflect the harmful environmental and health impact of fossil fuels use.

In a new book published on Thursday, for the first time (RED FLAG), the IMF proposes appropriate taxes on coal, natural gas, gasoline and diesel in 156 countries, which will include cows flatulence, carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution.


If you can believe it, the chief conspirator, Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF reports on the impact of climate change, arguing man made environmental damage as the root cause of the dilemma.

At the book’s propaganda launch in Washington, Lagarde said countries shouldn’t wait for global agreement on climate policies, and should move ahead in adjusting energy prices on their own. Obama is taking the lead by limiting carbon emmissions from coal plants which will cause U.S. energy prices to rise sharply. It is estimated that as a result of the EPA’s new carbon emission standards, the average U.S. electric bill will rise about $360 per year.

The United Nations is also trying to foster an agreement to rein in greenhouse gas emissions by 2015, but smarter minds are rightly concerned about the impact carbon taxes will have on economic growth.

The IMF’s book argues higher energy taxes should not hurt growth if done right. Really? Higher taxes always stifle growth. Higher energy costs specifically reduce economic growth. I wonder how many sheople will buy into this scheme to reduce the standard of living of everyone living in the industrialized world.

“On this point, let me be crystal clear”, Lagarde said, “we are generally talking about smarter taxes rather than higher taxes,” citing a prepared statement.

Lagarde argues higher energy taxes are the most efficient and simple way of dealing with environmental harm and would allow governments to stop relying on uncoordinated policies to deal with climate change, such as subsidies for using renewable energy. In otherwords, reducing the standard of living of the entire world. How thoughtful and considerate.

The scheme predicts that higher energy prices would prompt people to shift to cleaner fuels or more fuel-efficient vehicles on their own. Lagarde argues governments will lower other taxes on consumption or income to reduce the burden on people, or pay down more public debt. If you believe that, ladies and gentlemen, I have not one, but three bridges to sell you in Brooklyn for the price of one.

Unless the Goverment abolishes the Federal Reserve crime syndicate and the IRS, energy/carbon taxes paid to the Rothschild’s IMF bank will plunge millions of Americans farther down the economic ladder into governemnt assistance and desperate poverty. People will stop driving cars. Autos will only be affordable to the elite. This is all well described in United Nations Agenda 21 protocols created at the Rio Conference in 1991 and the recent Kyoto Protocols implemented in 2013.

These energy taxes will result in one thing, a reduction in the standard of living and higher prices for almost everything Americans consume. High taxes and costs associated with rural living will force rural populations will to move to cities just to survive. This is all part of Agenda 21. Rural areas will become off limits to citizens. Bicylcles, commuter rail and trams will be the way people commute. No more Sunday afternoon drives, too expensive. The Auto industy will be destroyed. Meat consumption will be limited.  This is the United Nations Agenda 21 protocols. (See Agenda 21 description at the end of this blog.)  Welcome to the New World Order.
The IMF bogus estimates figure that new energy taxes would reduce deaths from fossil fuels by 63 percent, cut carbon emissions by 23 percent, and raise revenues by 2.6 percent of GDP for the world as a whole. I cannot see how this is possible, since energy is the number one factor rquired in getting products to market.

This scheme will destroy the middle class, which of course, is the actual intent. Climate change and global warming is a Hegelian ploy to con the sheople to give up more of their slave wages to the State. There is zero evidence that industrial revolution has caused climate change. In fact, climate is always changing. It is a natural process.

I find it amusing all this talk about reducing carbon footprints when it is clear that all the oligarch’s corporate jets do more to add to this alleged problem then the rest humanity combined. On Earth Day, Obama went on a whirlwind tour on Air Force One raising awareness of climate change and global warming. His carbon footprint for that day alone was almost 900 tons!

Such hypocrisy. Al Gore, who is the global warming fraud spokesman promulgating climate hysteria by spreading unfounded accusations and speculation is also one of the biggest hypocrites. For instance, he resides in two sprawling 10,000 plus square foot estates, using more energy than the average American in a lifetime, while producing the propaganda piece, An Inconvenient Truth. 
The hypocrisy is murderous.

Of course, Al Gore, a well paid puppet of the Anglo-American collectivist eco-fascist elite establishment was honored with an Academy (Osiris) Award to substantiate his bullshit to the mass media mind controlled herd of sheople. In fact, Al Gore is an extreme hypocrite and shill. Remember when Al Gore sold his cable network to Al Jazeera, despite the fact that the news organization is funded by oil barons in the Middle East. So much for caring about the environment and the dirty, evil, polluting oil cartel.

However, Al Gore is not the only hypocrite capable of demonizing the meager carbon emissions of ordinary citizens while jet setting around the world. As America celebrated Earth Day, Barack Obama marked the occasion by emitting 15 times more carbon in one trip than the average American releases in an entire year. Still we must tax the sheople. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Obama had a very pollution-heavy schedule on Earth Day. An international trip to Asia to further sell American down the river with the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, Obama created nearly 1.2 million additional pounds of carbon emissions. Obama sucks at creating jobs, but he is a master at creating a huge personal carbon footprint.

In total, the two Air Force One trips added 890 tons of carbon to the atmosphere on Earth Day. This doesn not include Obama’s entourage, i.e., a backup plane, cargo planes, helicopters, support staff, and more vehicles used to spread the “Global Warming Climate Change” propaganda. What fools you must be for those who still buy this and many other lies promulgated by Our Dear Leader.

Obama’s Earth Day journey began in a trip from Washington, D.C. to Washington State where Air Force One spewed an estimated 568,032 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere.   This clearly illustrates the absurb charge of government concern over global warming and climate change when Governments is easily the biggest polluters.

After all, when they speak, all the carbon dioxide bullshit spewed from their mouths has to be absorbed into the atmosphere. Let’s take an even closer look at the facts. Ordinary citizens are responsible for creating about 38,000 pounds of carbon each year. Obama’s Earth Day Awareness jet campaign created more carbon pollution in one day than 15 Americans create in a full year.

What is wrong with this picture? I’ll tell you, you are being lied to in a major way.

Have you figure out that the “don’t do as I do, do as I say” philosophy of the elite and their puppet politicians are working to enslave you?

Sadly, even with all of the obvious and inconventient truths, global warming proponents still foster these lies to hardworking Americans saying that they will destroy the planet unless they trade in their Hummers for Prius’ and switch from incandescent bulbs to far more expensive and dangerous compact fluorescents. But it ok for Obama to burn 890 tons of carbon pollution in one day.

The government can pollute all it wants, you, the American sheople must bear the burden and lower your thermostats in winter and raise them in summer. You must be green. The government pretends to be green while mandating and regulating against small businesses then gives $500 million to companies like Solyndra that go bankrupt soon after. 

The government refuses to allow domestic oil production for consumption at home.   All US oil is exported.   The Oil Cartel makes billions in profits, almost 100% tax free and We the People pay the price at the pump. We can all thank Herr Kissenger for this traitorous deal struck with OPEC in the 1970’s.

Logic has no place, truth only exists if it feeds the leftist, totalitarian socialist one world government agenda. Absolute madness. I agree with Michael Savage, liberalism is a mental disorder.

Remember the images of the polar bear stranded on an ice float? The propagandists say that this proves polar bears are facing extinction! In fact, the opposite is true. The Polar bear population is on the rise. Bogus population estimates generated by the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group give the impression that the global total of polar bears has not changed appreciably since 2001. 

The truth is, global population of polar bears has increased by 2,650-5,700 since 2001. The Polar bears are far from facing extinct and their numbers are in fact increasing. There are over 25,000 polar bears in the world.

And now, pacific leaders warned that entire island nations will be swept away unless action is taken to address climate change. At the Pacific Islands Forum’s annual meeting there was a call to action on the issue of global warming. The 15-nation regional grouping says they must act to curb climate change.

“We all know the causes of climate change, we know the solutions,” Samoa Prime Minister Sailele Malielegaoi told reporters after the meeting. “All that is left is decisive action from leaders with the courage to do what needs to be done to save the world.”

Pacific island nations, some barely three feet above sea level were at the forefront of the climate change issue because they beleive it is a matter of survival for them.

“The reason for the very strong stance put forward by Pacific island countries is that we are the most vulnerable. Many of our states will disappear under the ocean if climate change is allowed to continue.”

The Forum also demanded an end to overfishing in the Pacific, largely by “distant water” fleets from as far afield as Europe. saying United Nations Agenda 21 protocols known as sustainable development was needed to protect the world’s largest ocean.

These leaders are concerned by the rapid decline of tuna and urgently seek to strengthen sustainable genetically modified fisheries and management plans. All of this rhetoric is nothing but collectivist propaganda to influence the mass herds of sheople to accept carbon taxes and higher prices for energy and goods as the only way to save the planet. If you still buy into this collectivist bullshit, I’ve got a deal for you. I’ll throw the Mid-Town, Holland and Lincoln tunnels in with the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queensboro Bridge for free.


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