November 29, 2022




By Howard Nema

One’s instilled belief systems are precious to them. Sacred. For psychological well being, they have to be protected.   Moreso, it is human nature to deny that you could have been so greatly deceieved.

The social controllers who wish to enslave us are psychological geniuses. Machievellian in their deceptions.  They use human nature as a psychological weapon against us.

United Nations Agenda 21 protocols, Common Core indoctrination and crippling Trade Agreements like the NAFTA, GATT and now the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP are designed to decimate the United States.

These globalist New World Order oligarchs plan to transform America into a third world totalitarian socialist plutocracy.   

The truth movement has made a great impact.   This is why the History Channel increasingly produces COINTELPRO (controlled opposition, disinformation) documentaries to counter the truth.

Notice how INFOWARS “Alternative Media” host Alex Jones, who is more well known for his loud mouth and bizarre antics when appearing as a “guest” on mainstream media networks like CNN which is a CIA front.

Jones’ kooky behavior on shows like Piers Morgan is designed to make him look like a nut, intentionally turning off the vast majority of sheople watching to discredit the truth even when he points it out.    Instead of calmly and rationally stating the truth, Jones blows a gasket and his credibility along with it.   These are CIA COINTELPRO techniques to control opposition to the New World Order.

You will notice more and more “conspiracy theory” shows that reveal very accurate information, but omit more important details from their programming.  

The elite can’t keep the truth out, but they can do their best to control opposition and opinion of the masses so the average American dismisses the truth as nonsense and refuses to investigate.

It is only those who understand will take the time and effort to research these things and discover that they are all indeed true.  More importantly they are effecting your life and the future of Our children.   Believe what you want, but make no mistake about it, the elite are working to create a neo-feudal two class socialist totalitarian state.

The least you can do is investigate to confirm the things you are reading now are indeed true.   You owe this to yourself, your family and loved ones.  You owe it to the future of humanity.

Alex Jones has now become the go to “conspiracy expert” featured on the History Channel COINTELPRO documentaries.  Jones now joins the History  Channel revolving group of  go to “academics, researchers, experts and specialists”, like historian and author H.W. Brands, who omits more from histrory than he includes and who fosters propagandized versions of the truth in propaganda pieces like The Men Who Built America.

This whitewashed telling of the rise of the robber barons of the industrial revolution is such a watered down version of the truth you will drown in the pool of disinformation.  Gaps in the truth are as large as the Grand Canyon.

These documentaries omit much truth in their works, like the fact that U.S. Bankers financed not only the Bolshevik Revolution and supported communism throughout the cold war, but financed the Rise of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and a long list of tyrants and dictators supported, propped up and then overthrown by the U.S. government when their purpose no longer served our “National Security” New World Order agenda.

The dictatorships listed below are America’s undemocratic allies. Their rise to power was aided through bloody ClA-backed black-ops and coups and their regimes were ruled by terror and torture. Their troops receive training or advice from the CIA and other US agencies. US military aid, weapons sales to strengthen armies and guarantee their hold on power so long as their countries comply with the New World Order agenda.

You may ask yourself why America, who appears to not take any foreign territory controls the domestic and/or foreign policies of the nations they support.   This ruse gives the appearance that America are not imperialist land grabbers, but our “National Security” objectives leave room for the IMF and World Bank to crush these nations under unsustainable debt.  

The insidiousness of these banks is easily noticeable if one takes the time to do the research, for no news organization or government is going to blame the IMF and World Bank for creating poverty.   After all they are supposedly designed to end poverty. This of course is yet another Hegelian ploy.

Proof of this can be found in the contrast between history and the motto of the World Bank: “Working for a World Free of poverty”.    The strange thing is that the IMF and World Bank create poverty across the globe as they claim to be fighting to end poverty.

History has proven this to be true. This is the World Bank’s true function. This is the motis operandi. America is now in the sights
of the nation killers.

Below is data from the World Bank that proves they target poor nations.
When these poor countries cannot pay their loans, the national resources
of the country are forefeited to pay the unsustainable debt.


These countries are invariably controlled by Dictators propped up by the CIA, who either toppled previous regimes by black ops, or assisted in quelling rebel insurrections and attempted coups. 

CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment.

So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal:

“We’ll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us.”

The Agency then hires, trains and works with them to overthrow the existing government (usually a socialist democracy).  It uses every trick in the book: propaganda, stuffed ballot boxes, purchased elections, extortion, blackmail, sexual intrigue, false stories about opponents in the local media, infiltration and disruption of opposing political parties, kidnapping, beating, torture, intimidation, economic sabotage, death squads and even assassination.

These efforts culminate in a military coup, which installs a right-wing dictator. The CIA trains the dictator’s security apparatus to crack down on the traditional enemies of big business, using interrogation, torture and murder. The victims are said to be “communists,” but almost always they are just peasants, liberals, moderates, labor union leaders, political opponents and advocates of free speech and democracy. Widespread human rights abuses follow.

This scenario has been repeated so many times that the CIA actually teaches it in a special school, the notorious “School of the Americas.”

Critics have nicknamed it the “School of the Dictators” and “School of the Assassins.” Here, the CIA trains Latin American military officers how to conduct coups, including the use of interrogation, torture and murder.

The Association for Responsible Dissent estimates that by 1987, 6 million people had died as a result of CIA covert operations.  Former State Department official William Blum correctly calls this an “American Holocaust.”

The CIA justifies these actions as part of its war against communism. But most coups do not involve a communist threat. Unlucky nations are targeted for a wide variety of reasons: not only threats to American business interests abroad, but also liberal or even moderate social reforms, political instability, the unwillingness of a leader to carry out Washington’s dictates, and declarations of neutrality in the Cold War.

Indeed, nothing has infuriated CIA Directors quite like a nation’s desire to stay out of the Cold War.  And now of course to stay in the war on terror.

The ironic thing about all this intervention is that it frequently fails to achieve American objectives. Often the newly installed dictator grows comfortable with the security apparatus the CIA has built for him and becomes an expert at running a police state.   And because the dictator knows he cannot be overthrown, he becomes independent and defiant of Washington’s will.

The CIA then finds it cannot overthrow him, because the police and military are under the dictator’s control, afraid to cooperate with American spies for fear of torture and execution.

The only two options for the U.S at this point are impotence or war. Examples of this “boomerang effect” include the Shah of Iran, General Noriega and Saddam Hussein.

The boomerang effect also explains why the CIA has proven highly successful
at overthrowing democracies, but a wretched failure at overthrowing dictatorships.

The following timeline should confirm that the CIA as we know it should be abolished and replaced by a true information-gathering and analysis organization. The CIA cannot be reformed — it is institutionally and culturally corrupt.


The OSS and any remaining American information agencies cease covert actions and return to harmless information gathering and analysis.

Operation PAPERCLIP – While other American agencies are hunting down Nazi war criminals for arrest, the U.S. intelligence community is smuggling them into America, unpunished, for their use against the Soviets. The most important of these is Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s master spy who had built up an intelligence network in the Soviet Union.

With full U.S. blessing, he creates the “Gehlen Organization,” a band of refugee Nazi spies who reactivate their networks in Russia.

These include SS intelligence officers Alfred Six and Emil Augsburg (who massacred Jews in the Holocaust), Klaus Barbie (the “Butcher of Lyon”), Otto von Bolschwing (the Holocaust mastermind who worked with Eichmann) and SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny (a personal friend of Hitler’s).

The Gehlen Organization supplies the U.S. with its only intelligence on the Soviet Union for the next ten years, serving as a bridge between the abolishment of the OSS and the creation of the CIA. However, much of the “intelligence” the former Nazis provide is bogus. Gehlen inflates Soviet military capabilities at a time when Russia is still rebuilding its devastated society, in order to inflate his own importance to the Americans (who might otherwise punish him).

In 1948, Gehlen almost convinces the Americans that war is imminent, and the West should make a preemptive strike. In the 50s he produces a fictitious “missile gap.” To make matters worse, the Russians have thoroughly penetrated the Gehlen Organization with double agents, undermining the very American security that Gehlen was supposed to protect.


Greece — President Truman requests military aid to Greece to support right-wing forces fighting communist rebels. For the rest of the Cold War, Washington and the CIA will back notorious Greek leaders with deplorable human rights records.

President Truman signs the National Security Act of 1947, creating the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Council. The CIA is accountable to the president through the NSC — there is no democratic or congressional oversight. Its charter allows the CIA to “perform such other functions and duties… as the National Security Council may from time to time direct.” This loophole opens the door to covert action and dirty tricks.


Covert-action wing created — The CIA recreates a covert action wing, innocuously called the Office of Policy Coordination, led by Wall Street lawyer Frank Wisner. According to its secret charter, its responsibilities include “propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, including sabotage, antisabotage, demolition and evacuation procedures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.”

Italy — The CIA corrupts democratic elections in Italy, where Italian communists threaten to win the elections. The CIA buys votes, broadcasts propaganda, threatens and beats up opposition leaders, and infiltrates and disrupts their organizations. It works — the communists are defeated.


Radio Free Europe — The CIA creates its first major propaganda outlet, Radio Free Europe. Over the next several decades, its broadcasts are so blatantly false that for a time it is considered illegal to publish transcripts of them in the U.S.

Operation MOCKINGBIRD — The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham is publisher of The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA’s media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA’s own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists will become CIA assets.  The operation went black in 1976, but exists to this day.


Iran – Like the CIA is attempting today in 2014, the CIA overthrows the democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh in a military coup, after he threatened to nationalize British oil.

The CIA replaces him with another dictator, the Shah of Iran, whose secret police, SAVAK, is as brutal as the Gestapo.   In 1979 the Shah falls out of favor with the Anglo-American establishment and is exiled.  His failing health occurs while in exile.  His death the probable result of CIA poisoning using a biological weapon.

Operation MK-ULTRA — Inspired by North Korea’s brainwashing program, the CIA begins experiments on mind control. The most notorious part of this project involves giving LSD and other drugs to American subjects without their knowledge or against their will, causing several to commit suicide. However, the operation involves far more than this. Funded in part by the Rockefeller and Ford foundations, research includes propaganda, brainwashing, public relations, advertising, hypnosis, and other forms of suggestion.

1954 – 1958

Guatemala — CIA overthrows the democratically elected Jacob Arbenz in a military coup. Arbenz has threatened to nationalize the Rockefeller-owned United Fruit Company, in which CIA Director Allen Dulles also owns stock. Arbenz is replaced with a series of right-wing dictators whose bloodthirsty policies will kill over 100,000 Guatemalans in the next 40 years.

North Vietnam — CIA officer Edward Lansdale spends four years trying to overthrow the communist government of North Vietnam, using all the usual dirty tricks. The CIA also attempts to legitimize a tyrannical puppet regime in South Vietnam, headed by Ngo Dinh Diem.  Again, as usual, these efforts fail.

In fact, the CIA’s continuing failure results in escalating American intervention, culminating in the Gulf Of Tonkin incident in 1964 when a fabricated false flag attack was used as a ruse by President Johnson to justify action in Vietnam.

Operation Mockingbird’s controlled mainstream media propaganda used “communist aggression” as a rallying cry loud enough to fuel public opinion and ignite the Vietnam war.


Hungary — Radio Free Europe incites Hungary to revolt by broadcasting Khruschev’s Secret Speech denouncing Joseph Stalin.   It hints that American aid will help the Hungarians fight.   The aid fails to materialize and Hungarians launch a doomed revolt inviting a major Soviet invasion killing 7,000 Soviets and 30,000 Hungarians.


Laos  — The CIA carries out over a dozen coups trying to nullify Laos’ democratic elections of the Pathet Lao.    In the late 50s, the CIA creates an “Armee Clandestine” of Asian mercenaries to attack the political group.

After suffering many losses, the U.S. drops more bombs on Laos than all the bombs dropped by the U.S. in World War II.

How’s that for building up the military industrial complex?   As a result of these attacks a quarter of all Laotians will become refugees, many even living in caves.   Welcome to the New World Order.


Haiti — The U.S. military helps “Papa Doc” Duvalier become dictator of Haiti. He creates his own private police force, the “Tonton Macoutes,” who terrorize the population with machetes and kill over 100,000 Haitians during the Duvalier reign.  The U.S. does not protest their dismal human rights record.


The Bay of Pigs — The CIA sends 1,500 Cuban exiles to invade Castro’s Cuba
in an operation called,”Mongoose” and intentionally allows the op to fail. President Kennedy fires CIA Director Allen Dulles.

Dominican Republic — The CIA assassinates Rafael Trujillo, a murderous dictator Washington has supported since 1930.  Trujillo’s business interests have grown so large (about 60 percent of the economy) that they have begun competing with American business interests so the government Mafia whacked him.

Ecuador — The CIA-backed military forces the democratically elected President Jose Velasco to resign. Vice President Carlos Arosemana replaces him; the CIA fills the now vacant vice presidency with its own man.  Motis operandi.

Congo (Zaire) — The CIA assassinates the democratically elected Patrice Lumumba.  However, public support for Lumumba’s politics runs so high that the CIA cannot clearly install his opponents in power. 


Dominican Republic — The CIA overthrows the democratically elected Juan Bosch in a military coup installing a repressive junta.  

Ecuador — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows President Arosemana, whose independent (not socialist) policies have become unacceptable to Washington.  That will not do!  

A military junta takes power and cancels the 1964 elections  and a horrible period tyranny commences.

This is how the New World Order rolls.  You won’t find true explanations like this in history books, folks.   Keep reading.


Brazil — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows the democratically elected government of Joao Goulart. The junta that replaces it will, in the next two decades, become one of the most bloodthirsty in history.

General Castelo Branco will create Latin America’s first death squads, or bands of secret police who hunt down “communists” for torture, interrogation and murder. Often these “communists” are no more than Branco’s political opponents. Later it is revealed that the CIA trains the death squads.

No wonder Skull and Bones is called, The Brotherhood of Death.


Indonesia — The CIA overthrows the democratically elected Sukarno with a military coup. The CIA has been trying to eliminate Sukarno since 1957, using everything from attempted assassination to sexual intrigue, for nothing more than his declaring neutrality in the Cold War. His successor, General Suharto, will massacre between 500,000 to 1 million civilians accused of being “communist.” The CIA supplies the names of countless suspects.

Dominican Republic — A popular rebellion breaks out, promising to reinstall Juan Bosch as the country’s elected leader. The revolution is crushed when U.S. Marines land to uphold the military regime by force. The CIA directs everything behind the scenes.

Greece — With the CIA’s backing, the king removes George Papandreous as prime minister. Papandreous failed to support U.S. interests in Greece.
You can’t do that.

Congo (Zaire) — A CIA-backed military coup installs Mobutu Sese Seko as dictator, who exploits the desperately poor country for billions, ruling with a
repressive iron fist.   Are you beginning to see a pattern, ladies and gentlemen?


The Ramparts Affair — The magazine Ramparts begins a series of unprecedented articles exposing CIA corruption. Among them, the CIA paid the University of Michigan $25 million dollars to hire “professors” to train South Vietnamese students in covert police methods.

MIT and other universities received similar payments. Ramparts also reveals that the National Students’ Association is a CIA front.  Students are sometimes recruited through blackmail and bribery, including draft deferments.


Greece — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows the government two days before the elections.   The favorite to win was George Papandreous, remember him?   That didn’t take long did it?

During the next six years, CIA puppet “colonels” reigned over Greece as the globalists raped and pillaged the people with murderous intensity.

Backed by the CIA, the regime conducted the widespread use of torture and murder against political opponents.

When a Greek ambassador objects to President Johnson about U.S. plans for Cypress, President Johnson tells him: “Fuck your parliament and your constitution.” 

This is how the New World Order rolls.

Operation PHEONIX — The CIA helps South Vietnamese agents murder Viet Cong leaders. According to a 1971 congressional report, this operation killed about 20,000 “Viet Cong.”


Operation CHAOS — Forget about Snowden the NSA whistleblower, the CIA has been illegally spying on American citizens since 1959, but with Operation CHAOS, President Johnson dramatically increased the effort in 1968.

CIA agents go undercover as student radicals to spy on and disrupt campus organizations protesting the Vietnam War. They are searching for Russian instigators, which they never find. CHAOS will eventually spy on 7,000 individuals and 1,000 organizations.

Bolivia — A CIA-organized military operation captures legendary guerilla
Che Guevara who is then executed by the Bolivian government.


Uruguay — Notorious CIA torturer Dan Mitrione arrives in Uruguay and convinces leaders to routinely use torture to extract information from opposition groups.  This becomes a widespread practice.

“The precise pain, in the precise place, in the precise amount, for the desired effect,” was his motto.  The torture techniques he teaches to the death squads rival the Nazis’. He is so feared that revolutionaries will kidnap and murder him a year later.


Cambodia — The CIA overthrows Prince Sahounek, a  popular leader for keeping them out of the Vietnam War. He is replaced by CIA puppet Lon Nol, who immediately throws Cambodian troops into battle.

This move strengthens minor opposition parties like the Khmer Rouge, who achieves power in 1975 and massacres millions of its own people.

The Brother hood of Death loves it this way.


Bolivia — After half a decade of CIA-inspired political turmoil, a CIA-backed military coup overthrows President Juan Torres.

The replacement puppet, dictator Hugo Banzer will have over 2,000 political opponents arrested without trial, then tortured, raped and executed.

Haiti — “Papa Doc” Duvalier dies, leaving his 19-year old son “Baby Doc” as the new dictator of Haiti continuing his father’s bloody reign with the full blessing of the CIA.


Watergate Break-in — President Nixon sends in a team of burglars to wiretap Democratic offices at Watergate.

The team members have extensive CIA histories, including James McCord, E. Howard Hunt and five of the Cuban burglars.

They work for the Committee to Reelect the President, the organization that did the dirty work disrupting Democratic campaigns and laundering Nixon’s illegal campaign contributions.

CREEP’s activities were funded and organized by another CIA front, the Mullen Company.


Salvador Allende, Latin America’s first democratically elected leader nationalizes American-owned firms in Chile.

After ITT offers the CIA $1 million for a coup, Allende is assassinated and replaced by the sadistic, genocidal general Augusto Pinochet, who will torture and slaughter thousands of his own people.  

CIA begins bogus, laughable internal investigations.

William Colby, Deputy Director orders all CIA personnel to report any and all illegal activities they know about.   This information is eventually reported to Congress in the Church hearings in 1977.

Watergate Scandal — The CIA’s collaborator, The Washington Post, reports Nixon’s crimes long before any other newspaper takes up the subject.

Woodward and Bernstein, make almost no mention of the CIA’s many fingerprints all over the scandal.   It is later revealed that Woodward was a Naval intelligence briefer to the White House, and knows many important intelligence figures, including General Alexander Haig. His main source,
“Deep Throat,” is probably one of those.

We of course now know that former FBI Associate Director Mark Felt was Woodward and Bernstein’s “Deep Throat”. 

President Nixon fires CIA Director Richard Helms for failing to cover up the Watergate scandal and appoints William Colby as Director.


CHAOS exposed — Seymour Hersh publishes a story about Operation CHAOS, the domestic surveillance and infiltration of anti-war and civil rights groups in the U.S. The story sparks national outrage. 

Angleton fired — Congress holds hearings on the illegal domestic spying efforts of James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s chief of counterintelligence.  His efforts included mail-opening campaigns and secret surveillance of war protesters. The hearings result in his dismissal from the CIA.

House clears CIA in Watergate — The House of Representatives clears the CIA of any complicity in Nixon’s Watergate break-in despite the fact that the CIA’s fingerprints are all over Watergate.     


Australia — The CIA helps topple the democratically elected, left-leaning government of Prime Minister Edward Whitlam. The CIA does this by giving an ultimatum to its Governor-General, John Kerr. Kerr, a longtime CIA collaborator, exercises his constitutional right to dissolve the Whitlam government.

The Governor-General is a largely ceremonial position appointed by the Queen; the Prime Minister is democratically elected. The use of this archaic and never-used law stuns the nation.

Angola — Eager to demonstrate American military resolve after its defeat in Vietnam, Henry Kissinger launches a CIA-backed war in Angola. Contrary to Kissinger’s assertions, Angola is a country of little strategic importance and not seriously threatened by communism.

The CIA backs the brutal leader of UNITAS, Jonas Savimbi. This polarizes Angolan politics and drives his opponents into the arms of Cuba and the Soviet Union for survival. Congress will cut off funds in 1976, but the CIA is able to run the war off the books until 1984, when funding is legalized again. This entirely pointless war kills over 300,000 Angolans.

“The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence” — Victor Marchetti and John Marks publish this whistle-blowing history of CIA crimes and abuses. Marchetti has spent 14 years in the CIA, eventually becoming an executive assistant to the Deputy Director of Intelligence. Marks has spent five years as an intelligence official in the State Department.

“Inside the Company” — Philip Agee publishes a diary of his life inside the CIA. Agee has worked in covert operations in Latin America during the 60s, and details the crimes in which he took part.

Congress investigates CIA wrong-doing — Public outrage compels Congress to hold hearings on CIA crimes. Senator Frank Church heads the Senate investigation (“The Church Committee”), and Representative Otis Pike heads the House investigation. (Despite a 98 percent incumbency reelection rate, both Church and Pike are defeated in the next elections.)

The investigations lead to a number of reforms intended to increase the

CIA’s accountability to Congress, including the creation of a standing Senate committee on intelligence.   The reforms prove ineffective.  It turns out the
CIA can control, deal with or usurp Congress with ease.

The Rockefeller Commission — In an attempt to reduce the damage done by the Church Committee, President Ford creates the “Rockefeller Commission” to whitewash CIA history and propose bogus reforms.

Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, was himself a major CIA figure.  Five of the commission’s eight members are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations who dominates the CIA and dictates U.S. State Department activity.


Iran —  The Shah of Iran, a longtime CIA puppet is overthrown by
Muslim fundamentalists who are furious at the CIA’s backing of SAVAK, the Shah’s bloodthirsty secret police. In revenge, the Muslims take 52 Americans hostage in the U.S. embassy in Tehran. 

Afghanistan — The Soviets invade Afghanistan. The CIA immediately begins supplying arms to any faction willing to fight the occupying Soviets. Such indiscriminate arming means that when the Soviets leave Afghanistan, civil war will erupt.

El Salvador — An idealistic group of young military officers, repulsed by the massacre of the poor, overthrows the right-wing government. 

However, the U.S. compels the inexperienced officers to include many of the old guard in key positions in their new government.   It is not long before the military government is repressing and killing the poor civilian protesters.

Nicaragua — Anastasios Samoza II, the CIA-backed dictator is overthrown by the Sandinistas, who take over government.  They are initially quite popular because of their commitment to anti-poverty reforms.

Samozas murderous and hated personal army was called the National Guard. Remnants of the Guard become the Contras, who engage in a CIA-backed guerilla war against the Sandinista government throughout the 1980s that involved drug and gun running much like we have in recent times with Operation Fast And Furious and


El Salvador — The Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero, pleads with President Carter “Christian to Christian” to stop aiding the military government slaughtering his people. Carter refuses. Shortly afterwards, right-wing leader Roberto D’Aubuisson has Romero shot through the heart while saying Mass. The country soon dissolves into civil war, with the peasants in the hills fighting against the military government.

The CIA and U.S. Armed Forces supply the government with overwhelming military and intelligence superiority. CIA-trained death squads roam the countryside, committing atrocities like that of El Mazote in 1982, where they massacre between 700 and 1000 men, women and children. By 1992, some 63,000 Salvadorans will be killed.


Iran/Contra Begins — The CIA sells arms to Iran at high prices, using the profits to arm the Contras fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. President Reagan vows that the Sandinistas will be “pressured” until “they say ‘uncle.’”

The CIA’s Freedom Fighter’s Manual disbursed to the Contras includes instruction on economic sabotage, propaganda, extortion, bribery, blackmail, interrogation, torture, murder and political assassination.  

The CIA create Tim Osman, AKA Osama Bin Laden.   FBI COINTELPRO kingpin Ted Gunderson sells Bin Laden stinger missiles to help fight the Soviets.


Honduras — The CIA gives Honduran military officers the Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual – 1983, which teaches how to torture people. Honduras’ notorious “Battalion 316” then uses these techniques, with the CIA’s full knowledge, on thousands of leftist dissidents. At least 184 are murdered.


The Boland Amendment cuts of CIA aid to the contras. CIA Director William Casey hands off the operation to Colonel Oliver North, who illegally continues supplying the Contras through the CIA’s informal, secret, and self-financing network.


Eugene Hasenfus — Nicaragua shoots down a C-123 transport plane carrying military supplies to the Contras. The lone survivor, Eugene Hasenfus, turns out to be a CIA employee, as are the two dead pilots. The airplane belongs to Southern Air Transport, a CIA front.

The incident makes a mockery of President Reagan’s claims that the CIA is not illegally arming the Contras.

Iran/Contra Scandal — Although the details have long been known, the Iran/Contra scandal finally captures the media’s attention in 1986.

Congress holds hearings, and several key figures (like Oliver North) lie under oath to protect the CIA black op.   CIA Director William Casey died of cancer before Congress could question him.   All the reforms enacted by Congress after the scandal are purely window dressing.

Haiti — Rising popular revolt in Haiti means that “Baby Doc” Duvalier will remain “President for Life” only if he has a short one.

The U.S., which hates instability in a puppet country, flies the despotic Duvalier to the South of France for a comfortable retirement.

The CIA then rigs the upcoming elections in favor of another military strongman, but violence keeps the country in political turmoil for four years. The CIA tries to strengthen the military by creating the National Intelligence Service, which suppresses popular revolt through niceties such as torture and assassination.


Panama — The U.S. invades Panama to overthrow one of their own dictators, General Manuel Noriega.   Noriega was on the CIA payroll since 1966 and transporting drugs with the CIA’s knowledge since 1972.   By the late 80s, Noriega’s growing independence angered Washington so… out he went!


Haiti — Competing against 10 wealthy candidates, priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide captures 68 percent of the vote.  But after eight months in power
the CIA-backed military deposes him.

A succession of military dictators further brutalize the country.  Thousands of Haitian refugees escape the turmoil in makeshift rafts and leaky boats.
As popular opinion calls for Aristide’s return, the CIA begins a disinformation campaign painting the courageous priest as mentally unstable.   Haiti has been under harsh tyranny to this day.


The Gulf War — The U.S. liberates Kuwait from Iraq. But Iraq’s dictator, Saddam Hussein, is another creature of the CIA.

With U.S. encouragement, Hussein invaded Iran in 1980. During this costly eight-year war, the CIA built up Hussein’s forces with sophisticated arms, intelligence, training and financial backing.

This cemented Hussein’s power at home, allowing him to crush the many internal rebellions that erupted from time to time, sometimes with poison gas. Saddam Hussein was then tricked by CIA disinformation, falsely believing the U.S. would not take action if Iraq invaded.  This was a very serious miscalculation.

The Bogus Fall of the Soviet Union — The CIA intentionally fails to predict the most important event of the Cold War.  The fall of the Soviet Union leads to the Hegelian War on Terror.


Economic Espionage — In the years following the end of the Cold War, the CIA increasingly used economic espionage.   This involves stealing the technological secrets of competing foreign companies and giving them to American ones.   Given the CIA’s clear preference for dirty tricks over mere information gathering, the possibility of serious criminal behavior is very great indeed.


Haiti — The festering chaos in Haiti leads to a US invasion.  The U.S. occupiers do not arrest Haiti’s military leaders for the many crimes against humanity, but instead ensure their safety and rich retirements.  Aristide is returned to power after being forced to accept an agenda favorable to the country’s ruling class.

In a speech before the CIA celebrating its 50th anniversary, President Clinton said: “By necessity, the American people will never know the full story of your courage.”

Clinton’s is a common defense of the CIA: namely, the American people should stop criticizing the CIA because they don’t know what it really does; like assisting the Mossad in creating the False Flag terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

The CIA’s secrecy and lack of accountability allows its corruption to grow unchecked.  Propaganda in the movies lifts the courage and patriotic image of the CIA to new heights with popular stars like Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington playing honest, likeable CIA agents.

Having known my close friend former CIA agent Barbara Hartwell since 2011,
I have personally learned a great deal about the agency, it’s history and the current state of affairs toppling regimes and installing puppet dictators. 
These dictators literally sell their people a bill of goods, claiming that loans
to the globalists will lead their impoverished countries to economic prosperity.   Of course, this never occurs.  

As the CIA propped up dictators rape and pillage whatever wealth exists and work in concert with the World Bank to bankrupt their own nations.

These dictators are of course greatly rewarded for selling their country and bask in immense wealth as their people are thrown further into poverty into debt slavery.  

Below is a chart illustrating countries that were, or are, under a Military dictatorship while being members of the IMF/World Bank.  These nations have incurred mega-billion dollar debts leaving the country facing 15 to 95 times more debt compared to their debts prior to IMF support.  

This has happened all across Africa, South America, the Middle East and Far East.   Textbook.

It makes me think of the $700 billion dollar “really big number”
bankster bailouts of 2008, where America made additional commitments of about
$12.2 trillion and spent $2.5 trillion.

Since 2001, Our National Debt has increased by more than 300%.  This is due to wasteful spending, bloated budgets that if broken down in terms of individual’s own finances would be unsustainable. 
Of course the government has a private printing press owned by the privately held Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate.  

Here is the official U.S. debt chart since 9/30/01 through 9/30/2012 and the current real time debt clock below.  Bear in mind that since President Ford the US National Debt has almost tripled from $6,535,400,000 to nearly $18 trillion and rising.   


Obama increased the National Debt more than all other presidents combined.  This of course is part of the “transformation” of America from an economic powerhouse to a bankrupt third world totalitarian socialist state, much like the dictatorial regimes propped up by U.S. foreign policy since World War II.  Of course, the Illuminati international banksters are behind all of this.

The nails hammering into America’s coffin began with the creation of the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate and their Mafia-esque collection agency, the IRS.  That  same year, 1913, the oligarch’s tasked their minions in congress to create  the great “Philanthropic” Tax Exempt foundations.

Soon after, the great depression, then the confiscation of American’s gold in 1934.  Due to the “war effort” during World War II, the government imposed a “temporary” income tax on all Americans, not just the uber-wealthy which all Americans still enjoy to this day.   

Then there are the costly social welfare programs schemes of the 1960’s and again, the “temporary” removal of the gold standard by “Honest Dick” Nixon in 1971, and the creation of the EPA and other collectivist agencies designed not to help the environment, but to stifle small business in favor of Big Business objectives like the big box stores we also enjoy today.

How about the $22 trillion of unfunded liabilities we are currently facing, now worsened even more by the unsustainable nightmare of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which is neither affordable nor will it improve medical care.

In fact millions will die and receive substandard care.  There are simply not enough doctors, or nurses to handle the patient flow.  Obamacare works part in parcel with the Club of Rome global depopulation agenda.

Then there are the United Nations Agenda 21 protocols that U.S. courts enforce against US corporations like Gibson Guitars who were fined $1,000,000 for purchasing wood in Madagascar and (heavens to Betsy) produced in the U.S.A (by American workers) which violates UN treaties.  How about that outrageousness?   Or the NAFTA and GATT frauds. 

Now the new an emerging threat, TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP which touts free trade but once again creates a clear imbalance against America.   Why do Our leaders support initiatives that weaken America and Our piece of the world pie?   Because that is the agenda the secret societies are using to usher in the New World Order when America will be at its weakest point.  

This insidious ongoing plan continues ravaging America as Our leaders lie and claim to be working to improve thing while they are intentionally causing the damage.  Bush did it.  Clinton did it.  So did GHW Bush.  So did Reagan, Carter, Ford and Nixon.  Let’s not forget Johnson.  

JFK was truly the last real president in Our history who truly worked to improve the lives of all Americans and help Our country thrive against the constant purges of the New World Order.  

Is that enough to see how these elitists at the traitorous Council On Foreign Relations and the United Nations have infiltrated Our government with “one worlders” working to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and institute the New World Order?  Or do you need more proof?

How about Our Presidents and congressman lying and platforming for 40 years that they will stop the loopholes that send good paying U.S. jobs oversees as outsourcing not only continues, but increases.  US wages remain stagnant with high unemployment while multi-national corporate profits soar.

Add to this Our $18 trillion National Debt, 93,000,000 Americans not working and more than 100,000,000 receiving some form of government aid, millions of homeless vets and the V.A. nightmare to name a few. 

This is without mention of the communist transfer of payments (wealth) where the productive sector funds the unproductive sector.

American as devolves to a dumbed down Common Core communist indoctrination system called education with prison system profiteers incarcerating  more Americans more that China, Russia and North Korea combined. 

What is wrong with this picture?  

If you still believe in the American Dream you need to take a look at how it is intentionally being “transformed” into the American Nightmare.   For the American Dream to once again flourish and not be a mythological propaganda operation we must impeach all of the treasonous politicians calling for globalism, open borders, the North American Union and the United Nations.  


We must also end all of these un-fair Free Trade deals, end the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate and the IRS and return to a Constitutional Republic that limits government and protects the rights of the people, not a government that increasingly grows in alignment with Our National debt and strips away individual freedom for collectivist goals while reducing the standard of living of all Americans.   Our politicians are sellouts.   There efforts no longer help Our country but further destroy it.  

The New World Order propagandists have conditioned the average American to accept the socialist transformation of America as a natural and organic occurrence.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Here is an interview with Norman Dodd in 1982 describing how since their founding, the Tax exempt Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Rockefeller Foundation have worked to create a totalitarian socialist world government via wars and control of education, which is what we have now with COMMON CORE (Communist Core). 

J.D. Rockefeller was famously quoted in 1903 when talking with President Roosevelt that America needed workers, not thinkers.  This has been the goal of the international global elite ever since and continues to this day.

But most American know little or nothing about this, or the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights, or Our true history because they are not taught the truth in school.   Schools stick to a formatted curriculum published by companies under their control.  

Research the Anglo-Dutch holding company, “Reed Elsevier” to learn more.  Their holdings include 15,000 newspapers and magazines including CELL and LANCET as well as cable companies and the publishers of common core education materials and books taught in medical school.  This truth is a HUGE part of the conspiracy to not only control public opinion and belief systems, but to control them.  

The Illuminati controlled puppets are using Our long held beliefs against us.  Land of the Free home of the Brave, the land of opportunity and so on as a rallying cry.  Sure, third worlders want in to America through Our open borders, for America still leads the world in standard of living, economy and so on, but this lead is quickly diminishing.  The indisputable fact is that America is incrementally declining both morally and economically and is starting to look like most other Western countries.

The oligarch’s goal is to level the playing field.  No country can be a true super power in the global elite Super-State of the New World Order and that is why for almost 50 years America has declined.  Still, the long held belief system held by most Americans regarding Our Nation is deeply flawed.  In truth, America is on life-support and the globalists are ready to pull the plug.

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