June 8, 2023





By Howard Nema

100 years ago, Argentina was one of the richest countries in the world, having the world’s second most powerful economy.   

Buenos Aires (1925)

Argentina is a paradise with beautiful white sand beaches, abundant natural resources and rich, fertile farmland laced with many rivers, majestic waterfalls, vistas and ports.

At the time, its level of industrialization was higher than many European countries.   Railroads, automobiles, telephones and all the then-modern accoutrements were plentiful.

In 1916, Freemason Hipolito Irigoyen founded a progressive political party called, The Radicals.

How’s that for being blunt?    No attempt at disguising Irigoyen’s political views there.  


The stealth modus operandi of destroying countries by design is a signature trademark of the Masonic secret societies working for the New World Order.

Hipolitio Irigoyen certainly helped to further the cause.

Hipolito Irigoyen was born in Buenos Aires and taught school before entering politics.   He became a Freemason in 1882 and was elected president under the banner of “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE”, appealing to the middle class.  

Wow, how interesting.    So . . . unique– Not.

What is interesting is the fact that Barrack Hussein Obama is also a Freemason forwarding The Great Work.

What is most interesting is the similarities of both their campaign slogan messages and their political agendas.     Among Irigoyen’s changes:  Mandatory pension insurance, mandatory health insurance, and support for low-income housing construction to stimulate the economy. In fact, on the surface, this all doesn’t sound so bad, does it?  All good things, right?   Yes.  Except of course, for the now familiar term, mandatory.  And of course, how to pay for it.  

But like the Affordable Care Act, which is neither affordable nor offers quality care, the devil is in the details.    

The same was true with Irigoyen’s transformation of Argentina.  And all the attempted “transformations” using socialism as cover for crony capitalist collectivism. 

Socialism is an elitist scam to enslave mankind.

America is and has been for decades following the same path to financial ruin and social chaos.   

The writing is on the wall.  (1/13/18 NOTE: Like him or hate him, President Trump seems to have read the writing on the wall and has so far done what no politician has done in my lifetime, kept every promise he made to the American People.)


The State assumed economic control of Argentina and began assessing new payroll-taxes to fund its social welfare efforts.

With an increasing flow of funds into these entitlement programs, the government’s payouts soon became overly generous.  

HN NOTE: Like giving poor folks cellphones.  I guess rent-subsidies, food-stamps and welfare payments aren’t enough, right?  

It wasn’t long before spending exceeded taxpayers’ contributions.   Much like social security, medicare and welfare, Irigoyen’s programs quickly became unfunded liabilities.


The death knell for the Argentine economy came with the election of fascist dictator Juan Peron.  He and his charismatic wife, a former prostitute named Eva, captivated the Argentine sheople.

The pair aimed their negative rhetoric at the nation’s rich, as they lived as King and Queen, like chronic vacationers, Barrack Hussein and Michelle Obama.   

“Let them eat cake!”
Not surprisingly, the Peron’s targeted group swiftly widened and expanded to cover most of the middle class, who became yet another the enemy to be defeated and humiliated to “save the poor.”

This concept is of course used to this day by the elite to keep the herd divided.   Progressives, Fascists, Nazis and Communists have always exploited the resentment of the poor against the wealthy to gain control over them.

Under progressive dictator Juan Peron, government bureaucracies exploded with programs comprised of massive social welfare spending and encouraging the growth of labor unions.  

MADONNA worshiping Baphomet during
the half-time ritual at the Superbowl

Eva Peron was famously portrayed by Kabbalist Madonna in the Hollywood adaptation of the smash hit musical, EVITA.  Eva Peron died of cancer in 1952.

As with so many fascist dictators and communists of both the past and present, Juan Peron was praised in the media and graced the cover of TIME magazine many times.    

In fact, Argentina and Peron were very accommodating to Nazis fleeing justice. Examples of Nazis who relocated to Argentina include Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, former Commandant of Sobibor and Treblinka death camps Franz Stangl, German industrialist Ludwig Freude, and SS-Hauptsturmführer Klaus Barbie among many others.

To this day, there is still is a large population of Nazi off-springs who call Argentina home.  

For more information on this, read:

“Nazism’s Last Stand: The evil we are fighting abroad has found an American sanctuary in Argentina”by Edward Tomlinson (Collier’s Weekly Magazine, September 2, 1944, pp. 24-26 PDF) 

The controlled mainstream media has always worshiped Progressivism, Socialism and Communism, propping up the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao and other genocidal tyrants until public opinion against these demons forced a revised view.

In Argentina, high taxes and the ever-rising cost of big government took their inevitable toll even after dictator Juan Peron was driven from office on September 21, 1955.

During the 1970s, Licio Gelli, Grand Master of the P2 Lodge known as Propaganda Due, a clandestine lodge that was expelled from the Grande Oriente d’Italia Masonic organization, brokered oil and arms deals between Libya, Italy and Argentina through the Agency for Economic Development, which he co-owned with Umberto Ortolani.

As grand master of the P2 Masonic Lodge, Propaganda Due, Gelli assumed a major role in Operation Gladio’s “strategy of tension” in Italy, starting with the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing.

Gladio was a pure Black-Op clandestine operation sponsored by the CIA and NATO to counter communist influence in Western European countries by conducting false flag terror operations in Italy. 

In 1971 Licio Gelli was charged with participating in a coup attempt against the Italian government, in collusion with Army intelligence.

Investigations later associated Gelli with the poisoning of Pope John Paul I, who sought to rout out Vatican corruption and was murdered only 33 days after taking office.  

The number 33 of course has great Masonic significance.   Indeed, there was rampant corruption at the Vatican (and still is) including the Banco Ambrosiano scandal, which ended with the murder of banker Roberto Calvi.

Calvi was found hanging from the Blackfriars Bridge in London, a punishment in accordance with Masonic tradition for adepts who reveal Masonic secrets.

Few people in the world were linked to so many conspiracies such as the boss of the P2 Masonic Lodge.  Another P2 Lodge member is Michele Sindona, a banker with clear connections to the Mafia.   

In 1972, Sindona purchased a controlling interest in Long Island’s Franklin National Bank.   Two years later, the bank collapsed.     Convicted in 1980 in the USA, Sindona was extradited to Italy where he was poisoned in his cell while serving a life sentence in 1982.  

On March 17, 1981, a police raid on Licio Gelli’s villa in Arezzo led to the discovery of a list of 962 persons composed of Italian military officers and civil servants which led to the discovery of the covert P2 lodge in 1981.  Michele Sindona was on the list.  

The P2 lodge still exudes great power in Italy with prominent members like top TV anchor-man Maurizio Costanzo and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

In 1990, RAI Television reported the CIA had paid Gelli to foment terrorist activities in Italy.  Following this report, which exposed CIA involvement in the assassination of the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme and President Francesco Cossiga.   Of course, the CIA denied all of these allegations.

In 1992 16 members of the P2 Masonic Lodge were arrested for conspiracy against the state, espionage, and revealing state secrets.  

In April 1994, Gelli received a 17-year sentence, but the court threw out the charges that P2 members conspired against the state.   How nice.

On November 23, 1995, an Italian court convicted Gelli of obstructing investigations in relation to the Bologna train station bombing in 1980. 

Switzerland eventually agreed to extradite him to Italy, but stipulations connected to his extradition prevented him from serving any time.   

Two years later, an appeal court threw out Gelli’s conviction.

On July 19, 2005, Gelli was formally indicted by for the murder of Roberto Calvi.

In his statement before the court, Gelli blamed people connected with Calvi’s work in financing the Polish Solidarity movement on behalf of the Vatican.  

He was accused of having provoked Calvi’s death in order to punish him for having embezzled money owed to him and the Mafia.

The Mafia also wanted to prevent Calvi from revealing how the bank had been used for money laundering.  Gelli’s name, however, was not in the final indictment at the trial that started in October 2005.

Gelli was also implicated in Aldo Moro’s murder by the Italian chief of intelligence, who was a P2 member.   In May 2009, the case against Gelli was dropped due to insufficient evidence against the Teflon Don.

A fugitive in Argentina for years, Gelli publicly declared on many occasions that he was a close friend of Juan Peron.

Several members of the Argentine military junta were also P2 members, such as Argentina’s interim president, Raul Alberto Lastiri, Emilio Massera, part of Jorge Videla’s 1976-78 military junta, and Jose Lopez Rega, the founder of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance.  

Gelli noted that he introduced Juan Peron to Masonry and that this friendship was of real importance for Italy.    He stated: “Peron was a Mason, I initiated him in Madrid in Puerta de Hierro, in June 1973.”
Grand Master of the P2 (Propaganda Due) Masonic Lodge Licio Gelli and Juan Peron being decorated by the Order of the Liberator San Martin in 1973

In the picture above, Juan Peron leans toward Grand Master, Licio Gelli to whisper in his ear.

Gelli was waiting with the silver hammer, the apron at the waist and the band with the symbol illustrated ceremonial Freemason compass and square.   

This secret Scottish Rite of the 33rd Degree initiation ceremony, a rite called the “Orecchio teacher” was granted to Peron, making him a member of the Supreme Council of the P2 Masonic Lodge.  

Peron’s influence during his third term as President of Argentina was spread through the P2 Lodge.

After Juan Peron’s death in July 1974, his body was placed in the Peron family tomb in Chacarita Cemetery in Buenos Aires.   

13 years after Peron’s death, in July 1987, his hands were severed and removed from his tomb along with his army cap and sword.  A ransom letter demanded $8 million for their return.   No ransom was paid, no suspect has ever been charged and Juan Peron’s hands have never been recovered.  By the way, the number 13 also has great significant in the Luciferian doctrines of Freemasonry.  

Many of those involved in the investigation of the disappearance of Peron’s hands have since died, some under very suspicious circumstances.

There is evidence that the theft had some sort of official support, as the robbers used a key to enter the tomb.  

In their book Unveiling the Enigma, writers Damian Nabot and David Cox note that the Masonic lodge P2 was behind in the theft, and that there was a Luciferian ritual involved in the cutting off of Peron’s hands.  

After Peron’s third reign ended in 1973, Argentina’s government continued to spend far beyond its means. 

Hyperinflation exploded in 1989, marking the end game of a process characterized by redistribution of income based on increased wages, and growing state intervention in the economy.  

God help us, this is indeed where America is heading.  

Albert Einstein said it best, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result”.     Indeed.  Unless of course, this is the plan.

By 1994, the Argentinean government’s practice of printing money to pay off its public debts had crushed the economy.    Inflation hit 3000%, reminiscent of the Weimar Republic in Germany in the 1920’s.

Food riots were rampant; stores were looted, and the country descended into chaos. 

(1/13/18 HN NOTE: As so in Argentina as is in Venezuela)

By 2001, Argentina’s public pensions had imploded.   Payroll taxes crept from 5% to 26%.

In addition, Argentina implemented a value-added tax (VAT), new income taxes, a personal tax on wealth, and additional revenues based upon the sale of public enterprises.   

More bogus proposals for a Value Added Tax are coming from globalist shill Al Gore, Leo Di Caprio and other New World Order climate change fraudsters. 

We should be learning from this, shouldn’t we?  Unfortunately, so far we are not.

Think about the current Carbon Tax scheme being proposed, and Obama’s EPA attack on coal.

In Argentina, these taxes crushed the private sector, further damaging the economy.
A government controlled “privatization” effort to rescue seniors’ pensions failed.   By 2001, those funds had also been raided by the government, the monies replaced by Argentina ‘s defaulted government bonds.


How many loans are outstanding against Social Security?  Can we ever pay them, or our other debts?

What about the $ trillions in unfunded liabilities?  

Or the $17 trillion National debt.    

Clearly, the objective is to destroy the U.S. economy.   And it’s working. 

How much more proof do you need?     How many more countries have to fall prey to these lecherous Vulture Fund IMF World Bankers before the world awakens to the truth about these nation killers?   

This is not rocket-science.   It’s reality.   Really, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.   Truth is for everyone.
So why are Americans and the world so unable to grasp this simple reality?   Well, denial is one thing, distraction by the demigods of the mass media mind control apparatus is another.

Then of course, there is the designed moral decay and gradual breakup of the family, the growing welfare state and the fact that most Americans who are actively working are working two, even three jobs to make ends meet.
Where is the time to notice, or research these things?  Well, you better find the time.  What about the 93 million Americans who are not working?   They are simply distracted and conditioned to accept Obama’s “new economy”.

Look, if you have time to watch Monday Night Football, Naked Dating and My Teen Mom social control propaganda, you can take some time learn how you are being complicit in your own servitude.   

In Argentina, government fiscal irresponsibility peaked by 2002, inducing a national economic crisis far worse than the 2008 collapse and as severe as the bankster induced Great Depression of the 1930-40’s.

The Progressive movement started by Hipolito Irigoyen, under the banner of “Fundamental Change” destroyed the economy of Argentina.  

This is what is on America’s horizon without a restoration of the Rule of Law and Constitutional government.   

The final destruction of freedom and opportunity under the guise of equality and prosperity.  

Universal health care, high taxes and government takeover of much of the economy ruined the prosperity that Argentina had enjoyed a century ago.

Should we not learn from this history? Maybe we should try to notice that there is an ongoing agenda to duplicate history.  Over and over. Country to country.   

Like in the predictive programming of the movie, Independence Day (1996) where the aliens go from planet to planet destroying civilizations, stealing the resources and moving on.

After Bill Pullman, who plays President Whitmore in the film, learns that there can be no peace with the aliens, he psychically realizes the true “hidden agenda” after reading the creature’s thoughts:


“I saw what they’re planning to do. They’re like locusts. They’re moving from planet to planet… Their whole civilization.  After they’ve consumed every natural resource they move on… And we’re next.”

The aliens in Independence Day are parasites who feed off the host.   The IMF, World Bank and the World Trade Organization are the equivalent of the aliens of Independence Day.   The Nation killers. 

Now, take a wild guess at which country these hegemonic parasites have chosen as the next host. 

Progressives, Socialists and Communists are bankster’s best friends and #1 customers, since the banksters fund all of their totalitarian schemes.   

What on the surface appears to be a display of compassion, tolerance and equality and good will for all, in actuality breeds hatred, violence tyranny and oppression.

Any ideology that moves America away from the Constitution and the founding principles will end in carnage and bloodshed.   

As history has told us, communists and socialists, “who always know what is best for their people,” have slaughtered any and all in opposition to their regimes.”    This fact is undeniable.   

Let’s take a quick look at this.  Topping the list of genocidal totalitarians by far is Chinese communist Mae Zedong (1949-76), who slaughtered 60 million of his own people.

 Dubbed, the ‘Great Helmsman’ and adored by the likes of high-level Freemasons David Rockefeller and Richard Nixon, was in fact the greatest mass murderer in history.

David Rockefeller in his essay, “A China Traveler” (1973), called Mao Zedong, “one of the greatest leaders in history.”

In fact, Mao was a dumb, inept peasant, who was initiated and schooled by Skull and Bonesmen into Freemasonry.  Fact.

Are you starting to see the picture?   It is coming into focus, yet? Most of Mao’s victims were his fellow Chinese, murdered as ‘landlords’ after the communist takeover, starved in his misnamed ‘Great Leap Forward’ of 1958-61, or killed and tortured in death camps during the 1960’s.  Mao’s rule spelled poverty for most of China’s population.  

Next in line would be Freemason Joseph Stalin (1929-53) whose Communist regime claimed 40 million victims.  
Lenin’s ultra-paranoid successor is the number 2 mass-murder.   
Stalin imposed a deliberate famine in the Ukraine and killed millions of the wealthier peasants called kulaks, forcing them off their land, and purging his own party, shooting thousands and sending millions more to work as slaves and perish in the Gulag.

As you can see, history paints a very slanted view.

Due to merciless cruelty of the Holocaust, Thule Society adept (member) Adolf Hitler (1933-45) gets the most press, but in reality, he is mass murderer #3, with just over 10 million.  

Between, Mao, Stalin and Hitler, over 110 million souls were slaughtered.  They were all Freemasons.

Therefore, anyone seeking to transform America into something it was not intended to be is a traitor and a threat to the Republic.

Anyone who willfully destroys their own country by intentionally causing it’s own destruction is an enemy of Our Republic and the American Dream.

Though Marxists profess to be working to achieve a prosperity and equality, history proves their acts only result in poverty and misery while the elite class flourish at the top. 

We are fighting collectivists.   Architects of poverty and economic slavery.   And they are very proficient at it. 

What we see happening today in America is the work of international thugs known as bankers.    The IMF and World Bank are designed to bankrupt nations and allow multinationals to rape and pillage the economies of the world.

What has been done in so many countries like Somalia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines is now happening here in America.

Of course, most Americans are not aware of this reality, but they can tell you the stats of any sports star and recite their favorite songs all while texting and driving at the same time.

For the most part, America is completely distracted and detached from reality.   We can thank pop culture, the government controlled lamestream media with their circus and bread displays that keep the population in check.

We only have to look to the recent past to see what looms ahead for America.
Argentina was one of the wealthiest countries in the world until the globalist vultures at the IMF used their Hegelian playbook to bankrupt them.

These crises were the result of a massive economic meltdown (sound familiar) which affected many countries by July 1997.    While America was by appearance, economically flourishing through the short lived dot.com boom, that too soon went bust.

In Indonesia, the reforms enforced by the IMF much worsened an already bad situation by causing bankruptcy to large sectors of the markets.

The IMF and the World Bank then ordered the Indonesian government to convert all their private debt owed to private banking institutions into public debt as part of their reconstruction policies. (How familiar does this sound?   Can you say BAILOUT?)  

This of course resulted in a drastic decrease in the incomes of much of the population.

(Am I hitting home yet?  Are you waking up?)

While they are professing to help troubled third world countries, the IMF, World Bank and the World Trade Organization are actually doing great economic harm.   They are economic hitmen.  

This sudden increase in the public debt of Indonesia caused a major decline in the social and economic development of the country as well as undermining all state policies and state support from the population.

This should be obvious, even to the most reluctant sheep lost in a fog of cognitive dissonance to see a pattern here.  
IMF  policies have caused further destruction within the countries that received “bailouts” and “aid”.   

Please wake up, these criminals are not done and America is on the list of countries to be eviscerated. 

If not for the tremendous wealth of the economic machine of the United States, we too would’ve been crushed as well by the Crash of ’08.    We are far from out of the woods, folks.

In fact, we have fallen out of the proverbial frying pan into the fire.

Heed my warning.  There is much more misery to come in America’s future unless we stop these repulsive parasites from stealing Our wealth as a Nation. America can not afford to rest on its laurels.   

Slowly, incrementally, the “American Dream” is being slaughtered by death from a thousand cuts.   The global crisis facing our world today is far more complex compared to the global issues experienced in the post-World War 2 period.   An attempt in the resolution of these current issues has resulted in only temporary stabilization of the global economy through the process of debt collection.   

Instead of helping with the reconstruction of economies, the degree of debt built up by countries destroys economic activity, like Obama’s collectivist eco-facist methods of carbon limitations in the name of “saving the earth” from the deathroes of the Global Warming/climate change fraud.

Climate change is simply another ploy to steal the wealth of the world and in the process transform America into a bankrupt, dependent, totalitarian socialist state.

The Machiavellian deceivers at the IMF and the World Bank implemented policies that have destroyed many nations in their efforts to “help”.   History clearly demonstrates that indeed, the exact opposite has occurred.  

This is called inversion:  Good is evil, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is strength, etc.

Instead of encouraging growth within vulnerable, developing economies, the IMF economic hitmen led to the destruction of state institutions, the disintegration of protective economic barriers and the impoverishment of large swaths of the population.

IMF policies played a major role in the increase of unemployment rates within developing countries as their partners, the Federal Reserve has done here in America.

As local industries are destroyed by harsh economic policies, international corporations grasp the opportunity to invade the markets.   In order for multinational corporations to expand their operations in countries, they destroy small, local businesses by dominating markets.   Wal-Mart and Home Depot come to mind as two examples.

In turn, these small businesses are forced to either support these global corporations through producing for them or run the risk of going bankrupt.

This leads to the destruction of domestic economies.  For instance, as agricultural producers are phased out by Monsatan and other GMO multinationals, their work forces are forced to join the unemployed.

Now, in fairness, some of the problems faced by countries like Somalia and Indonesia were already present before any intervention of the IMF and the World Bank occurred.  

However, it is a fact that the IMF and World Bank have worsened, not helped the present problems and have also caused new issues to arise.  Another area where the IMF and the World Bank have managed to cause more destruction than reconstruction is through failed attempts at state intervention in order to curb corruption within government organizations.  This is a complete joke, the foxes guarding the hen house.

These so-called development policies encourage corruption and destroy any successful state policies in their wake.    We can see that here in America with our bloated, ineffective government regulatory agencies that favor the multinationals over We the People.

The Structural Adjustment Programs implemented by the IMF and the World Bank were supposed to provide countries in economic crisis with positive solutions to aid development by determining the direction of a country’s reconstruction policies through implementing “currency devaluation, fiscal reform, the removal of tariff and import quotas and price control liberalization.

These are the same bogus eco-disasaterous policies that are now being implemented here in America.

The Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) contributed to the destabilization of national currencies and further degradation of the world economy leading to famines, the closure of schools as well as health institutions, and the resurgence of infectious diseases in several regions of developing countries.

The Ebola outbreak in Africa is a prime example.    It has been projected that over one million Africans will become infected by January, 2015.   

Dr. Gil Mobley, a physican in Missouri believes the CDC is lying about the threat posed by Ebola and staged a protest at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to expose it. 

Mobely noted, “for months, doctors in my community — since we had a meeting six weeks ago have been convinced that the United States will be importing clusters regularly.

Right now, on the continent of West Africa, there are a million people in isolation, in quarantine, because of Ebola, and ten thousand passengers leave West Africa every single day. It’s just a matter of time before this disease is carried to every corner of the world.”

Dr. Mobely also stated, “that disease (Ebola) is going to consume every third world country on the planet, and then we will be importing these clusters on a regular basis. I have no question that we will be able to stomp out this cluster in Dallas, but what happens when it happens on a weekly basis?

Already the Dallas Health Department is overwhelmed; they’re flying people to Atlanta. I don’t care how advanced any industrialized nation is, there is a threshold where we will outstretch the resources and it becomes uncontrolled.”  

The Club of Rome depopulation fanatics must be dancing across their Satanic altars.


Even though the stated primary goal of the World Bank was poverty reduction and environmental protection, its efforts have proven to be exactly the opposite.  

Like the United Nations, who speak peace and make war.

Support of environmental projects have increased the process of deforestation and further destruction of the natural environment resulting in less arable land to sustain the agricultural communities. 

Structural Adjustment Programs have become a type of economic “genocide”, which relates to the mass destruction of world economies, encouraged by the IMF and World Bank manipulation of the markets.

In 1997, Indonesia was one of the many countries that were severely affected by the East-Asian crisis. The IMF and World Bank intervened to try and relieve the situation through the implementation of Structural Adjustment Programs but these institutions just aggravated the situation further as well as introduced new complications.

The East Asian crisis was a result of a massive economic meltdown which affected many countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia by July 1997.   Socialist reforms enforced by the IMF worsened the situation by causing bankruptcy to large sectors of the markets and entrepreneurs within Indonesia.

The IMF and the World Bank then instructed the Indonesian government the convert all their private debt owed to private banking institutions into public debt as part of their reconstruction policies which resulted in a drastic decrease in the incomes of much of the population.   (Sound familiar?)

This sudden increase in the public debt of Indonesia caused a major decline in the social and economic development of the country as well as undermining all state policies and state support from the population. This is a clear illustration on how the IMF adjustment policies have caused further destruction within the countries that received its “aid”. 

It is quite clear that Bretton Woods has had disastrous affects in developing countries. Bretton Woods conference reconstructed global economies after the destruction caused by World War 2.

The IMF and the World Bank was established to help with the reconstruction process and relieve poverty in many developing countries.   

However, the original intentions of these institutions of these institutions were never achieved.   As defined in the examples of Somalia, Indonesia and Malaysia, the reforms implemented by the IMF and the World Bank have been economically disasterous, most recently in Argentina.


Argentina President Cristina Fernandez, recently spoke to the U.N. General Assembly and exposed the Nation killers at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, who enslave and bankrupt entire nations.  President Fernandez also spoke of the constant changing definition of what is a terrorist.

As described in previous blogs, this seems to be a true international issue, since law enforcement and the media won’t call the Muslim beheadings of an 82 year old British grandmother in the UK, or 2 Christians in New Jersey or in the most recent beheading in Oklahoma acts of terror, or even  hate crimes, or civil rights violations, rather calling it workplace violence.  

This is a very serious international issue, folks.  

President Fernandez is rightfully concerned.   As she should be.

When Monsanto arrived in Argentina in 1996 with the first of its Genetically Modified crops, Round-Up Ready soy beans, it made attractive promises to Argentine farmers.

The Round-Up Ready soy bean has a special gene making it resistant to Monsanto’s powerful Round-Up pesticide which kills virtually everything else that grows.

Monsanto pitched its genetically modified technology as a means to make soy farming cheaper and easier.     Farmers would only have to use only one pesticide, Round-Up Ready.    Yields would be higher and costs lower.

Of course, as with all things New World Order, the opposite occurred . . . on purpose.

Less than six years after the country decided to go GMO, Jorge Eduardo Rulli, one of Argentina’s leading agronomists noted:  “Our brief history of submission to the world bio-technology giants has been so disastrous that we fervently hope other Latin American nations will take it as an example of what not to do.” 

Argentine farmers were captivated by the slick sales talk.   About 90 per cent agreed to adopt the technology, giving Monsanto more business in Argentina than in the US.   

The same sales pitch was made to poor farmers in India, who were bamboozled into taking loans to purchase GMO seeds and grow chemicals.   

By the time the ether wore off most farmers realized they been sold a bill of goods.    In India, the result was 3 straight failed crops seasons, death and economic destruction. 

Without crops to pay the loans, the banks foreclosed on thousands of farms, leaving the farmers with only expensive Monsanto pesticide to poison themselves.   You read that right. 

Things are so bad that in India, up to 1,000 farmers per month commit suicide as a protest by consuming the same deadly toxic chemical pesticide sold to them by Monsanto.

You cannot make this stuff up.  

Despite the fact that every farmer knows they will die horrible, painful deaths, they continue to drink the Monsanto poison and commit suicide as a protest.   

Where is the news at 11?  

Fah-get-about-it.   Monsanto has immense power.   They own the networks because of the vast sums spent on advertising and they own governments by tremendous campaign contributions and insiders in key government positions.

This is especially the case here in the United States, where former Monsatan VP and top lobbyist, Michael R Taylor is current head of the FDA food division.

When his appointment ends, Taylor will go back to Monsanto until the next puppet president re-appoints him.  

Michael R. Taylor has been through the revolving door of working for the FDA and Monsanto for almost 40 years.  He is in fact the force behind championing Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Organisms.

Since the adoption of GMO, Argentina’s soy crop has doubled to 27 million tons.   After the United States and Brazil, Argentina is the third largest GMO producer in the world.   Exports have increased.    But so have the costs.  

Despite the promises, GMO soy beans have had five to six per cent lower yields than conventional soy beans and there has not been as promised, a decline in pesticide use.   This is due to new species of invasive weeds.   

Farmers have had to use two or three times more pesticides than previously. So much for eliminating dangerous pesticides and reducing cost.   What a scam. 

The truth is, total costs have risen by 14 per cent.  Soy prices have dropped due to increased global production, and most farmers are actually much worse off.   There are also other less obvious, but even more serious, consequences.  

No longer able to compete, small-scale Argentine farmers are going bankrupt. Hundreds of once thriving communities have become ghost towns.   

And for the tree hugger environmentalists serving the eco-fascists, what is even more alarming is the ecological damage caused in Monsanto’s wake.  

Native woods have been sacked as the soy front has advanced. 

Each year farmers are saturating more than 10 million acres of land under GMO cultivation with 40 million gallons of herbicide.

This has is killed off all life except GMO soy and is interrupting the normal biological cycles of growth.   The soil is turning to dust that cannot retain moisture.   Sounds like what has happened in India, doesn’t it?

Not surprisingly, Argentina suffers from severe flooding.  
Global Warming–NOT!  

But Monsanto and the petro-chemical pharmaceutical industries are poisoning us.     That is why they are the real force and money behind the environmental movement.    This way they can successfully control regulation.  

In the past farmers used to grow soy in the summer and wheat in the winter.   The non-GMO soy captured nitrogen from the air, helping to retain the fertility of the soil.    This rotation reduced weeds.   But today the GMO soy, which cannot capture nitrogen, is grown all year round.

As Argentine agronomist Adolfo Boy noted:  “The ecosystem has been ruptured and new resistant weeds are appearing.   We have not created a self-regulating, sustainable system, but one that requires larger and larger volumes of pesticide, which the farmers deliver.”   They know it won’t kill the GMO soy.

This vicious ongoing cycle continues.  Soy is taking the wealth of Argentina, not making it.

Fellow Agronomist Jorge Eduardo Rulli put it bluntly: “The (GMO) seed multinationals have patented life and are forcing us to pay tribute to them,” says agronomist .  “The more we produce the poorer we become.”

Of course.     This is the essence of Neo-Fuedal serfdom.     

This is how the New World Order rolls.

The people forced off the land migrated to cities where finding jobs in a stagnant economy proved challenging if not impossible.

To quell the potential rise of widespread rioting, the government provided the most needy with free food.   One might think that the government would purchase the food for the Argentine needy from Argentina’s struggling small farmers. 

Oh, no.   No.  Argentina imports cheap food from abroad, encouraging impoverished families brought up on beef to eat the very GMO soy which is doing so much damage to their country, their livelihoods, health and standard of living.

President Fernando De La Rua

In December 1999, IMF bank puppet Fernando De La Rua took office as president, further selling Argentina down the river while enriching himself.

In 2000,   De La Rua and seven others were accused of bribing senators in order to pass a labor reform bill.   But like Italian P2 Lodge Freemason Licio Gelli, De LaRua, was acquitted on December 23, 2013,  thanks to the unseen hand of Masonic influence. 

“The ruling was shameful,” said Mario Pontaquarto, a parliamentary secretary who confessed to picking up bags of cash with up to $5 million from an Intelligence Agency to pay the bribes.

“I told the story about the bribes ten times.” Mario Pontaquarto stated, “I should have been convicted because I gave my testimony and incriminated myself in this corruption case.” 

The Labor Market Flexibilization Act passed in May, 2000 but failed miserably, as intended.  De La Rua imposed an IMF-sponsored program of government spending cuts, revenue  increases, and revenue-sharing reforms to get their deficits under control.  This was proposed in order to stimulate foreign investment and avoid Argentina from defaulting on the public debt.    

Of course it did not work, as the IMF knew it wouldn’t.  

This is how the New World Order rolls.

By the end of 2001, Argentina faced a globalist designed economic collapse, must like America did in 2008.

As always, same story, different country.  Same players.   Same playbook.  Same result.   HEAVY DEBT.    Such consistency.   How can the sheople be so blind to see what is happening before Our very eyes.  As a result of the bribery scandal, the IMF forced Argentina to service its debt, which devalued their peso.   

There were also deep budget cuts, including a 13% reduction in pay for the nation’s 2 million public sector employees.

This only proves that in the long run, socialism is unsustainable.  The Labor Market Flexibilization Act was finally repealed in 2004 after Argentina defaulted on a $140 billion debt to the IMF banksters, which devalued the currency by 29%.

Unfortunately for Argentina, and as planned by the globalists, Argentina failed to curb the rapidly increasing risk on almost $100 billion in Argentine bonds, which raised debt service costs and limited access to international credit.

Fearing the collapse of the peso, on November 1, 2001 Argentines had a run on the banks, withdrawing deposits.   De La Rua’s Minister of the Economy, Domingo Cavallo quickly passed regulations severely limiting withdrawals which froze the peso-denominated assets of the Argentine middle class, while the dollar-denominated foreign accounts of the globalists were shielded from devaluation.     How nice is that?    They do love it that way.

This is how the New World Order rolls.

On December 20, 2001 President Fernando De la Rua resigned, amid tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons directed at angry  protesters. De la Rua fled the government palace in a helicopter.  

He was driven from office after days of continuous rioting and looting that left 22 people dead and homes and supermarkets across Argentina ransacked.   

Although the devastating magnitude of the collapse, and its consequences had been brewing for years, many were still unprepared and taken by surprise, as Americans will be when the U.S. dollar loses it’s value due to these same looming conditions. Sheople are going to freak.

By July 2002, the Argentine currency had depreciated to one-quarter of its former value.    A similar, more direct thing happened in Cypress a few years ago.  One morning, without warning, Cypress citizens awoke to find 25% of their money had vanished from their bank accounts to pay debt.  


These evil, devious, heartless, cold-blooded, Luciferian psychopaths are parasites, creating FIAT currency made out of thin air.  There is no sound money.     It is a debt based credit system designed to eventually implode.

And let us not forget the Hegelian destabilization of Iraq and the U.S. long term commitment to the poppy fields and lithium mines of Afghanistan, the recent toppling of regimes like Libya and Egypt and the current targets of the New World Order nation killers, Syria and Iran.

The world is being swindled, raped and pillaged by the nation killers of the IMF/World Bank, World Trade Organization and the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate.   

Consider this, every dollar printed by the Federal Reserve Crime syndicate is equal to a dollar of debt plus compounded interest.   This is of course an unsustainable model, but there are very many high profile, well paid Keynesian economists and others on the payrolls of the great Tax-Exempt Foundations, who are in league with the banks making this all happen.

These Machiavellian social controllers own the media and control education world wide via the Carnegie Endowment for Peace and the Rockefeller Foundation.

As a result, we have been propagandized and conditioned to accept many lies and collectivist schemes, including the elite’s control over the economy, designed implosions, recessions and depressions.

After each designed implosion, We the people of the world continue to have less and less while the Nation Killers gain more and more power and control.
Debt causes hardship which leads to loss of property, despair, civil unrest and finally desperation.   And desperate people do dangerous things, my friends.   

Death to the Nation Killers.  And death to the New World Order.


Take a look at a riveting speech (English Subtitles) to the U.N. General Assembly by Argentina President Cristina Fernandez lambasting the New World Order banksters, calling out Vulture Funds, the IMF/World Bank nation killers and the asking the right questions about who is funding global terrorism.

                Argentine President Christina Fernandez 

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