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Doctor Slams Vaccination Genocide Committed by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Executive Director, Sue Desmond-Hellmann

This article was written by my friend and colleague Dr. Leonard Horowitz.   Please SHARE WIDELY!  – Howard Nema, Truth Talk News 


OCT.  15,  2014



      Doctor Slams Vaccination Genocide Committed by
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
      Executive Director,
   Sue Desmond-Hellmann



Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz







Dear Ms. Desmond-Hellman:
Since you are the Chief Executive Officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, past
Chancellor of the University of California San Francisco, past President of Product Development
for Genentech Company, and the author of the most asinine article on Ebola that I have ever read
as a public health professional, I challenge your outrageous impropriety and hypocrisy for having
concealed what any responsible professional with your credentials would know to be true–AIDS
and Ebola are genocidal impositions.
Before I cite several “smoking guns,” this same conclusion was reached and reflected in the 
following words of the late AIDS czar for the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Jonathan
Mann, before he resigned his highest level post in public health, AIDS science, and “emergency
global response.” He then died, along with his wife, Mary Lou Clements–a leading hepatitis B
vaccine expert at Johns Hopkins. As you know, these two American medical heroes were 
killed in the mysterious 1998 crash of Swissair Flight 111. And as you also know, Mann 
protested against “AIDS science and medicine,” stating:



Now, any reasonably informed and intelligent person would be grossly disgusted by your article,
published in The Guardian, titled: “The US Ebola scare should be a wake-up call to Africa’s Ebola 
nightmare,” subtitled, “If the world doesn’t learn from this outbreak, one day we’ll have a real 
pandemic on our hands.”
What was HIV/AIDS if not a “real pandemic on our [bloody] hands,” you criminal psychopath.
In your article, among other substantive omissions and misrepresentations, you rhetorically 
wrote: “If the strength of America’s public-health system is an ultimate safeguard against Ebola
outbreaks here, then the comparative weakness of such systems in West Africa and elsewhere 
is the ultimate risk factor for outbreaks there.”


HYPOCRITE WOMAN, you are indicted by your twisted writing and lying tongue. You, who are
touted by Wikipedia–the virtual mouthpiece of western intelligence agencies–as an “[e]xpert on
issues of higher education, public health, drug development, regulatory innovation and health
policy,” make you a case study in criminal psychopathology. The label “hypocrite” insufficiently
describes your pathetic presence on earth.
http://policymed.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5520572bb88340168e7d2a95f970c-800wiYou know, or should know if you were 
keeping up with science, not killing time 
and people spinning media propaganda, 
that many informed “experts” have 
examined the solid material evidence 
from U.S. Government, National Institutes
of Health contracts, that I and others
have advanced, proving 
(beyond any reasonable doubt) the earliest hepatitis B vaccines triggered the AIDS pandemic. 

(See: Litton Bionetics Contracts NIH No 69-2160 and No. 71-2025, and related 
Merck Contract NIH 71-2059) This evidence best explains the first AIDS case seen in New York 
City in 1976.
You also know that AIDS and Ebola viruses did not come from “Africa” without having been 
shipped by Litton Bionetics Laboratory, Inc., during the late 1960s and early 1970s, to serve the 
hidden vaccination cancer-induction agenda for profitable depopulation you knowingly conceal
to protect your BigPharma puppet-masters.
You know very well, or should know very well, the aforementioned facts about 
Litton Bionetics, and the group’s early genetic research with Dr. Robert Gallo, pursuant to 
a 1969 Congressional Record  

(i.e., DoD Request for $10M to Develop AIDS and Ebola-like Viruses) evidencing HIV/Ebola-like 
virus bioengineering for military/commercial applications, censored by demand of Dr. Henry
Kissinger  (overseeing the CIA and foreign policy), through the U.S. Army and Fort Detrick, MD.,
manufacturing the never-before-seen leukemia/lymphoma/sarcoma retroviruses that cause
what we call AIDS today, and the faster-killing Ebola virus spreading today.
Anyone with your credentials, claiming your knowledge of American public health, the genetic
engineering industries, and the obvious ongoing malfeasance therein, who conceals this knowledge,
is guilty of high treason and misprision of felony under Title 18 USC § 2381 and Title 18 USC § 4,
Your hypocrisy, moral turpitude, and transparency, protecting your complicit colleagues in the
pharmaceutical industry and in “investment banking” to commit genocide is beyond despicable.
You know that HIV and Ebola both came from the same lab, and if you claim you don’t know this,
you are dimmer than your gross negligence evidences. 

(CLICK TO READ:DoD Request for $10M to Develop AIDS/Ebola-like Viruses; also Litton Bionetics 
Contract NIH No 69-2160); alsoEbola_AIDS_Government_Documents; and the Ebola Patent 

You have knowingly concealed extraordinary corruption from your own product development 
section at Genentech–the company through which J. Craig Ventor and the Institute for Genetic
Research (TIGR) stole from the public domain and non-profit humanitarian sector the
“Human Genome Project.”
As you know, or should know, this theft and assault against civilization occurred only days before
that billion-dollar publicly-funded project was to become a blessing for humanity, instead of a
private enterprise curse. The announcement was to herald the completion of the non-profit
contributions of thousands of naive researchers, made to advance “health science.”
But instead, as you well know, it was all cloaked in media spin to divert from the Project’s 
highjacking by Ventor & Co., with complicit traitorous co-conspirators in government. 
You witnessed and participated to exclusively profit concealed special interests, and you 
personally since you served Genentech and Ventor. You are, therefore, guilty of treason along
with your supporters and private investors at the highest levels of banking and the
pharmaceutical mob.
And you call yourself a public health advocate? You are a disgusting example of human ethical
and moral degeneration!


Where was your American public health system when AIDS and Ventor’s theft happened?
Equally sick, why was the public health system ill-prepared to deal with HIV/AIDS when it had more than a dozen years, 1969 through 1982, to prepare for the imposed pandemic?
Your ilk shall surely argue, “the viruses got out by accident,” the “contaminated blood 
was unfortunate, and unforeseen.”
Hogwash! Today, your complicity in genocide and hypocrisy as a Bill Gates prostitute is
compounded by your diversionary writing–your “Guardian” propaganda–and more than 3,000
poisonously vaccinated troops dispatched by President Obama to meet this “Ebola emergency”
with guns.
Instead of honestly diagnosing and opposing this military/fascist/commercial imposition; 
and urgently providing the simple suppressed cures for Ebola, you write rhetorically. 
You divert from the cures that your industry has purposely suppressed, including: 
1) oxygenation of blood and related therapies; 2) ample re-hydration with pure pH 9
drinking water; 3) alkalizing and remineralizing patients using simple bicarbonate of
soda and sea salt;  and 4) making use of low-cost no-risk silver hydrosols. 

(Editor’s note: BigPharma’s neglected “cure” is viewed here: Ebola Patent US20120251502.)
You divert from building sustainable and risk free alternative medicines and manufacturing
facilities with available money–hundreds of millions of dollars that could be saved over the
next few months militarily, aside from the Gates Foundation fortune. OxySilver manufacturing
plants could be, and should be, developed in every nation.
And don’t tell me you don’t know what OxySilver is, as the most advanced silver hydrosol
initially produced by NASA to keep astronauts healthy in space. As you know, or should
know, it is used to purifying water and boost natural human immunity against infectious 
diseases. Both of these are critical objectives in Africa and elsewhere among populations
now frightened by Ebola and your propaganda.
Stop lying and concealing your crimes, especially in 
light of Ebola being declared a “top National Security
priority” by President Obama. 

You know as well as I do that our intelligence agencies 
and officials at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 
the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention 
(CDC), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) knew about
and concealed, the vaccination risks and the single source of the outbreaks–the lab viruses
linked to hepatitis B vaccine contaminantions of Merck & Co.’s test vaccines prepared
from Litton Bionetics’ supplied “progenitor viruses” incubated inchimpanzees that Litton 
Bionetics shipped from the Congo/Zaire, and apparently from Liberia as well, to vaccine
manufacturers in New York and Europe?
WATCH THIS PROPAGANDA for proof that the Liberian chimpanzee colony existed, and
was used to develop HIV/AIDS-laced hepatitis B vaccines that were tested between 1972-1974 
in NYC and Central Africa. The linked propaganda film makes the chimpanzee colony caretaker,
Betsy Brotman–the “VILAB” curator–appear to be a hero, rather than a psychopath, like you.
You both stupidly rationalize your complicity in abusing animals for “vaccine science,” 
risking and damaging humanity for “biomedical research,” blatantly concealing the military 
applications of the same bioweapons program administered by Litton Bionetics. That company’s 
connection to HIV and Ebola predated Brotman’s 1974 arrival on “monkey island” in Liberia.  
Brotman, in fact, was paid by Bionetics, as was everyone serving the secret 
SPECIAL VIRUS CANCER PROGRAM (and white-washing by the U.S. G. A. O. for further 
concealmentthat ran from 1962 (when the SV40 viral contaminated polio vaccines were 
first discovered and immediately predicted to cause “epidemics of cancer, unlike the world
had ever seen”) to 1978, when the first AIDS cases were erupting among Hep B vaccinated
gay men in NYC, central African sex workers, and Willowbrook State School mentally retarded
children on Staten Island in New York.

You know, or should know, that the U.S. Public Health Service, the CDC, and the FDA–each
infamous and complicit for aiding-and-abetting the trafficking of  “fast tracked” risky vaccines
and deadly drugs, resulting in the aforementioned facts, damages, and genocide.
You know, or should know, the myriad commercial crimes that have been committed following
Bionetics’ laboratory creation of these biological weapons best suited for depopulation and 
profit-making, and your knowledge and concealment makes you and your ilk guilty of treason,
sedition, misprision of felony, 
misprision of treason, and an international conspiracy against 
humanity and civil rights.
You cannot righteously claim the “Nuremberg defense,” nor your ignorance of published science in this field, including my publications proving the widespread criminal neglect of these viruses’ emergence from said commercial lab that abused and then shipped contaminated chimpanzees for, among other “trials,
hepatitis B vaccines, tested on the aforementioned human subjects during the late 1960s and early 1970s.
And the transparent excuse, that jerks like Ms. Brotman “lovingly”  released hundreds of contaminated animals back into the wild, knowing full well that they would spread the deadly lab viruses, is such gross criminal negligence that it cannot be seriously considered to excuse the charge of treason against humanity for which you should be investigated, indicted, tried, and convicted. What a demonic web your comrades weave, relying on said contrived excuse for your escape from justice.
Again, the Government Documents speak volumes against your false claims that affected populations fear irrationally and damagingly U.S. military and Anglo government interventions for
having caused the onset and maintenance of these plagues, concealed by public disinformation 
campaigns such as yours.
Further neglect of these documents, and this Notice, compounds your liability for the charges
mentioned, for treason against our Nation engaged in a “War on AIDS,” a “War on Drugs,” and
now a “War against Ebola.”
The level of your gross criminal negligence, or alternatively, psycho-pathological deceit and 
denial as a real-party-of-interest in genocide, has aided-and-abetted the greatest and most
deadly plagues and cover-ups in earth’s history!
Take a look at yourself in any mirror. What do you see? A despicable hypocrite, liar, thief,
and traitor, who should be investigated, indicted, and convicted of high crimes against people
worldwide.   Evading this justice on earth, shall not bring you peace in heaven.


Your  complicity and hypocrisy in the international vaccine genocide is now, hereby, made public
Your claim that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation seeks to set everyone free from fears
of infectious diseases is hereby proven a treasonous lie; as is touting your reputation as an
“expert in higher education and public health.”
You have undoubtedly read scientific articles on the origin of HIV and Ebola. You have purposely
neglected the growing scientific consensus that there is no longer any substantial scientific basis
to argue against contaminated vaccinations, that you tout, being the cause of Ebola and HIV/AIDS 
The medical community is now being naively blamed and berated for the death and disease you
and your allied industrialists have brought.
Science authors call the source of these plagues “iatrogenic.” But you and I both know that the
doctors and nurses administering the vaccines you and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
provide simply do what you and Wall Street directors invent.
So you, far more than deceived health professionals, are to blame for these demonic crimes
against civilization.
You shall forever be known as the woman with medical knowledge, who knew the causes and
cures for AIDS and Ebola, but instead kept silent, causing the death of millions of loving people.
Woman, you are nothing more than a two-bit pseudo-science whore, fornicating with racketeers 
in white collar and organized crime. You shall forever be known as the woman who concealed
the most traitorous evidence in Earth’s history pursuant to the decimation of humanity, biology,
and “natural selection,” by laboratory agents and viruses engaged in deadly deranged creation–
you who advance a scheme to kill billions of people under the guises of “public health” and
“immunizations,” and bank on shattered souls.
The fact that The Guardian enabled you, Ms. Desmond, to divert and conceal these facts and real threats to “public health;” and mislead the public and scientific consensus that already knows and heralds the truth about AIDS and Ebola as man-made diseases, offers a case study in criminal psychopathology bearing on iatrogenocide and the media complicity it takes to get away with such outrageous organized crime.
The “fruit” of your labor, Ms. Desmond, is the death of millions of people. That is your legacy and the context for your shame and lame claim that we, in America, are better protected against iatrogenocide than people in Africa.
For someone who writes as a Catholic woman about Divine “blessings,” shame on you for being a hypocrite more deadly and demonic than the money changers Jesus flogged. You shame Catholicism, the only religion that has published much needed opposition to the vaccination intoxications and iatrogenocide that you officiate.
Very truly yours,
Leonard G. Horowitz
Medical Veritas International, Inc.
[Editor’s Note: To understand the fundamental conflict underlying Ebola, and the Gates Foundation
 “affection” for vaccinations, view THIS VIDEO; wherein Bill Gates states fifteen (15) percent of 
populations worldwide can be reducedby getting vaccinated. His propaganda deceptively neglects
“population control” proponents–leading industrialists that have secreted the methods and materials,
ways and means, to live ecologically and sustainably in every way. These concealed interests conceal
solutions to the world most urgent problems. They have simply censored urgent intelligence to profit
their special interests. Mr. Gates exemplifies their ilk. Alternatively,  CLICK HERE for a “Natural Cure
for Global Warming;” and HERE for related cures for Ebola and other infectious diseases.]
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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Executive Director, Sue Desmond-Hellmann, regards 

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I am deeply concerned and saddened by the increased chaos, or shall I say “managed chaos,” output by government officials and the mainstream media this week following the announcement that nurse Nina Pham contracted Ebola most mysteriously; while caring for patient Thomas Eric Duncan at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Now you can begin to see the greater damage that lying does to people (i.e., “sheeple”) who blindly-trust “health officials.” Social chaos ensues. Now, more than ever, people are awakening to BigPharma’s largest iies.

When Ebola hits your city, which is a growing probability, a critical mass of people will realize the government is totally out-of-control, being run by psychopaths, now caught conducting a deadly/demonic depopulation enterprise that largely depends on media-spun lies about AIDS and Ebola.

For example, on Monday, I watched Anthony Fauci–America’s AIDS and Ebola Czar, the Director of the National Institutes for Allergies and Infectious Diseases–make a total ass of himself on CNN. He was urgently summoned to explain how Ms. Pham caught Ebola. The idiot didn’t even know she was a nurse! I kid you not. He told the host that he would need to check into it! (CLICK PARTS 12 and 3, to view the soulless demonic idiot, Fauci, pushing vaccines, as promoted by drug prostitute, Dr. Oz.)


1) “We don’t know Ebola’s ‘natural reservoir,’ but now we think it may be ‘fruit bats,’ and no longer monkey meat.”

Insane! Any reasonably informed person using common sense would know the Ebola Zaire strain now circulating after 38 years of dormancy (1976 was the original outrbreak), could not have happened; could not have hibernated, nor traveled more than 1,000 miles to Guinea, without a bioweapons lab or drug company refrigerator being the “natural reservoir!”

2) “Ebola Zaire infection is hard to catch. It is not airborne.”

Criminal negligence! This false claim contradicts ALL earlier communications regarding the transmission capacity of Ebola Zaire through sneezing, body fluid exposures, or even potentially infected clothing exposures.

3) “Hospitals and hospital workers are prepared to handle Ebola, if they follow CDC guidelines.”

Nurse Nina Pham proved this wrong. Supposedly, there was no breach in standard infection control procedures in her case. In my opinion, there is a high probability that nurse Pham was exposed after removing her contaminated garments.

In other words, hospital laundry personnel are at grave risk. Do we burn the clothes after each use, or chemically intoxicate every laundry worker multiple times daily during this growing Ebola crisis?

As you can see from these simple examples, the “truth” that shall set us free is criminally neglected, even censored; beginning with the truth about Ebola’s outbreak, and growing pandemic risk, being a profitable commercial enterprise in depopulation.

Finally, think about this. The mere fact that ALL the mainstream news sources–every network, radio, newspaper included–carry the same news. You’ve seen this before as evidence that the news media is being controlled by intelligence agencies, allegedly to protect “national security.” But did you ever stop to realize that this monopoly on intelligence and social engineering is grossly illegal?

I am forced to consider this racketeering enterprise as a victim of this organized commercial crime violating the Sherman Anti-trust Act. That Act outlaws ALL monopolies, prohibits unfair competition, deceptive advertising, and consumer fraud, including what we are witnessing now with Ebola, and the exclusive “treatments” sourcing exclusively from BigPharma, as advertised by the complicit media.

I can tell you that the mass media censorship and malicious campaign to libel me, that I have recorded over many years while attempting to output scientific facts and honest intelligence regarding the man-made origins of HIV/AIDS and Ebola (in efforts to save lives in service to God, my country, and humanity), is beyond criminal. It is DEMONIC.

To cure this menacing affliction, I recommend the following:

1) Social activism. Do everything you can to help bring truth to light, to activate the “hundredth monkey” (i.e., gain the “critical mass” needed for urgent change);

2) Arm yourself with a legal education, including knowledge of criminal laws being broken. Study this yourself, and develop community groups dedicated to this social responsibility. Ideally, licensed lawyers who are honest, dedicated to civil rights, and not afraid to take on “the beast,” should be enrolled in your group(s);

3) Serve legal Notices to one or more high-profile criminals on your radar screens (e.g., Bill Gates/Sue Desmond-Hellman, etc.), and enforce your cease and desist demands by community (class) legal actions–including performing “citizen’s arrests” (by activist groups. Obviously, review your state and federal laws to do this);

4) Develop your independent media to output your legal and political actions;

5) Rely on your Constitutional protections. You must exercise these to have them work for you. Also, rely on Congressional provision Title 42 U.S.C., section 1988, that empowers you, or other knowledgeable members of your group, to act as “Private Attorney Generals.” This law allows you to prosecute these gangsters on behalf of yourself, or even represent a class of damaged persons. (Note: You do not need to be a licensed lawyer to act as a whistleblower and public defender in this way. In fact, Congress encourages you to act this way. The law grants you a large amount of the damages you recover, and/or reasonable “fees and costs” when you win. . . . And you will win if you do your homework, which requires your team to work together.)

Barring a “miracle” (which I am still banking on with the “528 Revolution“– “medicinal music” frequency know-how– and increased dissemination of this wonderful intelligence) the above realizations compel urgent actions, responsibilities, and peaceful legal procedures to gain relief from the accelerating genocide.

Besides having God on our side, this is all we have.

Are you up for the task at hand?

Blessings to you and yours,

Leonard G. Horowitz

NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Interviews with Ms. Kane and/or Dr. Horowitz can be arranged by e-mailing: editor@medicalveritas.com

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OCT. 15, 2014

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