May 20, 2022




by Howard Nema

“Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace”  

The Obsolete Man deals with themes of Orwellian totalitarianism, euthanasia, collectivism and religion that is far more relevant then when it aired on June 2, 1961.

Unfortunately, it appears America and the world has itself indeed become a TWILIGHT ZONE episode.

In today’s society these issues have once again emerged and are being implemented worldwide. Society has increasingly backslid into Marxist and materialist dogma without even realizing it, too obsessed with reality shows, movies, sports, wish fulfillment, consumerism and other trivial matters designed to distract us and enslaves us into debt-based oblivion while believing they have choice and free will.  As George Carlin rightly put it: “You have no choice.  You have owners.  They own you.”

Who are they?  The real rulers of the world.  The illumined adepts of the secret societies.  The owners of the central banks and major conglomerates and corporations.  The string pullers.  

I pray humanity begins to see and understand the deadly implications of what should be a very obvious truth to all of us.   We must cut through this mind controlling matrix and awaken to the lies and agenda of the New World Order.

Two generations of educational and social indoctrination by the “benevolent” TAX EXEMPT FOUNDATIONS, namely the Rockefeller Foundation and more recently the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation who have led the attack of this quiet war using silent weapons of mind control and mass media manipulation, propaganda and social control.

“Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man – that state is obsolete.”  Rod Serling

The Obsolete Man is episode 65 Season 2 of the TWILIGHT ZONE written by Rob Serling.  The music is based on Bernard Herrmann’s score for a radio adaptation of “Brave New World”. 

How appropriate.   Here is the plot:

In future totalitarian America, (not too distant I might add) Romney Wordsworth (Burgess Meredith) is put on trial for the crime of being obsolete.

His occupation as a librarian is a crime punishable by death as the State has eliminated books and literature. He believes in God, a crime also punishable by death, as the State claims to have proven that there is no God.

He is prosecuted by the Chancellor (Fritz Weaver), who announces in front of the assembled court that Wordsworth, in not being an asset to the State, shall be liquidated.

After being convicted, Wordsworth is allowed to choose his method of execution. He cryptically requests that he be granted a personal assassin to whom he may privately disclose his preferred method of execution.

He also requests that his execution be televised nationwide. Thinking that the spectacle will help show the public what happens when citizens become of no use to the State, the court grants both requests.

A television camera is installed in Wordsworth’s study to broadcast his final hours and execution live to the nation. He summons the Chancellor, who arrives at exactly 11:16 p.m. After some discussion, Wordsworth reveals to the Chancellor that his chosen method of execution is by a bomb set to go off in his room at midnight.

He explains that the reaction to imminent execution that will interest the public is not his own but the Chancellor’s, as the door is locked and there is no one outside to help the Chancellor escape.

He intends to show the nation how a spiritual man faces death, and proceeds to read from his illegal, long-hidden copy of the Bible (in particular, Psalm 23 and Psalm 59).

He also points out that, as the events are being broadcast live, the State would risk losing its status in the eyes of the people by trying to rescue the Chancellor.

As the time draws to a close, Wordsworth’s calm acceptance of death stands in sharp contrast with the Chancellor’s increasing panic.

Moments before the bomb explodes, the Chancellor desperately begs to be let go “in the name of God”. Wordsworth says that “in the name of God” he will release the Chancellor immediately, which he does.

The Chancellor bursts out of the room and down the stairs just as the bomb explodes and kills Wordsworth, who in his last seconds of life, stands tall and has a facial expression of peace and satisfaction.

In the final scene, the Chancellor returns to the courtroom to discover that his own subaltern has replaced him and that he himself is now obsolete: “You have disgraced the State. You have proven yourself a coward. You have, therefore, no function.”

Immediately convicted, the former Chancellor screams as the crowd in the courtroom apprehends him. He continues to plead with the court, insisting that he is in fact not obsolete and wishes only to serve the State, as the crowd appears to kill him.  

Rod Serling’s final words of wisdom and warning should be heeded by us all:

“The chancellor, the late chancellor, was only partly correct. He was obsolete. But so is the State, the entity he worshiped. Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of Man, that state is obsolete. A case to be filed under “M” for Mankind – in The Twilight Zone.”

This episode was meant to highlight the dangers of totalitarianism. Wordsworth compares the Chancellor to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and asks “History teaches you nothing, does it?” The chancellor’s reply is “On the contrary, history teaches us a great deal.” The chancellor then argues that Hitler and Stalin had the right idea, but that their mistake was that they did not push their merciless agenda far enough.

The episode is also meant to put emphasis on the importance of art, philosophy, literature, freedom of religion, and free speech in a society all of which are taken away by the state.

Sadly, in America today we see a slow, steady and increasing incremental rising tide of tyranny and totalitarianism masked by mass media manipulation and fostered by a deliberate dumbing down of the population by the U.S. Education system.  Now the elite, through their puppet Obama is trying to censor the internet by redefining it as a utility.   We must not fall for this, or any of the many other Machiavellian deceptions concocted to strip freedom from the common man in the elite’s quest for the New World Order one world totalitarian socialist state.

Ironically, the land of the free and home of the brave has indeed morphed into the land of the fee and home of the slave, where individual rights no longer trump the collective as Our founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution intended.    Government which was designed to protect the rights and property of We the People has “transformed” into a government that takes away the rights and property of We the People.  If this continues, America and the world will soon be “obsolete.”

After all, America has become a socialist haven of Marxist doctrine masked lies and manipulations fostered by Nazi-esque propaganda and mass media distractions. Technology has advanced society, but it has also enslaved society in a world monitored and regulated by Big Brother.   There can be no debate about this.  It is fact.

Truth is demonized if it defies of exposes the elite’s hidden agendas and their on going goal of creating a One World totalitarian socialist state where Americans are taxed and regulated, their individual rights stripped in favor of the collective.

America is under the spell of Machiavellian deceivers who have brainwashed society to by and large embrace their own servitude and relinquish their freedom in the process.  All the while the rhetoric of liberty and freedom and keeping the world safe for “democracy” is used to convince and control the population into submitting to tyranny as these elite puppet master’s totalitarian agenda continues to move “forward” slowly and incrementally destroying individual freedom and liberty.

This episode of the TWILIGHT ZONE exemplifies and amplifies today’s rising tide of tyranny at the hands of elitist forces working to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and all nations into enslavement  through willful ignorance of the truth in favor of lies and deceptions promulgated by lies, mass media manipulation and propaganda.



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