September 29, 2022




By Howard Nema

America has truly become a flock of sheep. We once set trends, now we follow trends, the best promoted trends. We pick sides more out of popularity than substance. It is as if politics is a sporting event. Here’s an example:

On March 31, 2008, Obama said, “the biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power to the executive branch and not go through Congress at all.  And that’s what I intend to reverse when I am President.”    Well that’s politics, right?

Interesting, how when Bush was lying and usurping power, the demo-com team rightfully lambasted him and went wild, but when Obama lies and usurps the Constitution all is well. In fact, there are cheers and applause from team.


This reaction, or in Obama’s case, the lack of it, amplifies the ignorance and sports team like allegiance to political parties and ideologies here in America and around the world.  Party and ideological loyalty trumps logic, reason and truth.

Politics has become a sporting event. The Blue team vs. The Red team.  And like Tom Brady, the players cheat.   It is also interesting how much attention was given to this NFL scandal and so little attention to the real cheats in Washington and on Wall Street.

They never seem to pay for their misdeeds do they?

Bush should have been impeached and so should Obama.

Both parties are corrupt and owned by these same forces pushing for world government which they claim will be a better, more equitable and environmentally sound world.

In truth, these kind and noble sounding forces conceal evil intent and are a severe threat to the freedom and prosperity of all humanity.

Despite all the rhetoric, propaganda and perceived philanthropy, the international global elite cabal behind this agenda care nothing of Our freedom, Our soveriegnty, or Our welfare.

They owe allegiance to NO POLITICAL PARTIES, only their own adepts and the goals of the Order.     They own the media and promulgate divisiveness, hatred and racism, while raping and pillaging Our economy and the working class, always profiting on the very miseries they inflict on us, always planning wars for more profit and domination and always trying their best to keep everyone in the dark.

While professing to be for the worker and the middle class they plunder and personally profit, slowly, steadily and systematically destroying  what is left of the middle class by exploiting the very workers they claim to be rising out of poverty and leading them into neo-fuedal serfdom.


For those who are not aware,  the Pope is working for a one world government and has called for a New World Order.   As Marxist and Alinsky-ite  Obama transforms America, the Jesuit Marxist Pope Francis is transforming the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis’ visit to America is not a spiritual one, but rather a political one promoting global warming and the invasion of America by illegal aliens and growing acceptance of gay marriage and transsexualism.

Deception is nothing new at the Vatican, who for decades denied the fact that priests  and were molesting children.  The Pope and the Vatican denounce this evil, but  and allow the abuses to continue.   The same is true for Satanic rituals and blood sacrifices committed by priests.     The Vatican has been many skeletons in its closet.

roberto-calvi-blogtaormina-300x173Further corruption at the Vatican Bank resulted in the murder of God’s banker, Roberto Calvi and the poisoning of Pope John Paul I only 33 days after being elected Pope in 1979.

john-paul-1-sized ROBERT CALVI HANGED

As it is with the Vatican, so it is with republic-scum and the demo-coms, who are both helping to affect the same incremental transformation into totalitarian socialism, while calling for peace, equality, fairness and compassion.


This ongoing agenda is assisted by the controlled mainstream media, pop cultural influence and far left radical professors in colleges and public schools across America pushing Marxism and blaming America for all the world’s problems, not the purveyors of greed, despotism and death themselves.

Capitalism, America and Americanism are not to blame.  The global elite manipulators are to blame.


They, the  owners of the 147 companies that control Our economy and the world as a whole.   They are  the ones to blame for most of the misery in the world, not America.    Carroll Quigley  was quite frank about it in his 1966 book, Tragedy and Hope:  A History of the World In Our Time.  Here is a quote:



More quotes:


CFR-iluminquote1 cfr3


Many have attempted to warn and expose the powers behind the Illuminati New World Order agenda:



Nearly a century since NYC Mayor John Hylan’s warning, slowly, incrementally both political parties have been co-opted and society has undeniably moved toward authoritarian socialism.

But this is how this nefarious agenda has thrived, through deception, manipulation and distortion of true history.   It is slow work.

Below are remarks from on the 1961 Congressional Record regarding the May-June 1947 Partisan Review which revealed that the suppressed hidden agenda of the United States was socialism and world government.  He further noted that the People have been  kept in the dark because it is believed that We are not sophisticated enough to see the value in world government:



But the dumbed down sheep don’t realize this.   I know.  It is certainly not taught in school, but the agenda and assimilation into socialism permeates each and every U.S. classroom.   The doctrines of socialism and secularism are omnipresent.   I know.  I was one of the drones programmed by the Public Education system.   I was one of them.

It took me 38 years to even begin to  notice what was really going on in the world, so I understand why people are so clueless or dismissive of the truth.  That was me.

It is a difficult and deeply emotional process waking up.  To understand and digest the complexities if the New World Order can be overwhelming.   But with research comes understanding.

The first thing to note is that people think in minutes, days, weeks, months–a few years a head at most.  They do not carefully plot and plan complicated world events that will not occur for years, or decades, often incrementally.    Most folks, even the brightest of the bright do not know the enemy, or how the enemy operates.

Do you?

Do you notice?

Do you even care?

Are you in denial that this is indeed what is going on?

Do you want it?

Goethe said, “no one is more hopelessly enslaved, than one who falsely believes himself to be free.” If himself, instead of themselves, or herself offends you, than you further amplify my point.

Have you ever researched the Council on Foreign Relations, its mission statement and goals, or read Tragedy And Hope by Carroll Quigley, or the Prince by Machiavelli?

If not, it is long past time you do.   Or maybe you’re more interested in pop culture?







Society puts actors and pop culture icons on such high pedestals, people react more like fans to politicians than constituents.



How can any of us support blatant bi-partisan liars, whose lies will and have affected all of us in the most tragic and negative of ways?

Would you accept these lies from your children, or your employees, or your friends?  Of course not.  So why do we accept lies from pop cultured icons designed to deceive us.

The true agenda of the age old quest of the secret societies “Great Work” of building the New World Order, if properly understood should rouse powerful opposition, but always the attention is focused elsewhere.

Symptoms are focused upon, instead of the root causes of the New World Disorder.

Ferguson and Baltimore are great examples of this use of division to stop the oppressed from looking at the real problems, which have been caused by liberalism and the forces behind the scenes fanning the flames of the New World Order agenda.

Can you see what has happened? How much we already have been transformed into a totalitarian socialist state since 9/11 by both of these corrupt political parties?   NSA spying, the Patriot Act, targeting of groups and religions?

Sadly, America is more interested in deflated football scandals than sustaining Our liberties, as more and more are willingly giving up their God given inalienable rights and freedoms in trust of the Government. Free Speech zones and political correctness are cancers on Our RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. No where did Our founders say “trust the government”. The gov’t has all of the answers.

Despite Obama saying government doesn’t have all the answers, that is not his and other communists true feelings. Government will cure all the ills of the poor and oppressed.

What hypocrites.

Government has created more poverty than the private sector, even at the turn of the 20th century, when the wealth gap was much like it is now.  All the money continues to be siphoned to the top of the Illuminati pyramid.

Sure the poor have free insurance, rent and cellphones, but they are still IN POVERTY and dependent on Government as a result of the 50 years and counting War on Poverty.

Like the 40 year War on Drugs and the 15 year war on terrorism, the war on poverty is another Machiavellian deception to garner control and incrementally strip rights and Constitutional provisions.

For example, Obama professes how much American’s religious freedoms matter, unless they interfere with the totalitarian socialist agenda, like in the case of a Christian woman is jailed for her religious beliefs against gay marriage, but a Muslim flight attendant who refused to serve alcohol to passengers is defended by the media.

This obvious prejudice, and typical  hypocrisy  from those supposedly abhor prejudice, has been promoted and sold and embedded in common culture through education and mass media for decades as a way to further transform society on the path to one world government.

This is not a conspiracy theory.   It is not even a conspiracy.   It is a fact.   Out in the open.  The United Nations documents the intended transition. Of course, most Americans think the U.N. is a good thing, working for world peace and stopping hunger and helping the poor children in Africa and the Middle East. Yes, helping allow millions of Christians, many children to be slaughtered, beheaded and crucified with practically zero media or public attention.

The writing is on the wall:

I encourage you to study the United Nations documents and also the treaties which, once ratified by individual nations, become INTERNATIONAL LAW. The United Nations created the Commission for Global Governance, if you don’t believe this, visit the United Nations website and look it up.

The Commission for Global Governance released a report: Our Global Neighborhood, that predicates a world court, a global tax, and global police force. And the U.S. State Department Publication 7277 outlines a one world police force under the United Nations. So many prominent world leaders are calling for a one world government the intention is obvious.

Yet most people are so occupied by life’s responsibilities, careers, sports and television, they have little time to study what’s going on in the corridors of power.

The coming one world government is being set up in the political arena under the flag of the United Nations, through organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Bilderbergers, and the Club of Rome whose members include many world leaders, media personalities and other influential people.

The published goal of the Council of Foreign Relations for example is a one world government.   Fortunately, a growing number of people are becoming aware of these influential groups.

The core of these groups adhere to the illuminist philosophy.

Another focus is control of economics with free trade agreements, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements.

The coming global monetary crisis is intended to institute a universal debt-based currency controlled by the International Financiers and issued to individuals against biometric identification cards.   This is all about control!


Another area of focus is religion.   Organizations like the World Council of Churches and the Parliament of World Religions were established to introduce a new world religion.

NEW AGE freemasonnewage

The New Age philosophy.   It is based on a pantheistic/humanist philosophy.   Pay careful attention when you study the documents and reports published by the United Nations and related organizations.

This philosophy is now being taught in the education system and has been implemented under programs such as Goals 2000.

The New World Order will be SOCIALISM. Read the United Nations declarations and treaties for proof of this fact. The individual will be subservient to the state. Rights and power reside in and derive from the state, not the individual.

United Nations documents all speak of collectivism. They claim that private ownership and management of property is not to the benefit of the human race. These things are cloaked in a pleasant language, and most people are taken in and deceived. Yet few bother to study these documents.

In the New World Order you will be in serfdom to the controlling elite! You will have no liberty, and no rights. The State will look after you for your best interests. Do you see how the governments of the free world are slowly becoming more involved in everyday life?

This is exactly what socialism is. The government becomes involved in every aspect of personal life. Today we require a license for so many things. People are fined for collecting rain water. Homes are condemned by the State for living off the grid and not being connected to electric or city water. This is not freedom.

In the New World Order, private ownership of property will be abolished. You will only own what you need “after all this is best for the world.” “We need to be looked after.”

Terms such as ‘sustainable development’ mean depopulation and serfdom. The masses continue to fall for lie after lie after lie. Study history and you will discover that there have been very few free societies.

Those that were free were either overthrown or fell into the trap of socialism, totally unaware of the dangers until it was too late.

round table

Socialism (communism) is always implemented through deception. History portrays a repetitive phenomenon . . . enslavement-revolt-freedom-apathy-enslavement.   Enslavement frequently followed revolution because the people did not realize that socialism was slavery, not freedom.

Today environment is being used to make people feel guilty, enticing them to accept socialism as necessary. The environmental movement has been co-opted to strip private ownership of control and exploitation of resources.

Many environmental ‘facts’ are lies, exaggerations and unscientific claims to manipulate the masses in the classic Hegelian Dialectic: create the problem, create opposition to the problem, then present your own predetermined solution.      

Global warming is a perfect example.

I recommend reading the study, ‘The Report From Iron Mountain,’ which suggested the environment as a tool by which to manipulate the masses to accept loss of freedom to a one world government.

Although a landowner pays taxes, and is steward of his land, its usage is dictated by international bureaucrats, ’empowered’ by vague treaties, driven by an insane ‘theology’, genocidal philosophy ‘approved’ by the bullying bribing tactics of governments.

“The United Nation’s goal is to reduce population selectively by encouraging abortion, forced sterilization, and control human reproduction, and regards two-thirds of the human population as excess baggage, with 350,000 people to be eliminated per day.” Jacques Cousteau, UNESCO Courier, November 1991.

Anyone who speaks against the incoming system will be labeled ‘anti government’ or a ‘trouble maker’, and either executed or imprisoned with majority assent. Citizens will support the new order because they will have been brainwashed by propaganda and will not understand what is really happening.



Already in the United States those who support the Constitution, Patriots and the Militia groups are ridiculed as crazy paranoids and dangerous extremists. In Australia, it’s the supporters of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and Graham Campbell’s Australia First Parties who are ridiculed and persecuted.

These are simply people who are aware of what is going on. If you are one of those who believe that these patriots who are against globalism are crazy and deluded, have you done any research into this, or are you blindly following what the media feeds you?

UN_exterior_NYC_dbun_sCurrently the United Nations is trying to establish the framework for an international criminal court. When this is established the United Nations will be able to detain anyone from any nation and bring them before a panel of judges who will hear the case and pass judgment.

This international court will deal with are ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘environmental crimes.’ If you think there is nothing wrong with this I suggest you read how the U.N. defines ‘environmental crime.’

A system is being created whereby those in control will be empowered to manufacture a crime and arrest anyone they deem a threat. The courts have no jury, one is guilty until proven innocent, and there is no appeal.

Also, because this Court is international, and your nation has surrendered its authority, your own country cannot protect you. This is going to directly affect YOU!

In the coming world government YOU will have no personal liberty and no freedom.

Did you know that the Global Biodiversity Assessment calls for human population to be reduced from 5.6 billion to 1 to 2 billion within the next decade? (reference GBA Section

Read the Declaration Towards a Global Ethic and learn what it classifies as ‘authentically human.’ This is a UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) prepared by Hans Kung.


More proof is clearly visible in the actions of the government. Allowing blatant criminality to thrive. Allowing, funding or creating terrorism, like on 9/11/01, or allowing illegal gun running like in Fast And Furious, ignoring terrorism, like in Benghazi, CIA drug smuggling and the pushing the world to swallow the global warming fraud to pay carbon taxes to the Rothschild’s bank are just a few examples of corruption and deception used as excuses to create bigger, more costly and authoritarian government.

The Founding Fathers were and rightfully so, very wary of the dangers of big government against the freedoms of the people. It is in GOD WE TRUST, not the government we trust.

If you think otherwise, you are probably living in the wrong country, or were mind controlled by the U.S Department of Education. Basically, the New World Order is a total transformation into a truly God less world.

A demoralization and destruction of the family and acceptance of the New Age ideology of Gaia religion. A one world, secular religion. This is why morality has declined.

MILEY LICKING METALThis is why mass media hypersexualization permeates Our culture.

Deviance, decadence and violence abound. The roots of this were fermented during the counter culture.

In essence, the civil rights movement and women’s liberation had severe blowback in the form of divorce, broken homes, poverty and American’s child replacement rate.

Muslims, Latinos and illegal aliens have more children than any other group in today’s America. In fact, Muslims worldwide have a 4-1 ratio replacement rate. By 2070 Islam will be the dominant religion, if we all haven’t killed one another by then.

The goal is depopulation which is slowly being attained through war, famine, pestilence and pharmacological and nutritional poisoning.

Anyone who doesn’t understand this proves my point of how we have been slowly brainwashed and transformed over the last 50 plus years. The political horse and pony show is a smoke screen, folks. As Josef Stalin said, “it doesn’t matter who votes, but who counts the votes.”

Benjamin Disraeli, Britain’s 1st prime minister adds even more clarity when he rightly noted in 1848 that:

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”


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