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By Howard Nema

In 1933,  to further the great Quest for a New World Order, America’s richest businessmen designed a massive coup  to establish a fascist dictatorship in the United States.

I am sure most Americans are unaware of this, since the event is rarely depicted in history books and aside from one History Channel documentary, has been ignored by the media for 82 years.

With  the Black Lives Matter and other front groups with paid for agitators and protestors forwarding the Obama Transformation Agenda we must all be concerned.

Oh yes. There has been a massive transformation of America in the last seven years.   A secular humanist atheistic communist transformation.   A Cultural Marxist revolution of demoralization and debauchery in an increasingly anything goes hedonistic society.

Yes, there has been a fundamental transformation of America. It began under Bush after 9/11/01 and intensified under Obama.

This should give us all concern since the bankers and big business magnates behind this fundamental transformation of America are the same forces behind the plot in 1933.

Only today, the elite are far wealthier and even more powerful and influential.     As a result we must expose the enemy at every opportunity and be ever vigilant of Our individual rights to maintain  the freedom of Our Republic.


As the elite secretly continue their plot to steal the wealth of the world today and create a cashless two class neo-feudal society, the elitists in 1933 plotted to secretly finance an army, organized by leading officers of the Morgan and Du Pont combine including the biggest names in business and finance at that time:

John Davis – Former Democratic presidential candidate and a senior attorney for J.P. Morgan.

Irene Du Pont – Right-wing chemical industrialist and founder of the American Liberty League, the organization assigned to execute the plot.

Grayson Murphy – Director of Goodyear, Bethlehem Steel and a group of J.P. Morgan banks.

William Doyle – Former state commander of the American Legion and a central plotter of the coup.

Al Smith –  Former governor of New York and a codirector of the American Liberty League.

John J. Raskob – A high-ranking Du Pont officer and a former chairman of the Democratic Party. In later decades, Raskob would become a “Knight of Malta,” a Roman Catholic Religious Order with a high percentage of CIA spies, including CIA Directors William Casey, William Colby and John McCone.

Robert Clark – One of Wall Street’s richest bankers and stockbrokers.

Gerald MacGuire – Bond salesman for Clark, and a former commander of the Connecticut American Legion. MacGuire was the key recruiter to General Butler.

The plotters attempted to recruit General Smedley Butler to lead the coup. They selected him because he was a war hero who was popular with the troops. The plotters felt his good reputation was important to make the troops feel confident that they were doing the right thing by overthrowing a democratically elected president.

However, this was a mistake: Butler was popular with the troops because he identified with them. That is, he was a man of the people, not the elite.

When General Butler was approached to lead the coup, he pretended to go along with the plan.

The elitist traitors wanted General Butler to deliver an ultimatum to Roosevelt.     Roosevelt would pretend to become sick and incapacitated from his polio, and allow a newly created cabinet officer, a “Secretary of General Affairs,” to run things in his stead.

The secretary, of course, would be carrying out the orders of Wall Street. If Roosevelt refused, then General Butler would force him out with an army of 500,000 war veterans from the American Legion. But MacGuire assured Butler the cover story would work:

“You know the American people will swallow that. We have got the newspapers. We will start a campaign that the President’s health is failing. Everyone can tell that by looking at him, and the dumb American people will fall for it in a second…”

Of course, money was no object to those of the Rothschild’s ilk.   Clark told Butler that he would spend half his $60 million fortune to save the other half.

“We need a fascist government in this country to save the nation from the communists who want to tear it down and wreck all that we have built in America.   The only men who have the patriotism to do it are the soldiers, and Smedley Butler is the ideal leader. He could organize a million men overnight.”

MacGuire travelled to Italy to study Fascism and  reported back to his boss, Robert Clark, that they should implement the same thing type of government as Mussolini.

Big business admired Mussolini because he had used a strong hand to deal with labor unions, put out social unrest, and get the economy working again, albeit at the point of a gun.

Americans are unaware due to the elite’s control of  education, the media and history most are unaware of the many famous elitists  back then who admired Hitler and Mussolini:

Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, John and Allen Dulles (who, besides being millionaires, would later become Eisenhower’s Secretary of State and CIA Director, respectively), and, of course, everyone on the above list.

The plot fell apart when Gen. Butler revealed the details of the coup before the McCormack-Dickstein Committee, which would later become known as the House Un-American Activities Committee.

One would find it hard to argue that it does indeed appear that the plethora of communist themes and ideologies have become blatantly visible in Our society today, which  illustrates that the despised Mc Carthy era communist witch hunts of the 1950’s may now have some merit.

The McCormack-Dickstein Committee heard the testimony of Butler and French, but failed to call in any of the coup plotters for questioning, other than MacGuire.

In fact, in true secret society New World Order fashion, the Committee whitewashed the public version of its final report, deleting the names of powerful businessmen whose had politicians in their pocket to protect the façade of these traitorous criminals reputations.

Of course, the elite-controlled media have been silent about this since 1933.

Butler, appalled by the cover-up, went on national radio to denounce it, but with little success.  In 1967 John Pivak uncovered the Committee’s internal report which confirmed Butler’s story:

“In the last few weeks of the committee’s life it received evidence showing that certain persons had attempted to establish a fascist organization in this country… There is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned and might have been placed in execution if the financial backers deemed it expedient…

MacGuire denied [Butler’s] allegations under oath, but your committee was able to verify all the pertinent statements made to General Butler, with the exception of the direct statement suggesting the creation of the organization. This, however, was corroborated in the correspondence of MacGuire with his principle, Robert Sterling Clark, of New York City, while MacGuire was abroad studying the various form of veterans’ organizations of Fascist character.”

Needless to say, the survival of America’s democracy is not an automatic or sure thing, especially under the Obama Regime, as We the People are being incrementally influenced by divisive mainstream media socialist propaganda, cultural Marxism, demoralization of Our society and outright communism.

American youth are the main targets. This communist agenda depends on mind controlling Our kids to embrace socialism under the guise of fairness and quality, which socialism is neither.

In today’s world, Americans must remain vigilant against these internal domestic enemies of freedom more so than foreign threats.

The reason America has not been invaded by a foreign nation since the War of 1812 is due to the fact that Americans are so well armed.

This frustrates and infuriates the global elite since all rational nations are fully aware that an invasion of America would be suicide, as troops would be fiercely met by Our well armed populace.

This is why there is such a mass media rally cry against guns and calls for gun control.    There is no other reason.  The New World Order agenda is based on a very simple premise: “USE OUR POWER AND INFLUENCE TO CONTROL THE WORLD”

The tyrants who wish to enslave America cannot take control over such a well armed populace. As a result, for 50 years, the controlled mainstream media has propagandized gun violence to the extent that Americans would want to willingly give up Our guns.

Do so at your own peril, my fellow Americans, because history has a way of repeating itself. American gun rights are the last resort against tyranny in government. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

As Abraham Lincoln rightly noted:

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”


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