September 27, 2022






by Howard Nema


Vladimir Lenin called them useful idiots.

In the wake of the murder of police officers in Dallas, as if there hasn’t been enough pain and suffering, death, division and hatred spewed from the race baiters, the useful idiots are playing right into the hands of the globalists by organizing yet another protest to cause chaos, anger and confusion.     They are stirring the pot.

This time anonymous, (who I have long suspected of being a CIA COINTELPRO controlled opposition operation,) is coordinating efforts with BLACK LIVES MATTER to conduct a nationwide DAY OF RAGE protests slated for Friday, July 16, 2016 to protest police brutality.

The Day of Rage with no doubt be just that. Where all of the useful idiots will come out of the woodwork to create more chaos and commit more crime.

Claiming to be for black lives, the Black Lives Matters Movement is merely a hate group, arousing anger and hated while ignoring the biggest problems of violence facing the black community, which is not police killing blacks, it is planned parenthood killing blacks, followed by blacks killing blacks.

But these facts are ignored by both the media and the BLACK LIVES MATTER crowd since they do not forward the true Marxist agenda of change due to social chaos via the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Clearly, the Black Lives Matter planned day of Rage will no doubt evolve into chaos fueled by hate anarchists and paid agitators from MEDIA MATTERS or any number of so called activist groups funded by globalist George Soros.

What these well paid and cared for useful idiots do not realize is that their rage against cops and whites in general do not help their cause, but rather plunge society FORWARD into an authoritarian technotronic police state.



There is absolutely no excuse for police brutality and police executing suspects.

There is also absolutely no excuse for assassinating police officers, or blowing up suspects with robot bombs.

For the last decade, Police Departments  have recruited a new crop of bad cops that have been intentionally filtered into law enforcement to fuel chaos and civil unrest.

These steroid junky ticking time bombs and others unsuitable for law enforcement have to be weeded out.

But the really important question that is never asked of Police Officials is:

“How did these bad cops get hired in the first place?”

The answer is simple. It is by design.

Like every other institution in this Nation the police have been infiltrated at the highest level to accomplish the final stage of the Great Work.

Bad cops were in fact selected because of their tendency toward violence.

If 1 in 100 officers meets the aggressive criteria the agitators are looking for these aggressive cops will ultimately to their own end act out on their own realizing the goal of more chaos.

Once initiated into the Fraternal Order of the Police, the actions of those officers appear to be random and indeed not indicative of the actions of the 99% of good, honest, hardworking cops.

But with media help, a stigma is created to fuel the fires of dissent and division.

Law enforcement officers only solution to the tensions created by decades of police brutality is to break the Blue Wall of Silence and stop treating bad cops like Freemason Brothers and covering up for their crimes and weeding out these bad cops from the system.

But like Freemasons, whose motto is “Order Ab Chao”, or Order Out of Chaos, Police Officers take care of their own and in doing so create further chaos.

The recent assassination of police officers in Dallas has been used as yet another act of chaos designed to instill fear and as you will soon learn, set the stage for the designed coup by the United Nations Strong Cities Network to take over the role of local law enforcement due to “extremism”.

The script has been written long ago and now we are watching it play out in real time.


America has been plagued by violence, demoralization and ideological subversion for decades. Since the New Wave Cinema of the 1960’s counter culture, Hollywood and the music industry have increasingly used graphic violence, sex and depravity and Luciferian symbolism as key themes in movies, TV shows and music videos.

When we look back at history it is glaringly obvious to recognize, despite industry insider’s continuous denials, that Hollywood is and has always been responsible for affecting the behavior of society and they too must take blame for the rise in violence, crime, drugs, divorce, suicide, promiscuity, racial division .

Hollywood claims they are only depicting society as they engineer it both subliminally and subconsciously.

Before the counter culture movement there was always violence and sex in movies, but a dramatic shift occurred around the same time the civil rights movement began to gain steam.

Graphic violence, nudity, graphic sex and Satanism began to proliferate cinemas with movies like Bonnie And Clyde (1967), The Defilers (1965) and Rosemary’s Baby (1967).

We can look back to the Hollywood anti-hero gangster films of the 1930’s which lionized murderers. Gangsters like Al Capone and John Dillinger became celebrated pop culture celebrities despite their murderous evil deeds.

This was the beginning of conditioning the masses to embrace evil charismatics as role models. The Godfather and later the Sopranos took it one step further and made you feel like Michael Corleone and Tony Soprano were members of the family. Sure they are murderous criminals, but look how rich and cool they are. I want to be like them.

While claiming to be moral fables, gangster films actually promoted public opinion in favor of people such as Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger who became celebrities thanks to Hollywood portrayals of the 1930’s Thug Life as cool and alluring by casting popular actors like James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson as likeable sociopaths.

The Pavlovian conditioning continued in the black community with same violence and sex in the Black Exploitation films of the 1970’s and the Neo-Black Expoitation thug culture we see in films and music videos today.

Today we have 50 Cent, Ice T, Snoop Dogg, DMX, N.W.A. selling the Thug Life and Jay Z, Beyonce and Kanye West, Rhianna and others, (Pink) selling the Luciferian Mysteries of Freemasonry.

These role models promote crime, drug use, sex, depravity and Chaos straight out the New World Order playbook.

How many kids grew up to be Thugs thanks to Cagney and Robinson, I do not know, but I do know that the Thug life and gansta rap have fundamentally transformed America, and like Obamas fundamental transformation of America, the results have been much the same, social chaos that is cool.

What I do know is that today there is no more persuasive force for young people than Hollywood and the Music business who deserve just as much blame for the rise of chaos and racial tension as does Micah Johnson.

America’s five decades long decline has been fed and sustained by Hollywood and mass media pop culture with movies, music videos cluttered with gun violence, sex, depravity, Satanism and call all of it “art”.

While Hollywood glorifies gun violence it calls for control. This art has helped the social controllers lead us down the path we are on, escalating the constant fanning of the flames of racial tension while ignoring statistics that are much more significant to the lives of black Americans to keep the people divided and to keep the race pot boiling.

To keep the eyes off the prize.   And that prize is Our liberty.

The moral and ethical decline is obvious for anyone who takes the time to notice, but the black community has been the most targeted by these propagandists.


All of the decade long growing civil unrest we are witnessing is part of a long term agenda to create chaos and to frighten and outrage the people into demanding action. Action that never addresses the primary causes, but always calls for gun control.

Once again as if it is a surprise, Obama didn’t call out racist extremist Micah Johnson who planned to blow up sites in Dallas with explosives, or ask for unity. No. Speaking from Poland, Obama once again blamed guns and dismissed any other cause for the mass shooting psyop.

Although the shooters planned to blow up a bomb it is once again it is the guns not the criminals and their crime that takes center stage. Criminals do not obey laws so gun control only weakens the population’s ability to defend itself.

We can see this clearly in Chicago. Detroit is a different story. Crime was rampant. The police commissioner told citizens to arms themselves.

They did. And crime has dropped dramatically. But these realities cannot be included in the discussion since gun control is not about keeping people safe, it is about disarming them.

This becomes more and more obvious after each of these tragedies when the same rhetoric is touted and the crimes and the criminals acts are marginalized.

Well what do you expect from an experienced communist community organizer wishing to transform America and lead the willfully compliant herd into a 3rd world banana republic.

Of course, I am a racist for pointing this out, since Obama is black. The true intolerant racists in America are former 60’s radicals hold high positions of power and influence in the White House and the Dept. of Justice.

All of the civil unrest has been caused by the interloper in chief and his accomplices in the Race Baiting Industry.

In the mind of Our dear leader racism played no role in the Dallas Shooting. Obama is not delusional. He is divisive and very deceptive. He knows the truth and he knows exactly what he is doing.

The current and future “extremist” attacks are all like dominoes set to fall into the United Nations Strong Cities Initiative. Not the United Nations Safe Cities, but Strong Cities t implying force. And there will be force.

What we are witnessing is the catalyst of the implementation of the Global Police Force that has been warned against since the founding of the anti-American subversive United Nations.

Make no mistake about it. As badly as things have turned out in the last 7 1/2 years there are no errors. Everything Obama and his global mainstream media propaganda force has orchestrated and accomplished has been completely deliberate.

The Global Hidden Masters will no doubt pat him on the back with untold millions after he leaves office, as is tradition.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton listens during a panel discussion at the Clinton Global Initiative, Monday, Sept. 22, 2014 in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton listens during a panel discussion at the Clinton Global Initiative, Monday, Sept. 22, 2014 in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

BLACK COMMUNITY DEATH CAUSES abortion-stats- EUA_STPPgraphic Fatherless Children Molyneux 6_30_14

Obama and Hillary’s lies and “errors” were not mistakes.

They were necessary.

They are all a means to an end.   This is why Obama hasn’t helped the black community, but rather has divided it.

No. Obama didn’t make ANY dumb moves.  This Machiavellian deceiver promised to end the war in Iraq and pleased his constituents while knowing the Middle East would explode, as it has.

That was and is the plan. Destabilization. Chaos, confusion, discord, dissent and deception are the hallmarks of this Marxist manipulator.

No, Obama cast no blame on black racists or the division instigated by the Saul Alinksy inspired rhetoric we have seen played out for the last 7 1/2 years from the Great community organizer and deceiver in chief in the White House.

No. The cause of this and all mass shootings, or any shooting is guns.

It is always the guns.

Loretta Lynch chimed in the same tune and apparently sympathized more with the protestors than the fallen police and their families.

Obama ran for office under the guise of bringing unity and ending racism. White people voted him into office twice.

The only racism has come from Obama and his fellow adept initiates of the Brotherhood like the street agitators of chaos Freemasons Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

Both Sharpton and Jackson have been frequent visitors to the White House, not to discuss bringing unity, but how to forge chaos, division and discord as they were taught by their heroes Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers.

The unprecendented use of a military weapon to end the Dallas shooting foreshadows a dark and eerie future. Mass media manipulators are dismissing the danger calling the use of the robots innovative and where technology has led us. Indeed.


No one is talking about this giant leap into the deep waters of a growing police state. While Militarized SWAT teams are increasingly used in raids on private homes to illegally seize assets related to violations of US code from the bogus WARS ON DRUGS and TERROR to collecting rain water. Americans are targeted by Our gov’t to such a vast extent that in both 2014 and 2015 Federal Gov’t asset seizures topped property lost to burglary.

We are only a hair’s breath away from a full blown banana republic due to racial tension and the unspoken financial system that can and will collapse at any moment.

Obama only sought to limit the use of military equipment to control citizen protests, not the illegal searches and seizures as we have seen after the Boston Bombing and many other instances where riot police forced their way into people homes under the guise of protecting them and keeping them safe, as in the case with the Tsarnaev brothers.


Like in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina, when authorities illegally confiscated American’s guns to keep them safe in 2005. If American’s didn’t want to be kept safe by giving up their guns they would be arrested.

Welcome to benevolent despotism and the continuation of the Great Work, a thousand points of light that have blinded the sensibilities and rationality of the herd into a fearful mob of useful idiots embracing their own servitude.

The Katrina beta test carried out with threats of tyrannical and unconstitutional imprisonment, law abiding Americans willfully surrendered their firearms and their freedom to the state.

Most American do not understand this, nor do they understand that the entire operation was a beta test. Now fast forward to 7/7/16 and the current beta test for public reaction to the use of a bomb to kill a suspect.

Although we see no evidence of a decline in the militarization of the Police we see unprecedented use of a Military weapon on US soil.

In May, 2015 the White House supposedly set limits on federal programs that provide military style equipment to local law enforcement agencies.

Although on paper Police have to not only get approval from their local governments for the procurement of these weapons, they supposedly also have to provide a “clear and persuasive explanation” for their requirement, like rising chaos from the agitator industry.

This list of weapons includes tracked armored vehicles, weaponized aircraft and vehicles, bayonets, grenade launchers and large-caliber firearms, according to a report.

This 2015 edict also alleges plans to repossess military equipment given to Police Departments nationwide, but so far no actions have been taken in either case.

In addition to weapons in the “prohibited” list, an interagency group also created a “controlled” equipment list, which includes wheeled armored or tactical vehicles, specialized firearms and ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnics, and riot equipment.

Apparently the unprecedented police use of a robot to kill the perp in Dallas with a bomb indicates the willingness to use what has already been stockpiled and despite talk of the removal of existing military tactical weapons from police departments nationwide, no action has been taken. And no one will.

In my view the call to demilitarize the police is a ruse to make Obama appear to be concerned about the increased militarization against protestors, but not average citizens and their 4th Amendment Rights.

Abiding by these limits requires enforcement which is not only lax, it is ignored. Which should surprise no one since adhering and applying the rule of law has become subjective and politicized over the last few decades. Most notably with the pass given to Hillary Clinton for her unauthorized use of a private server when head of the State Department.

Well, you have to break a few eggs to created a one world authoritarian socialism system.


There is a long history of militarization of the police, dating back to Prohibition and the creation of the FBI to combat the likes of Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde who used machine guns against police armed with long rifles and .38 caliber hand guns

The same forces working to subvert America into socialism today stirred up the useful idiots in the 1950’s and 1960’s with civil unrest and race riots. This was all done to accomplish the rising police state we see today. And things will only get worse.

After the Civil War congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 in response to civil liberties abuse of the Confederate States under US military occupation during Reconstruction. The law prohibited the use of the Military for domestic law enforcement.

After the law allowed State and local authorities to regain control of their police departments who were typically equipped with handguns, shotguns and batons for law enforcement purposes.

The Crime Wave of the early 1930’s grew out of the despair caused by the Oligarch designed Great Depression and set the stage for the rising Police State we see today.

The 1965 Watts Riots gave way to the trend of arming and equipping police forces with battlefield weapons. The special weapons and tactics concept originated in the late 1960s as a result of several sniping incidents against civilians and police officers around the country.

Wow does that sound familiar?

In the New Age of government run by radical leftists, when the gov’t says they are doing something to keep us safe . . .


In 1971, upon critical examination of how each incident was managed by police, the leadership of the LAPD realized that an effective response to these dangerous situations was virtually non-existent.

Officer John Nelson presented the special weapons and tactics concept to inspector Darryl F. Gates. Gates concurred and approved the concept of a small group of highly disciplined officers utilizing special weapons and tactics to cope with these unusual and difficult attacks.

The first Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Unit consisted of 15 four-man teams. Members of each team, who volunteered from the ranks of patrol and other police assignments, had specialized experience and prior military service. Each unit was activated for monthly training or when the need for special weapons personnel actually arose.

These units, known as “station defense teams,” provided security for police facilities during civil unrest. The SWAT personnel were assigned on a full-time basis to Metropolitan Division to respond to continuing action by subversive groups and a rising crime rate.

Speaking of subversives, Hollywood got into the propaganda game with the TV show SWAT. Hollywood also recently released a redux to influence the herd that SWAT teams are cool and necessary to keep us safe.

Researchers David N. Falcone, Edward L. Wells, and Ralph A. Weisheit describe a historical separation of police models between small towns and larger cities, which tended to function differently with separate hierarchical systems supporting each.

The militarization of both rural and urban law enforcement has been attributed to the United States’ involvement in wars during the 20th century, and to increasingly frequent encounters with violent protesters and criminals with automatic weapons, explosives, and body armor.

A big part of the militarization of the police was the designed WAR ON DRUGS which was ironic, since the CIA was smuggling Drugs and created the crack cocaine epidemic as was revealed by Pulitzer Winning Investigative Journalist Gary Webb.

The 1981 Military Cooperation with Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies Act signed by Reagan allows the U.S. military to cooperate with civilian law enforcement in violation of Posse Comitatus.

Operations in support of law enforcement include assistance in counter-drug operations, assistance for civil disturbances, special security operations, counter-terrorism, explosive ordanance disposal and other similar activities.

This allows the U.S. military to give civilian law enforcement agencies access to military bases and equipment.

The Act is cited in the 1992 essay The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012 as having set a precedent that the author, a USAF officer, considered dangerous.

In 1997, heavily armed bank robbers in full body out gunned local patrol officers in a standoff in North Hollywod, California.

Police service pistols carried by the first responding officers had insufficient range and poor accuracy. A SWAT team eventually arrived and conveniently killed the suspects.

The ineffectiveness of the standard police patrol pistols and shotguns in penetrating the robbers’ body armor led to a trend in the United States toward arming selected police officers, not just SWAT teams, with heavier semi-automatic pistols and AR-15 rifles.

Once again, this incident was used a pretext for more gun control and restrictions against honest law abiding citizens and more militarization of the police.

Seven months after the incident, the Department of Defense gave 600 surplus M16s to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The 1033 program created by the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 1997 as part of the U.S. Government’s Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services (DLA) transferred excess military equipment to law enforcement agencies.

8,000 local law enforcement agencies participate in the reutilization program that has transferred $5.1 billion in military hardware from the Depatrment of Defense to local American law enforcement agencies since 1997.

Police departments have obtained surplus aircraft, bayonets, tactical armored vehicles, weapons, including grenade launchers, LRAD’s and watercraft.


After the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks a massive expansion of police militarization began to keep us safe, including the Unconstitutional, tyrannical Patriot Act, which stripped American’s rights to privacy and due process.

If you piece together the timeline and the many real shootings and gov’t false flag operations we have been subjected to, you can see how this agenda has weaseled its way into Our police departments and we see the results.

We all know how Big Bad Brother really is from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

So is Our government trying to keep the people safe, or is it protecting the establishment insiders. Looking at the farce investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server and the answer is obvious.

The American People are the enemy of the forces pulling the strings of Our gov’t leaders. That is why the NSA was established, not to spy on Our foreign enemies, no. It was created in 1947 to spy on the American People.

We can all thank Edward Snowden for illuminating the herd to this fact. But do the herd care?

Do you care?

Do you care that Our government is controlled by a consortium of billionaire and trillionare globalist socialists working to destroy the sovereignty and culture of America to benefit their financial objectives and complete the Great Work by ruling over us with a benevolent despotism.

This is a fact. In fact, the elite are so proud of they write books on it.

Read Carrol Quigley’ Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo- Establishment and Manly P. Hall’s America’s Assignment With Destiny and the America’s Secret Destiny for more understanding of this.

Since 9/11 SWAT teams have also sprung up in small cities, where police forces are less likely to deal with mass scale unrest which brings one to wonder, why?

Also why are more that 800 FEMA camps now activated and prepared for civil unrest. Because the shadow government is causing the civil unrest. We will see more violence, more division, more hatred and more shootings. Despite all of Obama’s rhetoric about logical gun control, the entire argument of gun control is illogical.

Obama claims he is not after American’s guns. But Obama also said if you like your insurance and you like your doctor, you can keep your insurance and keep your doctor.



Enough said.




In the end all we have is memories.

What will our memories of today be tomorrow?


Some things to think on until next time.


Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinksy

Tragedy And Hope by Carroll Quigley

The Anglo-American Establishment by Carrol Quigley

America’s Assignment With Destiny by Manly P. Hall

America’s Secret Destiny by Manly P. Hall


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