May 20, 2022

2 thoughts on “Key Excerpts from Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley (1966)

  1. So basically, what you’re presenting here is a series of events caused by people in power who made decisions and then acted on them. All of what you write has at least an undertone that suggests you are unhappy with all these events and wish to stop them from continuing. And all the results form your discontent amount to talking about things and NOT doing anything to enact them.
    Don’t take offense. This can hardly be blamed on one person when it is evidently the culture. For one thing, no one really knows what to do when the perpetrators of the crimes are actually people in their own government. We wouldn’t accept the chem trails if they were being spewed by Russian military jets, and if Kim Jong-un had been the one to put fluoride in our water, we wouldn’t only have bombed NK back to the Stone Age, we’d also quickly force government to have incredibly stringent rules against ALL corporate polluting, for clearly lax laws have given the enemy an excellent opportunity. But the same things done by people who look and sound like us? People we VOTED for? People who work within the sacred Halls of the “Divine Protector, that entity which allows absolutely NO corruption into its presence and Magically cleanses all thoughts of harm or ill from the minds of the hand-picked few chosen to work within it”? IMPOSSIBLE!!!
    Look; It’s sad to say this, but there is no point ignoring it. If you want any changes done to any government policy, you’re going to have to acknowledge something. The VAST majority of Americans worship the system of governance and all who work within in. It matter not one whit what ass(hole) sits in the chair in the Oval Office, they worship its holy orifice. The same childish idealism we used to have for the church that caused parents to call liars their very own children for daring to accuse God’s representatives here on Earth now accept lead, fracking chemicals and GMOs from their “leaders” when the first spotting of a chemical leak from a passing plane from ANY non-American airline would cause them to make a homemade rocket launcher and get the next one b4 it had a chance to spew its suspicious cargo. We’re all going about this all wrong.
    We aren’t having a discussion with rational people. We’re pounding away at people’s IRRATIONAL core beliefs. To abandon even a facet of one’s core beliefs is too much for most people. They can’t merely DECIDE to do that. For the vast majority this would cause a total nervous breakdown. We are social animals. Our core beliefs are what we view the world through. In the history of this world, has any one person ever simply said, when presented with a fact “This contradicts one of my most dearly-held beliefs. This goes entirely against the cherished memories of my childhood and what it means to be an (American, Christian, whatever people define themselves as). Oh well, I guess I’ll just abandon all that stuff.”?
    Despite all this, there is still a way AROUND this. If your priority is rallying people to action, there is still at least one way Anyone interested?

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