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Global Network on Safer Cities (GNSC) is an initiative of UN-Habitat with the goal of equipping local authorities and urban stakeholders to deliver urban safety, thus contributing towards securing the urban advantage for all.

Launched in September 2012 at the Sixth session of the World Urban Forum in Naples, Italy, the GNSC is envisioned to serve as the foremost international platform for cities and urban stakeholders endeavoring to prevent crime and improve urban safety.

The Safer Cities approach is developed in collaboration with cities and partners from all over the world and is currently being implemented in 77 cities in 24 countries.

The Network is designed to support cities in the prevention of urban crime and the enhancement of urban safety strategies, acting as a common platform that links existing crime and violence prevention networks with the urban players.

The objectives of the GNSC are:

  • To stimulate exchange between policymakers and practitioners, institutions and NGOs working on crime prevention and urban development on the prioritization of safety as a global sustainable urban development agenda;
  • To facilitate standardisation of principles on prevention of urban crime and enhancement of urban safety for all;
  • To develop and disseminate knowledge and tools on urban safety;
  • To support application of proven and promising approaches dedicated to safer cities for all;
  • To increase coordination on communication, advocacy and outreach among cities and donors and grow the visibility of the urban safety agenda;
  • To leverage resources for implementation of safety initiatives in cities.

SOURCE: Safer Cities @ UN habitat.org


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One World Government Archive

Jan 18 2016 Get a Grip on Inequality, Leaders Urged in Run-up to Davos
Jan 11 2016 Beware: Surveillance software police are using to score citizens’ threat level
Dec 13 2015 Obama Praises 196-Country Climate Deal; Republicans Say Pact Not Legally Binding
Dec 1 2015 Card Parolin at COP21 stresses ethical imperative to act in a context of global solidarity
Nov 10 2015 Africa is the Western world’s testing ground for microchip implants, weaponized viruses and experimental vaccines
Nov 1 2015 The UN Plans To Implement Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030
Oct 18 2015 Moving Toward A One World Government, A One World Economy And A One World Religion
Sept 27 2015 Germany’s Angela Merkel says UN Security Council must be reformed
Sept 22 2015 FBI dramatically expanding biometrics programs: EFF
Sept 16 2015 UK government to require registration of all religious leaders
Sept 12 2015 You need to work toward an honest economy, Pope tells bankers
Sept 4 2015 A Benefit Or Big Brother? NYC Unveils Pilot Program To Track Driving Habits 
Sept 2 2015 The 2030 Agenda: This Month The UN Launches A Blueprint For A New World Order With The Help Of The Pope
Aug 27 2015 Australia to launch national facial recognition matching system in 2016
Aug 18 2015 Nigerian government recommends unified biometric data collection and usage
July 19 2015 The President Of France Wants Eurozone Members To Transfer Their Sovereignty To A United States Of Europe
July 11 2015 Pope Francis releases papal Agenda 21, calls for globalist government to manage ‘sustainable development,’ ignores GMO and pharmaceutical pollution
July 7 2015 US company gives glimpse into future of government surveillance 
July 3 2015 Oregon launches program to tax drivers by the mile
Jun 23 2015 Facial recognition technology: Is Orwell’s fiction our reality?
Jun 15 2015 Pope Francis Calls For A New Global Political Authority To Save Humanity
Jun 13 2015 Secret War on Cash: “Discussions at Bilderberg Centered Around Capital Controls, Abolition of Cash”
Jun 11 2015 Never mind the G7 or Davos, it’s Bilderberg time
May 14 2015 Canadians Mark A Milestone On Road To Cashless Society
May 14 2015 China, Russia Seek New Internet World Order
May 14 2015 Beijing wants total police state video surveillance by 2020
May 11 2015 Iris Scanners, Widely Used By US Military, Could Be Coming To A Police Department Near You
May 11 2015 In September, The UN Launches A Major Sustainable Development Agenda For The Entire Planet
May 8 2015 Tracking kids via microchip ‘can’t be far off,’ says expert
Apr 15 2015 Huge Trouble Is Percolating Just Under The Surface Of The Global Economy
Apr 13 2015 India’s plan to track kids from birth using biometrics hits a roadblock
Apr 13 2015 Israel Interior Minister presenting legislation for mandatory national biometric ID system
Apr 10 2015 Citi Economist Says It Might Be Time to Abolish Cash
Mar 26 2015 Congress Pushes Obama-backed National Biometric ID for Americans
Mar 10 2015 No Opting Out of Vaccinations Under Proposed California Bill
Mar 9 2015 Economist Tells Congress: U.S. May Be in ‘Worse Fiscal Shape’ Than Greece
Mar 8 2015 Police chief: ‘Put CCTV in every home’
Feb 7 2015 Putin says Russia will never succumb to unipolar world order
Feb 5 2015 Report: Britain Saw Record Levels of Anti-Semitism in 2014
Jan 31 2015 Richest Man In The World Calling For A New World Order?
Jan 29 2015 Homeland Security to deploy iris and facial recognition services to Border Patrol
Jan 28 2015 US military developing identity verification system based on behavioral biometrics 
Jan 18 2015 Russia, China, India – The New Multi-polar Order
Dec 18 2014 Experts Forecast the End of Privacy as We Know It
Nov 24 2014 Will Pope Francis’ words foster a new pact for Europe?
Nov 16 2014 NWO Seeking Control of Earth’s Water
Nov 12 2014 Generation WiFi wants brains hooked to Internet
Nov 2 2014 The Holy See and the United Nations – Working for the Good of the Human Family
Oct 29 2014 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: Get Used to Endless War
Oct 14 2014 Biometrics could be the future of U.S. Customs and Border Protection traveller screening
Oct 9 2014 UK consumers fear Internet of Things will lead to Big Brother-style surveillance
Oct 9 2014 Obama’s cybersecurity adviser: Biometrics will replace passwords for safety’s sake
Oct 9 2014 Michelle Malkin: Look Who’s Data Mining Your Toddlers
Oct 9 2014 Indian gov’t launches biometric employee attendance system
Oct 1 2014 FBI seeks to add Rapid DNA to biometric database
Sept 29 2014 Bilderberger Kissinger Wants World Army To Fight Terrorists 
Sept 16 2014 The FBI says its biometric identification database is now fully operational
Sept 4 2014 Secrecy surrounds government surveillance programs
Aug 26 2014 Surveillance system being sold that can track mobile phones across the world
Aug 25 2014 Patriarch Twal: New Culture, Mentality Needed to Achieve Peace in Gaza
Aug 25 2014 FBI digitizes millions of records to prepare for Next Generation Identification system
Aug 20 2014 UN Grabs for the Internet: CFR, Chatham House Lead Toward “Global Governance”
Aug 14 2014 Boston spied, used facial recognition on concertgoers
Aug 5 2014 U.S. Army seeks information from companies for biometric authentication system project
Aug 2 2014 Archbishop Chaput Speaks at the Napa Institute Conference on Pope Francis and Economic Justice
Aug 1 2014 “Human Factors” and Biometrics at DHS
July 26 2014 Pentagon seeking new technology to predict ‘societal unrest’ in US
July 21 2014 Department of Public Safety collecting fingerprints of Texans
July 17 2014 UK police test out NEC’s facial recognition solution
July 16 2014 U.N. human rights chief: Surveillance is now world’s “dangerous habit
July 14 2014 National ID scheme needs to be Digital and Global
July 10 2014 U.S. military completes test of biometrics system
July 1 2014 ‘Smart’ Street Lights to “Track Everything We Do All the Time”
Jun 30 2014 ImageWare signs $1M deal to provide biometric driver license system for Baja California
Jun 26 2014 Australian Customs to introduce border clearance system with biometric eGates
Jun 26 2014 EFF asks for privacy review of FBI biometrics database
Jun 22 2014 Italy to push for ‘United States of Europe’ when it holds the EU presidency
Jun 15 2014 Secret state: Trevor Paglen documents the hidden world of governmental surveillance, from drone bases to “black sites”
Jun 12 2014 NSA allegedly using Aadhaar to spy on India
Jun 2 2014 Philippines makes biometric voter enrollment mandatory
May 29 2014 Bilderberg at 60: inside the world’s most secretive conference
May 28 2014 Biden challenges graduating AF Academy cadets to create ‘new world order’
May 26 2014 Government Plan Would Transform Israel Into The World’s First Cashless Society
May 20 2014 Federal ‘Biosurveillance’ Plan Seeking Direct Access to Americans’ Private Medical Records
May 15 2014 All internet activity now monitored by ‘pre-crime’ algorithms
May 12 2014 Security camera surge in Chicago sparks concerns of ‘massive surveillance system’
May 9 2014 Pope demands ‘legitimate redistribution’ of wealth
May 6 2014 White House’s ‘Identity Ecosystem’ spurs suspicion of national ID registry
May 5 2014 10 Examples Of How “Big Brother” Is Steadily Creeping Into Our Daily Lives
Apr 30 2014 License Plate Readers: Another Step Toward “Big Brother” Surveillance?
Apr 23 2014 Louisiana Creates Database of Citizens Who Represent “A Risk to the State”
Mar 24 2014 Column: Who Will Shape the New World Order as Technology Advances?
Mar 14 2014 Secretive Treaty Will Open Door to One-World Government
Mar 4 2014 Central Scotland MSP highlights fears over guardian plan
Feb 28 2014 Michigan Township To Put Cameras ‘In Every Neighborhood’
Feb 18 2014 NSA – Setting The Foundation For A Global Police State?
Feb 17 2014 Globalists Unveil Socialist-backed New World Tax Regime
Feb 15 2014 Feds want to track your DNA like a license plate
Feb 13 2014 Homeland Security to Activate ‘National License Plate Recognition Database’ 
Feb 6 2014 States Look To Rein in Government Surveillance
Feb 6 2014 Top Adviser To The Chinese Government Calls For A “Global Currency” To Replace The U.S. Dollar
Jan 27 2014 The cop of the future: Will crooks have a chance against smart bullets, crowd-stun cannons and eyes everywhere?
Jan 22 2014 Blimplike surveillance craft set to deploy over Maryland heighten privacy concerns
Jan 8 2014 We want a United States of Europe says top EU official
Jan 1 2014 Feds May Require Cars to Talk to Each Other to Avoid Crashes
Dec 30 2013 UAE Emirates ID will replace bank cards
Dec 29 2013 National ID headed for your wallet, purse
Dec 12 2013 Cashless society: A huge threat to our freedom
Nov 26 2013 Embracing big brother: How facial recognition could help fight crime
Nov 12 2013 DHS Funds Installation of White Boxes That Can Track Population of Entire City
Oct 28 2013 EU Proposal to Monitor “Intolerant” Citizens
Oct 14 2013 China state media blasts US shutdown, calls for a ‘de-Americanized’ world
Sept 30 2013 Va. starting to develop a master identity database
Sept 20 2013 Homeland Security to test BOSS facial recognition at junior hockey game
Aug 21 2013 Facial Scanning Is Making Gains in Surveillance
Jul 19 2013 Driving somewhere? There’s a gov’t record of that
Jul 12 2013 Spread of DNA databases sparks ethical concerns
June 28 2013 Multiple Government Agencies Are Keeping Records Of Your Credit Card Transactions
June 26 2013 License-plate readers let police collect millions of records on drivers
June 17 2013 Big Brother alert: Cameras in the cable box to monitor TV viewers
June 16 2013 State photo-ID databases become troves for police
June 14 2013 Thousands Of Companies Have Been Handing Over Your Personal Data To The NSA
June 6 2013 The NSA Spying Is Bigger Than Verizon
May 16 2013 “Big Brother” is big business?
May 7 2013 Federal Europe will be ‘a reality in a few years’, says Jose Manuel Barroso
May 6 2013 European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government
May 4 2013 Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government?
May 2 2013 This Powerful Spy Software Is Being Abused By Governments Around The World
Apr 25 2013 China, France vow to promote ‘multipolar’ world
Apr 17 2013 Global economy faces ‘chronic’ crisis if reforms are not completed, warns IMF
Apr 6 2013 Vice President Joe Biden calls for a ‘new world order’
Mar 29 2013 DARPA developing sensor tattoos for monitoring vital signs
Feb 8 2013 5 Homeland Security ‘Bots Coming to Spy on You (If They Aren’t Already)
Feb 6 2013 UK government plans to track ALL web use: MI5 to install ‘black box’ spy devices to monitor British internet traffic
Feb 4 2013 EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans
Jan 19 2013 Multiple Paths Lead To One World Government
Dec 12 2012 U.N. Conference Slyly Introduces Resolution to Gain Control of Internet—in Middle of Night
Dec 5 2012 NSA agent: Everyone under virtual surveillance
Nov 22 2012 Iranian president calls for new world order
Nov 22 2012 Forthcoming UN summit ‘threatens free and open Internet’: Google’s warning over meeting to update global web rules
Nov 21 2012 Wiretapping the web: ‘Revolutionary’ technology could allow governments to listen in on your Skype conversations
Nov 20 2012 Here’s How Authorities Can Legally Spy on Your Digital Life (And Congress Could Make It Easier)
Nov 19 2012 Student Expelled for Refusing Location Tracking RFID Badge
Nov 16 2012 Five EU countries call for new military ‘structure’
Nov 9 2012 New euro notes to show tragic princess
Nov 4 2012 A new leader for Europe?
Nov 2 2012 UN Representative Calls For Establishing A ‘World Capital’–In Islamic Istanbul
Nov 1 2012 One month until they regulate the Internet
Oct 29 2012 Tony Blair: the EU needs a president
Oct 19 2012 EU leaders agree to one banking overseer
Oct 10 2012 Coming Next: TSA Electronic Shock Bracelets?
Oct 8 2012 New financial system needed to curb greed, say theologians and economists
Oct 3 2012 Archbishop tells UN we need World Government
Oct 3 2012 Powerful CCTV cameras which can track faces from more than half a mile away ‘could breach human rights laws’
Oct 2 2012 New software uses smartphone camera for spying
Sept 26 2012 AP Interview: Ahmadinejad pushes new world order
Sept 24 2012 19 Signs That America Is Being Systematically Transformed Into A Giant Surveillance Grid
Sept 18 2012 Europe’s most powerful countries call for elected EU president
Sept 12 2012 Top EU official: greater political union is needed
Sept 8 2012 FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America
Aug 16 2012 Bloomberg, NYPD announce $30 million surveillance system
July 19 2012 Facial recognition tech is rocketing ahead of laws that can control it
June 22 2012 Ahmadinejad calls for ‘new world order’ without nuclear monopoly
June 19 2012 Is that really just a fly? Swarms of cyborg insect drones are the future of military surveillance
June 15 2012 Ottawa airport wired with microphones as Border Services prepares to record travellers’ conversations
June 13 2012 More than 70 per cent of Canadians ready to go “cashless”
May 30 2012 Bilderberg is ‘a conspiracy reality’
May 28 2012 Bilderberg power masters meet in the US
May 25 2012 Ahmadinejad calls for new world order based on justice
May 25 2012 Experts call for one world government
May 22 2012 Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don’t want the government spying on you (and they include ‘pork’, ‘cloud’ and ‘Mexico’)
May 21 2012 Establishment of a Single World Currency and Overcoming the Economic Crisis
May 18 2012 UK surveillance program could expose private lives
Apr 24 2012 Is there a drone in your neighborhood? Rise of spy planes exposed after FAA is forced to reveal 63 launch sites across U.S.
Apr 20 2012 Ministers ponder creation of EU super-president
Mar 31 2012 BRICS needs to build on its economic power
Mar 28 2012 A Cashless Society May Be Closer Than Most People Would Ever Dare To Imagine
Mar 16 2012 New Details on NSA‘s ’Spy Center‘ and Secrets From Domestic Eavesdropping Operation ’Stellar Wind’
Mar 16 2012 The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV: Agency director says it will ‘transform’ surveillance
Mar 1 2012 UN to propose planetary regulations of water, food
Feb 28 2012 E-passports spread to half the globe
Feb 14 2012 Barroso to China: EU is not falling apart
Feb 9 2012 Group Forces Congressional Hearing On Big Sis’ Twitter, Drudge Spying
Feb 7 2012 Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress
Feb 7 2012 New DHS Report: If You Love “Individual Liberty” Or If You “Believe In Conspiracy Theories” You Are A Potential Terrorist
Feb 4 2012 Big brother now spies on journalists, keeps records of online activity
Feb 2 2012 Forget personal privacy – UK to microchip prescription medicines with new smart pill
Feb 2 2012 Ahmadinejad calls for new world order
Jan 30 2012 World lacks enough food, fuel as population soars: U.N.
Dec 28 2011 Tweeting the word ‘drill’ could mean your Twitter account is read by U.S. government spies
Dec 20 2011 World economy at a ‘very dangerous juncture’: IMF chief
Dec 2 2011 Angela Merkel vows to create ‘fiscal union’ across eurozone
Nov 29 2011 The Department Of Homeland Security Wants All The Information It Has On You Accessible From One Place
Nov 24 2011 Next Generation To Be Born Into ‘Cashless’ Society
Nov 23 2011 Vatican again urges radical reform of global marketplace
Nov 22 2011 Malls track shoppers’ cell phones on Black Friday
Nov 9 2011 New privacy fears as police could track your GPS without a warrant
Nov 4 2011 Big Brother’s THREE MILLION targets: Massive surge in intrusive surveillance by state snoopers
Nov 2 2011 Sarkozy, Obama push for financial crisis solution
Oct 27 2011 Russia: Putin advances Eurasian Union
Oct 26 2011 New Street Lights To Have “Homeland Security” Applications
Oct 24 2011 TSA deploys ‘VIPR’ teams throughout Tennessee to set up illegal security checkpoints on interstates
Oct 22 2011 New euro ’empire’ plot by Brussels
Oct 20 2011 Mikhail Gorbachev Says Uprisings Signal and Emerging New World Order
Oct 14 2011 Gov’t cameras in your car? E-toll patent hints at Big Brotherish future
Oct 7 2011 Real-life “Minority Report” program gets a try-out
Oct 7 2011 FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service
Oct 6 2011 World facing worst financial crisis in history, Bank of England Governor says
Oct 4 2011 Putin proposes setting up ‘Eurasian Union’ of former Soviet nations
Sept 25 2011 CDC now calling U.S. households and demanding child immunization records as part of vaccine surveillance and tracking program
Sept 13 2011 US Homeland Security now tracking medical records of Canadians
Sept 7 2011 Ahmadinejad Describes Introduction of New World Order as Main Mission of Iran
Sept 6 2011 Spectre of fresh EU treaty returns to haunt ‘incomplete’ Europe
Sept 4 2011 Surveillance Watching the US?
Aug 30 2011 China’s yuan could challenge dollar role in a decade
Aug 6 2011 China Says U.S. Downgrade ‘Overdue,’ Calls for Global Reserve Currency
Aug 1 2011 Dragonfly drones and cyborg moths: Tiny flying robots set to be the future of spying and rescue missions
Aug 1 2011 Super spies: U.S. is developing system that can identify where in the world a photo was taken
July 31 2011 Toward a cashless society: Treasury printing fewer dollars
July 30 2011 Big Brother is watching you: The town where EVERY car is tracked by police camera
July 29 2011 UK government to save DNA profiles of innocent people, civil liberties groups speak out
July 27 2011 Consolidation of seed companies leading to corporate domination of world food supply
July 26 2011 Internet takeover: New legislation would allow state to arbitrarily shut down, seize websites
July 21 2011 Lawyer: Cop scanner ‘crosses line’
July 21 2011 UN may switch blue helmets to green, then launch climate change peacekeeping wars
July 19 2011 Bohemian Grove mystery broken down
July 12 2011 Micro-machines are go: The U.S. military drones that are so small they even look like insects
July 12 2011 US government caught in fake vaccination program harvesting DNA from civilians to target terrorists
June 28 2011 Bill Gates, Monsanto hijack ‘humanitarian aid’ efforts to push GMO agenda
June 27 2011 Supreme Court to hear D.C. case on police GPS tracking
June 27 2011 TSA defends removing adult’s diaper for pat down
June 23 2011 G-20 introduces food tracking system to stabilize prices
June 22 2011 Planes, trains, and automobiles: TSA to grope travelers on all forms of transportation
June 22 2011 Gore promoting fewer children to curb pollution
June 12 2011 Roubini: ‘Perfect Storm’ May Rock World Economy by 2013
June 12 2011 Awareness of Bilderberg Cabal Explodes in 2011
June 9 2011 Tony Blair’s nightmare vision of a European superstate would be disastrous for Britain and the Special Relationship
June 9 2011 Rich, Famous and Powerful Converge at Bilderberg
June 3 2011 Scientists push to implement edible RFID tracking chips in food
June 1 2011 20 former world leaders discuss looming water crisis
May 26 2011 32 Signs That The Entire World Is Being Transformed Into A Futuristic Big Brother Prison Grid
May 25 2011 U.S. dollar could ‘collapse’: UN
May 24 2011 A New Global Financial System
May 11 2011 FEMA to confiscate food from local farms in emergencies?
May 1 2011 Bull’s eye! Air Force looks to use tiny drones to track targets by ‘painting’ them with goo
Apr 20 2011 Soros Event Sets in Motion New Attacks on Dollar / Bretton Woods conference accelerates push for new world currency.
Apr 20 2011 Chinese Yuan Takes Global Stage
Apr 12 2011 US Police Increasingly Peeping at E-mail, Instant Messages
Apr 12 2011 San Francisco considers requiring ID scans for most public events
Apr 7 2011 Laptops and Other Electronics May Be Seized on Entry to US
Mar 23 2011 Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy
Mar 22 2011 My View: Decent of the dollar: On the end of America’s purchasing power
Mar 8 2011 Ahmadinejad calls for new world order
Mar 6 2011 TSA, DHS plan massive rollout of mobile surveillance vans with long-distance X-ray capability, eye movement tracking and more
Mar 3 2011 Obama Focusing on Foreign Affairs, Meeting with Mexican President
Mar 2 2011 Why the Dollar’s Reign Is Near an End
Feb 21 2011 Tar sands row threatens Canada-EU trade deal: sources
Feb 19 2011 Rodents Everywhere
Feb 16 2011 News Alert – Saddleback’s Rick Warren to host ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair
Feb 15 2011 ‘Kill Switch’ Internet bill alarms privacy experts
Feb 11 2011 Shocking New IMF Report: The U.S. Dollar Needs To Be Replaced As The World Reserve Currency And SDRs “Could Constitute An Embryo Of Global Currency”
Jan 31 2011 As Egypt goes offline US gets internet ‘kill switch’ bill ready
Jan 24 2011 GM food needed to avert global crisis, says Government adviser
Jan 24 2011 “Unscientific” is secret code for anyone who opposes GMOs or pesticides
Jan 21 2011 News Alert – Bedbugs Rapidly Evolving to Fight Pesticides
Jan 20 2011 Full Screen Gigapan Viewer
Jan 17 2011 Bill gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines
Jan 10 2011 Sarkozy urges less international reliance on US dollar
Jan 8 2011 Scientists uncover truth about fluoride and other water contaminants
Dec 21 2010 Govt ‘creating vast domestic snooping machine’
Dec 20 2010 Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up
Dec 16 2010 Obama Administration calls for ‘Privacy Bill of Rights’
Dec 5 2010 Ted Turner urges global one-child policy to save planet
Nov 29 2010 Canada Surrenders Sovereignty and Privacy to U.S. Secure Flight Program
Nov 29 2010 Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for rationing in developed world
Nov 27 2010 Scanner Vans Allow Drive-By Snooping
Nov 26 2010 Proof Positive that the government rates body scanner resisters as“Non-Islamic Domestic Terrorists”
Nov 9 2010 Big Pharma to begin microchipping drugs
Oct 7 2010 Head office faceoff – Gov’t seeks to ensure Sask.’s potash presence
Nov 23 2010 Bill Could Give Homeland Security Power Over Tech Giants
Nov 18 2010 ‘New norm’ currency system envisaged
Nov 17 2010 Free Trade is anti-democratic
Nov 12 2010 World Leaders Mingle at G20 Banquet
Nov 11 2010 News Alert‘FEMA camps’ tops Google Trends as TruTV exposé set to air
Nov 11 2010 Towards a cashless society
Nov 10 2010 News Alert The New World Order is playing the currencies market
Nov 8 2010 Fed Global Backlash Grows
Nov 8 2010 The US Has Lived on Borrowed Money for Too Long’
Nov 5 2010 U.N. Human Rights Council Takes Aim at New Target: United States
Oct 22 2010 News Alert What In The World Are They Spraying
Oct 22 2010 Bad News For Beck and Barton: The Founding Fathers Were Antichrists
Oct 22 2010 Every email and website to be stored
Oct 20 2010 Iran, Venezuela leaders seek ‘new world order’
Oct 14 2010 News AlertJohn Conyers Addresses the Democratic Socialists of America
Oct 10 2010 420 banks demand 1-world currency 
Oct 9 2010 World economies vow to act to bolster IMF’s role
Oct 1 2010 Sarkozy jilts U.S. in vision of new world order
Sept 28 2010 Fruit in Europe Contains Illegal Pesticide Levels
Sept 27 2010 Scanner Vans Allow Drive-By Snooping
Sept 15 2010 Waking up to a World Currency
Sept 9 2010 News Alert Clinton declares ‘new moment’ in U.S. foreign policy in speech
Sept 8 2010 ‘Europe Needs a Directly Elected Leader with Charisma’
Sept 8 2010 News Alert EXCLUSIVE: After a Year of Setbacks, U.N. Looks to Take Charge of World’s Agenda
Sept 4 2010 Tony Blair Takes on the World
Aug 31 2010 Hints Of Change In The World Monetary System
Aug 30 2010 All Over The World Governments Are Banning Large Cash Transactions
Aug 26 2010 Sarkozy Outlines G-20 Priorities
Aug 22 2010 Global currency coming
Aug 20 2010 Ground Zero Mosque Imam is Globalist Stooge
Aug 18 2010 Obama’s New World Order Speech
Aug 15 2010 Kissinger: Obama Will Create A New World Order
Aug 17 2010 Iran’s President Blasts “Unjust” World Order
Aug 7 2010 Success of globalization rests with G20, Paul Martin says
July 28 2010 Schwarzenegger to speak at Bohemian Club conclave
June 29 2010 Scrap dollar as sole reserve currency: U.N. report
Feb 25, 2010 Bali-Hoo: U.N Still Pushing for Global Environmental Control
Feb 19, 2010 PM wants global constitution for financial system
Feb 4, 2010 EU Leader: Politicians Need Pope’s Lent Message
Dec 2, 2009 Lisbon treaty: EU takes charge of Britain
Nov 23, 2009 EU ‘prez’ champions ‘global management of planet’ / Proclaims G20, Copenhagen climate summit steps toward 1-world government
Nov 16, 2009 Is world uniting in Copenhagen? International climate treaty feared for impact on liberties
Nov 7, 2009 U.S. troops’ continental insignia bears U.N. colors Indicates advancement of plan to integrate North America
Nov 9 2009 Who’s watching the watchers? Feds ramp up plans for new electronic security centers
Oct 28 2009 Has Anyone Read the Copenhagen Agreement?
Oct 17 2009 Thatcher adviser: Copenhagen goal is 1-world government ‘Global warming’ to be used as ‘pretext’ for ‘change’
Oct 7 2009 Dollar’s Slide Gives Rise to Calls for New Reserve
Oct 7 2009 EU draws up plans to establish itself as ‘world power’
Sept 28 2009 Fruit in Europe Contains Illegal Pesticide Levels
Sept 25 2009 Obama to Usher In New World Order at G-20
Sept 24 2009 UK’s Brown says G20 to become main economic council
Sept 19 2009 EU funding ‘Orwellian’ artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for “abnormal behaviour”
Sept 7 2009 UN wants new global currency to replace dollar
Sept 1 2009 Cops jump on swine-flu power: Shots heard ’round the world Pandemic bill allows health authorities to enter homes, detain without warrant
Aug 28 2009 Healthcare reform bill = loss of privacy
Aug 28 2009 Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet
Aug 17 2009 Obama: Every move you make, I’ll be watching you online
Planned lifting of ban on ‘cookies’ called ‘1984’-style spying effort
Aug 7 2009 Why is the National Guard recruiting for ‘internment camp’ cops?
Aug 5 2009 Congressman wants government GPS in cars – Proposes mileage-based gas  tax that would monitor travels
Aug 3 2009 Brave New World – UK Government To Install Surveillance Cameras In Private Homes   
July 24 2009 Obama’s science czar’s ideas ‘really scary’
July 7 2009 From profits to ethics: pope calls for a new political and financial world order
July 7 2009 Russia, China to push global currency at G8 summit
June 27 2009 Beijing reaffirms the urgent need to replace the dollar with a global currency
Apr 7 2009 The G20 moves the world a step closer to a global currency
Apr 6 2009 Ahmadinejad rips capitalism
Apr 3 2009 News Alert – Barack Obama’s New World Order
Apr 3 2009 G20 summit: Gordon Brown announces ‘new world order’
Apr 2 2009 G20 leaders seal $1tn global deal
Mar 19 2009 U.S. backs global alternative to dollar
Mar 18 2009 U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar
Mar 17 2009 At G20, Kremlin to Pitch New Currency
Mar 3 2009 Obama, Brown urge global action on economy
Mar 1 2009 News Alert – Global bank, global currency within 15 years
Feb 19 2009 Brown in ‘cordial’ meeting with Pope
Feb 13 2009 G7 powers converge on Rome as crisis rages
Feb 8 2009 President Blair: Former PM set to become EU chief as Sarkozy battles to in him the post
Feb 5 2009 United Nations’ threat: No more parental rights
Expert: Pact would ban spankings, homeschooling if children object
Feb 3 2009 WEF told to create global Green New Deal
Jan 30 2009 Germany, UK urge global economic overseer
Jan 28 2009 From Discussion To Action
Jan 26 2009 Leaders to flock to Davos to discuss economic crisis
Jan 14 2009 Is parental authority on the U.N. chopping block?
Jan 6 2009 Kissinger: Obama primed to create ‘New World Order
Jan 1 2009 A new international agenda / BY MIKHAIL GORBACHEV
Jan 1 2009 World Leaders Challenged to Pursue Major Financial Overhaul
Nov 10 2008 G20 leaders to struggle to reshape global economy
Nov 10 2008 Brown says time to build global society
Nov 5 2008 Obama victory met with calls for global action
Oct 25 2008 Leaders urge world finance reform
Oct 19 2008 Leaders to rethink global finance
Oct 17 2008 U.S.and EU to meet on financial crisis
Oct 12 2008 Financial crisis reshapes world order
Oct 4 2008 EU leaders to discuss bank crisis
Oct 1 2008 Foreign economists urge ‘global plan’
Sept 17, 2008 China paper urges new currency order after “financial tsunami”
Sept 16, 2008 Draghi: Deeper Crisis Would Call for Global Solution
July 6, 2008 On eve of summit, G-8’s relevance is unclear
June 27, 2008 Tony Blair Speaks On Breaking the Climate Deadlock
June 6, 2008 For Bush and Benedict, a personal and political bond
June 6, 2008 Holy See on UN Protection of All Human Rights
Apr 18, 2008 Holy Father describes UN as a ‘family of nations’
Apr 12, 2008 U.S.-made chips in passports sought
Apr 10, 2008 “Holistic disarmament” at a meeting of Justice and Peace
Mar 15, 2008 Blair wants ‘climate revolution’
Mar 13, 2008 Inside the hush-hush North American Union confab
Feb 4, 2008 FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping
Feb 2, 2008 France ratifies EU treaty
Feb 2, 2008 ‘ll be president of Europe if you give me the power – Blair
Jan 28, 2008 WEF meeting closes with call for collaborative leadership
Jan 27, 2008 Turkey warns against EU ‘club of Christians’
Jan 22, 2008 Brown’s secret talks on ‘new world order’
Jan 16, 2008 News Alert – 7-year plan aligns U.S. with Europe’s economy Rules, regs to be integrated without congressional review
Jan 16, 2008 Digital Angel keeps tabs on animals
Jan 15, 2008 FBI wants instant access to British identity data
Jan 15, 2008 Hospitals tagging babies with electronic chips
Jan 13, 2008 Prisoners ‘to be chipped like dogs’
Jan 11, 2008 Big Brother to control thermostats in homes?
Jan 9, 2008 Sarkozy seen as backing Blair for top EU job
Dec 26, 2007 Russia launches final satellites for its own GPS
Dec 22, 2007 FBI aims for world’s largest biometrics database
Dec 18, 2007 North-of-border link finishes NAFTA superhighway grid
Dec 14, 2007 UN eyes global warming pact by 2009
Dec 13, 2007 EU leaders sign landmark reform treaty
Dec 8, 2007 Canada openly proclaims NAFTA Superhighway
Nov 11, 2007 UN chief calls for Antarctic action
Nov 5, 2007 Experts say climate change threatens national security
Oct 12, 2007 EU vows to shape globalisation
Oct 12, 2007 Mexico’s Fox openly calls for North American Union – Merger with Canada, U.S. is part of his dream to compete with Europe, Far East
Sept 28, 2007 Hillary suffers Walter ‘Cronkitis’ – Endorsed ex-CBS newsman after he called for U.S. to be under ‘world law’
Aug 28, 2007 Alzheimer’s Patients Lining Up for Microchip
June 18, 2007 Secret New Plan for EU Super State
May 24, 2007 North American union plan headed to Congress in fall
Jan 13, 2007


W Fulfills His Dad’s Dream Of A New World Order

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