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The Order of Skull and Bones by Antony Sutton

List of Skull and Bones members

Skull and Bones entry from the 1948 Yale Banner. Former United States President George Herbert Walker Bush is listed fourth down.

Skull and Bones, a secret society at Yale University, was founded in 1832. Until 1971, the organization published annual membership rosters, which were kept at Yale’s library. In this list of notable Bonesmen, the number in parentheses represents the cohort year of Skull and Bones, as well as their graduation year.

There are no official rosters published after 1982 and membership for later years is speculative.

Founding members (1832–33 academic year)

William Huntington Russell, founder of Skull and Bones and the namesake of the society’s corporate body, the Russell Trust Association

19th century



Orris S. Ferry (Bones 1844), United States Senator


Daniel Coit Gilman (Bones 1852), president of several universities, formed the Bones’ corporate body, the Russell Trust Association, in 1856, the same year the first wing of their building was constructed.[3]:83–5



William Howard Taft (Bones 1878), son of the society’s co-founder and the first of three Bonesmen to become US President


Henry L. Stimson (Bones 1888), US Secretary of War and Secretary of State


20th century



Archibald MacLeish (Bones 1915), poet, diplomat, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, and Librarian of Congress

Senator Prescott Bush (Bones 1916) has long been rumored to have played a role in Skull and Bones’ alleged theft of the skull of Native American leader Geronimo.[3]:144–6






John Kerry (Bones 1966) faced off against George W. Bush (Bones 1968) in the 2004 US presidential election, the first time two Bonesmen had run against one another for that office.[119]



1990s to present


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