May 25, 2022



By Howard Nemaizer

For ages, The Hidden Masters behind the New World Order collectivist totalitarian world government agenda have concealed their true goal, using humanity’s many achievements and advancements as cover.   Social reforms, philanthropy, communism, social engineering and mass media manipulation have pulled the wool over the masses for countless generations, advancing the Hidden Masters ancient elitist’s bloodlines with the help of their many minions throughout time. 

For those who have eyes to see and critical minds to think, you will notice that since 2008 more and more, the New World Order is operating nakedly out in the open.  Still too many are blinded by the forest to see the trees. Those who scoff at detractors for decades, denying that The Great Work of the New World Order even exists, even as the agenda (Agenda 21) rolls out before our eyes, increasing its boldness and casting blame on their enemies as the cause of all the ever worsening chaos we see in the world today.

Billions see the advancement of The Great Work, yet too many still dismiss its existence, or find alternative explanations to cull (pardon the pun) their own personal psychological and physiological reactions to decades of mass media manipulation and propaganda.  As a result, these misguided souls hold fast to their cognitive dissonant denials based on fear.  Fear of shattering their fishbowl reality and protecting their beliefs at all costs.  Fighting against any alternative view, be it right or wrong, true or false without any honest introspection, or investigation.  The KGB in the Soviet Union, called this process demoralization of a nation, engaged to indoctrinate its conquered people in the Soviet Block to accept and support the Lenin/Marxist ideology.   A process the KGB noted that takes between 10-15 years.  America is about four decades over full-filled in this demoralization process and many Americans are now over ripe for the picking by the communists.  This should be clearly obvious to us all by now.  But, if you point this out you are labeled a racist, homo-phobe, xeno-phone, trans-phobe, misogynist—yada, yada, yada.

This current “transformation of America” has operated behind the scenes since the end of World War 2 and the creation of the NSA/CIA and of course, the United Nations.   Until 2008, when Obama tapped into the psyche of the demoralized herd and began to initiate the textbook tearing down of a nation that festers in the streets and institutions of America today. 

After 9/11/01 and since 2008 Big Brother and the New World Order agenda has grown exponentially.   Big Brother is alive and well and for the most part, is being completely ignored by the mass herds of sheople, who live in a fishbowl of delusion and denial while Our God given inalienable rights are stripped to the bone.   The Skull and Cross bone.  The comforting Staff used to guide the herd and the painful rod to beat down those who do not comply.   This life change in America is rapidly occurring before our eyes, but too many– most are so blinded by the trees they cannot see the forest.

The latest victim of collectivist Big Brother’s growing tyrannical arsenal is Robert Williams (42). Mr. Williams was unjustly busted and falsely processed into our all-too-often double standard legal system.  A system that, despite recent positive developments like Prison Reform is still targeting minorities to feed the corrupt judicial and private prison system racket that has flourished for decades under both democrat and republican rule.  But since 2008, Big Brother has expanded its scope, targeting political opponents and supporters with ever increasing institutional corruption and blatant acts of treason. 

Father arrested after license "matches" surveillance in Detroit ...
Robert Williams

In the case of Robert Williams and what will surely become more and more common, Big Brother has targeted an innocent man, subjecting him to a humiliating arrest in front of his family in Michigan in January, 2020 on his own front lawn.   Williams, a Detroit auto worker now demands the Detroit Police stop using the Big Brother Orwellian facial technology and wants a public apology for the false arrest.  Incredibly, the case was dismissed, but with the ability to be possibly re-examined at a later date? Have these totalitarians ever read the Constitution, or Bill of Rights?   Do they know anything about either, or about double jeopardy?   Obviously not.

The fact is facial recognition technology is not as reliable as the industry promotes.  Whether it is by a lack or innovation in our high tech world, or by design, studies confirm that face recognition technology is flawed.  To fan the racism flames even more, face recognition technology is more likely to falsely identify people of color, or with darker skin.

Personally, as a student of history and the New World Order, I do not think this is an accident in programming, but rather an intentional component of the technology.  As usual, the controlled new world order mainstream media has been quiet as a mouse on this case and others.  The company that provides facial recognition technology to both the Detroit and Michigan State Police departments is also silent and ignoring inquiries for comments.

The left leaning ACLU, (who I very rarely praise, due to their obvious and subjective, double standard political agenda) filed a complaint on Robert Williams’ behalf, alleging that Robert Williams Michigan driver’s licence was incorrectly matched by facial recognition tying Williams to an October, 2018 theft at a Detroit watch shop via the store’s video surveillance footage.

Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm - The New York Times

The Detroit police relied on facial recognition technology and identification by the watch store’s loss-prevention worker from a 6 photo lineup.  At the top of the facial recognition report that Police were basing this arrest on was a warning written in bold caps, that findings should be treated as an investigative lead, not as probable cause for arrest.  But the police still pulled up to William’s house as he played with his wife and children on their front lawn and took him away in handcuffs. 

After a night in jail, it became clear to investigators that Robert Williams was improperly identified by facial recognition software.  How nice.

“The investigating officer looked confused, told Mr. Williams that the computer said it was him but then acknowledged that ‘the computer must have gotten it wrong,’” the ACLU complaint states. Prosecutors later dismissed the case, but without prejudice, which means they could potentially pursue it again.  Really? What purpose does this Stasi tactic serve?  To potentially pursue a dismissed case and an innocent man?

The companies that produce police facial recognition software point to National Institute of Standards and Technology research which indicates the technology “can be accurate 99% of the time,”  but only when used in ideal conditions.   Considering there are approximately  9.5 million arrests in the US each year, if facial technology becomes omni-present, there will be– conservatively, 95,000 unjustified arrests each year.  How’s that for tyranny and a waste of police resources?


Another fact:  When identifying a face from a store security video camera, whose image quality varies greatly, causes these accuracy rates to plummet.  Studies also indicate that face recognition systems don’t perform equally across race, gender and age.  Apparently “white privilege” doesn’t exist when dealing with facial recognition since the technology works best on white men.  That cannot be said for people of color.  Another reason facial recognition technology should not be used by law enforcement.

Obviously, despite our rising police state there is a need for police.  But, like the over-hyped threat of COVID-19, and the attacks on police across the nation, there are certain justifications that are and have been exploited under the cloak of plausible deniability and mass media/institutional manipulation.    Don’t even get me started on contact tracing/DNA collection/archiving.

God only knows what insidious viruses will be targeted on the population of the world once these elitist mad scientist eugenicist splice and dice a cocktail tailored to kill specifically targeted ethnic/age groups.  They can also target us individually via vaccines.   So when the culling of the herd begins, it will be done with the most efficient, propagandized soap opera production complete with iron clad plausible deniability.

This is why bio-weaponized viruses, like the generational infiltrating our major institutions to attach communist/collectivist/New World Order/world government agendas via exaggerated truths, bold faced lies and propaganda, the Hidden Masters have captivated and bamboozled the masses.

While all of this is happening and to help further shove microscopes up our asses, the major corporations we do business with, or utilize are gathering terabytes of data on all of us to identify our buying habits, lifestyles and even more worrisome, our personal ideological and religious beliefs. 

America and the world have become human guinea pigs to these elitist mad scientists guiding the course of humanity from behind the scenes.  Using a myriad of invasive institutional abuses of our civil rights to basically find out what makes us tick, who are easily led by the shepherd of Big Brother government and who defy it.   Face it, we are a litmus test.  One great big ongoing social engineering beta test wrapped in a plethora of massive psyops to engage, detach and manipulate our behavior and beliefs.

It is not just about COVID-19 tyranny and the ever rising tensions caused by riots and attacks on law enforcement and law and order. It is also about infesting, attacking, modifying and shattering every institution and cultural structure as the resulting statistics of these superfluous chaotic actions, events and aspects are carefully calculated, quantified, exploited and fabricated.

Statistics that we should all be able to easily identify and they unfold, increasingly infringing upon our Constitution and Our God given individual inalienable rights, Our country, flag, religion, traditions, history, culture and prosperity.  Statistical exaggerations, lies and propaganda that like a metasticizing terminal cancer, that as we should clearly identify is growing more malignant and dangerous each and every day.

Have faith.  We are fighting the good fight against the authoritarian tyranny of Big Brother government and the New World Order.  There are many glimmers of hope in the fight.  For one,  Amazon, IBM and Microsoft have just announced they will stop selling face recognition software to police. San Francisco and several other cities have banned the use of facial recognition technology by city and state agencies.   But what about the NSA/CIA/Shadow Government CFR network?

What are your thoughts?  Please leave comments.   God bless you all until next time.

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