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By Howard Nemaizer

The recent awarding of The Medal of Honor to Sgt. Maj. Thomas “Patrick” Payne inspired me to take a deep dive into the occult aspects of the Medal of Honor and other symbolism that surrounds us everywhere in our every day life, hidden in plain sight.

I have stated time and again that the New World Order operates in secret, but evidence of their ancient organization and symbols are omnipresent in society, messaging their agenda and lauding our many “great sacrifices” for their benefit for all to see. While an endless river of blood sacrifices to Moloch, Baal or Lucifer flow in our city streets, towns and villages most do not see any connection, even in times of war.

Throughout history, glory and valor have been used as tools by blood thirsty tyrants to carve a positive spin to the evils, suffering and carnage this ancient occult agenda leaves in its wake. One insidious example of this is glorification of valor and the exploitation of true heroes and patriots is the Medal of Honor.

The Navy created America’s highest military award during the Civil War. The pentagram shaped medallion has remained virtually unchanged since its design was adopted in 1862.


The Medal of Honor design features a ring of 34 stars, corresponding to the number of states in the Union in 1862, and in the spirit of The Mysteries, an illustration of the Roman goddess of war, Minerva is depicted, dispelling the figure of Discord.

Army and Navy Medal of Honor Details

Notice the owl imprinted on the helmet of Minerva below:

Owls are deeply symbolic. If you look you will notice an owl perched atop the right corner of every dollar bill. Very small, but visible.

Hidden in plain sight.

The owl’s occult symbolism has a long history. Since the times of the Greeks and Romans, the owl – ruler of the night – was a guardian of the netherworld inhabited by demons. Demons manifesting themselves through portals here on earth. Minerva and Athena, the goddesses of wisdom and learning always have a owl upon their shoulders, symbolizing the occult knowledge of the ancients. The Secrets of the Ages.

owl on dollar bill

Grab a dollar and take a look

An owl hides in the right hand corner of every dollar bill, magnifying the all seeing/all knowing/all powerful Osiris… Lucifer. The light bearer. Son of the morning star.

The Illuminati believe they are the wise rulers of the planet, guiding the course of humanity into the New Age and passing on the secret knowledge of the ancient demons masked as deities. The owl is a significant symbol. Its never blinking eye represents the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati. The eye that never closes.

Because the owl’s eyes do not move, its neck turns its head completely around to see where the profane, normal men cannot. And, like the owl, the Freemasons gather in secret, far from the light of day. In the shadows.

Freemasonry considers the owl a symbol of reincarnation: As it is nocturnal and awake at night they consider it a symbol of the soul of a dead body, lingering in the night in limbo, waiting to re-enter another body that is being conceived. For them the owl symbolizes metempsychosis, which is their theory of reincarnation.

The original designs of the Navy Medal of Honor (left) and Army Medal of Honor (right) for actions during the Civil War. Notice the pentagram and the fasci.

Medals of Honor

l: A Civil War Army Medal of Honor in original presentation box. r: A 1904 “Gillespie” Army Medal of Honor suspended on an early-design neck ribbon.

Roosevelt’s Medal of Honor Detail

A detail of the inscription on Roosevelt’s Medal, showing the two separate actions for which he was honored.

In 1886, the Navy Medal had received its first minor update, when the anchor connecting Medal to ribbon lost its encircling rope.

United States. A Navy Medal of Honor, Tiffany Cross, c.1935

In 1919, in order to distinguish Navy Medals awarded for combat versus noncombat heroism, a design utilizing a Maltese Cross (Knights of Malta) in place of the pentagram was instituted for the former category.

Notice the Cross of the Knights Templar adorns both American and German medals.

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The fact is, the German Iron Cross is yet another nod to the Knights Templar and the illumined ones.


Hitler and many Nazi leaders like Heinrich Himler had a deep interest in the occult that is well documented. The Nazi Party itself originally started as an occult fraternity in the days before their meteoric rise.

This intense interest in the occult and the arcane led to the significant expansion of a secret cabal known as the Ahnenerbe, which had been originally founded on July 1, 1935, by Heinrich Himmler, who would later become the notorious leader of the SS, along with Herman Wirth, and Richard Walther Darré. The Ahnenerbe literally means “inherited from the forefathers and was known as the Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society.”

The organization started out as an institute dedicated to researching the archeological, anthropological, and cultural history of Germanic heritage, but in reality it was focused on finding evidence that would support the German theory that the Aryan race was a superior and god-like people from whom the Germans descended.

This Master Race philosophy is also the same philosophy held by the Illuminati, who believe that due to intellect and bloodlines, they are the “chosen ones” to rule over humanity. Sound familiar? LMAO! The fact is there are many common denominators connecting the Nazis to the Illuminati with both esoteric and close business ties.

The Thule Society and Vril backed numerous expeditions and archeological digs all over the world including Germany, Greece, Poland, Iceland, Romania, Croatia, Africa, Russia, Tibet in search of lost arcane runes and artifacts.

In Tibet the Ahnenerbe was a mysterious lost civilization that was the origin of the pure, perfect Aryan race and which perhaps still lived in vast subterranean cities. As mentioned, this society and the energetic force powering it was known as the Vril.

Herman Wirth, a Dutch historian was obsessed with finding the location of the lost city of Atlantis. SS leader Himmler also had a well known and intense devotion to all things occult. All of this aligns with the goals of a secret society known as the Order of the Quest, whose ancient ambition is the quest to create a New Atlantis, or New World Order.

The agenda that was successfully employed to destroyed all the monarchies and religions of Europe was revealed in John Robeson’s 1798 book, “Proofs of A Conspiracy against the Monarchies and Religions of Europe”. This quest is ancient and ongoing and continues to consolidate the peoples and resources of the world into a one world totalitarian socialist society where all aspects of human life are controlled and ruled by the illumined ones.

While it is widely circulated that aside from hating Jews and communists, Hitler was anti-Masonic or anti-Illuminati. This is yet another deception. The fact is, the evidence correlates more to a a direct working relationship. This of course includes a collaboration with the Jesuits and the Vatican. One example is American IG Farben. Yes, the same IG Farben who produced the Xyclon -B gas to exterminate the Jews partnered with Rockefeller’s Standard Oil before, during and after World War 2.

This alliance resulted in charges of trading with the enemy in 1943. The fact is, the German war machine couldn’t run without Rockfeller’s fuel additive patent to turn coal into gasoline. So there would be no World World Two if not for this alliance. An alliance, I might add that was funded by American bankers. Yes, Wall Street bankers funded the Rise of Hitler and FDR’s new deal. Then they funded both sides of World War 2.

Both Yale’s Skull and Bones and The Thule Society have their roots in Bavaria, Germany and both are known as the Brotherhood of Death.

Another famous Skull and Bones Brotherhood of Death connection is member Henry Luce, who founded Time and Life Magazines as a propaganda machine that still flourishes to this day. Hitler was man of the year in 1936. In fact, before World War 2, Time and Life had a love affair with many future dictators. From Hitler and Mussolini to Stalin and Chairman Mao. Each adorned the cover of Time and Life with adoring praise. Hitler and Stalin several times.

In fact, to illustrate just one of the many symbolic representations of the Brotherhood of Death in Nazi Germany, the elite SS logo is the skull and crossbones.

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The Nazi connections go even deeper. The book Isis Unveiled published in 1877 by Madame Blavatsky is the key to modern occultism, and in fact is one of the main sources of the Nazi occult ideology/religion. Blavatsky makes several references of the Ancient Aryans in her works.

Like Blavatsky, who traveled the Far East and Asia, the Nazi’s charted the remote areas of the world looking for lost lands, various ancient relics, mystical texts, magical talismen and other supernatural artifacts. This group, the Ahnenerbe expanded to 50 branches across areas of the ancient world dealing with all aspects of the occult, searched for portals to other realms, demonology and the paranormal, including ESP research, UFOs, scouring the earth for the Holy Grail, the location of Atlantis and the Spear of Destiny. All of which aligns with the Mystery Religions and secrets of Luciferian Masonic Doctrine.

The secret societies are all working for the same goal and the use the same symbols. Like the red cross of the Knights Templar.

We see their symbols everywhere. In government buildings and institutions. The Iron Cross of Germany. The Red Cross of Switzerland. And the US Navy Cross. Then there’s the Congressional Medal of Honor

Image result for Templar Cross
Knights Templar Cross
Cross of Honour of the German Mother - Wikipedia
Nazi Cross

In 1942 the Navy adopted a neck ribbon to further distinguish the Medal of Honor from other decorations — it is the only American military award to be worn in this way.

The Army followed suit in 1944, with both versions utilizing an eight-sided pad embroidered with 13 stars to attach the Medal to the neck ribbon.

In 1965, a version of the Medal of Honor specific to the U.S. Air Force came into effect, meaning members of that service no longer received the Army design. The new medal replaced Minerva with an image of the Statue of Liberty.


See the source image

It is a well known fact that the Statue of Liberty was designed and gifted by French Freemasons to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the first Masonic nation, The United States of America. All masonic lodges in New York performed a solemn ceremony before it’s UNVEILING.

“The Unveiling of “the Lady”

Unveiling day, October 28, 1886, was declared a public holiday.

The Statue of Liberty is modeled after the goddess Juno, wife of Zeus.


The Torch that is carried represents illumination. Juno is the same as goddess as the Egyptian goddess Isis. Isis is the wife of Osiris and the virgin mother of Horus. Referring to the Osirian Cycle, Horus represents the rising sun, the disciple. Osiris is the firmament, or all of the knowledge of the universe. Isis is the mystery of mysteries, representing the Causeless Cause.

In the Osirian Cycle, Osiris is betrayed and killed, then Horus is born and grows up to become Osiris. The allegory here is that the disciple through esoteric wisdom becomes god. And this is the Quest.

Isis represents a mystery beyond that of the knowledge of all the universe, for all in the universe occurred after that of the Causeless Cause.

Inscribed on her temple:

“I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal Man hath ever me UNVEILED. The fruit which I have brought forth is the ‘SUN'”

The Saitic Isis is always depicted between two pillars, which holds up the veil. Here is the tarot card version of this:

The shadow government destruction of the World Trade Center twin towers on 9/11/01 was a symbolic of the UNVEILING of Isis and was the catalyst event dawning the New Age. The two towers being taken down represents the UNVEILING OF ISIS, as the veil is supported by the pillars.

The date, September 11, or 9/11 suggests the skipping of the number 10, which is the numerological representation of God. 9 skips over 10 (God), by transcending from 9 to 11. The Luciferian doctrine declares that through intellect man will one day become God.

Thus, according to occult symbolism, the 9/11 attacks [2 pillars + pentagram] symbolized the Unveiling of Isis and the dawning of the New Age.

We are witnesses of the final stages of completion of the Great Work: the establishment of a world that is beyond god, where man has become God. The Illuminated Masters are those men, as they have gained godly powers through technology and intellect. This is why the world is undergoing such mayhem, chaos and “transformation”. Guiding this chaos is the hidden power of the Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages charting the course of humanity from the shadows. Chaos that will lead to Order. Their New World Order.

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