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January 19, 2022



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We are at war.

Since day one of the COVID-19 lockdown I have reported that the NSA is conducting a beta test data dump on American’s thoughts, comments, relationships, associations, political ideologies, religious beliefs, lifestyles, buying habits and other minutia to use this information against us in the form of propaganda to control public opinion and behavior as a ruse to extend the lockdown in perpetuity.

After all, a two week lockdown to “flatten the curve” has extended to six months and counting. The entire COVID-19 lockdown psyop has been a pack of lies from the beginning. China and the World Health Organization both deceived the public allowing the COVID-19 China bio-weapon to intentionally spread across the world.

Hong Kong scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan will publish evidence in the coming days that proves the Chinese government knew about the novel coronavirus well before it claimed it did; and more disturbingly, that the virus was cooked up in a lab in Wuhan China.

Dr. Deception Anthony Fauci

Dr. Deception, Anthony Fauci now says masks will be required for at least another year to stop the spread of COVID. A year from now the unconstitutional mask mandate will be no doubt be extended again to keep us safe. The fact is, complying with COVID-19 mandates out of fear of being sick, shamed, fined or worse–is a result of trauma based mind control. Like 9/11, Americans accept the lockdown just as they accepted the anti-constitutional Patriot Act– to keep us safe.

Hell, face it, mask mandates will NEVER go away unless we the people say enough! The elite forces behind this silent coup on humanity are keenly aware of this. It is why the media continuously raises the level of fear, misreporting ad overhyping data, reporting on rising COVID cases and amplifying the deaths of people who are of lowest risk and are not elderly or compromised.

The goal is to expand the fear into those least likely to die to fear COVID as much as a 400 pound man with diabetes and asthma or an 80 year old woman. The NSA data collection system is assisting in this covert operation to create a one world totalitarian socialist society ruled by despotic unseen bureaucrats who profit from the misery they cause.

This is why the mass media fear porn is perpetual and continuously tweaked and enhanced. As more and more data is collected and analyzed by artificial intelligence, corporations and government read from the same script, so plans for the next phase of the transformation of the world into the New World Order moves along smoothly with little, or less resistance.

The NSA as adopted the policies and procedures of the East German Stasi, China and the former Soviet Union. The biggest problem in America is the people’s purposeful surrender of our rights because America has never been subjected to the level of tyranny that is attempting to manifest itself since Our nation’s founding. Considering the fact that America has historically done more to advance freedom, opportunity and prosperity for more people than any other nation in history, the American people for the most part take our goodness and freedom for granted. That our gov’t would never do anything evil or advance an agenda that harms the people. This demonstrates how ignorant and brainwashed the American people actually are.

Americans have the false and dangerous belief that our government will always “do the right thing” to protect us, as our rights have been systematically stripped or limited. This incremental death by thousand cuts has existed since before the World Wars. From the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments to the CIA’s bio-weapon tests in New York and San Francisco in the 1960’s, or sterilizing blacks to CIA Mk Ultra our government has used the American people for guinea pigs, corralling hearts and minds in the process with lies and disinformation.

The success of conditioning the masses to willfully muzzle themselves with face masks that don’t work, to keep them safe emphasizes this fact. Americans for the most part have been conditioned to believe that their safety is worth giving up their liberty for. This belief is self-defeating and in the end will result in total enslavement. Some how these lost souls believe that the tyranny of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Communist China can never happen in America. This is not only foolish, it is delusional.

Compliance with unconstitutional mandates only empowers governments to continue pushing and extending their lockdown tyranny. In Connecticut, without any input from the opposing party extended Governor Ned Lamont’s emergency executive powers until February, 2021. In February you can bet Lamont will extend the designed tyranny another six months. Residents face fines up to $1000 for violating unconstitutional mandates.

Authoritarian Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont

Connecticut’s COVID guidelines are useless and have gaping holes in any perceived effectiveness. The guidelines are disguised as ways to keep resident’s safe, but in reality they are efforts to damage and destroy mom and pop businesses while conditioning the people to accept ever changing liberty killing government mandates and abusive policies that worsen the health, safety and prosperity of all Connecticut residents. And this virus has spread and done far more damage to the economy and health of all democrat run states, cities, towns and villages more than COVID-19 itself.

Now, three year old children in Connecticut must wear masks in pre-school and day care all day long. The state of Connecticut is engaged in trauma based mind control over the most vulnerable among us. This evil is pure straight up child abuse. Children subjected to this social engineering are being traumatized and abused in the name of keeping them safe.

An angry resident calls for an end to the COVID restrictions in Connecticut to a visibly shaken governor Ned Lamont at a recent ground breaking ceremony in the town of Berlin.

Children whose minds and social behavior are developing are being trained to surrender and submit to what is basically government re-education camps to be conditioned accepting this evil new normal at an early age. It’s bad enough for generations cultural Marxist dribble has been pounded into the minds of children resulting in the insanity we see in the streets today! This is brainwashing plain and simple! Child abuse!

In the 1960’s KGB psychological experiments revealed that if you bombard the public with fear messages in 2 months of less most subjects are completely brainwashed to believe the false messages to the point where any true information cannot change their minds.

ANTIFA guy on fire

Like the sudden Marxist coup occurring in tandem with the COVID-19 lockdown, many once rational law abiding citizens and law makers have abandoned common sense and are supporting defunding law enforcement, empowering criminals and ignoring the costly created chaos in the name of social justice.

Social justice has nothing to do with the riots and communist agitation we see in the streets by communists who call themselves democrats and anarchists. The fact is, the motivations and hidden agenda behind this “new normal” are the international elite forces pulling the strings at the United Nations, World Health Organization and the CDC.

Corporations have all jumped on the COVID-19 restriction’s band wagon selling masks and stating in commercials that their company is “safe”, or keep “safety” as their number one priority. Amazon and other behemoth companies have profited immensely from the lockdown. A lockdown that was clearly designed to favor these big companies while crushing small mom and pop businesses. Delivery by drones is on the horizon and Amazon is the tip of the spear of this brave new world. God help us all.

Edward Snowden and Julian Assange exposed the existence and machinations and crimes of the NSA led shadow government. This is no longer a secret. At a recent conference veteran NSA codebreaker William Binney spoke to the fact that the the agency’s ultimate goal is total population control. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:

NSA Codebreaker William Binney interview

We are in the thick of it, ladies and gentlemen. We must resist this ever growing COVD-19 tyranny in the name of keeping us safe. Anyone who sacrifices their liberty for security will receive and deserve neither. Take off the muzzles and fight back!

I hope you all understand what is happening, China, the World Health organization and communist forces in our government, namely the democrats and the CDC are attempting a coup on the American People.

The desperation is such that the democrats are calling for impeachment again because Trump is going to abide by the Constitution and nominate a supreme court judge to replace the late Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg, God rest her soul. Imagine how out of touch these communists who call themselves democrats and how little they and their constituents know about the Constitution.

Whether you realize it or not. This is the most dangerous time in American history. Our freedom, culture and way of life have never been in such peril ladies and gentlemen. Can you see through the lies and deception? Or are you so blinded by the forest you can’t see the trees? Open your eyes



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