February 8, 2023






Shakespeare’s opening line from Gloucester’s soliloquy in Richard III famously begins with, “now is the winter of our discontent”. The speech continues on, speaking positively of the glorious summer that is yet to come.

While there is reason to celebrate and talk of an end to COVID by summer, despite improving statistics, the media and democrats are still ratcheting up the fear porn because it is so successful at getting things done that normally could not be done.

ARRA News Service: Chicago Vows to Remain a Sanctuary City
As Chicago Democrat Political Machine elitist Rham Emmanuel famously said, “do not let a good crisis go to waste.”

Let’s begin this very deep dive into the dark winter of our discontent with a critical look at what is actually happening with the China bio-weapon COVID-19 and the “miraculous” fast tracked vaccine.

Last year’s flu season 2018-2019 killed 80,000 Americans, including 180 children. 900,000 people were hospitalized. It was the the worst flu season in 40 years. However there were no lockdowns, no restrictions—hardly a news article about 80,000 deaths. Nothing was shut down. No one wore masks. No gloves. No hand sanitizer. No disinfectant wipes. No one social distanced. No toilet paper shortages. No one lost their jobs. No one lost their businesses. The world went on as usual. When you compare the numbers and add the inflated hype it reveals a much clearer picture of what COVID-19 really is opposed to how it has been sold to the public. And it was sold to the public. It was force fed.

Interestingly enough, this year, there have been hardly any flu deaths but allegedly more than 400,000 COVID-19 deaths. Of all COVID deaths nearly 97% had serious underlying health problems. While the Chinese COVID-19 bio weapon attacks the elderly and those with underlying health problems the worst, those with strong immune systems of any age are most likely recover if they get sick. This is a fact.

So why haven’t the “experts” pounded this message 24/7 to eat foods high in antioxidants and vitamins and other helpful nutrients to strengthen immune systems rather than closing people into their homes, social distancing and wearing mask? Because wearing masks, social distancing and isolation weakening immune systems. People with weakened immune systems die of COVID. Wearing masks also limits oxygen intake which over time causes hypoxemia and makes your body susceptible to CANCER.


The “expert” liars told everyone to social distance, stay locked down and wear face masks that do not work. Fauci himself admitted this–then he flip flopped for his Jesuit masters. It was also discussed in the media that masks were a psychological component to ease anxiety, but will not stop the spread of COVID. Do you remember? Boy, did they drop that aspect of the narrative down the memory hole quick.

Democrat governors quickly became drunk on power and ignored their own mask and dining mandates. This is well documented. Still the evil controlled new world order Pravda propaganda ignored and even castigated any and all calling out these hypocrite charlatan politicians.

From the beginning the mass media fear porn was continuous. Amped up 24/7 to maintain a constant level of fear in the population. It was obvious. I’ve seen it before in my studies of Nazi Germany. The Nazis were the first totalitarian regime to use all aspects of technology and media to control their populations with propaganda and disinformation. And today it continues.

From the start the number of cases and deaths were both greatly overstated. The goal posts kept moving and keep moving. What began as a two week lockdown “to flatten the curve” quickly morphed into full blown tyranny. And the random restrictions and curfews kept changing. So have the lies. We went from Dr. Deception Fauci telling us masks are not necessary to now we need to wear not one, but two–even three masks!

WHAT A CIRCUS OF LIES! These one world totalitarian globalist control freaks have created an ever evolving narrative whose goal is to not to save, but to enslave and destroy. Rino New World Order globalist republicans like Mitt Romney, Mitch Mc Connell, Susan Collin and other dinosaurs have reveled themselves as enemies of Our republic. The democrats and republicans are two wings of the same deep state bird working to create totalitarian socialist world government. They are traitors.


The politicization of COVID-19 is a glaring example if one pays attention. The fact is, people were intentionally programmed into a panic by the media and “experts” barraging them with 24/7 mass media propaganda propped up by cult of personality figures and celebrities that continue to relentlessly assault our senses.

Recently, the Big Pharma cartel attempted to lure African Americans and minorities worried about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine to get the jab. In a PR stunt that backfired, Hank Aaron got the shot and died two weeks later. Still the media tell the people to ignore Aaron’s death, noting that the vaccine’s benefits outweigh the risks and it is safe to get the vaccine. This is a rushed to market mRNA vaccines that has no studies on long term risks or side-effects. Like death from organ failure in years to come, for instance.

The media is ignoring the many news articles and social media reports of people dropping like flies after getting the COVID vax across the country.

We must break through the cognitive dissonance, politicized science and recognize facts over emotions.

Published pathologic and/or bacteriologic findings from the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic revealed that deaths were virtually never caused by the unidentified etiologic agent itself, but resulted directly from severe secondary pneumonia caused by well-known bacterial “pneumopathogens”; that colonized the upper respiratory tract (predominantly pneumococci, streptococci, and staphylococci).  Without this secondary bacterial pneumonia, experts generally believed that most patients would have recovered. These facts have been ignored, even suppressed. That should deeply concern us all.

Fauci is a shill. A typical elitist mouthpiece, who very well knows that masks and social distancing do not work. He even told us they might help to spread the virus. Then his hidden Jesuit owners reprimanded him and he flip flopped. Fauci went against science, using his position to bamboozle people into believe that if we didn’t wear masks, scrub our hands vigorously for twenty seconds, use hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and social distance millions would die.

Lies. All of it. Fauci, like Cuomo and other authoritarians like control. So they do what they are told. Period. Fauci turned his back on real science to obey his masters and comply with United Nations/World Health Organization/communist Chinese coup.

Here are some facts: Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates go way back. Both are neo eugenicists with deep ties to China. Bill Gates also owns COVID-19 vaccine patents. More facts: Fauci also owns vaccine patents.


Are you starting to see the picture?

Fauci is fraud. He is a deep state swamp dinosaur and a democrat hack. Anyone who does a little research can discover this, beginning with his dirty dealings in the 1980’s during the AIDS bioweapon epidemic.

To this day Fauci hobnobs with the Malthusian elite and top swamp propagandists in the controlled mainstream media. He is one of the boys. He’s in the club.

Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Ceremony (2001)

Dr. Deception, Anthony Fauci is not a vaccine pioneer, he is profiteer. An “expert” deceiver. Using his created status as a COVID-19 guru, he created a platform to gain trust and control over the behavior of the public, none of which kept them safe, while creating massive profits to his benefactors.

The restrictions and lockdowns were never about “flattening the curve”. What a joke. It was never about fighting or controlling the spread of the virus. That was the cover story. It was always about controlling the people using fear. To create so much fear that even a virus that more than 99% of people recover from makes their heart tremble. For the most part. It worked. Many are still terrified. Traumatized. But lets put things into perspective.

The 1918-1919 influenza pandemic killed more than 30 million people across the globe. It has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history. An estimated 675,000 Americans died of influenza during the pandemic. That is ten times as many as in the world war. As noted in the Journal of the American Medical Association final edition of 1918, the year 1918 would go down as “an unforgettable year of suffering, death and peace.”

Mind you there were no lockdowns or mandates. The 1918 pandemic killed more than 30 million people world wide, 675,000 Americans among them. Still the world was not shut down.

Now, put the current endless 24/7 wave of medical disinformation and COVID fear porn propaganda aside and look at the actual numbers.

Use your common sense. 2 masks are better than 1 How about 10? (LOL!)

United States Coronavirus: 26,096,311 Cases and 437,792 Deaths – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

The fact the COVID case numbers and death count were fudged from the beginning should have alerted everyone to the scam, but the “experts” and media were so adept at terrifying the people, they accept the huge discrepancies in cases and deaths as “mistakes”. There were no mistakes. Everything that has transpired was planned decades in advance. In fact, they wrote about it.

Studies like THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN and SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS. Books like ECOSCIENCE, LIMITS TO GROWTH, THE POPULATION BOMB and the FIRST GLOBAL REVOLUTION set the stage for what we are seeing unfold in the world today.

During the fake pandemic, the communist Chinese controlled World Health Organization intentionally promoted disinformation to terrify the world into compliance so livelihoods, businesses and wealth could be willfully destroyed– complete with plausible deniability. This is how the evil New World Order rolls. Textbook.

When weighing the actual COVID numbers and erasing the fear porn it become very clear that there was absolutely no justification for the devastating financial, physical, emotional and psychological destruction caused by the lockdowns.

By now, sadly many have been firmly conditioned by the COVID social engineering psychological operation. Fixed into a fear based OCD existence. A never ending ritual of handwashing, masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, social distancing and still living in fear.

Sadly, as a result of this trauma based mind control, many will never feel safe as a result. This is psychological abuse by the state.

The China bio-weapon COVID-19 was released to create the very crisis that allowed the democrats to steal the 2020 election. There is no other explanation considering all the shenanigans and the massive election fraud that was overlooked by the traitors in the media, Our courts and congress. America has suffered a communist Chinese coup de tat by proxy. No question about it. And now the democrats are trying to criminalize any and all discussion of their election fraud. That is not the tactics of honest winners, but it is the tactics of totalitarian traitors desperate to cover up their coup.

The depths of wickedness and evil we are facing below the surface of what appears to be acts to protect us from harm have no bottom. It is an endless stream of lies that flows into an sea of disinformation and manipulation designed to bring society under the thumb of the ever encroaching, ever evolving, malevolent, totalitarian scientific dictatorship. It is surrounding us. All of these disturbing “firsts” since COVID-19 should raise some eyebrows.

Instead of isolating sick people from the healthy, the COVID scam isolated the healthy from one another. Never in human history has this been done. Never since the Nazis have pseudoscience been used so effectively for a political agenda. And never in human history has the world been shut down. There is a nefarious reason this has all been done.

The elite believe this is the culmination of their plan for world government. And under the illegitimate Biden regime, for all intent and purposes they have. Biden is a proxy for China and the globalists at the United Nations. It’s a done deal. We not have world government by proxy.

Face it. The China bio-weapon COVID-19 lockdowns were not designed to save lives, but rather to enslave them. And now, wouldn’t you know it? Since COVID-19 came around flu deaths are virtually non existent.

Obviously for propaganda purposes, all flu deaths and everything from fatal car crashes to heart attacks are listed as COVID-19 deaths.

The sickening truth is, since the beginning, anything the media could use to exploit fear of COVID-19 was utilized to magnify and terrify the population. And now since the democrats hijacked control of our government this will continue.

Immediately, the illegitimate deep state Biden regime declared war on the American people with executive orders that crushed thousands of American jobs in the stroke of a pen. 37 executive orders in the regime’s first week. Orders that increase the cost of insulin and Epipens. Executive orders that assist China, Ukraine, Warren Buffet and other political cronies by cancelling the Keystone pipeline permits. Collectivist acts that will increase every American’s cost of living. This trend will continue. That is the plan.

The democrats have declared war on freedom and American wealth under the guise of social justice and protecting the environment. This is nothing new, it just has never been so obvious. Now we know why democrat policies and democrat run cities and states always seem to fail. Because they are designed to.

The Chinese bio-weapon social control fear porn psyop will now escalate. With the assistance of FEMA and the Military as creepy Joe ordered. It will now be far easier to force compliance with mandates and COVID vaccinations. Or be used as a ruse to round up Patriots, conservative and Christians. It has happened before. And it is happening again.

We are dealing with ruthless totalitarians whose aim is a restructuring of humanity via global depopulation and one world socialist government. For more than a decade I have warned this day would come. People are lining up for the COVID-19 vaccine like they were going to see their favorite rock band. Others are complaining about delays in getting the jab. I guess it doesn’t bother them that Hank Aaron, Larry King and others died soon after getting the the shot. And those who are hesitant, worried or realize there may be something seriously wrong with this “fast tracked” vaccine the media and the cancel culture ridicule and demonized them. Not to worry. Just shut up and take the vaccine!

Do you see what is happening? It has happened before.

This is how it all started in Nazi Germany. And it is starting again now.

In his 1971 book, “Rules For Radicals,” Saul Alinsky wrote about blaming your enemy for what you do. Think of it. For four years the democrats were calling Trump Hitler when they were the Nazis all along.

While Biden wants to appear as the hero who defeats the China virus, it is clear by the actions and comments of members of his own party and the dishonest mainstream media that they want to the fear porn that has been so successful in frightening and manipulating Americans into compliance with their tyrannical aims to continue. Democrats blame others for what they do. They love to use fear and hate to sow division to gain control.

It is likely that despite democrat talk of “herd immunity” by summer, expect Biden’s Dark Winter to become a Dark Spring, then a Dark Summer, a Dark fall when the next Communist Chinese bioweapon will be released to and then another bio-weapon by next winter to fill the COVID-19 fear porn control mechanism.

Make no mistake about it, the democrat’s perpetual war on small business will continue unabated. Those who wish to control, corral, force and impoverish into compliance will use any any all means available to achieve this end.

For example, Democrats and the media pretend that they are protecting the environment by sending energy profits to China, Ukraine, Russia and democrat political crony Warren Buffet, who directly profits by shutting down the the Keystone pipeline. So the democrats can win their fifty year war on US energy and increase their power and foreign influence in the same stroke of Biden’s pen. Yes. Americans can now look forward to a return to the good old Obama days of $4 to $5 per gallon gasoline. Or worse. Nice going Joe. Hey– That’s just Joe being good ol’ Joe.

We are at the commencement of this next deindustrialization phase of the decades long Democrat/Communist economic war on America adopted from United Nations Agenda 21/Club of Rome dictates and protocols.

We can expect more and more incremental losses of freedom and wealth under the guise of keeping us safe. What we can eat. Where we can live. What we can say and do.

What many do not understand that these are the tactics used by the Bolsheviks, Nazis and Communist Chinese to close down their own open societies. History repeats.

“Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

These are the tactics that must be employed to close down an open society like the United States. And that is what is happening to America and the west. Big Brother is not only watching, it is preparing to stamp it’s boot on the face of freedom forever.

Any one who fights for their freedom and prosperity is and will continue to be labelled as “domestic terrorists.” That is how Banana Republics operate and that is where we are now living.

The new illegitimate Biden Administration’s Minister of Truth is threatening cancel culture measures and even incarceration for those who expose the fraud, corruption and foreign interference in the 2020 Communist Chinese/Big Tech/Mainstream media coup.

In typical New World Order fashion, The Senate committee’s findings have been thrown down the mass media Orwellian memory hole. Findings and facts like Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. Talk about Russian collusion.

Hunter also paid money to women from Russia and other Eastern European countries linked to an Eastern European prostitution and human trafficking ring. You would think that with all of this juicy, lurid behavior, it would be front page news, but as usual, the evil controlled mainstream media has ignored these facts, calling the evidence a political witch hunt while promoting the false democrat narrative that the Biden Family are a pious if imperfect bunch, complex and compassionate and beyond reproach.

Hunter Biden also opened a bank account with Gongwen Dong to fund a $100,000 global spending spree with James Biden and Sara Biden. Hunter also had business associations with Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, and other Chinese nationals linked to the Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army. Playing both sides of the political aisle, those associations resulted in millions of dollars in cash flow to the Biden Crime Family.

The media does its best to paint the Biden Family in a righteous light, deflecting and downplaying the family’s dark past and many skeletons in their closets. In fact they do the same for China, Ukraine, Cuba, Venezuela and many other socialist or communist regimes. Of course, the controlled mainstream media give the most preferential treatment to the democrats and their communist cause. Hunter and other members of the Biden Crime Family have benefitted financially from Joe’s political offices for decades under full cover of the media.

In 2001, Hunter became a paid consultant of a Delaware bank while his father served on the Senate Banking Committee where he supported legislation that benefited MBNA, a bank that happened to employ Hunter. This kind of nepotism and other more ominous arrangements were going on from 2001 to 2008 when Hunter worked as a Washington lobbyist.

In 2013 in China on official business with Vice-President Biden, Hunter introduced Joe to a Chinese investor with whom he had recently concluded a business deal. Then, less than a year later Hunter landed the gig with the corrupt Ukrainian company Burisma after VP Biden became the Obama administration’s lead representative to Ukraine.

Joe Biden’s brother James also has a sketchy past and went into business ventures with Hunter on multiple occasions. Politico reported, “In the 1970s, as Joe was entering the Senate and taking a seat on the Banking Committee, James obtained unusually generous loans from lenders who later faced federal regulatory issues.

In the 1990s, a group of Mississippi trial lawyers enlisted James to further its interests in Washington as it sought congressional support for a tobacco mega-settlement. A decade later, those Mississippi contacts supported Joe’s presidential bid by hosting a fundraiser.

During the Obama years, several months after James Biden joined a construction firm as an executive, the firm received a contract worth more than a billion dollars to build houses in Iraq while Joe oversaw the US-led occupation of that country.”

It pays to be related to Joe Biden. Obviously Joe Biden is aware of Hunter and other family members profiting off his name and position in politics. Biden’s improper acts like racist comments, sniffing women’s hair and groping children on national televison other acts of overt creepiness are explained as Joe being “misunderstood, with advocates always repeating the same mantra: “You gotta know Joe,” or “that’s just Joe being ole Joe.”

How the money flowed to the Biden Crime Family

A Senate report from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and the Committee on Finance uncovered ties of Hunter Biden to corruption and influence peddling. But as usual, deep state influence has squashed any real investigation to assure the democrat’s Chinese Communist coup of America by proxy succeeded with the illegitimate election of Joe Biden via massive voter fraud in swing states. The only silver lining is that Mitch Mc Connell, Susan Collins and others exposed themselves as deep state Rino traitors.

In his first day as the illegitimate president Joe Biden and the democrats solidified this with unconstitutional executive orders and threats of retaliation, even jail time against anyone who dares to suggest, let alone expose Biden’s corruption and the communist coup of Our republic.

The democrat and mass media mantra employed to counter creepy Joe’s foreign connections, racist comments and Biden’s blatant misconduct sniffing and groping women and children was even called out by the wicked witch of the West Coast, Nancy Pelosi, who has quite a few skeletons of her own. Well, that is the sleaze that is politics. After all, Kamala Harris who rightfully called Joe Biden a racist then later accepted nomination as his vice president speaks volumes. That’s the swamp.

A democratic republic cannot survive with a media and tech cartel so biased and authoritarian in its methods that it limits speech, creates a cancel culture that divides, bans and blacklists political dissent while spreading constant 24/7 social engineering propaganda. But a United Nations Communist Chinese modeled dictatorship can. The media is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the communists who call themselves democrats and the global elite. The media paints democrats in the best possible light, regularly covering up their crimes and acts of treason.

The media is the enemy of the people, continuously refusing to provide truthful, honest critically important information to the people if that information can harm democrats, or the elite’s totalitarian socialist agenda for world government.

Now, in typical law of reversal New World Order fashion, the illegitimate Biden regime calls for “America First” in government contracts and dealings, but leaves “America Last” for mom and pop shops and other privately owned small businesses. While it appears to those who do not understand economics that a $15.00 Federal Minimum wage helps the little guy, the truth is it will create more unemployment as businesses will reduce staff to meet the wage requirements. This is not a market based decision. It is yet another decision to damage, even cripple small businesses. This is a wicked, evil deception.

The fact is, a $15.00 per hour Federal Minimum wage will destroy the already decimated restaurant business and other small mom and pops. That is the goal. It has always been the goal.

The $15.00 minimum wage intentionally drives a final nail into the coffins of these small businesses already struggling as the draconian COVID-19 lockdowns and restricts focused on destroying small businesses while enriching the big corporations the democrats claim to rail against. My ass!

The democrats and rinos continue the deindustrialization of America using deceptive Machiavellian tactics and plausible deniability due to the overhyped COVID-19 fear porn generated by “experts” and the media.


The fact is the molecular size of the COVID-19 virus is far smaller than ANY FIBER AVAILABLE IN ANY MASK INCLUDING N-95 MASKS!

COVID-19 and all the weapons of mass destruction that will no doubt follow are aimed and targeting used humanity in a silent war on our freedom. The Mom and pop shops. Restaurants. Salons. The little guys. Generational businesses. Family farms. These business are the heart and soul of America. Small business employs 70% of all Americans.

The COVID-19 lockdown has directly targeted small business, putting millions out of work and leaving millions more destitute and forced to be dependent on the government. That is the plan. It is really all that simple. Destroy all personal property and wealth. In the end, it is not rocket science.

The pandemic was used as an excuse to implement mail in ballots and other election rule changes that could never have happened without this designed crisis. Evidence of this voter fraud is massive and well documented, but deep state scum controlling the US Justice Department have declined to even examine the evidence. This is how you know the entire COVID-19 psyop was used as a pretext to steal the 2020 elections. The media will never put these pieces together of course, but they all fit together, covering the iron fist of tyranny like a glove. A glove made in China.

Dr. Deception Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and other deep state swamp elitists have close ties to Communist China.

Anthony Fauci with fellow depopulation enthusiasts including Ted Turner, Bill Gates Sr. David Rockefeller and George Soros a the Carnegie Philanthropy Medal awards in 2001.

Fauci’s and Gates financial ties to China and the ownership of vaccine patents earns them millions. Of course no one speaks of this blatant conflict of interest. Disgraceful. We can expect the Ministry of Truth media to continue painting Fauci as the COVID-19 prophet instead of what he is, a traitor and a charlatan swindler. He is also a democrat.

Are you starting to see the hidden agenda?

The tactics employed during the fake pandemic are pure totalitarianism ij action. Mask mandates, curfews, forced business closures, fines and imprisonment are all traits of authoritarian regimes. Of course, when these facts are brought to light and to the attention of the public, “experts”, treasonous politicians and the corrupt media swarm like flies on shit with their comeback propaganda and vigorously say “we have to keep people safe” or worse, they defend communist China, and the corrupt World Health Organization, CDC and NIH.

The fact is, there has been far more harm done to America by the lockdowns and compliance than the virus itself. Doctor appointments were missed for months. Diagnosis were missed. People fearing COVID stayed away from hospitals too afraid out and seek treatment. Heart attacks caused by stress. Drug abuse, anxiety and depression.

Why are these statistics put on the back burner and suppressed? Because they illustrate that the lockdowns have done far more harm to society on the whole than the harm done by the virus.

The lockdowns have caused the destruction of one third of American small business and millions of jobs. Billions in lost wealth, And the communists love it. Suicides and depression is up 30%. As are domestic violence and drug abuse. Delays in medical procedures have killed tens of thousands, but you won’t find a comprehensive analysis of cost vs benefit of the lockdown, of course.

The numbers are horrifying, all a ploy to justify their actions and terrify small businesses into compliance or failure. Businesses that do not comply are fined and their owners imprisoned. This is not America. These are NOT Our values!

Draconian Communist measures and excessive authoritarian lockdowns and restrictions have successfully destroyed one third of all small businesses. These businesses will never return. This blatant silent economic war on small businesses and the wealth of America was promoted by the World Health Organization, who aligned with China and gave inaccurate details of the Wuhan virus’ while allowing it to spread across the world.

The United Nations and the World Health Organization are pro-China and pro deindustrialization of the western world working together to forge a one world totalitarian socialist government.

And now, only days after the successful communist Chinese coup by proxy installing the illegitimate Biden regime, it has become clear that the COVID-19 bioweapon released by China was long in planning by the World Health Organization, working in lockstep with the NIH and Dr. Fauci.

Bill Gates has warned about a “pandemic” killing millions for a decade. What Gates failed to mention was that he another neo-eugenicist global elitists are the Hegelian creators of the Great Plan-demic. Gates and Fauci both have deep state ties to China and vaccines.

In 2015 Anthony Fauci funded the Wuhan lab where the COVID-19 bioweapon was hatched after it was deemed not safe for research work. Logic dictates that the Wuhan lab was funded for that very reason. It was not safe to do advanced research work on viruses but it was very safe if you wanted to release bio-weapons. This should be obvious to any critically thinking person.

These glaring facts directly correlate with history proving the COVID-19 Chinese bio-weapon outbreak was a plan-demic, not a pandemic.

And all the culprits were given center stage: Fauci, Gates, the WHO, the CDC and the NIH. Apologies and excuses were made for China. It was lunacy to call out what every critically thinking person knows: COVID-19 is Chinese bio-weapon psyop. The entire mask and social distancing rituals are a farce. Pure political theatre staged by these corrupt “experts” and medical professionals, politicians and the controlled mainstream media. The over the top excessive restrictions were all part of this ongoing staged event. A constant chipping away at our own free will and our wealth.

This is the atmosphere required and the tactics necessary to justify the election law changes that the desperate democrats demanded. By adopting these changes the democrats benefits were two fold:

1. To weaken Americans personal wealth and create more need for government dependence and control: 2. To steal the 2020 election.

Another ignored fact of the COVID coup is illustrated for all to see with the in the democrats and the media’s rabid, vindictive cancel culture response to even suggesting the possibility that all of these facts I have presented in this article are true. The force working to suppress the truth and shut down free speech and open discussion should amplify this. Now, the communists who call themselves Democrats are even threatening imprisonment to anyone who even suggests that the democrat’s engaged in election fraud, let alone executed the most brazen and successful coup in world history. Welcome to the USSA.

How ironic that the left– namely the democrats, who gained prominence in the 60’s and 70’s under the guise of supporting “FREE EXPRESSION and FREE SPEECH” now want to criminalize both.

And so as we continue on into the dark winter of our discontent, the bright light of truth continues to be consumed by our ever darkening world.



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Last year’s flu season death toll and 2018-19 flu coverage | Association of Health Care Journalists (healthjournalism.org)


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