April 13, 2024


Pay no attention to the rising death count or the evil hidden masters behind the curtain and do what you are told sheeple! GET THE VACCINE!

This presentation seeks to expose the dangers of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. This mRNA vaccine is untested, has no long term studies of safety, or effectiveness and it is being sold as safe and effective.

The list of drugs approved as “safe and effective” by the FDA and then pulled from the market years later after being found to be harmful or deadly is long and continuous. As if the FDA didn’t know in the first place.

Still, the sheeple are lining up for the jab in droves and many are dying right on the spot or days or weeks later. What about deaths months later? Or years later? Time will tell.

One thing is certain, politicians and the mainstream media are both owned by Big Pharma. And both have profited greatly by China, Bill Gates and the World Health Organizations thinly veiled bio attack on the world and the designed Hegelian COVID-19 “crisis”.


For every dollar spent on “research”, Big Pharma spends sixteen dollars on advertising. The Big Pharma medical mafia cartel also spend billions of dollars buying politicians and regulators, who are offered generous CEO positions to the very companies they previously regulated in a corrupt, perpetual revolving door system.

Big Pharma also wields significant influence over our judicial system. They pay out, on average $30 billion a year in lawsuits and settlements, but earn more than $300 billion in profits each year. So poisoning, maiming and killing Americans is simply a cost of doing business.

If that isn’t cushy enough, Big Pharma also have immunity from significant vaccine damages since 1986 and total immunity from murdering and maiming people with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Until Big Pharma get seriously hit in the wallet, they will always choose profits over safety and always have. With the COVID-19 death vax, Big Pharma has no liability if they poison and kill, giving an incentive to make obscene profits at the expense of safety. It’s like giving Al Capone a license to kill, And that is exactly what the COVID-19 no-liability vaccine is, a license to kill. After all, the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were swiftly put to market with limited testing and were obviously never tested for long term safety. So what could go wrong?

As wicked as this all is, Big Pharma’s COVID-19 vaccines are not only about profits. The COVID-19 bio-weapon psyop is a warning of things to home. Evil disguised as care and compassion. It should be obvious to us all that after a year of insane mass media propaganda and compliance conditioning: masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, social distancing, essential workers, lockdowns being pounded 24/7 into our collective consciousness that the “new normal” is an attempt to retrain society. To initiate a neo-feudal slave system not unlike what was initiated in Russia in 1917 or in Germany in 1933. Or China in 1947.

But the global totalitarianism that is again knocking at our door is now powered by sophisticated, advanced technology. An evil, godless scientific dictatorship is rising that is not only designed to control society and destroy our freedom and our lives, but to steal our connection to God.

The 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Operation Lockdown pandemic blueprint was followed to the letter to achieve the current conditions we have been ling under for almost a full year. The authoritarian global response to COVID-19 is a warning of things to come.

For the most part, so far, the sheeple are still under the COVID psyop spell, driving around wearing face masks, lathering themselves with hand sanitizers, living in fear.

The overhyped media reaction, false information, medical lies, government mandates, business closures, job losses were designed to frighten and create a complaint population that accepts, even embraces its servitude to the state. This is what occurred. People willfully gave up their jobs, their businesses, fell into poverty ignoring their own rights and freedom for a perceived safety. A safety that not only doesn’t exist, but it is far from safe. It’s deadly.

This is how genocide happens. How nations fall and tyranny rises.

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana