May 21, 2022



America isn’t systematically racist. The Democrat Party is. In true Marxist tradition, the Democrats are blaming others for who they are and what they do. Just for clarification, I am NOT a republican. There are plenty of evil RINO New World Order sellouts assisting the democrats in their quest to destroy America, but for the most part, these fiends aren’t racists and they aren’t political hacks. They are traitors and apolitical profiteers. Face it, the heirarchy of both parties are owned by the same forces working for world government.

As Carroll Quigley aptly put it in his 1966 book, Tragedy and Hope, “the argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

Clearly, this is exactly what we have seen unfold through time. Even earlier, Arthur Schlessinger noted in the May/June issue of the Partisan Review in 1947 that “through as series of new deals and proposals through benign containment America would merge with the socialist left.”. And this is what we have seen through history.

Since 1947 policies in America have steadily moved further and further to the left propped up by education, corporate slogans and mass media propaganda masked as pop culture.

The democrats use a mix of identity politics and racism as both tools and weapons. They are expert in exploitation to attain their political goals at any cost. The end justifies the means. So they regularly exploit blacks, hispanics, asians, gays, lesbians, transgendered and the poor to maintain power over these groups and to control their reaction to issues. It is yet another example of the Hegelian Dialectic. Like race baiting and hateful rhetoric,

I find the race baiting of Al Sharpton and communist saber rattler Mad Maxine Waters not only offensive, but very dangerous. I refuse to support any party, company or organization that claims to be against racism, but actually uses, practices and promotes racism. This is today’s democrat party. It is the Democrat Party that left me in 2008 after I was bamboozled into voting for a lying Marxist traitor–I didn’t leave them. Obama’s evisceration of the Constitution and the Democrats collusion with treason led me to become a Constitutionalist, with a libertarian leaning. I just want to be free.

Heck, there would be no TRUTH TALK NEWS if it weren’t for Obama and the evil lies and deceptions of the Democrats and the New World Order. What a wake up call.

When these facts about Obama’and other Democrats’ Marxism and racism are pointed out, those pointing out the obvious are called–you guessed it: racists. By adopting Saul Alinksky’s book, Rules for Radicals, the Democrats have gone full blown communist in their agenda to align American and the world under the umbrella of totalitarianism, ruled by their unseen global elite benefactors.

The term “white privilege” is as racist as calling a black person a nigger. It is an offensive inacurrate term that ignores the fact that far more white people live in poverty than blacks. The fact is, while racism exists, there is no systematic racism in America except within the realms of the democrat party. There you will find systematic racism from blacks against whites and whites submitting to them.

Liberal Cry Baby Bemoans Confederate Flag - Stormfront

If there was inherint racism in America, businesses and institutions would hold down blacks and minorities. That is not what has happened. If anything, the opposite has occurred. Minorities have been given precedence via Affirmative Action and other minority focused government programs. Many laws were written to protect minorites.

Despite all of this, the democrat party see zero progress. As a result democrat policies continue to cause racial tension. Now there calls are no longer for equality, but for equity. They want to bribe the black sheep by giving them slavery reparations. This is simply more stunning bullshit from the racist critical theory of the Frankfurt School of Thought

The fact is, all creeds, nationalities and racial groups have been enslaved at one time or another. We all have ancestors who were slaves. Humanity’s history of enslaving populations go back thousands of years. All of us have relatives who were enslaved, but only black slaves in America “qualify” for reparations. That too, is a racism dogma. Democrats continue to work hard to hold down the black and minority communities by claiming that due to racism and inequity, blacks and minorities cannot survive without the Party. Once again, this is racist dogma. History further proves this many times over.
No, Dual Loyalty Isn't Okay, by Philip Giraldi - The Unz ...

Johnson’s Great Society intentionally created a dependent welfare state for the poor and minorities, pushing fathers out of homes to collect welfare payments.

This is not only wrong. It is evil. As a result, drugs and crime have skyrocketed, infesting mostly poor and minority neighborhoods.

After the government spent nearly $5 trillion of our tax dollars poverty levels in America are virually the same as they were when the Welfare Act was initiated in 1964. Like the Affordable Care act, which is neither affordable or offers better healthcare, the Economic Opportunity Act credted no economic opportunites, but did create a growing welfare state.

One thing the “war on poverty” Economic Opportnity Act did, as Lyndon Johnson noted, was to “keep niggers voting democrat for 100 years.” Welfare has fueled the growing insanity we see in the streets today as poorly educated, drugged up, brainwashed social justice warriors, most of whom have no clue about history and can’t even spell “social justice.”

Sure there was severe racism in America for more than 150 yearrs. But we have changed as a nation. We have improved. But the improvement of race relations is ignored and downplayed by the Democrats and their partners in Hollywood, who are more and more influenced by Chinese propaganda and the media.

If America is inherintly systematically racist from its founding as the communist democrats continuously claim, Obama couldn’t have been elected president twice. If there was systematic racism in America there would have been no Jessie Owens or Jackie Robinson. If there was systematic racism, America wouldn’t have black supreme court justices, mayors, governors, CEOs and billionaires. The democrats want to weaken the work ethic.

To succeed in America requires hard work. The Horatio Alger work ethic has been bred out of many due to democrat interference, using the difficulties of life as a weapon that promotes sloth and dependence rather than taking action and being self reliant. Self reliance and limited government is like kryptonite to the democrats. It weakens their obsessive, sociopathic power to control and deceive others. No matter how far society advances, the democrats always find things to bitch about and to divide Americans. When they destroy the economy as we have seen in the past, they blame: You guessed it: systematic racism is to blame. The democrats are charlatans. They are far worse than any of the snake oil salesmen of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The fact is, systematic racism in America is an absurd allegation. But most of the cultural Marxist critical theory agenda being pushed by democrats and their partners in Hollywood and the media is just that: absurd.

What is even more racist and offensive is to classify blacks and latinos as hopeless without the help of the democrat party. So is claiming that requiring VOTER ID or wanting border walls is racist. To convey a message that blacks and latinos are incapable of getting photo ID is ridiculous. So is viewing the world soley though a racist lens. Not only is this untrue, it is caustic to the fabric of America and adds to division rather than unity.

Before the Marxist operative Obama began opening old racial wounds for eight years, America was uniting. Racism will always exist, but at the time conditions were greatly improving. Improving race relations, despite the democrat’s false rhetoric is the greatest threat to the party. If people get along and can make a good living, there is no reason to support democrats and their Big Brother collectivist nanny state agenda. The democrats are no longer for the poor, minorities and the middle class, but rather they want to control them.

Individual freedom is the greatest threat to the communists who call themselves democrats, so dividing America by race and class has intensified. But those who study history know who these people are. We have have seen them before in Bolshevik Russia, Nazi Germany and Communist China. This is who the heirarchy of the democrat party are intentionally emulating. The history of the democrat party is full of racists. One of them is now the illegitimate president. Joe Biden is a racist. How ironic that dozens of racist comments in the past are erased from democrat’s collective memory. That was just “Joe being Joe”. The hypocrisy is off the charts.

But this is the history of the democrat party. First, they created the KKK, then they championed the rights of the black community and other minorities to get their vote. For more than 100 years the democrat party has kept blacks and minorities in check by convincing them that the party is for the poor and working class. This lie is beginning to get recognized. Obama was president for 8 years but ignored the plights of poor and middle class blacks. In fact, he created more poverty for minorities than any president since Herbert Hoover. Face it, the democrat party has enslaved blacks and minorities to keep them on the democrat plantation since before the days of racist democrat Woodrow Wilson.

The democrat party has stealthily convinced blacks and minorites that they are working for them. They are. They are working to put them and all of us, back in chains. Yes. All of us. The history of humanity is one of enslavement. Every race, color and creed have been enslaved at one point in time. This is a fact. To ignore this, distorts the lens of history and foments the very evil the democrats are supposedly opposed to. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana. The following article delves into the democarts devious past. HN

By Joan Swirsky

If the upcoming presidential election on November 3, 2020, were not so serious, it would be downright hilarious just watching the Democrats twist themselves into pretzels in their efforts to project onto President Trump their own lengthy and shameful record of racism.

As Bill Federer of has exhaustively documented:

  • In 1857, the Supreme Court, with seven of the nine justices being Democrats, decided that Dred Scott, a black slave, was not a citizen, but property.
  • After the Civil War, when Republicans enacted the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery in America, southern Democrats reacted by creating the vicious anti-black Jim Crow laws.
  • In 1866, Republican Rep. Thaddeus Stevens introduced legislation to give former slaves “40 acres and a mule,” but Democrats opposed it.

This lopsided picture continued unabated through the 19th century and into the 20th century. Only space limitations prevent me from providing a doctoral thesis worth of sordid documentation.

  • In 1953, Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower proposed “to use whatever authority exists in the office of the President to end segregation”…but Southern Democrat governors objected!
  • In 1964, Democrat senators held the longest filibuster in U.S. history––75 days––to try to prevent the Civil Rights Act from passing. Finally, Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson persuaded the leaders of his party to support a compromise bill, saying: “I’ll have those ni—ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”
  • In 1994, as Stephen Frank documents, then-Senator Joe Biden sponsored a bill that put tens of thousands of black men in prison—and it took 15 years till President Trump was able to get rid of that discriminatory law.


In 2009, Sammy Benoit in wrote an article exposing former President Jimmy Carter’s lifelong animosity, contempt, indeed hatred toward Jews and Israel. Among numerous egregious examples he cited was this: “Former President Jimmy Carter once complained there were ‘too many Jews’ on the government’s Holocaust Memorial Council.”

We all know that Democrats lionized their fellow Democrat, WVA Senator Robert Byrd, who personally filibustered the Civil Rights Bill for 14 hours and 13 minutes on June 10, 1964.

In 2010, Byrd was still around and was the Senate’s president pro tempore. And as all his colleagues knew, for many years he had also been a high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan–– Exalted Cyclops and Kleagle. That’s right, and Byrd also recruited 150 of his friends to start a new KKK chapter, as well as used the N-word on live television in 2001.

Not to omit that then-Senator Biden praised Byrd lavishly in his eulogy upon the former-KKK member’s death in 2010, as did current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It comes as no surprise to anyone who has followed Biden’s career that he also eulogized arch segregationist Strom Thurmond (D-SC), and had high praise for proud segregationists Sens. James Eastland (D-MS) and Herman Talmadge (D-GA), as well as for Governor George Wallace––“segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”––who blocked black students from entering the University of Alabama.


First prize definitely goes to Hillary Clinton who never fails to break into a thick Southern accent when speaking before a black audience, as in this cringe-producing performance in a church in Alabama when quoting a hymn familiar to the audience––“I don’t feel no ways tired.”

Then there is the Democrat Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, all smeared in blackface and saying he’s not sure if it’s him but that he distinctly remembers wearing blackface on a different occasion. Can’t make it up.

And who can ever forget Joe Biden’s unforgettable words on hearing of the candidacy of Barack Obama for president: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

“Bright and clean.” Really.

And yet, former VP Biden is the only candidate the Democrats could think of to run for the presidency! And now he says he prefers a “woman of color” to be his VP. Right here, I could say “I rest my case” about Democrats being racists.

How utterly patronizing! How pathetically bowing to “political correctness”! How blazingly typical of a Democrat to cite race instead of experience, credentials, track record, character, voting record, on and on.

Biden sounds like his old boss, Barack Obama, who wanted his regime to “look like America,” and in the name of political correctness, and with a fetish for a globalist/Islamist philosophy, ended up––by design, I believe––with the worst economy, the weakest military, and the most failed medical and educational systems in American history….which didn’t look like any America most of the country recognized.

At this point, the Democrat Machine hopes they can get Joe Biden across the finish line so the really extreme far-leftist powers-that-be can inflict their noxious anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and inherent racism––via Antifa and Black Lives Matter––on our entire country.

Clearly, what is systemic about racism in America can be found in the Democrats’ DNA.

Joan Swirsky ( is a New York-based journalist and author who wrote for the NY Times for over 20 years. She has been writing columns for various internet sites for the past 30 years. She can be reached at

SOURCE: Systemic racism inherent in Democrats’ DNA (


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