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October 24, 2021



by HN

Let’s take a look at some of the massive bullshit that has been shoveled down our throats and stuffed in our ears 24/7 for almost 2 years:

First, completely arbitrary unscientific commands became gospel. Social distancing. Face masks. Gloves. Hand sanitizer. The mania spread faster than COVID. Even though masks don’t work and COVID can’t live on surfaces, the people were terrified by the 24/7 mass media COVID fear porn. It wasn’t long before people suddenly developed obsessive compulsive disorder, scrubbing surfaces, wiping down carts, wearing masks and gloves and splashing on hand sanitizer.

While all of this madness unfolded, New World Order Jesuit and Democrat political hack Dr. Deception Anthony Fauci became not only the spokesman for the pandemic he helped create, but he became the god of science and medical truth. In his own mind and the mind of the uniformed and brainwashed.

First, you may recall, Fauci said, “masks are not necessary.” This was one of the very few things Fauci has ever said that is actually true. But then, Fauci flipped, saying masks are necessary. This flip flop is a common technique of mind control, explored in Orwell’s 1984. The irrational becomes rational while the rational becomes irrational.

If this wasn’t all crazy enough, Fauci then called for not only one mask, but two. Then three. Even four! Still people trust the god of science and medicine. Fauci is no god. He is a dangerous narcissistic sociopath.

The fact is, masks cannot stop the spread of COVID-19. Fauci knows this. Aside from the fact that the long term wearing of masks is dangerous to one’s health, the microscopic size of ALL MASK FIBERS are thousands of times larger than the COVID-19 virus. That means that wearing face masks to stop the spread of COVID is as effective as a chain link fence would be in stopping a mosquito.

Masks actually work to increase the spread of COVID. This is of course intentional. All of the protocols proposed and implemented by bureaucrats around the world are harmful to the public, which is why they have been mandated. This is after all, a silent war, a psywar. It is not about making nice. This is a totalitarian depopulation agenda disguised as pandemic, so spreading COVID was a big part of the plan.

Inflating the numbers of cases and deaths and other frauds and acts of murder, like putting COVID patients in nursing homes, combined with the 24/7 pounding of propaganda was necessary to brainwash, convince and terrify the public into compliance with the new social engineering of society “to stop the spread.” Fauci warned that the sky would fall and tens of millions would die if we didn’t shut down the world for “two weeks to flatten the curve”, remember?

The fear porn propaganda relentlessly used against us since the beginning of the scamdemic was specifically legalized for this purpose when Obama signed the 2013 NDAA. This made it legal use propaganda against the American People. As history has transpired, we can see why.

This started the ball rolling. By 2015 Obama gave Fauci the funding to do gain of function research outside of the US at the Wuhan Lab in China.

By implementing methods contained in a US Army white paper titled, Mindwar, the American People have been manipulated with disinformation and propaganda with tactics that were composed by Col. Michael Aquino in his 10 page 1980 paper.

Col. Michael Aquino

(HN note: Aquino is a Satanist, who co-founded Anton LeVay’s Church of Satan in 1966. In 1975, Aquio left the Church and founded his own Satanic Church, The Temple of Set)

Obama’s 2013 National Defense Authorization has allowed the government to successfully traumatize millions of Americans, resulting in various forms of psychological damage, ranging from anxiety to depression and suicide to irrational fear and psychosis.

Masks are used as a trauma based mind control device, especially for children. Masking causing disorientation, which allows for influence by suggestion. It is a well known method used in mind control. Forcing children to wear masks is child abuse. As mentioned, it is literally trauma based mind control. It is torture.


Masks are useless, but they have been adopted as comfort devices, like a baby’s pacifier. They cannot stop the spread of disease. Masks are being used to intentionally traumatize children. There are ZERO studies that talk about the effectiveness of masks, but many, many studies describe the serious dangers of long term mask wearing.

After being instructed by his Jesuit Masters, Dr. Deception then says flip flops and says “masks are necessary.”

Soon after, the propaganda modified to include 2 masks. “Common sense, ” as Fauci noted, ” if one mask gives protection, 2 is better.” One two, three or ten masks do nothing to stop the spread of COVID, but they do train sheople to be good slaves.

Once the mRNA injections became available, politicians were giving out free hamburgers, beer and even a million dollar lottery to convince the sheople to take the experiment shot. When not enough sheople took the jab, the government showed its totalitarian teeth though its proxy partners in corporate America, who are now forcing employees to be injected with this deadly gene therapy or lose their jobs.

This is how it starts. This is how it began in Nazi Germany. Never again is happening again.

Of course, Big Pharma has no liability, so when employees begin dying from the bioweapon injections they are held harmless. Lawsuits are already flooding the courts against companies that forced the injections and employees died. These companies will be crushed. That too, is part of the deindustrialization/depopulation agenda.

As the deaths increase, so will the the lawsuits, which will cripple smaller businesses that do not have the resources to incur such massive losses and with allow the New World Order elite to once again collectivise resources, as they did after the last designed collapse in 2008. Text book.

Two years later, in 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation published the study OPERATION LOCKSTEP, which described to the letter what we experienced:

“A top down authoritarian approach” to deal with a pandemic. A pandemic that was actually a bioweapon that was intentionally released from the Wuhan lab illegally funded by Fauci.

In 2017, in perfect Hegelian form, Fauci guaranteed a “surprise pandemic“.

Considering President Trump’s popularity, and the toll it took on China, it is not hard to understand why China, Fauci, the WHO/CDC colluded to execute a stunning genocidal fraud on the world with the added benefit of bloodless coup to forward the CFR/Trilateral quest for control of America and all the political and economic systems on the planet.

Face it folks, COVID-19 is a total hoax. While the virus is real, and dangerous to those with preexisting conditions, the reaction by the “experts” was radically extreme. It wasn’t out of caution. It was out of desperation to regain power of the US Presidency that China and the New World Order elite aligned and closed down the world.

The blatant psyop perpetrated on humanity hides a nefarious evil hidden agenda. COVID is political Trojan Horse. It’s a biowar against all of humanity designed to depopulate the planet and collectivize the resources of the world as into a one world totalitarian corporate government. This is what happened. This is what is happening. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

As we should all know, the fear porn was off the charts from the begining. COVID case numbers and deaths were faked and inflated, while the COVID-19 injection deaths and horrific side effects have been diminished. With few exceptions, like Tucker Carlson and Wayne Allen Root, the millions of deaths and injuries caused by the COVID-19 injections across the world have been completely ignored by the evil New World Order controlled mainstream media.


Martial Law is the ultimate goal. So whatever event occurs next, Martial Law is the objective. The Biden junta is already purging the military of Patriots and those who actually understand their Constititutional oath of allegiance. Obama did the same thing. He put the nails in the coffin. Hillary was supposed to hammer them in. But all she hammered was her Blackberries.

Trump’s prosperous America First agenda set the globalists 16 year plan to destroy America back by at least a decade. So, after the November 6 coup, the Biden junta didn’t waste any time cancelling the Keystone Pipeline and reversing the course of energy independence and prosperity set by Trump.

All of Biden’s so called failures are actually massive successes for the globalists. George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and the global elite are laughing all the way to the bank as the COVID curtain of tyranny extends across the world.

America has been successfully demoralized by Marxist propaganda soaked into education and pop culture, you get compliant, dumbed down, socially brainwashed drones, who follow whatever Marxist drivel is being spewed, for whatever the cause of the day calls for. This is not only factual, provable history, it is obvious to all but only the most brainwashed, or misinformed.


We are living though the attempted New World Order take over of society via a scientific dictatorship, installed through the means of a Hegelian fake pandemic.

During the lockdowns, massive data was mined from people, determining their likes, dislikes, purchases–you name it. It also allowed AI to gauge our psychological response to various aspects of the psyop and stimuli via responses and comments on social media posts, phone calls, emails, etc..

We became social engineering guinea pigs as described in the NASA document SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS handed out to select members of the Bilderberg Group at their 1979 meeting. The document discusses the 25th Anniversary of the Third World War. The Silent War. A biowar against humanity. A declaration of intent for genocide and slavery. The means of aquiring massive data to gauge and control reaction of the population was covered in great detail in this 79 page document.

The statistics and data gathered is now being used against us. All of us. Everywhere. Due to the lockdowns, our patterns of behavior were intentionally altered, controlled and monitored 24/7, just like the COVID-19 propaganda. Just as described in Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars.

Face masks silent weapons. They are a big part of the social conditioning we are now subjected to 24/7. In essence, most of humanity was re-programmed over the past year and half, using CIA trauma based mind control tactics. Many are now compliant sheep. The follow in lockstep to whatever comes next from the worshipped so called “experts”. Could it be a third shot? A forth? A fifth?

Whatever Fauci says, these people believe and comply with. It is pure brainwashing. Fauci claims to be a scientist, and to “follow the science”, but he doesn’t. Fauci is no scientist. He should have his medical license revoked and he should stand trial for crimes against humanity.

Fauci is a typical lying politician with plenty to earn. He’s a patented pusher. Worse, he is a dangerous, sadistic psychopathic mass murderer disguised as a doctor. Anyone like Fauci who would torture, experiment on and then kill beagals is a heartless monster. The early signs of serial killers is the torturing of animals. But Fauci isn’t a serial killer. He’s worse than a serial killer. Fauci is a mass murderer.

The truth about the COVID-19 scamdemic is all coming out. That means the elite are going to have to make another move to distract and terrify the sheople into compliance. Something terrible to unify us, so we can wilfully walk the plank into the New World Order.

There are several Hegelian ploys that could be used to achieve this end.

First, the millions of deaths from the COVID-19 injections that are being covered up will not be able to be covered up much longer. We can expect Nazi level censorship and totalitarian actions to deal with the staggered, but massive deaths of those who took the deadly mRNA injections in the coming months.

These deaths will be blamed on “a new variant” of course, not the bioweaponized mRNA injections. When people start to realize they are being culled by a deliberate depopulation agenda there must be an event to distract from the billions who will be looking to lynch Fauci and other psychopaths for Crimes Against Humanity.

The people will righteously want their blood. And in the end, they may just get it.

The FBI Crime Creation False Flag Unit can also step in into entice and set up patsy(s) and and provide them with explosives to blow something up, like they did at the WTC in 1993 and countless times since then.


Most recently, the FBI designed plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Witmer committed by dumb patsy Patriots they set up.

Whatever the FBI Crime Creation Unit, or any other shadow goverment operation comes with next, you can bet your bottom dollar that freedom loving American Patriots will be blamed. Peaceful, Constitutionalist Patriots working to restore Our Republic to its founding principles will continue to be demonized considering the DHS under the illegitimate fascist Biden junta considers such Patriots potential terrorists.

One of the more likely possibilities of what comes next is the release of another Fauci funded WHO/China bioweapon. This will not be a weak bioweapon like the COVID-19 virus that 99% of people if sickened recovered from, but an actual deadly virus that really could kill billions and overwhelm medical, economic and social systems.

There is also the potention of a cyber attack as described by Klaus Schwab, or an EMP attack on our vital infrastructure to be blamed on Taliban or Patriots who the DHS now labels “potential terrorists.”

Designed economic collapse is another serious possibility, given how weakened the economy is due to the totalitarian lockdowns that caused psychological stress and severe economic hardship.

60% of small businesses that closed “temporarily” to “flatten the curve” went out of business. If a financial collapse at this time, it would be far worse than when the banksters designed the housing and banking crisis of 2008. 20 million Americans lost their homes.

Well, mass murderer Joseph Stalin said it best: One death is a tragedy. One billion deaths is a statistic.

The elite’s next nefarious move could also be another biological, chemical, or mini nuke attack on a major US city. The chaos and distraction Biden created by intentionally allowing the Taliban to take over Afghanistan could be perfect Hegelian ruse for a future false flag. A hostage situation would further butress the stage for an immense terrorist attack.

The Taliban, Al-CIA-da or other global elite backed Middle Eastern Terrorists groups are perfectly poised to become scapegoats of the New World Order. It wouldn’t be the first time.

A new war is certainly a possibility given the destablizing factors in Afghanistan and the middle east. Still, it is more likely that, like on 9/11/01, there will be a series of events that occur simultaneously. A perfect storm to create maximum fear and chaos. Whatever the global elite choose to do next, we can be assured that their goal is a total take over of society.

We can expect massive global propaganda and disinformation moving in lockstep with a pre-scripted agenda, like EVENT 201 and OPERATION LOCKSTEP.

If any of this occurs, we can expect phones, websites and social media networks of truth tellers and patriots will be shut down. Martial Law will be declared. Patriots, truthers and dissenters, who have been long identified will be rounded up and executed or sent to slave camps.

Patriots will be strongly demonized in the media, labeled enemies of the people. This is the tactic employed by every totalitarian takeover in history. And it will happen here if we allow it.

The Democrats, with the help of the CFR/UN global elite, China and other foreign interests stole the 2020 election and hijacked Our government before the eyes of the entire world. And now they are blatantly stealing our freedom and killing us, forcing deadly injections and psycho-pseudo science on America and the world.

If Our Republic is lost, the world is lost. All hope is lost. If we lose our freedom, humanity will forever be enslaved in an inescapable nightmare of misery and death. A dystopian neo-feudal technocracy ruled by the United Nations global elite, where all aspects of human life are under strict control. We must stop them.

Death to the New World Order!



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