May 26, 2024


Bowne Report

As the seats of power shift in the Governor’s seats in New York and New Jersey, the truth behind the bureaucratic mass deaths in Nursing homes and Veterans hospitals bubbles to the surface.

As New York Totalitarian Governor Hochul took over the reigns, she piled on another 12,000 unreported deaths to the New York Covid death toll. And now after 19 long months, Hochul the self proclaimed Covid Messiah, is finally apologizing for Cuomo’s mass death toll in nursing homes. A massacre Hochul oversaw as well when she was Lieutenant Governor.

According to the New York Post, over the summer a 242 page report by the New York State Bar Association quietly revealed that Cuomo’s directive for “New York nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients increased the death toll among residents — and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s claims otherwise have been disproven…. NYSBA’s Task Force on Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care also blasts Cuomo for not reversing the Department of Health’s “unreasonable” mandate sooner than he did, saying it remained in effect weeks longer than necessary.

While in New Jersey, a Federal Investigation is ramping up to get to the bottom of 150 veterans that died from the virus they contracted at three federally licensed and state-run nursing homes. New Jersey Governor Murphy again offered apologies and praise for the troops as a deflection for his own responsibility in the deaths of those that gave their lives defending the United States.

You know the system is truly broken when after killing the patriarchs, matriarchs, and heroes within American families with their psychotic bureaucracy, the best we can hope for is an apology.