May 25, 2022



by HN

Despite three years of ever-increasing aggressive censorship and disinformation propaganda peddled as “truth”, the globalist puppet masters have failed to quell the voices of those seeking freedom and exposing the tyrannical “Build Back Better” Great Reset.

Over one million truckers have descended upon Ottawa, the capital of Canada to put an end to the Nuremberg Code violating COVID-19 mandates. Still, Justin Trudeau has doubled down for his elite masters at the UN/World Economic Forum, attempting to gaslight the world into believing their evil lies.
For those who have eyes to see, reading glasses are not necessary to view the obvious attempts to discredit those speaking the truth about the elite’s genocide of the public.

Those behind the UN/Davos Satanic revolution against humanity are easy to spot. They all sing the same talking points.

Whether it is open borders Build Back Better Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, or any of the puppets of the Davos globalists tapped to destroy the world’s economy, the globalists COVID bioweapon cooked up by Fauci, Daszak and Bill Gates was designed to terrify the population into compliance with their own slavery and demise.

The people were told there would be no end to COVID until a “vaccine” was developed. Dr. Fauci lied, telling us it would take a year, but the injections were already developed. Successful treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were banned. Physicians and pharmacists lost their licenses if they dared to successfully treat patients. To call this medical tyranny would be an understatement. It is mass murder.

Then came the deadly mRNA injections. To fit the medical mafia narrative, the CDC changed the definition of a vaccine. A true vaccine immunizes an individual against a disease and stops transmission to others. The COVID shots do neither. Yet these deadly dangerous injections have been mandated. People continue to be fired if they do not take the deadly COVID shots.

Systematic corruption at the UN/WHO/CDC and hospital administrators, doctors and nurses worldwide have colluded to execute the greatest act of medical mass murder and genocide in history.

Thousands of doctors and nurses have resigned rather that submit to Bill Gate’s and the Fauci Crime Crew. Instead of raising concern about the dangers, the corporate controlled media continues to demonize those who do not submit to medical tyranny and social media bans and censors them.
Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology was banned from twitter and censored for exposing the dangers of the deadly shots.

Informed consent has been denied. The fact that more than 2 million Americans have been injured and more than 20,000 killed by the mRNA injections as reported to VAERS is being suppressed by the mainstream media and censored by Big Tech. These are not the actions of “experts” working to save lives, but rather propagandists diligently working to suppress the deadly consequences of taking the jab.
The fact is, like COVID-19, the “vaccine” is yet another deadly bioweapon. The entire COVID-19 scamdemic is a ruse to depopulate and deindustrialize the planet and to collectivize global resources under a United Nation Agenda 21 takeover.

As a result of the lockdowns and supply chain shortages more than 20 million people in the third world have starved to death. Africa and Australia are still in lockdown. The lockdown of society was directly modeled after the globalist Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 Operation Lockstep scenario. The plan is to wreck the economies of the world, depopulate and consolidate under UN control. This blueprint was followed to the letter and enforced with totalitarian efficiency. People who defied government mandates were fined and even imprisoned. Dangerous criminals were released in fear of contracting COVID. Democrat governors forced COVID patients into nursing homes.

These ploys were all acts of war against We the People.

Nation killer George Soros’ assisted the election of over 1,000 District Attorneys in the last 2 years. Soros also has over 20 Attorney generals in his pocket to wage war on We the People. As a result, a revolving door system was developed allowing murderers, rapists and other violent felons to be released without bail, many have committed more crimes.

All the king’s and horses and all the king’s men cannot stop the juggernaut of truth exposing the First Global Revolution of the elite. The UN/Davos elite’s quiet war on humanity has become too loud and the sleeping giant is awakening. Klaus Schwab’s puppets who attended his Global Leader for the Future school have all played vital roles in forwarding the globalists Great Reset Build Back Better depopulation/deindustrialization agenda.

Schwab’s army of tyrants like Justin Trudeau try to spin the truth to downplay their tyranny.  But the tyranny can no longer be hidden. Trudeau, who went into hiding with commandos fearing for his safety has called the million truckers descending on the Canadian capital as “fringe” resisters and “racists”.

Like Ray Epps and the many Federal agents that organized and provocateured the chaos on January 6, 2021, peaceful Canadians protesting the globalist run COVID-19 tyranny must be vigilant against similar false flags terror attacks, like the democrats assault on our Republic on January 6 that was blamed on Patriots addressing their grievances regarding election fraud. The democrats stole the election for the globalists. The events of January 6 effectively stopped further investigation into the Biden coup.

False flag attacks are one of the globalists favorite deceptions to hoodwink the public and turn the tide of public opinion to achieve their aims. As lessons learned on January 6th, Canadians Patriots must be peaceful and vigilant in their protests and be wary of provocateurs and enemy agents seeking to label and blame protestors as “terrorists” or “insurrectionists”.

While the true insurrectionists are democrats, Trudeau and all of the globalists’ puppets, like Biden, who vainly continue their ever-failing attempts gas light the people into compliance and submission to the United Nations assault on freedom and national sovereignty.

The entire world is engaged in a silent war fought with quiet weapons launched by the UN/Davos/World Economic Forum global elite. This fact becomes more and more obvious as the censorship and propaganda increases. The New World Order New York Times even told readers that it was wrong–even dangerous to do research into the origins of COVID and the deadly shots. This and the censorship of doctors and scientists only advanced the people’s curiosity to do the research and billions are.

More and more, humanity is awakening to the World Economic Forum Davos’ treachery and the many crimes of politicians prosecuting their war on we the people. The globalists bioweapons, acts of economic warfare, false flag terrorism no longer fool the masses. The emperor has no clothes, putting the globalists in a Catch 22 scenario. The more COVID tyranny they implement, the more lockdowns, supply chain shortages, acts of economic warfare and terrorism, the more the culprits behind the scamdemic are exposed.

The more they censor, the more the people stand up against them. In the end, the UN Agenda 21 depopulation/deindustrialization agenda will fail.

There is no way to stop the juggernaut of truth that continues to smash the UN elite’s genocidal war on humanity. Build Back Better means slavery and genocide and billions are waking up this fact every day. The Great Reset is the globalist’s Final Revolution. A revolution against humanity itself. It is called Agenda 21.

Trudeau and other puppet politicians of the UN/World Economic Forum across the world continue to push Agenda 21 like drug dealers peddle their poisons. But all are getting serious push back from the people who are fast awakening to their ever-growing acts of tyranny. And rightly so.

Ten years ago when I warned of the New World Order depopulation agenda, many I know scoffed at the thought, despite the decades of documents that prove the elite’s intentions. Today, those who scoffed are veraciously researching documents like SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS, THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN, OPERATION LOCKSTEP, THE FIRST GLOBAL REVOLUTION, CRIMSON CONTAGION, EVENT 201 and many others.

The people are waking up signaling more and more that the elite are losing. And when the globalist controlled left are losing, they always put the race card into play. This is no secret. Al Sharpton makes a living as a leftist race baiter and propagandist.

Still the left continues to ridicule and attempt to gas light the public, thinking they are dumb animals. Sadly, some are. The elite call them “beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent”. But more and more these “dumb animals” are waking up.

It is obvious to the entire world that the left has embraced all aspects of the COVID cult. They virtuously follow all mandates and directives, while shaming and vilifying those who understand there is a war on human freedom. In my estimation 20-30% of the world are completely brainwashed by nearly 3 years of 24/7 COVID-19 fear porn propaganda. These poor souls have forever lost their minds.

COVID mass formation psychosis, mass media manipulation and trauma-based mind control has divided the world between those who recognize tyranny and fight for their rights and those, like Aldous Huxley described in his Final Revolution talk at Berkeley in 1962, who “embrace their servitude”, becoming submissive, obedient slaves.

Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Peter Daszak, Joe Biden and all the traitors will be held responisble for their genocidal crimes, but they will do their best to take the world down with them. These Malthusian control freaks are malevolent psychopaths, whose only focus is enslaving the world and massively depopulating the planet by 80% by 2030.

Playing the race card is a long-used democrat/leftist tactic. But using the race card to spin the COVID tyranny instituted by Trudeau and other globalist tyrants following the Rockefeller Foundation’s Operation Lockstep to the letter is an act of desperation. Face it, Trudeau, Biden, the democrats and leftist leaders across the world are all pushing the UN Agenda 21 Build Back Better Great Reset.

They have wagered all their chips on this silent war against humanity to foster the destruction of society, to Build Back Better, creating a Great Reset of neo-feudal serfdom, misery and death. But they are failing. And like an animal trapped in a corner, the globalists are now at their most dangerous.

They will no doubt stage false flag terror attacks on infrastructure and blame it on those seeking freedom. This is what they do. Don’t take the bait.

Never forget that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset. He became the boogey man after Saddam Hussein was deposed. As the world searched for the terrorist, CNN interviewed him at his “secret hideout.”

So, the lies and propaganda is nothing new. Remember 9/11/01 resulted in the 20 year “War on Terror” that was based on lies. Weapons of mass deception. Like GHW Bush’s lies about Iraqi’s taking babies out of incubators to let them die on the floor to gain support for the Persian Gulf War, or GW Bush’s “weapons of mass destruction” that did not exist, the COVID-19 scamdemic, and many of the transformative events in world history were also based on lies.

The fight for freedom has only just begun and worst days are still ahead. But realize this: The global elite are losing on every front. And it shows. Big Tech and the media is absolutely naked in their dismissal of the truth while they promote lies and censoring all who expose them. The dinosaur media is fast becoming extinct. For those who have eyes to see it is a delightful sight, albeit a dangerous one.
As we move forward, every lie, deception and false flag act of terror will be exposed. Their tricks no longer work on those who have done the research and the know who the enemies are.

The massive growth of since the November 3, 2020, coup clearly illustrates that people will seek the truth elsewhere if they cannot find it on the mainstream media. went from 20,000 hits per months to more than 4,000,000 hits per month. This is evidence that the People know the media is lying to them. They are thirsting for the truth. Here it is.

The more the globalists mandate, the more they censor, the more patriots they attack, the more join their ranks and the more the elite reveal themselves as the psychopathic genocidal despots they are. Their increasing acts of desperation amplify their tyrannies. It is only a matter of time before the COVID-19 scamdemic depopulation agenda is fully exposed and those behind this evil war on humanity will face justice. Nothing can stop the juggernaut of truth.  Nuremberg 2.0 is coming.


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