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With George Soros and Klaus Schwab’s Ukrainian puppet, Zelensky, the devil is in the details. Green energy is decades away from being an efficient means of clean energy. Zelensky’s latest remarks come straight from the mouth of the World Economic Forum, whose agenda is to Build Back Better into a Great Reset after a great financial collapse. Zelensky’s calls for green energy is a call for neo-fuedalism, famine and genocide. The fact that Zelensky is a pawn of the World Economic Forum has never been clearer.

Live Updates: Zelensky Calls For Europe to Shift to ‘Green Energy’ To Boycott Russia & Usher in Great Reset

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on European nations to transition to “green energy” to reduce its dependence on Russian oil and “accelerate” the Great Reset on the continent.

“Russia’s aggression against Ukraine…is an argument to accelerate green transformation on the continent. Europe must give up Russian oil, give up as soon as possible!” he said Tuesday.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy pushes for Europe to transition to “green energy”:

“Russia’s aggression against Ukraine … is an argument to accelerate green transformation on the continent. Europe must give up Russian oil, give up as soon as possible!”— The Recount (@therecount) March 29, 2022

In this age of censorship and propaganda from all sides of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, it’s more important than ever to facilitate a free flow of information with videos, reports, and data points from every perspective. Only then can you truly inform yourself about what’s happening during this fluid and dangerous crisis.

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Russia will “drastically” withdraw its forces surround Kiev as a good-faith measure ahead of new rounds of peace talks with Ukraine, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister announced Tuesday.

Putin ‘drastically’ WITHDRAWS troops from Kyiv

— Wittgenstein (@backtolife_2022) March 29, 2022

Video shows Russian forces withdrawing from the Kiev region ahead of peace talks, but NATO-backed publication has called for Ukrainian forces to use the opportunity to attack Russians as they retreat.

They’re leaving over an agreement that could lead to a ceasefire and you’re recommending Ukraine attack them.— Chris Tomlinson (@TomlinsonCJ) March 29, 2022

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that Russia has achieved the first phase of its military operation in Ukraine by severely curtailing Ukrainian military capabilities ahead of its most important objective, the liberation of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics.

Minister of Defense briefing – 29 March— Wittgenstein (@backtolife_2022) March 29, 2022

Russia’s top negotiator Vladimir Medinsky outlined the current negotiating points the two sides will further discuss during renewed peace talks, including security guarantees.

Russian military offensive in Ukraine | Day 34— RT (@RT_com) March 29, 2022

Ukraine’s current demands are as follows:

Ukraine needs guarantees that are more solid than NATO’s Article 5

Guarantees must be in the form of a treaty signed by all guarantors

In the event of an aggression against Ukraine, consultations must be held within 3 days, after which guarantor states provide assistance in the form of armed forces, weapons, airspace closure.

Among guarantors Ukraine envisions: Britain, China, Russia, US, France, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Italy, Poland.

Temporarily guarantees will not apply to Crimea and occupied Donbass

Guarantor will not oppose and will in fact help Ukraine’s accession to the EU

Ukraine-Russia negotiators were warned not to “eat or drink anything” or touch surfaces at or just before the peace talks begin.

Ukraine-Russia negotiators warned to not ‘eat or drink anything’ as peace talks to begin— Wittgenstein (@backtolife_2022) March 29, 2022

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) warns former President Donald Trump would permanently damage NATO if elected again in 2024.

NEWS: @MittRomney tells me NATO would be permanently damaged if Trump is elected president again

Our allies “would rethink whether they can count on the United States to lead NATO and defend other nations.” @CNNplus @NewDay (1/x)— Kasie Hunt (@kasie) March 29, 2022

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby claimed Ukrainian forces are resisting Russian advances in what he says is turning out to be “more than what Russia bargained for.”

.@PentagonPresSec: No amount of Kremlin spin can mask what the world has witnessed over the past month: that the courage and military prowess of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and its people are proving to be more than what Russia bargained for.— Department of Defense 🇺🇸 (@DeptofDefense) March 29, 2022

A large explosion was reportedly seen in Belgorod, Russia, near the northeastern border of Ukraine.

NOW – Large explosion in #Belgorod, Russia, near the Ukrainian— (@disclosetv) March 29, 2022


Russian businessman Roman Abramovich and two other peace negotiators for Russia apparently suffered temporary blindness and skin peeling from the face and hands as a result of poisoning by a chemical weapon.

BREAKING NEWS: Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, and Ukrainian peace negotiators, have suffered symptoms of suspected “chemical weapons” poisoning, according to reports.@SallyLockwood reports.


📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube— Sky News (@SkyNews) March 28, 2022

One U.S. official has said the government doesn’t believe the poisoning report of Abramovich and others.

One U.S. official said they do not believe the reports of the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich was poisoned during peace talks in Ukraine.— Forbes (@Forbes) March 28, 2022

Video from Mariupol reportedly shows Russian forces escorting the neo Nazi Azov Battalion out of the liberated city as throngs of onlooking residents cheer.

Azov Battalion members being marched out of Mariupol.

Look at the reaction of the people.

But Western media will ignore this, lying by— Gonzalo Lira (@realGonzaloLira) March 28, 2022

A Mariupol resident celebrates the defeat of the neo Nazi Azov Battalion by removing the group’s sign from its suburban base.

“I’ve waited years for this,” he says.

I think this is a new genre. Wholesome war content?— Cassandra MacDonald (@CassandraRules) March 28, 2022

Russian troops have reportedly captured most of Mariupol as of Monday, with this video showing them raising the Russian flag over a devastated building.

Video appears to show Russian troops raising flag on Mariupol town hall building— Wittgenstein (@backtolife_2022) March 28, 2022

BREAKING: Russian flag hoisted in Mariupol. Excited citizens allegedly shouting “you freed us! Thank you!” Others shed tears of joy. Remember when I first reported that Russians had Mariupol. Many screamed “Fake News! Your source?!” Well, there you have it. 100% Russian control.— Joseph C. Okechukwu (@jcokechukwu) March 28, 2022

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that Russia will restrict entry of citizens from “unfriendly countries,” ie the U.S., UK, Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia, South Korea, and others.

Lavrov says Putin will sign a decree restricting entry into Russia for citizens of “unfriendly countries” in response to western sanctions.

That’s the US, the UK, Canada, all of Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and a few others besides.— max seddon (@maxseddon) March 28, 2022

Other video reportedly shows Ukrainian forces blowing up a Russian military column somewhere in the country’s contested territory.

How do you blow up an entire Russian military column at once?

Ask Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces!

Video from @walterlekh— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) March 28, 2022

In short supply of military vehicles, Ukrainian civilians in Lviv are seen scrambling to repurpose trucks for military use.

With a desperate need for vehicles to help frontline Ukrainian forces repel the Russian invasion, welders and car mechanics at a Lviv workshop are using their skills to convert pick-ups for military use.— The Associated Press (@AP) March 28, 2022

Footage allegedly shows Russian forces targeting Ukrainian missiles with high-precision weapons.

The Russian Armed Forces destroyed the disguised crews of the Ukrainian MLRS with high-precision weapons— Spriter (@spriter99880) March 28, 2022


Shocking video from Ukraine purportedly shows Ukrainian forces shooting and torturing Russian prisoners of war, prompting several journalists to call for an official investigation into these potential war crimes.

Warning: the following videos are graphic and viewer discretion is advised:

It might give the impression that the Russian military were captured after having been wounded. But that’s not the case. At the end of the video, we can see Ukrainian soldiers shooting all the newly arrived prisoners through their legs.#WarCrimes— Maria Dubovikova (@politblogme) March 27, 2022

18+ (21+)

Ukrainian soldiers shoot Russian prisoners of war in the legs and afterwards give them a severe beating. At the beginning of the video, there are Russian POWs lying on the ground with bullet wounds in their legs, some of them have got leg bones broken. #WarCrimes— Maria Dubovikova (@politblogme) March 27, 2022

Ru troops captured in different areas of Ukraine are not treated the same. UA has already announced Ru MLRS and artillery units will be given no quarter and same with besieged areas. They will not care for Russian soldiers while their civilians lay dead in the streets+they starve— Lost Weapons (@LostWeapons) March 27, 2022

Firstly, I personally can’t say neither this nor that regarding the veracity of the video (also, warning: graphic content) and what is said about it. But Eliot is right that it’s important to investigate also this type of incident. I hope some clarification will be forthcoming.— Carl Fridh Kleberg (@FridhKleberg) March 27, 2022

Following the circulation of the horrific videos of torture against Russian soldiers, an adviser to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky released a video reminding Ukrainian troops to adhere to the Geneva Convention.

Zelensky advisor: “Torturing a captive is a war crime”— Metabiota Poso🧬 (@JackPosobiec) March 28, 2022

Former Obama-appointed CIA director Michael Morell called Joe Biden’s calls for regime change in Russia an “unforced error” that ultimately “strengthens” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Michael Morell, former acting director of the CIA under Obama: Biden’s accidental call for regime change was an “unforced error…strengthens Putin.”— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 27, 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Joe Biden is “all talk” about helping in Ukraine’s fight against Russia while asking the U.S. to supply fighter jets.

NBC: Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thinks Biden is “all talk” and lacks the courage to respond to Russia— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 27, 2022

Peace talks between Ukraine and Russia will resume on Monday with delegrations from both sides meeting in Turkey.

LVIV, Ukraine — A member of the Ukrainian delegation in talks with Russia on ending the month-long war says the two sides have decided to meet in person in Turkey beginning on Monday.— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) March 27, 2022

Retired General David Petraeus says the city of Mariupol will likely be taken by Russian forces.

Retired Gen. David Petraeus says the city of Mariupol is becoming “a Ukrainian Alamo.”

“Fighting to the last defender…But ultimately it looks as if it’s going to have to collapse. It’s going to be taken.”— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) March 27, 2022

Mariupol has reportedly been completely destroyed amid fierce fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces.

We’ve lost #Mariupol. Russians destroyed one of the largest cities in the Eastern Ukraine, 500,000 residents lived there before 2402. After a month of the war: Buildings without damage – 0. Citizens killed – more than 3,5 thousands. Thousands injured.— katerina sergatskova (@KSergatskova) March 27, 2022

Mariupol, once a port city of 450,000 people, is now completely destroyed, and its streets turned into cemeteries.

We won’t forgive, we won’t forget.— Oleksiy Sorokin (@mrsorokaa) March 27, 2022

This video reveals all about the barbaric Russian army. Here a tank fires into Mariupol city – randomly targeting high rise blocks of flats. It’s firing from within a village & dozens of empty shell casings on the ground indicate its fired dozens of shells into the city. #Ukraine— Glasnost Gone (@GlasnostGone) March 27, 2022

Chilling footage from the drive out of Mariupol— Shaun Walker (@shaunwalker7) March 26, 2022

Russian forces have reportedly destroyed a Ukrainian base near Chernigov.

Russian Armed Forces destroyed the base of the 41st Terrodefens battalion near Chernigov— Spriter (@spriter99880) March 27, 2022


Joe Biden refusing to rule out using first-strike nuclear weapons against Russia during a visit to Poland to see Ukrainian refugees on Saturday.

Biden refuses to rule out first-strike use of nuclear weapons— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) March 26, 2022

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden said of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a speech.

Biden on Putin…
“For God’s sake this man cannot remain in power.”

Biden calling for the overthrow of Putin? What could go wrong?— Brick Suit (@Brick_Suit) March 26, 2022

WARSAW — “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” said Biden, referring to Putin, as he closes out his big speech in Poland.

Worth noting that the Biden administration so far has been at pains to NOT even hint at anything approximately regime change.— Ashley Parker (@AshleyRParker) March 26, 2022

Biden’s White House walked back his incendiary comments calling for Putin to be removed from power:

“The President’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change,” the WH official stated.

From a White House official after Biden’s speech: “The President’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change.”— Tarini Parti (@tparti) March 26, 2022

Russia has signaled that talks with Ukraine have made “no progress”, and according to western intelligence Russia is now “scaling back” its operation to focus mainly on liberating the Donbas region, an underlying goal of its invasion of Ukraine.

Russia is denying “fake news” reports that its forces gunned down civilians in Chernigov, a city in northern Ukraine.


A coordinated disinfo campaign includes mass produced fakes, disseminated, among others, by US embassies & affiliated networks. Like the one on Chernigov (of March 16), that keeps resurfacing. It was disproved long ago#Think4Yourself— MFA Russia 🇷🇺 (@mfa_russia) March 26, 2022

According to one of #fakes disseminated by the #US (Embassy in #Ukraine) Russian soldiers allegedly shot down the civilians of Chernigov, who were standing in a queue for bread.— Russia in India 🇷🇺 (@RusEmbIndia) March 26, 2022

Russia’s Defense Ministry also claims it destroyed a munitions depot and a fuel base on Friday with sea-based cruise missiles.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry ➡— Минобороны России (@mod_russia) March 26, 2022

Fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces is reportedly breaking out near Lviv in Eastern Ukraine.

Lviv now— Valerie Hopkins (@VALERIEinNYT) March 26, 2022


When asked by a reporter before heading to Europe whether he’s concerned about Russia staging “chemical warfare” against the West, Joe Biden claimed such an attack is a “real threat.”

“I think it’s a real threat.”

— President Biden, about to leave for Europe, on whether he’s concerned about Russia using chemical weapons on Ukraine— The Recount (@therecount) March 23, 2022

President Biden is on his way to Europe to meet with our allies and partners in response to Putin’s brutal war in Ukraine. Amanda Sloat from @POTUS’s National Security team previews his trip:— The White House (@WhiteHouse) March 23, 2022

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced the alliance will send four new battle groups to eastern member states: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia to bolster support for Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

NATO’s secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg says the alliance will send four new ‘battle groups’ to its eastern member states, in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. #UkraineRussia— euronews (@euronews) March 23, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will only accept rouble for gas from “unfriendly countries” in an effort to prop up the currency which has plunged because of Western economic sanctions.

“I have taken a decision to switch to ruble payments for our natural gas supplies to the so-called hostile states, stop using the compromised currencies in such transactions,” Putin said.

Putin declares that Russia will only accept roubles for gas from ‘unfriendly’ countries— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) March 23, 2022

Notably, Europe gets 40% of its natural gas from Russia.


Russia is now demanding that Europe pay for gas in rubles.

Europe gets 40% of its gas from Russia. That’s 200-800 million euros per day.

Putin is basically saying: you want to play sanctions? Either pay up in rubles or freeze.— Richard Medhurst (@richimedhurst) March 23, 2022

Russia’s Deputy UN Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy claimed Ukrainian nationalists launched an attack on the Sumykhimprom plant in northeastern Ukraine, resulting in an ammonia leak.

‘Ludicrous’ blames or ‘false-flag’ ops? Russia trades barbs with US, UK over bioweapons in Ukraine— Wittgenstein (@backtolife_2022) March 23, 2022

A top adviser to Putin has reportedly resigned and fled the country.

Anatoly Chubais, a high-ranking Russian official who led the country’s post-Soviet economic reforms, has resigned from his post and fled the country.— Forbes (@Forbes) March 23, 2022

Footage purports to show Ukrainian forces conducting air strikes against Russian targets.

New footage released of Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drones directing Artillery/MRLS fire and conducting strikes against Russian targets.#Russia #ukraine— BlueSauron👁️ (@Blue_Sauron) March 23, 2022

Russia has reportedly destroyed a laboratory at the Chernobyl power plant that opened in 2015, which the European Commission stated contained “highly active samples and samples of radionuclides that are now in the hands of the enemy, which we hope will harm itself and not the civilized world.”

Russians looted and destroyed a brand-new laboratory worth 6 million euros in #Chernobyl. It contained highly radioactive samples and radionuclide samples which are now in the hands of the enemy. We hope he will harm himself rather than using it against the civilized world.— Anna Purtova (@Purtova_aa) March 23, 2022

Democrats and neocons are still calling for Biden to continue supplying Ukraine with taxpayer-funded arms and equipment.

As President Biden heads to Europe for the #NATO summit, we’re urging him to provide additional military equipment to Ukraine amid Russia’s illegal invasion & further bolster the NATO alliance.

Our letter 👇— Joni Ernst (@SenJoniErnst) March 23, 2022

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