July 12, 2024


by HN

The globalists three-dimensional chess game enters the next round. Putin, one of Klaus Schwab’s Future Global Leaders has managed to improve the ruble while becoming the New World Order’s next bogeyman.

It appears Russia and China have aligned against the New World Order elite. Russia is moving toward a gold standard and is promoting God and family. The UN/World Economic Forum is certainly not interested at all in a gold standard, God or the family, as they wish to destroy them. This puts a sharp crimp in the global elite’s relentless quest for a world digital currency whose access is based and tied to individual behavior via a social credit score. It is a neo-feudal slave system where all aspects of human life and movement are strictly regulated and controlled to reduce carbon emissions in the name of ‘climate change”.

We are told by these elitists that in the future we must drink wastewater, eat bugs and lab meat to reduce our carbon footprint to zero to “save the planet”. This, as the global elite dine on steak, caviar and fresh spring water while circumnavigating the world in private jets and 200-foot yachts that leave a carbon footprint the size of a small city. Talk about hypocrisy. The gaslighting is off the charts. Like COVID-19, it is a scam.

When George Soros calls out China as being an evil threat to the world, you better believe the New World Order is losing ground. Once the darling of the UN global elite’s model for the world, China has fully rejected its one child policy and has even criminalized homosexuality. Still, hypocrite democrats and leftist cultists alike ignore China’s human rights abuses as they work to mirror those abuses here at home against God fearing, patriotic, freedom loving Americans.

China now wants to populate, not depopulate the planet. While they are still evil, authoritarian regimes, Communist China and Russia have broken with the UN/World Government clique. At least it appears that way for now. Time will tell. As always, the devil is in the details.

Global sanctions against Russia have harmed Americans and the rest of the west far more than Russians. The sanctions have further disabled the intentionally disrupted supply chain. Interestingly, Russia and China have emerged practically unscathed from the World Economic Forum’s COVID depopulation bio war against humanity. Is that suspicious? Absolutely. Russia is massively profiting from oil and natural gas exports as fertilizer shortages expand across the world. These shortages will mean certain death for hundreds of millions of people and major food shortages for us here at home.

While it appears Russia has split from the New World Order, the famine caused by fertilizer shortages greatly serves the UN/ World Economic Forum’s depopulation agenda. The question is, could all of this be a Hegelian ploy? You bet.