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What if there were no mothers?

If the elite have their way, robots, not mothers will give birth to children in the future. For decades the Satanic global elite and their demonic minions have been hard at work transforming all aspects of society and guiding humanity toward a not-too-distant dystopian transhumanist future.

A hellish future where what remains of humanity will be tracked and traced. Where all aspects of human life will be under strict regulation and control of a totalitarian socialist one world government ruled by unelected despots and bureaucrats. A digital cashless society where everyone is chipped, injected and modified. Where only those who could afford the carbon taxes and have satisfactory social credit scores will be allowed to reproduce. This is not some sci-fi horror movie. It is happening.

The intention is to sterilize the population creating the need for robots to reproduce. Considering the massive rise in infertility and miscarriages we have seen from the deadly COVID-19 injections, we can only assume this trend will continue as the brainwashed herd complies and take more shots. It’s a vicious cycle. And that is just the way Bill Gates and the globalists like it.

The rabbit hole is deadly, dark and deep and there are miles to go before we sleep, but many are beginning to see the light.

To begin our long and winding journey through history and descend down this rabbit hole of evil, consider that for more than 100 years via tax exempt foundations and governments, the global elite have funded and participated in the most evil experiments in human history, many without informed consent, most without any consideration for bioethics.

From the well-known Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments on blacks to the eugenics sterilization campaigns that lasted into the 1980’s, the United States Government has a long history of experimenting on and sterilizing its citizens.

Eugenics was a commonly accepted means of protecting society from the offspring of those individuals deemed inferior or dangerous – the poor, the disabled, the mentally ill, criminals and people of color.

More recently, California prisons authorized sterilizations of nearly 150 female inmates between 2006 and 2010. This article from the Center for Investigative reporting reveals how the state paid doctors $147,460 to perform tubal ligations that former inmates say were done under coercion. It’s a eugenics racket. Depopulation for dollars.

But California is far from being the only state forcibly sterilizing women. This comprehensive database contains every state’s eugenics history where you can find information on state-by-state sterilization policies, the number of victims, institutions where sterilizations were performed, and leading opponents and proponents.

The truth about eugenics and sterilization is nightmarish. California’s eugenics programs were driven in part by anti-Asian and anti-Mexican prejudice. Southern states employed sterilization as a means of controlling black populations. 

“Mississippi appendectomies” was a phrase used to refer to unnecessary hysterectomies performed on black women by medical students at teaching hospitals in the South.

This NBC news article discusses North Carolina’s eugenics program, including stories from victims of forced sterilization like Elaine Riddick. A third of the sterilizations were done on girls under 18, even as young as 9. The state also targeted individuals seen as “delinquent” or “unwholesome.”

Willis Lynch was sterilized at the age of 14 while living in a North Carolina juvenile detention facility. For a closer look, see Belle Bogg’s “For the Public Good,” and watch the video below:

30 Most Unethical Psychology Human Experiments (

The 13 Most Evil US Government Human Experiments – War Is Crime

So, the COVID bioweapon and the forced deadly mRNA injections causing harm and excess death is nothing new. And we can expect more.

To recognize and understand the level of evil and sickness we are dealing with, research florescent cats, and spider goats to see how out there and demented these psychopathic scientific dictators are.

Transhumanist mad scientists and their eugenicist benefactors are the greatest threat to human life on earth because they want to depopulate the planet and alter what it means to be a human. They want to replace the very essence of what it means to be a human with advanced AI technology. Not to improve society or our daily lives, but to cull humanity and control every aspect of the lives of those who survive.


It is the hugest scam, the biggest genocide and the greatest act of evil in human history. In their own words, elitists like Yuval Noah Harari admitted, transhumanism means the intentional extinction of the human race as we know it.

So now you can see why for decades society has been gaslit and socially engineered to view the killing of the unborn as a good thing. A positive act of freedom and independence to protect women’s rights and save the earth. But it is none of these things. It is all an illusion. A Luciferian deception. And I mean that literally.

That exact dogma is the Luciferian doctrine. It is also the doctrine of Freemasonry. That through knowledge and intellect man will become as gods. This blasphemy is also the doctrine of Freemasonry.

Through gaining knowledge and using technology these elitists believe they are elevating humanity to become Gods.

The Luciferian death cult pushing the abortion agenda do not care about women’s rights, their freedom or their independence. They want human sacrifices. They want to kill babies to sacrifice souls. They also want to harvest live organs and stem cells from living babies before they are killed for profit.

These are very sick, evil people feeding the biomedical mafia working to “transform” humanity as we know it into extinction using advanced technology.

Again, I know, this all sounds like a bad science fiction horror movie, but this not fiction. It is true and it is happening.


This is what demon possession looks like.

The evil, demon possessed abortionist in the video above is Dr. Robert J. Santella. Santella, whose surname happens to be remarkably close to Satan, met the prince of darkness on January 17, 2018, when he died “unexpectedly” in San Diego, CA. He left behind a wife and no children. No surprise there, right?

Robert Santella Obituary – San Diego, CA (

A very sick and stubborn fact of history is that when cultures are near the end, as in Rome and other ancient civilizations, society turns to child sacrifice and the glorification of death as the world declines into a death cult of evil and depravity.

10 Civilizations That Sacrificed Human Children

Ancient Child Sacrifice: The Legacy of Modern Abortion

The Tragic History of Molech Child Sacrifice

If you are not aware of this fact, or the social engineers didn’t teach it to you in school, add it to the long list of things we should have been taught and need to learn.

Can the world be any crazier, more corrupt and on the decline or nearer to a fall? Psychotic criminals are in high positions of power. We are potentially on the verge of nuclear war. The world is totally upside down and fast forwarding into chaos, all by design.

This is due to social engineering, propaganda and economic warfare targeting the destruction of the middle class to create a neo feudal society ruled by UN/World Economic Forum “stakeholders” (AKA the global elite). We have been sold out. Humanity has been bought and paid for.

Are we not visually and viscerally recognizing this designed decline of our culture?

Child sacrifice is an ancient occult ritual practiced by hundreds of cultures from the ancient Mayans and the Incas to the modern-day abortion clinic. There is a cult-like fervor on the left for their beliefs and their causes, chief among them, a woman’s right to choose and to have equal pay for equal work. But that equality ends when dealing with transgender men who believe they are women.

These ever-cascading irrational campaigns, increasing censorship, political correctness and arguments that conflict with one another are all socially engineered tactics to destabilize society. It is a designed domino effect. Once the propaganda and social engineering takes a hold psychologically, the conditioned Pavlovian response to act sets the dominoes in motion, creating a mass reaction of chaos as a reaction to the perceived injustice.

So, if any of the issues on the long leftist checklist of social justice causes are attacked, the preprogrammed triggered reaction is swift and, in many cases, violent. This conditioned response is called mass formation psychosis.

You may recall a few months back the media and the democrats FREAKED when Dr. Robert Malone explained how the lies, lockdowns and changing medical misinformation response to the COVID-19 psyop created mass formation psychosis. After all, mass formation psychosis is how the elite use the useful idiots on the left as pawns in their game, and always have.

The rabbit hole is very dark and deep.


Dr. Robert J. Santella isn’t the only demonic and demented abortionist sacrificing children to Lucifer for profit. You may recall America’s most evil and prolific serial Satanic killer Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

For years the respected doctor appeared to be pillar of his community, “an advocate for women’s “reproductive health,” and a respected member of Philadelphia’s professional elite.

58 horrific details from the Kermit Gosnell trial that you do not want to read | Washington Examiner

The rants, musings & adventures of Dale Yancy: Censored ...

His community outreach Women’s Medical Society Clinic was committed to upholding women’s rights but inside the filthy building, abortionist Gosnell was sadistically murdering born-alive infants by snipping their spinal cords, butchering women and making a macabre collection of severed babies’ feet.

Pin on Interesting people and things

His accomplices in crime were a staff of dropouts, drug addicts and unlicensed medical professionals posing as doctors. Luckily, Detective Jim Wood, a narcotics detective, opened a drug case against Gosnell. What he found when he served his warrant left even the most grizzled members of the police force stunned.

Prosecution Reconstructs Abortion Clinic in Court for ...

There are many accounts of Satanists who purposefully get pregnant to sacrifice their unborn child at abortion clinics. I guess some Satanists are too squeamish to do it themselves. Others are actually “breeders” who give birth and sacrifice their children. This is the world we live in. Sick as it is, we must face the facts and understand this is a spiritual battle between Good and evil. Only God and his Son Jesus Christ can save us.

Satanic Temple Claims Killing Babies in Abortions is a Protected Religious Ceremony

Satanists sue for religious right to ritual abortion


Depopulation is the religion of the global elite. War, vaccines and abortion are their sacraments. This spiritual battle is between God and Lucifer. Truth and lies. Freewill and bondage. Life and Death. Those with evil hearts are rioting and pillaging and reveling in the frenzied abandon of their crimes while wickedness contaminates good hearts and minds with insanity.

This is why there has been such a violent and chaotic reaction and social uproar by the useful idiots who have taken to the streets, vandalizing churches and protesting at the homes of Supreme Court judges and those who rail against and oppose abortion.

The entire action is yet another transparent Hegelian ploy to get the useful idiots to take action after a suspiciously timed leak of a preliminary draft of the Roe vs. Wade decision.

Whether or not the perpetrator of the leak was acting at their own volition, or they were ordered to release the document by overloads at the DNC/Deep State the leak serves as a political distraction from all of the nation’s real problems: rising inflation, high gas prices, the designed food and supply chain crisis and looming economic collapse. Not to mention all the people who are dying and will continue to die from the deadly mRNA shots.

Of course, the name ROCKEFELLER is the common thread that binds all of this. From being part owner of the Federal Reserve and the IRS, the funder of the American Birth Control League, partnering with Nazis, trading with enemy, donating the land for the United Nations, the relentless quest for open borders and one world government to the COVID scamdemic, Rockefeller’s fingerprints are on everything that has weakened and pillaged American’s wealth, freedom and sovereignty.


In the early 20th century both the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations were donating large sums of money to education and the social sciences. They supported, in particular, the National Education Association. 

By way of grants, Rockefeller and Carnegie spent millions of dollars, money which was used to radically transform the traditionalist education system toward a new system favoring standardized testing over critical thinking and a movement toward “scientific management” in schools.

I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers - John D. Rockefeller

This was part of a devious and calculated plan to make the schooling system benefit corporate America, at the expense of the American school child. Powerful foundations with private interests, such as the Ford Foundation, continue to support, and thereby influence the policy of, the NEA to this day.


In 1983 G. Edward Griffin interviewed Norman Dodd, who was tasked with investigating the Tax-Exempt Foundations for the Reese Committee in 1952. In the interview below, Dodd describes an agenda set forth by the Ford Foundation and others to “comfortably merge the United States with the Soviet Union”.

Norman Dodd on the Tax-Exempt Foundations

Additionally, an unprecedented U.S. Congressional investigation into tax-exempt foundations identified the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations engagement in an agenda for vast population control.

Norman Dodd, Research Director for the Congressional Committee, found this statement in the archives of the Carnegie endowment:

“The only way to maintain control of the population was to obtain control of education in the U.S. They realized this was a prodigious task so they approached the Rockefeller Foundation with the suggestion that they go in tandem and that the portion of education which could be considered as domestically oriented be taken over by the Rockefeller Foundation and that portion which was oriented to international matters be taken over by the Carnegie Endowment.”

The impact of promoting standardized testing remains to this day. “No Child Left Behind,” enacted in 2001, enforced yet even more standardized testing on US school children. As usual, it achieved the opposite result as promised. Education worsened. The Act requires that all government-run schools receiving federal funding administer a state-wide standardized test to all students annually. NCLB has been rightly criticized that it reduces effective learning by causing states to lower achievement goals and graduates illiterates.


It should surprise no one that an institution at Yale known as the Brotherhood of Death would be the guiding force of all the wars and chaos history has shown us. Their fingerprints are all over it. The World Wars, United Nations “nation building,” social engineering and economic collectivism.

Antony C. Sutton’s 1983 book The Order of Skull and Bones exposes this powerful clandestine group’s history. Members of Skull and Bones have been presidents, secretaries of state, secretaries of war, titans of industry, banking and many prominent high-profile positions in society.

An Interview with Antony Sutton on Yale Skull and Bones.

William F. Buckley was tapped for Skull and Bones while at Yale. He was recruited into the CIA by his mentor, Yale Professor Willmoore Kendall, who had served in the OSS. Beginning in the early 1950’s the CIA began funding journalists, TV Networks and News Agencies to act as propagandists and disinformation agents to control public opinion.

The 15 Most Powerful Members of ‘Skull and Bones’ (

The OSS/CIA were founded by Yale and Skull and Bones. Like Freemasonry, the CIA has been split into two factions while appearing to be one organization. Like how our government is controlled by a shadow government.

The long suspicions of a secret or shadow government were confirmed in Hillary Clinton’s e-mails obtained by WikiLeaks in 2015 that exposed the Seventh Floor Group as the shadow government of the United States.

The CIA was founded with two opposing factions by counterintelligence chief James J. Angleton, CIA Director Allen W. Dulles and General William “Wild Bill” Donovan. Angleton and Donovan were emblematic of the two very different factions in the CIA–one truly patriotic and anti-communist, the other the complete opposite, subversive and pro-communist. This controlled opposition in CIA factions continues to this day. It how the Order operates to guide and control desired outcomes.

Much of the history of the Bones-OSS/ CIA connection is covered by John F. McManus in his book William F. Buckley, Jr.: Pied Piper for the Establishment.

Guided by CIA Operation Mockingbird the public have been bamboozled to believe lies and deny truths.

Congressman Larry P. Mc Donald was the first to publicly expose the Rockefeller/Council on Foreign Relations control over the U.S. State department and the hidden agenda for socialist world government on television in May,1983 on CNN’s Crossfire. At the time Mc Donald was President of the John Birch Society.

Mc Donald quickly became a tremendous threat after exposing the CFR/Rockefeller cabal’s ties to the Soviet Union. McDonald, a strict constitutionalist was also feared because he was seen as a leading contender for the presidency in 1988.

Congressman Larry P. McDonald exposed the Rockefeller/Soviet Union alliance and the Council on Foreign Relations road to world government on CNN’s Crossfire in May, 1983

Throughout the cold war Rockefeller could fly his private jet in and out of Moscow without any restrictions to conduct business dealings at his Chase Manhattan Bank branches in Russia, so what came next should be of no surprise.

On September 1, 1983, congressman Larry P. Mc Donald was killed in an international incident when the Soviet’s shot down Korean Air Flight 007, claiming the plane invaded Russian airspace. Mc Donald was a passenger on the flight. The fact a U.S. congressman was killed was mentioned, but minimized by not only the controlled mainstream media, but President Reagan himself.

Reagan doesn’t mention the life of Congressman Dr. Larry Mc Donald, or his accomplishments as a physician and his heritage. General George Patton, who also warned of the threat of the Soviet Union and “died in a jeep accident” soon after, was Mc Donald’s cousin.

Reagan’s speech mentions Mc Donald and the dignified poseur of his grieving widow but was mute on her loudly voiced claims that her husband was targeted and assassinated by the Rockefeller/Soviet Union alliance. Her claims were hushed and ignored.

Mc Donald’s “grieving” widow was totally disrespected and not allowed to speak to the press because she believed her husband was assassinated by the Rockefeller Syndicate and the Russians.

Larry McDonald’s Wife and Son at Memorial
(Original Caption) September 11, 1983 – Washington: Congressman Larry McDonald’s wife, Kathryn, and son, Tryggvi (right) take part in the memorial service honoring the memory of the late congressman from Georgia, who was killed in the Soviet downing of a South Korean airliner. More than 4,000 people gathered at historic Constitution Hall, the day set aside by President Reagan to commemorate the 269 people killed when the unarmed jumbo jet was shot down over Russian territory.

In fact, the U.S State department and the compliant media covered up any and all claims that Mc Donald was a target or that she believed in any “conspiracy.”

A commission was put together to investigate the Korean Air Flight 007 incident. But like the Reese Committee, the Warren Commission, and the 9/11 Commission, truths were buried, replaced by a fabricated alternative “official” narrative.

Some things never change.

Like today, many people knew the truth, but their voices were silenced. Their valid claims for investigation quickly dismissed as “conspiracy theories.” The CIA calls this tactic a “slide response”.


The CIA created the “slide response” technique to get the public to dismiss facts. In the decades before the JFK assassination, the term “conspiracy theory” didn’t exist. When many began questioning the “official” JFK assassination narrative, the CIA created the term “conspiracy theory” to combat it.

Nixon also parroted the term “conspiracy theory” in an effort to cover up Watergate.

The CIA coined the term “slide response” to describe the response to certain phrases that evoke a particular reaction to dismiss or accept the information given. For example, by continuously repeating the phrase “conspiracy theory” the public is conditioned to dismiss any of the allegations as foolish, or ridiculous without any critical thought.

Rockefeller’s social engineering campaign to capture the future began more than a century ago. The first bequests were to medical schools, where funding forcing Allopathic medicine bankrupted natural and holistic medicine. This is why allopathic medicine is the mainstream norm and many effective alternative cures are viewed as “quackery”.

Rockefeller created the Petro-Chemical pharmaceutical investment business that now threatens every human’s bodily autonomy. It is why Big Pharma has so much power over our healthcare and our government. This should be obvious. But it is not enough. These fiends want to control every aspect of human life and depopulate the planet 80-90%. They write books and papers about it. They even war game their planned agendas so they go smoothly when the execute them.

It was the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment who tackled public education to make it what it is today. The results are not an accident. Today’s education system is nothing more than a Marxist, social justice focused indoctrination camp. An indoctrination system that has dumbed down and hypersexualized five generations of students by design. Carnegie’s social engineering investment in education focused on Europe while Rockefeller’s focused on the U.S.

It was Rockefeller who donated the land for the United Nations building in NYC in 1946. Rockefeller and other Skull and Boners were deeply involved in the creation of the CIA. It was also Rockefeller who funded the infamous Kinsey Sex Studies that sparked the sexual revolution.

Alfred Kinsey was a sexual deviant, pedophile and Satanist who was friends with Aleister Crowely. To this day Kinsey has been put on a pedestal by the social engineers, the media and academics alike.


Eugenicist J.D. Rockefeller also funded Margaret Sanger’s AMERICAN BIRTH CONTROL LEAGUE in 1921. The organization was renamed Planned Parenthood in 1942. An interesting note: Eugenicist Bill Gates’ father, Bill Gates Sr. was on the board of directors of Planned Parenthood. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Child sacrifice is now disguised as a women’s right to choose. Women are willfully sacrificing their children, so the child won’t “ruin their lives”.

The irony sets in when the left and democrats in particular praise Sanger, who was a pro-Nazi racist who called blacks and jews “weeds”. Planned Parenthood has hired many black actors and celebrities to push their cause as they set up abortion clinics in black and minority neighborhoods. The result of this agenda is staggering. More than 50% of black pregnancies end in abortion.

Icon of the left, the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Baeder Ginsburg admitted that Roe vs. Wade wasn’t constitutional but agreed with the ruling. She also had a few other things to say about it that the media and people on the left completely ignore.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote: Frankly I had thought that at ...


While blacks make up 13% of the U.S. population, blacks account for 43% of all abortions in the U.S. Those exposing this BLACK GENOCIDE are demonized and called “racists” by the very people supporting the killing of black babies. This controlled opposition agenda is also ignored by the mainstream media. Case in point, the George Soros’ funds the Marxist Black Lives Matter, who completely ignore the black abortion genocide and only care about blacks killed by cops or white people despite the fact that black on black murder far exceed both groups.

Watch the documentary MAAFA 21 for greater understanding.


Sadly, the media only promotes people rejoicing in killing their unborn babies. Women who regret getting abortions are silenced like all who are exposing the truth in a world of lies. Now there is even legislation to kill babies AFTER birth. If this isn’t child sacrifice, then what is it?

Abortion is about depopulation, not women’s rights. The psyop is the deception that is has to do with women’s rights. It doesn’t. It has to do with child sacrifice and selling baby parts for transhumanist experiments for profit.

Evil is as evil does. There is no “moral relevance”. Evil is evil. It is something that should be obvious and opposed by everyone despite political ideology or religious beliefs. Snuffing out a life, no matter how you slice it (pardon the pun) is evil. It is murder.


More than 100 years of social engineering has conditioned and brainwashed too many to ignore their own hypocrisy and embrace policies that inevitably harm themselves and others. I know, because until early 2009 I too was a brainwashed bamboozled hypocrite. But no more.

Thankfully, by the grace of God and the love of Jesus, my eyes were opened to the truth. I pray those blindly supporting evil and living in the darkness will find the light and stand up for the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and save this country and the world from total destruction and despotism.

Lord hear my prayer. Amen.


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