July 2, 2022




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By Howard Nemaizer

There is a quiet coup happening in America.

In Nashville, Tennessee the Mayor concealed information that COVID-19 rates in restaurants and bars was very low to keep those businesses closed. These are tactics of enemies and traitors, not citizens and public servants. Democrat Mayors and Governors across the country are all reading from the same totalitarian playbook.


The democrats are engaged in economic warfare against the middle class. And no doubt this war is being orchestrated by the former Communist-in-chief and others, like George Soros from behind the scenes.

Praised like a prophet, Barrack Hussein Obama did very little to help the economy, but he gets all credit for saving the economy by giving bankers a trillion dollars. What Obama did and did very well, was use his Madison Avenue Hollywood shine to bamboozle his Marxist way into the White House to help all of the crony corporations that financed his election and who benefited immensely from his tenure at the White House. Companies like Solyndra, for instance. And many others.

In between golf outings, Martha’s Vineyard vacations hanging out with white billionaire donors and cronies and opening the doors to Marxism in America, Obama divided the nation, increased racial tensions and pitted the people against one another and against the police. Never did Obama admit that “Hands up don’t shoot” never occurred, nor was there any focus in the media on the fact that Michael Brown and Travon Martin were not choirboys. Instead of calling for unity and addressing the real problems of violence in the black community, Obama played politics inviting divisive agitator Al Sharpton to the White House five times to discuss ways to enflame the black community under the guise of healing and unity, while ignoring the plight of the black community in Detroit or the daily carnage of black on black murder and gun violence in Chicago and other Democrat run cities for a solid eight years.

Obama may not have filled judicial appointments but he was very busy packing every government institution with loyal deep state Marxists, who have certainly shown their true colors over the last three and half years, haven’t they? So has the so called “press”. The media has partnered in the propaganda game by conveniently omitting facts that the victims in the recent police shootings that sparked violence and riots in Democrat cities had long, violent felony records. Not to mention police who were defending themselves from attack have been charged with murder in these jurisdictions. This is not injustice ladies and gentlemen. It is insurrection. Treason against the American People and the President of the United States. We are engaged in a Civil War and Election Day could be the Purge, the Fort Sumpter moment. Time will tell.

The fact is, pro-communist democrat operatives have long infested Our government and every institution. A Harvard Chemistry Department Chair was busted spying for China. A Chinese spy worked in Democrat Diane Feinstein’s San Francisco office for more than 20 years. The current revolution in America has been long planned. The current roots of the chaos that has surfaced can be traced back to Nixon and Rockefeller’s trip opening the doors to China in 1972. To form, a “New World Order”, as Nixon said in a speech in Bejing to commemorate the event.

Democrats said no jobs would be lost. Deals like The World Trade Organization and NAFTA were “good for America, Larry”… as Al Gore famously said to Larry King in 1994.

Like everything the democrats say. The opposite happens. This is not by accident. Of course, now, even the most brainwashed sheep are starting to see the dangers and consequences of opening the doors to China. Up until the COVID-19 psyop, China produced more than 90% of all US pharmaceuticals and other products necessary for National Security.

How the fuck did that happen? Was nobody watching the store? I guess not. This was never noticed, or questioned. How can that be? Answer: Because it was allowed to happen, to deliberately to weaken America.

Each act was designed to deindustrialize and weaken America’s wealth and sovereignty. From the formation of the United Nations in 1947 that was built on land in New York City donated by John D. Rockefeller, to the devastating and intentionally implemented trade deals just described.

All of these terrible, unfair trade “deals” that were so “great for America” were proposed and implemented by pro-globalist, Marxist one world politicos and industrialists over the nearly 50 years.

What about all the debt that China holds of ours? Or the vast real estate holdings China has in America? Or the many businesses from Smithfield Ham to Nathan’s Franks they own? Nathan’s Franks!

Decades and decades of unfair trade practices, currency manipulation, the creation of the disastrous collectivist World Trade Organization deals and NAFTA had a stranglehold on America until Trump killed the golden goose. The effect on China’s economy has been devastating. Obviously, China has retaliated by releasing the COVID-19 bio-weapon as yet another attempt to weaken America. Again, the media and the democrats defend China to this day. The vicious attacks on Trump illustrates not only contempt, but a perpetual effort to unseat a duly elected president. For more than 3 years, the assault has been relentless. It is very clear, or it should be considering their history of dirty tricks and wanton lust for power.

The desperate Democrats are using the over hyped, over stated pro-China World Health Organization/Globalist/CDC reaction to the COVID-19 “crisis” is once again being used as an attempt to seize power and control over the “hearts and minds” of Americans (and the world) using disinformation propaganda.

The communists who call themselves Democrats are also conducting a guerilla war on America in every State, city and town where they hold leadership positions. Democrat Governors and Mayors are, in typical democrat fashion, uniting in a cookie-cutter authoritarian approach to keep their constituents in fear and compliant of the superhyped COVID-19 virus restrictions. What we see unfolding in Democrat run cities and states is purely a political ploy to sow and maintain fear. Frightened people are more easily led and conditioned to accept growing authoritarian tyranny.

Only a fool or a slave gives up their liberty for safety. In the end you will receive neither. And those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. I am not speaking of the revisionist history promoted and funded by the Rockefeller and Carnegie Tax Exempt Foundation since 1908, but true history suppressed to create the kind of pro-communist lunacy we see in the world today.’

Like the bogus Russian collusion and failed impeachment attempts, the leftist pushed over reaction to COVID-19 is yet another globalist/ Demo/Com scam. But more and more these totalitarians are showing their teeth. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Bloodthirsty for power. But even the sheep are beginning to notice. The fact is, these merciless power hungry deep state operatives and their political puppets have demonstrated that they will go to any length, even attempt a coup on the American people to gain power. It would be foolish to not realize they are using COVID-19 to achieve the same end. After all, the end justifies the means.

The rioting and chaos we have seen as we saw dawned during the Obama Regime, funded by George Soros and others. Soros money lay the foundations for Black Lives Matter. Recently Soros was mentioned on Fox (FAUX) News by Newt Gingrich, who was quickly chastised and censored by the frazzled newscaster. Whether you realize to not, the powers behind the thrown are deceiving us into accepting a New World Order normal and protecting and empowering Democrats who are helping them achieve it.

So what is this new normal? Let’s make a short list:

  1. Constant 24/7 mass media multi cultural, industrial COVID-19 mask and social distancing propaganda to numb the mind and condition people to accept any future government pretense or mandate.
  2. War on small business, especially restaurants and bars but “mostly peaceful” rioting for social justice is a-ok. Small business makes up 70% of the US economy. Destroying small business destroys wealth and property. After all, we are dealing with communism. Ownership of property is a no-no.
  3. Overhyping danger of COVID-19 to spread fear and create a wilfully compliant population
  4. Adopting the ritualistic mask on behavior when entering a store
  5. Authoritarian COVID-19 fines/imprisonment for non-compliance with government mandates
  6. Dangerous criminals, including rapists must be released to keep them safe from COVID-19
  7. Political correctness
  8. Cancel culture
  9. Censorship of alternative views of any kind
  10. War on Cops
  11. War on individual rights
  12. War on Freedom
  13. War on God
  14. War on Religion
  15. War on the rule of law
  16. War on physicians
  17. War on science that goes against political agenda
  18. War on truth
  19. War on alternative views
  20. War on we the people

What we see happening in America is not America. The violence, chaos, rioting and looting is not America. But it is happening. And the cities and towns where it is happening without exception is run by democrats. This is not a coincidence, nor is it an anomaly. It is an agenda.

The COVID-19 psyop is handled the same way. It is a follow the leader approach. Everyone involved is reading from the same script. Every democrat run state, city, town and hamlet is attempting to maintain this new status quo to appease their base by appearing to care about the people, concealing the fact they only seek to gain power over them and to gain the votes of the fearful. And all the while at the same time, the democrats are day by day, week by week, month by month, business by business incrementally destroying America.

Every extension of COVID-19 restrictions puts another nail in the coffin of small business while conditioning the masses to accept ever increasing authoritarian measures to “keep them safe” . . . . in their slavery.

After all, the end justifies the means. Small mom and pop businesses must go asunder to further the aims of communism which of course includes the destruction of private property and individual liberty. Communists are enemies of humanity. Only evil people would want to subjugate others to bend to their will or face consequences like targeting enemies with the IRS, or this insane cancel culture we are all having forced down our throats.

Or worse. . .

The truth is, the lockdown itself is far worse than COVID. The mask of compliance is a mask of surrender. The masks are also making people sick. So is the lockdown itself. It is unnerving. While many are fit with rage over the lockdown, many more are terrified of COVID, paranoid and have been conditioned to react that way by the mainstream media, the communist Chinese, the World Health Organization and the DNC.

As a result, depression, anxiety and suicides are off the charts. Drug and alcohol abuse is rising. Same with dementia deaths. COVID-19 has been particularly psychologically harmful to family members with dementia. Many have died due to the lockdown because they couldn’t have medical tests or treatments. I have included links to mainstream articles in the description below and at HowardNema.com covering the unseen victims and long term cost of the COVID lockdown.

* * * * *

For six months women and children victimized by domestic violence have been trapped at home with their abusers . People suffering with addiction are falling through the cracks. I can go on and on. These are the unseen and never discussed consequences of the lockdown. The physical and psychological damage. The trauma resulting from such a swift radical life change as we have all been subjected to can be decimating to the body, mind and soul. To our very psyche. This is true for those with neurological ailments like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and others with psychological and behavioral issues. Like ignoring those who have been the most decimated namely small business. The media and their so called health “experts” ignore the psychological damage done by the lockdown. Especially for children, who now after a draconian executive order in Connecticut must suffer through an entire day of pre-school wearing a face mask. How can an three year old wear a mask 6-8 hours a day? The masks will spread more COVID than without them. Maybe that is part of these psychopaths plans.

The months of lockdown have caused many emotional and psychological issues that have socially, psychologically and emotionally stultified children’s growth and development. It is literally child abuse. To keep the children safe. This damage obviously is far worse that the COVID, so it must be ignored my the media and public officials to keep the psyop going for political purposes.. The media simply never discuss it. How absolutely disingenuous and evil.

America is under attack from enemies within as well as abroad.

Face it, totalitarians calling themselves Democrats are trying to control every aspect of our life through cancel cult-ure, political correctness and identity politics. We are at war. China, working with the communists who call themselves democrats are working to destroy America. For generations Marxist education has been pumped into the brains of children who are now feverishly working to achieve their own enslavement. Because as usual, THIS generation will be different than all the others, despite the many failed examples of socialism, communism and the endless river of blood and death it always leaves in its wake.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Clearly, the communist democrats are insane. They certainly admonish anti-social behavior if it meets their identity political mindset and only speak against it when if not would politically damage their underhanded methods of gaining power over the people. And that is exactly what this is all about. Not power to the people. But power over the people. If the COVID-19 lockdown psyop has taught us anything, it has taught us that.













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